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11/25/1952A/AC.25/SR.294Coordination of supplement tothe 12th Progress Report re on Arab blocked accounts & compensation - UNCCP (New York) - Summary Record
11/14/1952A/AC.25/SR.293Israel-Barclay's Bank London talks re. blocked accounts and machinery to assess individual Arab property holdings in Israel - UNCCP 293rd meeting (New York) - Summary record
11/05/1952A/AC.25/SR.292Discussion of blocked accounts and UNRWA's assistance and assessment of Arab refugee property left in Israel - UNCCP 292nd meeting (New York) - Summary Record
10/24/1952A/AC.25/SR.291Finalizing the 12th Progress Report to the SecGen -- UNCCP 291st meeting (New York) - Summary record
09/23/1952A/AC.25/SR.290Discussion w/ Israel Rep re. blocked accounts, Letter to the U.K. delegation re. Barclay's Bank's blocked accounts - UNCCP 290th meeting (New York) - Summary record
09/18/1952A/AC.25/SR.289Consideration of Israel's release of bank accounts and of Land Specialist report - UNCCP 289th meeting (New York) - Summary record
09/18/1952A/AC.25/SR.288Discussion on statement by Israel to unblock accounts; Consideration of Commission's Land Specialist's report - UNCCP 288th meeting (New York) - Summary record
09/12/1952A/AC.25/SR.286Discussion with Israel Rep Rafael re. unblocking accounts; Consideration of Land Specialist's report - UNCCP 286th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
09/12/1952A/AC.25/SR.287Discussion on Israel's position to unblock accounts and on Land Specialist's report- UNCCP 287th meeting (New York) - Summary record
07/22/1952A/AC.25/SR.283Meeting with Israeli Rep. Rafael re blocked accounts - UNCCP 283rd meeting (New York) - Summary record
07/22/1952A/AC.25/SR.285Discussion with Israel Rep Rafaelre on aide memoire re unblocking accounts - UNCCP 285th meeting (New York) - Summary record
07/22/1952A/AC.25/SR.284Consideration of Israeli aide-mémoire re. refugees' blocked bank accounts - UNCCP 284th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
07/14/1952A/AC.25/SR.281Chairmanship of UNCCP; Review of Israel's aide-mémoire on. blocked accounts - UNCCP 281st meeting (New York) - Summary Record
07/09/1952A/AC.25/SR.282Consideration of Israel's aide-mémoire re. blocked refugee bank accounts - UNCCP 282nd meeting (New York) - Summary record
05/15/1952A/AC.25/SR/277/Corr.1Expression of appreciation for Messrs Azcarate & Andersen of the Refugee Offic, Implementation of GA Resolution (512 (VI)) - UNCCP 277th meeting (New York) - Corrigendum
05/14/1952A/AC.25/SR.279Paler's draft letter to Gvts; Paper on blocked accounts; Representation in Jerusalem, 11th Progress Report - UNCCP 279th meeting (New York) - Summary record
05/14/1952A/AC.25/SR.280Meeting with Israel Rep. Eban on blocked accounts, Instructions for land specialist 's i Palestine mission, 11th Progress Report approved - UNCCP 280th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
04/25/1952A/AC.25/SR.278Appreciation letters to Dr. Azcarate & Mr. Anderson; Commission's future intentions - UNCCP 278th meeting (New York) - Summary record
04/24/1952A/AC.25/SR.277Expression of appreciation for Messrs Azcarate & Andersen of the Refugee Offic, Implementation of GA Resolution (512 (VI)) of 26 January - UNCCP 277th meeting (New York) - Summary record
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