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12/17/2006UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur, adopts declaration urging a new system to protect civilians - UN news item
12/11/2006Annan calls on donors to make up for shortfall in UN funds for Palestinian refugees - UN news item
12/11/2006BeitHanounFactfindingMissionLack of Israeli cooperation prevents UN fact-finding mission to Beit Hanoun - UN news item
12/07/2006UNpartnersAppealUN and partners launch largest appeal for emergency aid for Palestinians - UN news item
12/05/2006UNRWA2007PledgesDonors pledge $100 million for UN agency caring for Palestinian refugees; more needed - UN news item
11/29/2006Former Archbishop Tutu to head UN rights probe of Israeli killing of Palestinian civilians - UN news item
11/24/2006UNRWA_EcoRptFinancial boycott sends Palestinian poverty numbers soaring, finds UN report - UN news item
11/22/2006UN human rights chief holds talks with Israeli officials in Jerusalem - UN news item
11/20/2006UN appeals for $2.5 million to ease 'humanitarian disaster' from Israeli attack - UN news item
11/17/2006WHO concerned about deteriorating health services in the OPT - UN news item
11/15/2006UN Human Rights Council denounces recent Israeli military actions in northern Gaza - UN news item
11/15/2006Quartet hopes new Palestinian Government leads to renewed engagement - UN news item
11/13/2006HRCSpSess_1311UN Human Rights Council to hold special session on Israel's actions in Gaza - UN news item
11/09/2006SecCoMtg0911Israeli shelling of Beit Hanoun - ASG for Political Affairs briefs SecCo, debate - UN news item
11/07/2006UNRWA reports significant damage in Beit Hanoun after Israeli withdrawal - UN news item
11/01/2006UNRWA Commissioner-General says deplorable conditions need a political solution - UN news item
10/30/2006RegisterDamage_SeparationWallUN lays out function of office for Palestinians to claim damages from Israeli barrier - UN news item
10/06/2006UNICEF report says Palestinian child deaths in conflict with Israel nearly double that of 2005 - UN news item
10/03/2006UNICEF sets up camps for Palestinian children hit by school strike in West Bank - UN news item
09/28/2006UNHCHR_OPT-IsraelUN human rights chief to visit OPT and Israel, echoes appeal by UNRWA Commissioner-General - UN news item
09/26/2006UNRWA makes school grants to Palestinian refugee children in Gaza - UN news item
09/26/2006Foreign Ministers of Syria and Tunisia address General Assembly - UN news item
09/22/2006Egyptian Foreign Minister urges comprehensive approach to achieve Middle East peace UN news item
09/21/2006SecCoMtg2109SecGen says SecCo and others must rise to their responsibilities in the Mideast – SecCo meeting – UN news item
09/21/200661GA_AbbasPA President says Mideast peace talks must resume without preconditions – UN news item
09/20/2006Israeli Foreign Minister says Israel and Palestine need to compromise – UN news item
09/20/2006Qatari, UAE urge comprehensive Mideast peace through Israeli withdrawal – UN news item
09/20/2006QuartetMtg200906Quartet hopes new Palestinian government leads to renewed engagement – UN news item
09/19/200661GA_BushUS President Bush tells General Assembly peace is taking root in Middle East – UN news item
09/19/2006Israeli occupation must end in order to achieve Mideast peace, Jordan’s King tells GA – UN news item
09/19/200661GA_ChiracSolution to Mideast conflict requires new global strategy, French President tells GA – UN news item
09/19/2006WFP says 70 per cent of Palestinians in Gaza need international food aid to survive - UN news item
09/13/2006SecGen announces Quartet meeting to discuss latest Palestinian situation – UN news item
09/08/2006UN civil society conference adopts action plan to help Palestinians living under occupation - UN news item
09/07/2006SGmsgGva070906Urging end to killings in Gaza, Annan says both sides must work for peace - SecGen message to civil society conference supporting Palestinian people - UN news item
09/05/2006SecGen_PrisonerReleaseAnnan to appoint ‘facilitator’ in Israeli-Lebanese prisoner release; awaits blockade news - UN news item
09/04/2006SecGen_TroopDeploymentSecGen on deployment of UN, Lebanese troops in southern Lebanon, resolving Palestine conflict - UN news item
08/30/2006SecGenAbbasMtgAnnan expresses support for Palestinian unity govt on trip to West Bank - UN news item
08/18/2006Emergency aid for Gaza's Palestinians held up in Israel due to Lebanon conflict - UN news item
08/04/2006UNIFEM head calls for end to Middle East violence - UN news item
08/04/2006Tensions across Palestinian territory as locals flee Israeli attacks, fire rockets - UN news item
08/02/2006UN reports increase in Israeli shells fired into Gaza - UN news item
07/25/2006Egeland_GazaIncursionUN humanitarian chief: Israel used disproportionate force in Gaza - UN news item
07/20/2006SecGen briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East - Package of action - UN news item
07/19/2006Annan’s deputy says saving civilian lives should be priority in Lebanon - UN news item
07/18/2006UN agencies mobilize to deal with massive displacement in Lebanon - UN news item
07/18/2006UN adds $169 million to relief aid appeal for Palestinians - UN news item
07/13/2006US vetoes Security Council draft resolution on violence in Gaza - UN news item
07/07/2006SecGen statement on the situation in the Middle East - UN news item
06/30/2006UN agencies voice concern over humanitarian conditions in Gaza Strip - UN news item
06/29/2006SecGen_Isr-Pal-DiffuseCrisisAnnan calls on both Palestinians and Israelis to take measures to defuse crisis - Statement - UN news item
06/29/2006Vienna_IntlMtgUN-sponsored meeting calls on Israel to pull out of Gaza, Palestinians to stop rockets - UN news item
06/27/2006UN meeting on Israeli-Palestinian peace opens with call for two-State solution - UN news item
06/27/2006In contacts with Middle East leaders, Annan urgest restraint - UN news item
06/22/2006UN rights expert paints dire picture of situation in Occupied Palestinian Territory - UN news item
06/21/2006USG-DPA_Intra-PalViolenceWith ‘serious deterioration’ in the Middle East, UN official calls for restraint - UN news item
06/17/2006Quartet_AidtoPalestiniansDiplomatic Quartet backs international mechanism to aid Palestinian people - UN news item
06/14/2006WHO_OPT-CrisisUN health agency warns of looming crisis in Palestinian territories due to funds cut-off - UN news item
06/08/2006UN_MediaSem-MoscowUN Middle East media seminar opens in Moscow - UN news item
05/16/2006UN refugee agency reports Palestinians continue to flee Baghdad for Syria - UN news item
05/09/2006UN hosts meeting on Israeli-Palestinian conflict at crucial juncture in search for peace - UN news item
05/09/2006QuartetMtg_Assistance-TempMechanismAt UN session Middle East diplomatic Quartet endorses direct aid to Palestinians - UN news item
05/08/2006Regional partners to join major Middle East parley at UN Headquarters - UN news item
05/05/2006SG_QuartetMtgAnnan to host Quartet meeting on Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Tuesday - UN news item
04/18/2006UN political official holds talks in Moscow on Cyprus, Middle East, reform - UN news item
04/12/2006UNICEF praises Saudi Arabia's humanitarian efforts/Assistance to Palestinians - UN news item
04/11/2006UNRWA_GazaFoodCrisisUNRWA official says food crisis again threatening Gaza with crossing to Israel closed - UN news item
03/30/2006Hamas_IntransigenceIntransigence of Hamas Govt will affect aid: UN, Mideast partners - UN news item
03/28/2006SecGen_Isr-PalimpasseUN ready to help Arab world overcome ‘many formidable challenges’ - SecGen message to Arab League summit - UN news item
03/27/2006UN envoy leaves Lebanon encouraged by its course toward new era - UN News Service
03/25/2006UN envoy backs Lebanon's approach to Palestinian militias - UN news item
03/24/2006Roed-Larsen_Leb-SARdialogueUN envoy says dialogue between Lebanon and Syria is ‘crucial’ - UN news item
03/23/2006Roed-Larsen_LebanonUN envoy discusses foreign influence in Lebanon with Jordanian and Palestinian leaders - UN news item
03/21/2006UN envoy continues regional mission on eve of new reconciliation talks - UN News Service
03/21/2006UNRWA_KarniCrossingUN official urges opening of crossing with Israel - UN news item
03/16/2006UN envoy attends Middle East diplomatic Quartet meeting in Brussels - UN news item
03/14/2006SCbriefing_OPT-prisonersSecCo calls for urgent steps to restore calm in Middle East - UN news item
03/13/2006Middle East tops agenda at talks between UN envoy and Russian foreign minister - UN News Service
03/07/2006UNICEF urges all-out effort to protect young after deaths of 5 children in Gaza - UN news article
02/20/2006UNRWA_BalataRefugeeCampUNRWA says Israeli operation hinders its work - UN news item
02/17/2006Education fees cut for needy Palestinian students - UN news item
02/09/2006SecGen_PalElectionsAnnan says recent elections show yearning for effective government - UN news item
02/09/2006Measures needed to alleviate economic hardship in the West Bank - UNSCO report - UN news item
01/05/2006SG_PMSharonAnnan wishes Israeli Prime Minister Sharon a speedy recovery - UN news item
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