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12/13/2010SharekForumClosureUN sports official expresses concern over closure of Sharek Youth Forum in the Gaza Strip - UN news item
11/30/2010GazaBlockade_UNwarningDespite easing of Gaza blockade, situation still desperate, UN official warns – UN news item
11/29/2010SecGen_SolDay2010Ban calls on Israelis and Palestinians to show courage needed to make peace - Intl Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - UN news item
11/23/2010DPA_SecCoBriefing-231110UN political chief urges early resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks - SecCo briefing - UN news item
11/08/2010SecGen_JerSettlementsSecGen voices concern over plans for further settlements as he meets Israeli Prime Minister- UN news item
10/28/2010UN staff help with olive harvest in the West Bank on UN Day - UN news item
10/27/2010MoreFundsNeededLebRefCampUN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams says more funding needed to rebuild Nahr el-Bared refugee camp - UN news item
10/21/2010Serry_CondemnsSettlementsUN Special Coordinator voices alarmed by renewed Israeli settlement construction - UN News Service
10/20/2010SecGen_EuroCooperationImportance of UN, European cooperation tops Ban’s talks with senior EU official - UN news item (excerpts)
10/09/2010SecGen_Isr-PalPeaceSecGen's message to the Arab League meeting: Door to Israeli-Palestinian peace must stay open - UN news item
10/04/2010UNSCO_041010UN office shocked at alleged deliberate burning of mosque in West Bank - UN news item
10/02/2010SecGen_MEleadersUN chief presses Middle East leaders to find a way forward - UN news item
09/27/2010SecGen_SettlementMoratoriumSecGen Ban "disappointed" at Israel's move not to extend settlements moratorium - UN news item
09/24/2010SecGen-Abbas_MEpeaceUN committed to helping achieve Middle East peace, SecGen Ban assures Palestinian leader – UN news item
09/23/2010GA65_JordanAt UN, Jordanian leader warns against any attempts to derail Middle East talks - UN news item
09/23/2010FlotillaReportHRC panel report finds Israeli actions against Gaza aid flotilla incident "unlawful" – UN news item
09/23/2010USLeader_MEtalksUS leader presses for Middle East peace during address at GA high-level meeting - UN news item
09/22/2010SecGen-Lavrov_MEtalksSecGen Ban discusses Middle East developments with top Russian official - UN news item
09/21/2010UN and partners call on Israel to extend moratorium on settlements - UN news item
09/20/2010SecGen-Peres_MEtalksIsraeli leader and SecGen Ban discuss latest push for Middle East peace - UN news item
09/09/2010SecGen_DirectTalksBroad global support needed to underpin Israeli-Palestinian direct talks, says Ban - UN news item
08/23/2010HRCmission_Turkey-JordanThe UN Human Rights Council mission on the Gaza flotilla departs for Turkey, Jordan - UN news item
08/18/2010SecGen_2ndRpt-GazaSecGen issues second report on follow-up to inquiry into Gaza conflict (Goldstone report) - UN news item
08/17/2010Efforts to reach direct talks between Israelis, Palestinians nearing turning point - SecCo briefing (UN News item)
08/12/2010PanelofInquiry_MapsPlansUN panel of inquiry into Gaza flotilla incident maps out plans for conducting its work - UN news item
08/10/2010SecGenMtg_PanelofInquirySecGen Ban meets with members of panel of inquiry into Gaza flotilla incident - UN news item
08/06/2010Ban-Clinton_060810Middle East tops telephone discussion between Secretary General Ban and US Secretary of State Clinton - UN news item
08/03/2010SecCo_PanelofInquirySecurity Council welcomes UN panel of inquiry into deadly Gaza flotilla incident - UN news item
07/30/2010UN urges restraint after rocket from Gaza hits Israeli city - UN news item
07/29/2010UN Envoy Deplores Takeover of Palestinian Homes by Israeli Settlers - UN news item
07/26/2010USG for Political Affairs stresses value of preventive diplomacy in conflict solving - speech at Brookings Institution in Washington. - UN news item
07/22/2010SecGen_DPImeeting2010Ban urges Israeli and Palestinian leaders to take 'bold steps' towards peace - UN news item
07/22/2010UNRWA_SportingEventGaza’s children bounce their way intosecond world record at UN summer sporting event - UN news item
07/21/2010SCmeeting_21July10UN political chief underscores need for direct Israeli-Palestinian talks - SecCo briefing - UN news item
07/19/2010GSsummercamp_fundingUN welcomes funding for UNRWA summer games - UN news item
07/13/2010UNSCO_JerDemolitionsUN Special Coordinator voices concern over demolitions, settlement approval in East Jerusalem - UN news item
07/07/2010BanMeetsIsraelLdrSecGen discusses Gaza and Middle East Peace with Prime Minister Netanyahu - UN news item
07/06/2010GoodsintoGazaUN Special Coordinator welcomes Israel's measure to allow more goods into Gaza - UN news item
07/01/2010ForcibleTransfers_EJerUN following reports of forcible transfers of Palestinians from E. Jerusalem - UN news item
07/01/2010CEIRPP-Rabat_SettlementsSecGen reiterates call for end to building of settlements in Jerusalem - UN African Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Rabat, 1-2 July 2010) - UN news item
06/28/2010UNRWA_RecAttackUN officials condemn latest attack on UNRWA recreational facility - UN news item
06/24/2010SecGen_SilwanSecGen voices deep concern at municipal plan to demolish homes in East Jerusalem - UN news item
06/22/2010UNRWA_FundShortageFunding shortages limiting UN ability to aid Palestinian refugees - UN news item
06/21/2010EaseBlockQuartet welcome Israel’s easing of Gaza blockade - UN news item
06/18/2010SpCttee_OPTvisitUN Special Committee calls for end to systematic rights violations by Israel in occupied territories - UN news item
06/15/2010GolanHeights150610SecGen proposes six-month extension for UNDOF - UN news item
06/11/2010FlotillaInquiryGaza flotilla inquiry must comply with standards, UN expert says - UN news item
06/10/2010ILOReportNew UN report highlights bleak economic situation for Palestinians - UN news item
06/08/2010GATurksFlotAssembly President and Turkish Leader Discuss Gaza Flotilla Incident - UN news item (excerpts)
06/05/2010BanPhoneTurkIsraelSecGen discusses probe into Gaza ship incident with leaders of Turkey and Israel - UN news item
06/04/2010UNLebFlotillaTalksGaza flotilla raid the focus of talks between UN and Lebanese official - UN news item
06/03/2010Women'sConfWomen leaders at UN-hosted forum urge peaceful end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict - UN news item
06/02/2010GAFlotilla020610General Assembly President and Qatari leader discuss Gaza flotilla raid - UN News item
06/02/2010HRCFlotillaProbe020610UN rights body votes to dispatch probe into "attack" on Gaza aid convoy - UN news item
06/01/2010SecCoFlotillat010610Security Council backs call for impartial probe into deadly raid on Gaza aid flotilla - UN news item
06/01/2010HRCDebateRaid010610Countries debate Israeli raid on aid flotilla at UN Human Rights Council - UN news item
06/01/2010FlotillaDetainees020610SecGen appeals for immediate release of detainees after raid on Gaza aid flotilla - UN news item
05/31/2010GApres_FlotillaRaidGA President joins international condemnation of the Israeli storming of the humanitarian ships to Gaza - UN news item
05/31/2010GazaReliefBoat310510Secretary-General "shocked" by deadly raid on Gaza aid flotilla - UN news item
05/27/2010GazaReliefBoat270510Ban urges prompt resolution as boats loaded with supplies head for Gaza - UN news item
05/25/2010Peacetalks250510Ban calls for promotion of trust alongside proximity talks - UN Intl. Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Istanbul, 25-26 May 2010) - UN news item
05/23/2010GazaRecon240510Gaza still awaiting reconstruction over a year after Israeli offensive, UNDP report finds - UN news item
05/18/2010SciencComp18052010Palestinian winners of Intel prize meet SecGen - UN news item
05/18/2010Peacetalks180510UNSCO: Quick progress in new Israeli-Palestinian talks vital to thwart spoilers - SecCo briefing - UN news item
05/09/2010UNDPreport100510Lack of human security impeding progress for Palestinians, says UN-backed report - UN news item
04/28/2010UNRWAgirls_IntelPalestinian girls take science project from UN school to Silicon Valley - UN news item
04/28/2010SecGenBarak280410Middle East peace process tops SecGen's talks with Israeli Defence Minister - UN news item
04/27/2010SecGen-Mitchell260410SecGen discusses Mideast peace process with US special envoy - UN news item
04/22/2010UNRWA official says Israeli easing of Gaza blockade painfully insufficient - UN news item, webcast
04/19/2010Independent UN rights expert warns Israeli orders may breach Geneva Convention - UN news item
04/14/2010SCmeeting_14Apr10USG for Political Affairs reiterates calls to freeze in settlement activity by Israel - SecCo briefing - UN news item
04/13/2010GA President discusses Middle East with Bahraini leader - UN news item
04/12/2010GApres_KuwaitGA President discusses Middle East with ruler of Kuwait - UN news item
04/07/2010GA President in Yemen on second leg of Mideast tour - UN news item (excerpts)
03/27/2010SecGen_ArabLeagueSummitSecGen urges Arab leaders to support Middle East talks - UN news item
03/26/2010SecGen_Mtg-PA-LASSecGen meets with PA President and Arab League chief ahead of summit - UN news item
03/25/2010HRC_GoldstoneRptHuman Rights Council calls for independent inquiry into Gaza conflict - UN News item
03/21/2010SecGen_Gaza210310Ban hails "heroism and quiet courage" of Gazans - UN news item
03/20/2010Ban pledges to help Israel and Palestinians reach a settlement within 24 months - UN news item
03/19/2010Quartet_Meeting190310Quartet calls for immediate resumption of Middle East peace talks - UN news item
03/18/2010SecGen_Moscow180310-2Middle East tensions top agenda of Ban’s talks with Russian leader - UN news item
03/18/2010SecGen_Moscow180310Secretary-General condemns rocket attack from Gaza into Israel - UN news item
03/16/2010SG_EJerusalemBan calls for calm after East Jerusalem clashes - UN news item
03/12/2010Quartet_SettlementsQuartet condemns Israeli plans to expand settlements - UN news item
03/10/2010UNRWA-CG_GazaBlockadeAs Gaza blockade nears 1,000-day milestone, UNRWA chief warns situation worsens - UN news item
03/10/2010SecGen_EJer-1600Ban speaks out against Israeli plans to expand settlements - UN news item
03/10/2010UNMAS_Gaza-UXOUN teams destroy unexploded ordnance with white phosphorus in Gaza - UN News item
03/09/2010SecGen_Isr-OPTvisitBan to visit Israel and occupied Palestinian territories - UN news item
03/08/2010SecGen_Moscow-QuartetMtgSecretary-General hopes Moscow Quartet meeting will spur direct Israeli-Palestinian talks - UN news item
03/06/2010Citing recent tensions, Security Council urges restraint by Israelis, Palestinians - UN news item
02/24/2010Ban-Barak_Mtg240210UN chief voices concern over recent developments to Israeli Defense Minister- UN news item (excerpt)
02/22/2010Middle East situation, Goldstone report - GA President's talks with Egyptian President - UN news item (excerpt)
02/22/2010Israel-HeritageSitesUN official voices concern at Israeli claim on religious sites in the OPT - UN news item
02/18/2010SCbriefing_18Feb10USG for Political Affairs says UN hopes ‘serious’ Israeli-Palestinian talks will begin soon - SecCo briefing - UN news item
02/17/2010Isr_Closures-GazaUN reports Israel tightening vice on Gaza Strip - UN news item
02/12/2010SG_UNmtg-0210SecGen says roadblocks remain in quest to achieve Middle East peace - UN Intl. Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Qawra, Malta, 12-13 Feb. 2010) - UN news item
02/01/2010UNDOF_AppointmentSecGen appoints Filipino general to lead UNDOF peacekeeping operation in Golan Heights - UN news item
01/27/2010SCdebate_27Jan10Senior UN official voices concern over impasse in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations - SecCo briefing - UN news item
01/25/2010GazaStudents_UNvisitGaza’s top students visit UNHQ - UN news item
01/22/2010UN_PropertyCompensationPaidIsrael compensates UN for damages during last year’s Gaza offensive - UN news item
01/08/2010UN_PropertyCompensationAccord in principle reached with Israel on payment for UN property damage in Gaza
- UN news item
01/06/2010UN_EgyptGazaBorderUN urges calm amid clashes along Egypt-Gaza border - UN News item
01/06/2010SG_MEpeaceSecretary-General discusses Middle East peace process with senior Israeli and US officials - UN news item
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