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12/06/2007SecGen to discuss planned Israeli settlements with Quartet partners - UN news item
12/04/2007UNRWA_AdHocmtgDonors pledge to support UNRWA - UN news item
12/03/2007Budget shortfalls threatening assistance to Palestine refugees, warns UNRWA official - UN news item
11/29/2007Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people marked at UN with calls for action - UN news item
11/27/2007SecGen_AnnapolisSecGen tells Annapolis conference piecemeal approaches will not resolve Middle East conflict - UN news item
11/27/2007Quartet_AnnapolisQuartet voices support for Middle East conference in Annapolis - UN news item
11/21/2007SG_MEconfSecretary-General to attend Middle East peace conference - UN news item (excerpts)
11/15/2007Deputy Secretary-General heads to Israel, OPT and Switzerland - UN news item
11/08/2007Ban Ki-moon asks for investigation of rocket attack from UNRWA school in Gaza - UN news item
11/07/2007UNRWA Commissioner-General says restrictions on Gaza benefiting extremist elements - UN news item
11/02/2007Refugees_LebPalestinian refugees returning to camp in northern Lebanon - UN news item
10/30/2007USG for Political Affairs to attend Quartet meeting - UN news item
10/29/2007GSsuppliesBan Ki-Moon urges Israel to reconsider measure to limit fuel/electricity to Gaza - UN news item
10/25/2007OPTconditionsUSG for Humanitarian Affairs warns of deteriorating conditions facing Palestinians - UN news item
10/22/2007GSrestrictionsUN reports shortage of anaesthetics in OPT - UN news item
10/19/2007Ban Ki-moon, Israeli Defence Minister stress importance of upcoming Middle East meeting - UN news item
10/01/2007Oman sees positive signs on Middle East peace, official tells UN - GA high-level debate - UN news item
10/01/2007Israel’s Foreign Minister urges UN to act on its founding principles - GA high-level debate - UN news item
09/28/2007President Abbas: Palestinians ready for upcoming Middle East peace meeting GA high-level debate - UN news item
09/25/2007SecGen advocates ‘stronger UN for a better world’ - GA opening session - UN news item (excerpts)
09/25/2007French President urges UN to forge ‘new deal’ based on justice - GA high-level debate - UN news item
09/24/2007SecGen says Palestinian institutions need urgent rebuilding - UN news item
09/23/2007Quartet backs ‘substantive and serious’ meeting set for later this year - UN news item
09/19/2007GSservicesSecGen says cutting off essential services to Gaza breaches Israeli obligations - UN news item
09/10/2007NahrelBared100907UN calls for $55 million to rebuild refugee camp in northern Lebanon - UN news item
09/05/2007GazaActionPlanUNRWA launches new education action plan for Gaza - UN news item
09/04/2007NahrelBared040907UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon welcomes seizure of refugee camp - UN news item
08/31/2007OCHA report: Israeli infrastructure divides West Bank into enclaves - UN news item
08/22/2007UN Special Coordinator holds talks with Israeli, Palestinian leaders - UN news item
08/21/2007Deputy UN Special Coordinator warns of worsening humanitarian conditions in Gaza Strip - UN news item
08/08/2007SecGen meets Barbadian leader, Quartet envoy - UN news item
08/02/2007GStripeco020807Gaza's economy worsening due to border restrictions - UN news item
08/01/2007CERF010807UN emergency fund to provide life-saving support in 16 global crises - UN news item
07/25/2007Humanitarian access in Gaza - UN humanitarian chief briefing - UN news item (excerpts)
06/29/2007UNICEF condemns attacks on schoolchildren - UN news item
06/28/2007Much freer access still needed for Gaza aid - UN news item
06/28/2007UNRWA welcomes reopening of Gaza-Israel crossing point (Karni) - UN news item
06/25/2007HCOPT2506UN Humanitarian Coordinator for OPT condemns rocket attack on Kerem Shalom crossing - UN news item
06/22/2007UN agencies warn of food shortage unless Gaza border crossings re-open - UN news item
06/22/2007UNESCO chief concerned over potential boycott of Israeli academic institutions - UN news item
06/19/2007BKM190607Ban discusses Palestinian crisis during telephone talks with leaders - UN news item
06/18/2007BKM170607UN committed to facilitating Middle East peace process - SecGen remarks to press - UN news item
06/16/2007Quartet160607Quartet concerned at welfare of Palestinians affected by crisis, statement - UN news item
06/15/2007BKM150607SecGen calls for aid access, end to violence in Gaza - UN news item
06/14/2007HRC130607UN probe finds 'significant' human rights violations in Beit Hanoun attack - UN news item
06/13/2007UNagencies130607UN agencies voice concern over worsening violence in Gaza - UN news item
06/01/2007BKM010607Ban Ki-moon briefs SecCo on tense Middle East situation - UN news item
05/30/2007Quartet300507Diplomatic Quartet calls on both sides to 'work constructively' towards peace - UN news item
05/29/2007Ban Ki-moon heards to Berlin for top-level Quartet meeting on Middle East - UN news item
05/25/2007UNRWA helps relocate 25,000 refugees from camp violence in Lebanon - UN news item
05/23/2007UNHCHR2305UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urges civilian protection at Palestine refugee camp in Lebanon - UN news item
05/23/2007SecCo joins UN concern at refugee camp violence in Lebanon - UN news item
05/22/2007MEenvoy2205SecGen dispatches Middle East envoy amid rising concern - UN news item
05/18/2007UNESCO180507UNESCO Director-General condemns murder of 2 Palestinian media workers in Gaza City - UN news item
05/16/2007SecGen chooses Michael Williams as next UN Special Coordinator for Middle East peace process - UN news item
05/10/2007Experts appointed by SecGen to Board of UN Register of Damage caused by construction of wall in OPT- UN news item
05/09/2007CEIRPP convenes meeting on question of Palestine in South Africa - UN news item
04/02/2007SecGen encouraged by 'determined will of Arab leaders' in seeking solutions - UN news item
03/29/2007SecGen says dialogue is key to national unity - UN news item (excerpts)
03/28/2007Deadly sewage spill in Gaza prompts UN relief operation - UN news item
03/27/2007SecGen arrives in Riyadh on eve of Arab League Summit - UN news item
03/26/2007UN meeting on Middle East peace urges support for new Palestinian Government - UN news item
03/25/2007SecGen says President Abbas is ready for Middle East peace - UN news item
03/19/2007Secretary-General holds conference call with Middle East peace brokers on Palestinian unity cabinet - UN news item
03/15/2007Secretary-General welcomes news of Palestinian unity government - UN news item
02/27/2007UNRWA Commisioner-General urges world community match 'courage' of Palestinian unity Government - UN news item
02/21/2007BKM210207Ban Ki-moon says diplomatic Quartet backs renewed Middle East political process - UN news item
02/20/2007BKM200207Ban Ki-moon seeks to re-energize Middle East peace process at Quartet meeting - UN news item
02/19/2007Ban Ki-moon voices hope Palestinian unity government will pave way for peace - UN news item, audio
02/15/2007Ban Ki-moon to pay official visit to Austria after Quartet meeting in Berlin - UN news item
02/12/2007BKM120207Ban Ki-moon phones Saudi, Israeli and Palestinian leaders on latest peace moves - UN news item
02/09/2007BKM090207SecGen consults with Quartet on Palestinian unity accord - UN news item
02/02/2007Quartet020207Quartet hopes calm will prevail with Palestinian national unity government - UN News Service
02/02/2007Qrtetmtg0207Middle East Quartet endorses latest peace talks initiative, Ban Ki-moon says - UN news item
01/30/2007BKM300107SecGen calls for resumption of intra-Palestinian dialogue on national unity - UN news item
01/29/2007BKM290107SecGen deplores suicide bombing; urges Palestinians to stop further attacks - UN news item
01/08/2007SecGen stresses Darfur, Middle East and conflict prevention as key issues - UN news item (excerpts)
01/05/2007UN hopes Israel, Palestinians avoid violence in light of 'positive developments' - UN news item
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