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01/01/2006SG_UNfacilityAttackSecGen condemns attack on UN facility in Gaza - UN news item
12/14/2005UN envoy attends international donors' meeting for OPT (AHLC) - UN news item
12/08/2005UN agency aiding Palestinians halves 2006 emergency appeal - UN news item
11/29/2005Marking Palestinian Solidarity Day, Annan calls for renewed action toward peace - UN news item
11/23/2005SecGen briefs SecCo on recent Middle East trip - UN news item
11/21/2005Top UN political official condemns violence across Israel/Lebanon Blue Line/Visit to OPT - UN news item
11/21/2005Annan: barrier, settlements and security challenge two-State Israeli-Palestinian solution - UN news item
11/18/2005Senior UN political official visits Israel, OPT - UN news item
11/16/2005SecGen comments following meeting with PA President Abbas - UN news item
11/10/2005USG-DPA_MEvisitUN Political Affairs chief to visit Middle East next week - UN news item
11/09/2005James Wolfensohn to continue as Quartet Gaza envoy - UN news item
10/28/2005Quartet_JerBombingQuartet condemns suicide bombing in Israel, calls on Syria to act - UN news item
10/27/2005UN Special Cttee calls for new thinking on Israeli-Palestinian relations - UN news item
10/17/2005Larsen_PalMilitiasUN envoy to raise issue of Palestinian militias in Lebanon with two leaders - UN news item
10/07/2005UN Palestinian rights panel voices concern over Israeli settlement expansion - UN news item
09/28/2005UN envoy meets with Palestinian, Egyptian leaders in Lebanon - UN news item
09/27/2005Palestinian rights still violated in OPT, Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) says in annual report - UN news item
09/22/2005Islamic group confers with Annan on Middle East peace process - UN news item
09/18/2005Annan discusses Middle East, Iran, Darfur with national ministers - UN news item (excerpts)
09/12/2005Israelis and Palestinians hold first meeting under UNESCO aegis - UN news item
08/15/2005SG_Isr-GazaWithdrawalSecGen closely following Israeli withdrawal from Gaza - UN news item
08/15/2005A l'ONU, le représentant israélien demande à la communauté internationale de soutenir le désengagement de Gaza - UN news item
08/08/2005UNstaff_ReleasePalestinian militants kidnap then release UN staff in Gaza Strip - UN news item
07/21/2005UN envoy says Israeli-Palestinian relations bedevilled by lack of framework - UN news item
07/15/2005UN Middle East envoy condemns latest violence in West Bank and Gaza - UN news item
06/23/2005Quartet urges Israel, Palestinians to seize the moment for peace - UN News Service
05/19/2005UN-HABITAT to train newly-elected Palestinian mayors - UN news item
05/09/2005Quartet_Two-StateQuartet reaffirms commitment to two-State Middle East solution, Annan says - UN news item
05/06/2005Alvaro de Soto of Peru named new UN envoy to Middle East - UN news item
04/06/2005UN review paints gloomy picture of 2004 economy in the OPT - UN news item
03/22/2005SG_LASsummitSecGen arrives in Algeria to attend Arab League summit - UN news item
03/16/2005SecGen ends Mideast trip - UN news item
03/15/2005SG_HolocaustMemSecGen declares UN has sacred duty to fight hatred - UN news item
03/14/2005SG_MtgWithAbbasSecGen discusses Mideast peace moves with PA President Abbas - UN news item
03/13/2005SecGen meets with Prime Minister Sharon in Jerusalem - UN news item
03/10/2005UNmtg_BarrierUN meeting in Geneva concludes with call for dismantling of barrier - UN news item
03/09/2005SecCo reiterates two-State vision of Israeli-Palestinian peace - UN news item
03/07/2005SG_TerrorismSummitSecGen leaves this week for Spain and Mideast - UN news item
03/02/2005Secretary-General discusses shattered Palestinian economy with President Abbas - UN news item
03/01/2005London meeting on supporting the PA - On margins of Palestinian session Annan holds wide-ranging talks on world crises - UN news item
03/01/2005London meeting on support the Palestinian Authority - Secretary-General pledges support for Middle East peace moves - UN news item
02/25/2005Annan heads to London Meeting on Supporting the Palestinian Authority - UN news item
02/15/2005Palestinian women experience major poverty induced by loss of spouses - UN news item
02/07/2005SG_CEIRPPmtgInternational community must help Israel, Palestinians seal peace - UN news item
01/26/2005UNESCO begins blueprint safeguarding Jerusalem's cultural heritage - UN news item
01/20/2005UN encouraged by new Palestinian move to end Gaza violence - UN news item
01/17/2005After renewed violence, Annan vows to get Mideast peace plan back on track - UN news item
01/15/2005Annan says Palestinians should support new leadership to achieve statehood - UN news item
01/13/2005SC_USG-DPAbriefingUN official paints modestly optimistic picture for progress in Mideast conflict - UN news item
01/13/2005SG_Envoy-IraqAnnan's personal envoy for southern Lebanon named deputy of UN mission in Iraq - UN news item
01/11/2005SG_Wall-UNregUN registry of damage to Palestinians from separation barrier moves step closer - UN news item
01/07/2005UN officials help observers monitor Palestinian elections - UN news item
01/04/2005SG_Isr-Pal-ObligationsAnnan calls on Israelis and Palestinians to observe international obligations - UN news item
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