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11/07/2005International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People (New York, 13-14 Sept. 2004) - Report - DPR publication
10/25/2005CRC/C/129/Add.7Rights of Child Convention - Committee on Rights of Child - 3rd periodic report of Lebanon
10/18/2005TD/B/52/10 (Vol.I)Trade and Development Board/52nd Session - Assistance to the Palestinian people - Report to the GA (excerpts)
07/25/2005Palestinian children's rights - DCI report/Non-UN document
04/14/2005E/CN.4/2005/L.10/Add.8Human rights situation in the OPT/Syrian Golan - Draft report of ECOSOC on CHR 61st session
04/05/2005Review of the Humanitarian situation in the OPT for 2004 - OCHA report
02/28/2005Human rights practices in Israel and the OPT - US Dept of State Country Report/Non-UN document
02/10/2005S/AC.44/2004/(02)/83Non-proliferation in the Mideast - Lebanon report to SecCo Cttee established by S/RES/1540 (2004)
02/09/2005A/59/695Palestinian children - Protection of children affected by armed conflict - SecGen report (excerpts)
02/02/2005E/CN.4/2005/72/Add.4Violence against women - CHR Special Rapporteur's mission, report
01/11/200505-20965United Nations Forum of Civil Society in Support of Middle East Peace (Cape Town, 1 July 2004) - Report - DPR publication
01/07/200505-20853United Nations African Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (Cape Town, 29-30 June 2004) - Report - DPR publication
12/31/2004Humanitarian update - December 2004 - OCHA report
12/31/2004Empowerment - Palestine Human Development Report - Bir Zeit University report
12/31/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (December 2004) - OCHA report
12/31/2004Emergency Appeal 2004 - Twenty-fifth progress report - UNRWA update
12/31/2004UNICEF - OPT Consolidated report - UNICEF report
12/31/2004Machsomwatch_Checkpoints2004A Counterview: Checkpoints 2004 - Machsom Watch report/Non-UN document
12/31/2004Human rights policy of Finland - Government report to Parliament (2004) - Finnish Foreign Ministry publication/Non-UN document (excerpts)
12/31/2004WB_InfrastructAssess_200412West Bank and Gaza: Infrastructure Assessment - World Bank report
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/13Situation in occupied Palestine - CHR - SecGen report
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/26Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan - CHR - SecGen report
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/27Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - SecGen report
12/21/2004A/59/653UNDOF - Budget performance report - SecGen report
12/14/2004New public health magazine by Israeli and Palestinian health professionals - WHO press release
12/10/2004E/CN.6/2005/4Situation of and asistance to Palestinian women - SecGen report
12/09/2004A/59/503/Add.3Human rights questions - Reports of Special Rapporteurs & Representatives - Third Cttee report (excerpts)
12/08/2004IMF_AHLCrep081204West Bank and Gaza: Macroeconomic and Fiscal Developments, Outlook and Reform - IMF report for AHLC meeting (Oslo)
12/07/2004E/CN.4/2005/29Human rights situation in the OATs/Military incursions into the Gaza Strip - CHR 61st session - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report
12/07/2004S/2004/948UNDOF - SecGen report
12/06/2004A/59/489Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the OPT - Second Committee report
12/06/2004A/59/502Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - Third Cttee report (excerpts)
12/06/2004E/CN.6/2005/2Palestinian women - Review of implementation of Beijing Platform/documents of GA special session - SecGen report (excerpts)
12/03/2004A/59/499Children - Third Cttee report (excerpts),Vote
12/01/2004Beth_Rep_Dec04Costs of conflict: the changing face of Bethlehem - OCHA report
12/01/2004Stagnation or Revival? Israeli Disengagement and Palestinian Economic Prospects - WB report
11/30/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (November 2004) - OCHA report
11/30/2004A/59/471Israeli practices in the OPT - Fourth Committee - Report
11/30/2004A/59/470UNRWA - Fourth Cttee report
11/30/2004Humanitarian update - November 2004 - OCHA report
11/29/2004A/59/574*–S/2004/909*Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - SecGen report
11/19/2004UNRWA emergency appeal 2005 - UNRWA report
11/11/2004CAP Compendium: Health 2005 - West Bank and Gaza Strip - WHO report
11/10/2004UNICEF - OPT donor update/10 Nov. 2004 - UNICEF report
11/08/2004A/59/464Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean region - First Cttee report
11/08/2004A/59/456Nuclear-weapon-free-zone in the Middle East - First Cttee report
11/08/2004A/59/462Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East - First Committee report
11/03/2004IOR 51/009/2004Weakening protection of women from violence in the Mideast and North Africa region/Reservations to CEDAW - AI report/Non-UN document
10/31/2004Humanitarian update - October 2004 - OCHA report
10/31/2004Deep Palestinian poverty in the midst of economic crisis - WB report
10/31/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (October 2004) - OCHA report
10/31/2004Four Years - Intidada, Closures and Palestinian Economic Crisis - WB report
10/29/2004CCPR/C/SYR/2004/3International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - List of issues - Third periodic report of Syria
10/27/2004A/59/15 (Part V)UNCTAD report on Palestinian Economy - Report of the Trade and Development Board (excerpts)
10/25/2004A/C.3/59/3Human rights situation in the OATs - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report - Response of Israel, letter
10/21/2004UNRWA humanitarian assessment of Israel's incursion into Northern Gaza - UNRWA report
10/20/2004TD/B/51/8 (Vol.I)Trade and Development Board/51st Session - Assistance to the Palestinian people - Report to the GA (excerpts)
10/19/2004A/59/442UNRWA Working Group on Finance - Report
10/19/2004A/59/13 (SUPP)UNRWA - Annual report of the Commissioner-General
10/19/2004A/59/376Right of peoples to self-determination - SecGen report
10/19/2004A/59/165 (Part I)/Add.1Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - SecGen report - Addendum
10/15/2004Humanitarian situation update: Northern Gaza - 15 October 2004 - OCHA report
10/13/2004S/2004/814Women and peace and security - SecGen report
10/12/2004A/59/431Mideast situation/Jerusalem, Syrian Golan - SecGen report
10/12/2004Effects of the current health care crisis situation in the Northern Gaza Strip - WHO report
10/12/2004Humanitarian situation update: Northern Gaza - 12 October 2004 - OCHA report
10/08/2004No. 41 of 2004Assistance to the Palestinian people - Emergency report on OPT - WFP report (excerpts)
10/08/2004Humanitarian situation update: Northern Gaza - 8 October 2004 - OCHA report
10/08/2004ICRC activities: Israel and the OPT - Activities and situation update Northern Gaza - ICRC report/Non-UN document
10/08/2004A/59/428Protection of human rights, fundamental freedom - UNHCHR report (excerpts)
10/08/2004Red right arrow IconA/59/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2004 report
10/07/2004Gaza on the Edge: Report on Gaza Strip - OCHA report
10/05/2004Current situation in the Northern Gaza Strip - 28 Sept.-5 Oct. 2004 - WHO report
10/05/2004Humanitarian situation update: Northern Gaza - 5 October 2004 - OCHA report
10/04/2004A/59/165 (Part II)Risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East - SecGen report
10/03/2004Gaza crisis appeal - UNICEF report
10/03/2004GCU3Oct04Gaza crisis update - UNICEF report
10/01/2004Humanitarian situation update: Jabalia camp - 1 October 2004 - OCHA report
10/01/2004S/2004/777Mideast situation/Elections in Lebanon, Restoration of territorial integrity, full sovereignty - SecGen report under S/RES/1559 (2004)
09/30/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (September 2004) - OCHA report
09/28/2004Middle East Report No. 32Palestinian administration under Israeli occupation - ICG Middle East report/Non-UN document
09/28/2004Status of Palestinian children's rights - DCI report/Non-UN document
09/28/2004170 EX/INF.3Joint UNESCO/PA Committee meeting - Programme of assistance - UNESCO 170th Session/DG intro to Executive Board gen. debate- UNESCO report (excerpts)
09/27/2004A/59/385The right to food - CHR Special Rapporteur (Ziegler) interim report under A/RES/58/186 - SecGen note (excerpts)
09/23/2004A/59/381Israeli practices - SpCttee annual report
09/22/2004170 EX/33 Rev.Educational and cultural institutions in the OATs - UNESCO 170th Session - UNESCO report
09/21/2004A/59/375Elimination of racism and racial discrimination - Implemention of Durban Declaration and Programme of Action - SecGen report (excerpts)
09/17/2004A/59/136*Nuclear disarmament - Information from Syria - SecGen report (excerpts)
09/09/2004A/59/130/Add.1Mediterranean security & cooperation - SecGen report - Addendum (excerpts)
09/09/2004A/59/338Israeli practices/Golan - SecGen report
09/09/2004A/59/345Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SecGen report
09/09/2004A/59/344Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - Work of the Special Cttee - SecGen report
09/09/2004A/59/343Israeli settlements in the OPT, including Jerusalem and occupied Syrian Golan - SecGen report
09/09/2004A/59/339Israeli practices/Fourth Geneva Convention - SecGen report
09/07/2004TD/B/51/2/Corr.1Assistance to the Palestinian people - UNCTAD report (Corrigendum)
09/01/2004BR_Update4Sep2004Humanitarian impact of the West Bank barrier - Update No. 4 - OCHA report
09/01/2004A/59/303Cooperation between UN and regional and other organizations - SecGen report (excerpts)
09/01/2004A/59/319Human rights situation in the OPT/Executions - CHR Special Rapporteurs's interim report (excerpts)
08/31/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (August 2004) - OCHA report
08/31/2004Humanitarian update - August 2004 - OCHA report
08/31/2004A/59/260UNCCP - 58th report
08/20/2004Preliminary Humanitarian Situation Report/Operation "Forward Shield" - OCHA report
08/20/2004ICRC activities: Israel and the OPT - Operational update - ICRC report/Non-UN document
08/20/2004GOV/2004/61-GC(48)/18IAEA safeguards in the Middle East - Director-General's report
08/20/2004Red right arrow IconA/59/1 (Supp)Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)
08/19/2004A/59/165 (Part I)/Corr.1Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - SecGen report - Corrigendum
08/19/2004Grave situation in the OPT - NAM XIV Ministerial Conference/Report of the Chair (excerpts) - Non-UN document
08/18/2004A/59/279Palestine refugees - Properties and revenues - SecGen report
08/12/2004A/59/256Human rights situation in the OATs - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) - Report, SecGen note
08/11/2004TD/B/51/2Assistance to the Palestinian people - UNCTAD report
08/06/2004A/59/221Questions relating to information - SecGen report (excerpts)
08/06/2004A/59/3Economic & social repercussion of the Israeli occupation/Human rights in the OPT/Situation of Palestinian Women - ECOSOC report
08/05/2004Issue 32Health Action in Crises/Monthly report - WHO report (excerpts)
08/03/2004A/59/198Special Human Settlements Programme for the Palestinian People - Habitat II/Implementation of outcome - SecGen report
07/31/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (July 2004) - OCHA report
07/31/2004DFID: Country Assistance Plan for Palestinians (UK) - DFID report/Non-UN document
07/31/2004Humanitarian update - July 2004 - OCHA report
07/31/2004Latest barrier projection - Preliminary analysis of humanitarian implications - OCHA report, map
07/31/2004A/59/4Mideast situation/Palestine question - GA request for advisory opinion on separation wall - Report of the International Court of Justice
07/31/2004A/59/2Mideast situation/Palestine question - Report of the Security Council, 1 August 2003-31 July 2004 (excerpts)
07/30/2004Arab Internation Forum on Palestine rehabilitation - ESCWA consultative meeting on Palestine - Final report
07/30/2004Humanitarian situation report: Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip (30 July) - OCHA report
07/29/2004SC/8157UNIFIL - Renewal of mandate - Press release
07/29/2004OPT: Reaching and teaching thousands of children - USAID report/Non-UN document
07/23/2004Re-routing of of the Barrier/Beit Surik - OCHA report
07/21/2004S/2004/572/Add.1UNIFIL - SecGen report
07/21/2004S/2004/572UNIFIL - SecGen report
07/19/2004Humanitarian situation report: Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip (19 July) - OCHA report
07/19/2004A/59/165 (Part I)Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - SecGen report
07/14/2004A/59/151Palestine refugees/UNRWA - Displaced persons - SecGen report
07/08/2004ICRC activities: Israel and the OPT - ICRC relief for Beit Hanoun - ICRC press release/Non-UN document
07/06/2004A/59/128Mideast situation/Non-proliferation - SecGen report (excerpt)
07/06/2004A/59/127Mideast situation/Confidence-building measures - SecGen report (excerpt)
07/06/2004A/59/130Mediterranean security & cooperation - SecGen report (Addendum)
06/30/2004Emergency Appeal 2004 - Twenty-fourth progress report - UNRWA update