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12/31/2016Dev31Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2016
12/30/2016OICPR_201216OIC Welcomes Statement of US Secretary of State Kerry on Israeli Settlements
12/29/2016French Minister of Foreign Affairs Welcomes US Secretary of State Kerry's Speech in Support of Middle East Peace- France MoFA Statement
12/29/2016RUSSIAPR2462Russia's Reaction to US Secretary of State Kerry's Speech on Middle East Peace - Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement
12/24/2016New Zealand Welcomes UN Resolution on Middle East Peace Process - New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Statement
12/24/2016OICPR_241216OIC Welcomes UNSC Resolution on Israeli Settlements; Calls for Implementation
12/23/2016US Secretary of State Kerry on Today's Vote in the UN Security Council - USDoS Press Statement
12/23/2016Sweden Welcomes Security Council's Decision to Adopt Resolution 2334 - Swedish MoFA Statement
12/22/2016UNRWA Condemns Armed Violence in Ein El-Hilweh Refugee Camp in Lebanon - UNRWA Statement
12/16/2016SC/12632Final Report on Palestinian Question Holds "No Sense of Optimism", Says "Saddened" Secretary-General in Security Council Briefing - Press Release
12/13/2016161213_11EU Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah Deplore Demolitions of Palestinian Structures Undertaken by Israel in the Cccupied West Bank - EU Statement
12/12/2016UNRWA Calls Claim False that Gaza School Trained Students in Weaponry - UNRWA Statement
12/08/2016Minister for the Middle East Ellwood Concerned by Further Expansion of West Bank Settlements - UK FCO Statement
12/08/2016161208_11Statement of EU Spokesperson on the "Regularisation Bill" in Israel - EU Statement
12/08/2016Local Statement on Administrative Detention of Palestinians in Israeli Prisons - EU statement
12/07/2016UNRWA Condemns Armed Violence in the Ein El Hilweh Palestine Refugee Camp in Lebanon - UNRWA Statement
12/07/2016UNRWA Commissioner-General Krähenbühl Statement to the Ad Hoc Committee of the GA - Statement
12/06/2016UN Special Coordinator on Israel's "Legalization Bill" - UNSCO Statement
11/29/2016Statement from ESCWA Executive Secretary Khalaf on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - ESCWA Statement
11/28/2016Minister for the Middle East Ellwood Concerned by Settlement Plan in East Jerusalem - UK FCO Statement
11/25/2016UNRWA Commissioner General Says Violence Against Women and Girls Undermines the Rights and Development of Palestine Refugees - Statement
11/25/2016161125_11Statement of EU Spokesperson on Settlements in Ramat Shlomo - EU Statement
11/23/2016SC/12601UN Special Coordinator urges Security Council not to Ignore Intensifying Israeli-Palestinians Conflict, Despite Other Middle East Crises - Press release
11/23/2016OCHA USG for Humanitarian Affairs O'Brien Makes Statement to Security Council on Humanitarian Situtation in the OPT - OCHA Statement
11/22/2016SC/12598Secretary-General, in Security Council, Stresses Promotion of Water-Resource Management as Tool to Foster Cooperation, Prevent Conflict - Press release
11/16/2016UK FCO Concerned by Bill in the Israeli Knesset Regarding West Bank Settlement Outposts - UK FCO Statement
11/16/2016SG/SM/18271/PAL/2208/REF/1247Secretary-General Welcomes Canada's Donation in Support of UNRWA's Social Services and Humanitarian Programmes - Press release
11/16/2016SG/SM/18268/PAL/2207/REF/1246Secretary-General Calls Palestine Refugee Agency’s Dire Lack of Resources "Our Collective Failure", Urges Effective, Innovative, Workable Solutions - Press Release
11/15/2016UNRWA Commissioner-General Krähenbül Addresses UNRWA Advisory Commission - Statement
11/14/2016UNRWA Condemns Killing of Palestine Refugees in Khan Eshieh Camp in Syria - Statement
11/10/2016UN Coordinator for Aid to Palestine Condemns Continued Obstruction of Humanitarian Assistance Palestinian Communities - OCHA Press Release
11/09/2016161008_10Statement of EEAS Spokesperson Regarding Gilo Settlement - EEAS Statement
11/08/2016EU_161108_9European Union Heads of Mission visit Gaza - EEAS Statement
11/03/2016EUPR_031116EU and Palestinian Authority inaugurate first batch of social infrastructure projects in Area C - EU statement/Non-UN document
11/03/2016Speech by UNRWA Commissioner-General at General Assembly Fourth Committee - UNRWA speech
11/03/2016UK FCO condemns Israeli authorities' approving permits for constructing 181 new homes in Gilo, E. Jerusalem - UK statement/Non-UN document
10/27/2016EUSTATE_271016EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemn five death sentences recently issued in Gaza - EU statement/Non-UN document
10/21/2016UNRWA condemns killing of four Palestine refugees in Khan Eshieh camp in Syria, calls for full humanitarian access - UNRWA statement
10/19/2016SC/12558Despite other Middle East crises, intensifying Israeli-Palestinian conflict must not be ignored, delegates tell Security Council during day-long debate - Press release
10/19/2016Statement by Palestinian Rights Committee Vice-Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document
10/14/2016UNESCO_141016Statement by the Director-General of UNESCO on the Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls - UNESCO statement
10/14/2016Continuing Israeli settlement expansion is eroding the viability of the two-state solution - UK statement/Non-UN document
10/11/2016EUSTATE_111016EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemn death sentence issued in Gaza - EU statement/Non-UN document
10/09/2016UN Special Coordinator on a shooting attack in Jerusalem - UNSCO statement
10/09/2016161009_10Statement by EU Spokesperson on today's attack in Jerusalem - EEAS statement/Non-UN document
10/09/2016US condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack in Jerusalem - USDoS press statement/Non-UN document
10/07/2016161007_11Statement by EU Spokesperson on the continuing settlement expansion in the West Bank - EEAS statement/Non-UN document
10/07/2016UK FCO condemns death sentence issued in Gaza - UK FCO statement/Non-UN document
10/06/2016UNRWA calls on all parties to refrain from hostilities in civilian areas as death toll rises in Khan Eshieh camp - Statement
10/05/2016ICCSTATE_051016Delegation from the ICC Prosecutor's Office will visit Israel and Palestine - ICC statement/Non-UN document
10/05/2016US strongly condemns plan that would create a significant new settlement deep in the West Bank - USDoS press statement/Non-UN document
10/05/2016UK FCO condemns Israeli announcement to construct a new settlement near Shilo in the West Bank - UK FCO statement/Non-UN document
10/05/2016Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee and UNRWA issue statement on Nahr El-Bared camp reconstruction - Statement
10/04/2016UN Special Coordinator on Palestinian government's decision to postpone municipal elections - UNSCO statement
09/29/2016UNRWA strongly condemns parties responsible for shelling one of its schools in Khan Eshieh in Syria - Statement
09/23/2016SG/2232Quartet reiterates call for Israel, Palestine to implement its Report's recommendations - Quartet joint press statement
09/22/2016GA71_StateofPalestinePresident Abbas' statement at 71st session of General Assembly - State of Palestine statement/Non-UN document
09/20/2016Ad Hoc Liaison Committee Chair's Opening Statement (New York, 19 September 2016) - Norwegian FM/Non-UN document
09/19/2016UN Special Coordinator on recent violence in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem - UNSCO statement
09/19/2016SG/SM/18090Establishing sovereign State of Palestine living side by side with Israel Is long overdue, says Secretary-General in message to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - Press release
09/15/2016SC/12520Two-state solution risks yielding to "one-state reality" of perpetual violence, occupation, SG tells Security Council in briefing- Press release
09/14/2016UN Special Coordinator Mladenov welcomes electricity deal between Israeli and Palestinian authorities - UNSCO statement
09/13/2016Norway Minister of Foreign Affairs Brende congratulates Israeli and Palestinian authorities for reaching agreement on collection of electricity payments - Norwegian FM/Non-UN document
09/08/2016Statement of UNRWA Commissioner-General to the Extraordinary Meeting of the UNRWA Advisory Commission
09/08/2016Statement of UNRWA Commissioner-General to League of Arab States
09/02/2016UK FCO deeply concerned by reports of plans for over 450 new settlement units - UK FCO statement/Non-UN document
09/01/2016160901_06EU Concerned about Israel's Decision to Endorse Additional Housing Units and Retroactively Approve Existing Units - EEAS Statement
08/31/2016UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities calls for international support to bring much-needed change for Gaza - OCHA press release
08/29/2016SC/12495Israelis, Palestinians must reverse negative trajectory to restore hope for two-state solution, Special Coordinator Mladenov tells Security Council - Press release
08/26/2016EUSTATE_260816EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah Concerned by Death of Detainee Ahmad Ezz Halaweh - EU Statement
08/26/2016UNRWA response to IDF's closing the criminal investigation into the shelling of UNRWA school - UNRWA statement
08/25/2016Secretary-General spokesman's response on Israeli investigations into events in Gaza in 2014 - Note to correspondents
08/24/2016Deputy UN Special Coordinator Piper on the upcoming local council elections in Palestine - UNSCO press statement
08/23/2016UNRWA gravely concerned by death of young refugee in Israeli military operation - UNRWA statement
08/22/2016UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Palestine warns of heightened risk of forcible transfers of Bedouins - OCHA press release
08/20/2016Humanitarian Coordinator Piper deeply concerned about Israel's continued practice of administrative detention - UNSCO press statement
08/19/2016On World Humanitarian Day, WFP Chief Demands Urgent Action To End World Hunger - WFP Press Statement
08/19/2016UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office condemns the recent issuing of the death sentence in Gaza - UK FCO statement/Non-UN document
08/19/2016EUSTATE_190816EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemn death sentences issued in Gaza - EU statement/Non-UN document
08/17/2016Statement delivered by David Carden, Head OCHA oPt, on the occasion of the opening of the school year in Khan al Ahmar, a ‎Palestinian community at risk of forcible transfer - OCHA press statement
08/14/2016UNDP/PAPP denies that the UN had accused PA of diverting the rubble in Gaza - UNDP statement
08/12/2016Statement by the United Nations Resident Coordinator in the State of Palestine, Robert Piper, on International Youth Day - UNSCO press statement
08/12/2016160812_05EU Spokesperson: Significant Increase in Demolitions of Palestinian Structures in 2016 is Regrettable - EEAS Statement
08/12/2016UNDP undertakes review to examine facts related to allegation from the Israeli authorities with respect to a UNDP contractor - UNDP statement
08/10/2016French Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Saudi Arabian Counterpart Discuss Middle East Peace Initiative - France MoFA Press Release
08/09/2016EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah deeply regret the continued closure of Palestinian institutions in E. Jeruslam - EU statement/Non-UN document
08/09/2016UNDP concerned by Israeli allegations regarding a UNDP contractor - UNDP statement
08/08/2016Statement by the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Robert Piper on the allegations against Mr. Mohammad El Halabi of World Vision International in Gaza - OCHA Statement
07/29/2016Special Coordinator Mladenov's statement on daily advancement of illegal Israeli settlement enterprise in occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem - UNSCO press statement
07/28/2016UK Condemns Israeli Authorities' Decision for 323 Additional Settlement Units in East Jerusalem - UK FCO Statement
07/27/2016UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office expresses concern over plans for 770 settlement units between Jerusalem and Bethlehem - UK FCO statement/Non-UN document
07/27/2016Special Coordinator Mladenov's statement on recent demolitions in Qalandia and occupied East Jerusalem - UNSCO press statement
07/27/2016US deeply concerned about expansion of settlements in E. Jerusalem - USDoS press statement/Non-UN document
07/26/2016160726_02EU statement on Israel's decision to advance plans for housing units in Gilo settlement - EEAS statement
07/25/2016Special Coordinator Mladenov strongly condemns the advancement of plans to build 770 housing units in the settlement of Gilo - UNSCO statement
07/25/2016UNRWA deeply concerned about closures in the Hebron district - UNRWA statement
07/25/2016IMF staff concludes visit to West Bank and Gaza - IMF press release
07/21/2016EU_210716EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemn death sentences issued in Gaza - EU statement/Non-UN document
07/20/2016Special Coordinator Mladenov concerned by latest arson attack in occupied West Bank - UNSCO statement
07/20/2016End of mission statement of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights
in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 – OHCHR press release
07/16/2016UNRWA refutes old accusations against its school in Rameh, Syria - UNRWA statement
07/15/2016UNESCO_150716UNESCO Director-General Bokova wishes to recall that the Old City of Jerusalem is the sacred city of the three monotheistic religions - UNESCO statement
07/14/2016UNRWA condemns latest Israel demolitions in the West Bank - UNRWA statement
07/12/2016SC/12443Secretary-General warns Security Council about extremists’ eagerness to fill vacuum created by failure of Israeli, Palestinian leaders in advancing peace - Press release
07/12/2016Statement by Palestinian Rights Committee Vice-Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document
07/05/2016SG/SM/17907UN Secretary-General strongly criticizes Israeli decisions regarding new construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem - SG statement
07/05/2016UNICEF, UNRWA condemn bombing of child-friendly space in Khan Eishieh Camp in Syria - UNRWA press release
07/05/2016UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office deeply concerned by announcement of new settlements in the West Bank - UK FCO statement/Non-UN document
07/01/2016QUARTETRPT_010716Quartet Report and statement - Quartet statement and report
07/01/2016SG/SM/17901Concerned by apparent spike in Israeli-Palestinian violence, Secretary-General underscores Quartet's finding on need to reverse negative trends - Press release
07/01/2016French Foreign Minister Ayrault welcomes publication of Quartet Report - France MoFA press release
06/29/2016Secretary-General's remarks at press encounter at Gaza - SG's remarks
United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Secretary-General message
06/27/2016Secretary-General's has press encounter with Israeli President Rivlin - SG's remarks
06/27/2016Human Rights Council discusses Human Rights Situation in Palestine and Other Occupied Arab Territories
06/25/2016UNRWA statement on punitive Israeli demolitions - UNRWA statement
06/22/2016UK Foreign Office Concerned by Jerusalem Municipality’s Decision to Issue Permit for New building in Silwan, E. Jerusalem - UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Statement
06/16/2016UNRWA strongly condemns escalation of violence in Syria which claims the lives of three Palestine refugees in Khan Eshieh camp - UNRWA statement
06/14/2016UNRWA strongly condemns parties responsible for two explosions in the vicinity of Qabr Essit camp in Syria -
06/10/2016French President Hollande condemns the appalling attack in Tel Aviv - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document
06/10/2016FM Ayrault condemns in strongest terms terrorist act committed in Tel Aviv - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document
06/10/2016UNHCHR_140616High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns gun attack in Tel Aviv - UNHCHR press release
06/09/2016160609_01Statement by EU Spokesperson on the attack in the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv - EEAS statement/Non-UN document
06/09/2016UK Minister for the Middle East Appalled by Shooting Attack in Tel Aviv - UK FCO Statement
06/09/2016SC/12395Security Council condemns in strongest terms terrorist attack in Tel Aviv - Press release
06/08/2016UNRWA deplores escalation of the armed conflict in Syria, which is claiming Palestine refugee lives and destroying civilian homes - UNRWA statement
06/08/2016SG/SM/17832Secretary-General condemns terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, calls upon Palestinian leadership to "stand firmly against violence", incitement - SG statement
06/08/2016US condemns terrorist attack in Tel Aviv - USDoS press statement/Non-UN document
06/03/2016SG/SM/17816Secretary-General tells French Ministerial Conference: Israelis & Palestinians must commit to two-State solution - SG press release
05/31/2016UNSCO_STATE310516Special Coordinator Mladenov welcomes statements by Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister on the Arab Peace Initiative - UNSCO statement