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12/17/2009UNSCO_SCbriefing_Dec09UN Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - UN news item
12/16/2009Security Council extends UN Disengagement Force on Israeli-Syrian front - UN news item
12/15/2009Cttee_SettlementsCEIRPP calls on International community to act against Israeli settlements – UN news item
12/14/2009UNSCO_MosqueAttackAttack on West Bank mosque draws condemnation from UN Special Coordinator - UN news item
12/01/2009UNSCO_DemolitionsUNSCO urges halt to demolitions, evictions in East Jerusalem - UN news item
11/30/2009SolidarityDayCommemoration09Marking Day of Solidarity, Ban stresses importance of a Palestinian State - UN news item
11/23/2009Paper football signed by UN chief fetches over $200,000 at charity auction for Palestinian youth - UN news item
11/23/2009SG_CollettBan voices sympathy to family after UN staffer's remains found in Lebanon - UN news item
11/18/2009UNrpt_SettlerViolenceUN OCHA report warns potential Israeli settler violence threatens 250,000 Palestinians - UN news item
11/17/2009SG_SettlementExpansionSecretary-General deplores Israeli decision to expand Jerusalem settlement - UN news item
11/16/2009SGreport_IsrPracticesSecGen: Israel must end Gaza blockade, evictions, alleged abuse of Palestinian children - UN news item
11/11/2009SCmtg_Protection-CiviliansUNHCHR says Security Council must do more to protect civilians in armed conflict - UN news item
11/10/2009UNSCO_SettlementFreezeUN Special Coordinator urges Israeli settlement freeze - UN news item
11/09/2009UN-Aida_CrossingsUN calls on Israel yet again to open crossings - UN news item
11/05/2009GAvote_GoldstoneRptGA backs findings of Goldstone report, adopts resolution - UN news item
11/04/2009GAdebate_GoldstoneRptGA begins debate on Goldstone report - UN news item
11/04/2009Evictions_EJerBan calls on Israel to halt eviction of Palestinians in East Jerusalem - UN news item
11/02/2009UN reports truckloads of goods enter Gaza from Israel - UN news item
10/30/2009GA_GoldstoneRptGeneral Assembly to consider UN probe into Gaza conflict next week - UN news item
10/28/2009Jerusalem must be capital of both Israel and Palestine - SecGen message to Jerusalem Intl. Forum, Rabat- UN news item
10/27/2009HouseDemolitions_EJerUN calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes - UN news item
10/16/2009HRC_16OctMtgEndorsing Gaza war report, UN Human Rights Council condemns Israel - UN news item
10/14/2009SecCoBriefing_141009Top UN official says Israel, Palestinians must refrain from increasing tensions -SecCo briefing/debate - UN news item
10/13/2009HRC_15OctMtgHuman Rights Council to discuss recent UN probe into Gaza conflict - UN news item
10/08/2009UNSCO_JerusalemHolySiteUN Special Coordinator seeks to defuse tension at holy site in Jerusalem - UN news item
10/07/2009Gaza_CrossingsUNSCO reports entry of goods into Gaza, Nahal Oz pipeline remains closed - UN news item
09/28/2009During GA high-level debate, Arab nations call on Israel to seize opportunity for peace - UN news item
09/25/2009Le Liban refuse l'installation de réfugiés palestiniens sur son territoire - Centre d'actualités de l'ONU
09/25/2009Lebanon, PA, Kuwait address GA high-level debate - UN news item
09/24/2009End of Israeli-Palestinian conflict critical for regional peace, Turkey tells GA debate - UN news item
09/24/2009UNRWA_6decadesUNRWA marks six decades of work - UN news item
09/24/2009Quartet_NewYorkMiddle East Quartet call on Israel, Palestinians to renew talks as matter of urgency - UN news item
09/24/2009Israeli PM addresses GA - UN news item
09/24/2009SecGen discusses Mideast peace process with Israeli, Palestinian leaders - UN news item
09/22/2009SG_PalinstitutionsSecGen Ban vows support for Palestinian efforts to build state institutions in two years - UN news item
09/10/2009UNRWA calls on Israel to lift book blockade of Gaza schools - UN news item
09/09/2009UNCTADreport09Faltering Palestinian economy needs bold new strategy, contends UN report - UN news item
09/03/2009Gaza_WatercrisisGaza water crisis prompts UN call for immediate opening of crossings - UN news item
09/01/2009Gaza_EmploymentSchemeUNRWA receives €13 million cash injection to ease unemployment crisis - UN news item
08/25/2009UNSCO_PAinstitutionsUN Special Coordinator welcomes Palestinian efforts to build up state institutions - UN news item
08/17/2009Resilience of Gaza's people lifts spirits of UN aid worker - UN news item/feature story
08/17/2009HCHR_GazaHRviolationsHuman Rights High Commissioner calls for investigation of human rights violations in the OPT - UN news item
08/03/2009SheikhJarrah_evictionsUN envoy speaks out against Israel's 'unacceptable' evictions of Palestinians - UN news item
07/28/2009Gaza_RebuildingSchoolsUN aid agencies call for opening of Gaza crossings to allow rebuilding of schools - UN news item
07/27/2009ASG-DPA_27JulySecCoDebateIsraeli settlements hurting peace process with Palestinians: ASG for Political Affairs - SecCo briefing - UN news item
07/22/2009SG_UNmtg-0709SecGen calls on Israel, Palestinians to take steps to transform Middle East peace process in message to UN Intl. Meeting on the Question of Palestine in Geneva - UN news item
07/09/2009Israeli barrier must come down, UN Special Rapporteur says - UN news item
07/08/2009ICJ-judgment_AnniversaryUN reports five years after judgment, Israel barrier still under construction - UN news item
07/06/2009FactFindingMission_TestimoniesHuman Rights Council fact-finding mission on Gaza conflict hears testimonies - UN news item
06/25/2009Middle East on agenda as SecGen heads to Italy - UN news item
06/19/2009SecGen calls again on Israel to ease Gaza blockade - UN news item
06/12/2009UN concern grows over Israeli blockade of Gaza crossings - UN news item
06/08/2009Top UN sports envoy visits Gaza - UN news item
06/04/2009GazaAssistance_SGrptDelivery of assistance to Palestinians more urgent and more difficult according to SecGen report - UN news item
06/02/2009SecGen renews call for Israeli cooperation with UN Gaza human rights probe - UN news item
05/29/2009UN human rights fact-finding mission heads to Gaza - UN news item
05/29/2009Top UN envoy explores how sports can improve lives of Middle East’s youth - UN news items
05/28/2009Israeli blockade of Gaza hampers UN relief work, says humanitarian official - UN news items
05/21/2009UN environment team completes study of Gaza conflict damages- UN news items
05/20/2009Ban briefed by head of UN Human Rights Council probe into Gaza conflict - UN news item
05/11/2009SecGen tells SecCo meeting there was an urgent need to generate momentum in Israeli-Palestinian peace process - UN news item
05/08/2009UN team probing rights violations in Gaza conflict wraps up first meeting - UN news item
05/06/2009Secretary-General and Israeli President discuss Gaza inquiry report, SecGen message to intl. meeting - UN news item
05/05/2009Sp. Coordinator for Mideast Peace Process says Palestinian unity, rebuilding of Gaza vital to maintain calm - UN news item
05/04/2009Members of Human Rights Council fact-finding mission to Gaza meet in Geneva - UN news item
05/01/2009UNSCO_Gaza010509UN humanitarian chief John Holmes says better access crucial for Gaza's recovery and reconstruction - UN news item
04/30/2009Holmes_GShumanityUSG Holmes in opinion peace says "Humanity taking back seat to politics in Gaza" - UN news item
04/22/2009IsraeliImportsBan_GazaIsraeli ban on imports into Gaza puts economic recovery on hold - UN news item
04/18/2009Holmes_GSUSG for Humanitarian Chief Holmes warns of dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip - UN news item
04/02/2009WFP_FoodVouchersPalestinians to benefit from first Mideast WFP food voucher operation - UN news item
03/19/2009SecGen to attend Arab League Summit - UN news item (excerpts)
03/04/2009UNICEF Exec. Director highlights Jordan’s efforts to tackle school violence - UN news item
03/03/2009Gaza_AidRestrictionsAid inflow still restricted as key Gaza crossings remain closed - UN news item
02/24/2009Gaza_CashAidUN agencies distribute cash to Gazans for shelter - UN news item
02/23/2009QatarDonationQatar gives $40 million mostly for Gaza, to aid UN humanitarian relief - UN news item
02/19/2009Gaza_USpolsHead of UNRWA 'extremely pleased' over Gaza visit of US politicians - UN news item
02/13/2009SecCo renews call from greater humanitarian access to Gaza - UN news item
02/12/2009Gaza_ExportFlowers sent to Europe first Gaza export in a year - UN news item
02/10/2009Gaza_TextbooksChildren in Gaza left without textbooks as paper restriction continues - UN news item
02/09/2009SecGen briefs Security Council on recent trip - UN news item
02/06/2009Gaza_060209UN suspends aid operation after second Hamas-linked theft of supplies - UN news item
02/05/2009Gaza_050209Israeli crossing ban halts UN programme teaching non-violence to Gaza children - UN news item
02/03/2009Gaza_030209More supplies must be allowed to enter Gaza, says UN - UN news item
01/30/2009UNRWA_GazaCrossingsUNRWA Director of Gaza Operations: Israel must open crossings to Gaza to counter misery and extremism - UN news item
01/29/2009UNappeal_GazaUN appeals for $613 million for Gaza - UN news item
01/28/2009Gaza_280109Israel reopens Gaza crossings, UN stresses need for greater access - UN news item
01/26/2009Gaza_260109Thousands of Gazans remain homeless, UN calls for unhindered aid access - UN news item
01/24/2009USG for Humanitarian Affairs assesses needs in post-conflict Gaza - UN news item
01/22/2009USG for Humanitarian Affairs and Sp. Coordinator for Mideast Peace Process assess humanitarian needs in Gaza - UN news item
01/21/2009Bravery of own staff was inspiration for top UN official in Gaza during Israeli offensive - UN news item
01/21/2009Gaza_PostConflictUN to embark on humanitarian assessment in post-conflict Gaza - UN news item
01/20/2009SG_GazaVisitSecGen gets first-hand look at Gaza devastation - UN news item
01/20/2009SecGen calls for full withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, meets Israeli Prime Minister - UN news item
01/19/2009GazaReliefNeedsUN assessing Gaza relief needs - UN News Item
01/16/2009SecGen urges unilateral Israeli ceasefire in Gaza, meets with Palestinian leaders - UN news item
01/15/2009Senior UNRWA official gives eyewitness account of Israeli shelling of UN Gaza compound - UN news item
01/15/2009SG_UNRWA_GazaSecGen says elements to end Gaza violence in place, voices outrage as UN hit again - UN news item
01/14/2009SG_GazaCeasefireSecGen launches Mideast mission to secure Gaza ceasefire - UN news item
01/13/2009Senior UN official calls for ceasefire in Gaza - UN news item
01/12/2009SG_MEvisitSecGen readies Mideast visit to promote Gaza ceasefire, calls on Israel and Hamas to immediately stop fighting - UN News item
01/12/2009UN official reports horrific hospital scenes of casualties in Gaza - UN news item
01/09/2009UNRWA to resume aid distributions in Gaza, SecGen intensifies diplomatic efforts as fighting continues - UN news item
01/08/2009UNRWA suspends Gaza relief operations after Israeli strike kills two drivers - UN news item
01/08/2009UN agencies deliver aid to Gazans amid turmoil - UN news item
01/08/2009USG for Communications and Public Information calls for immediate access for foreign journalists into Gaza - UN news item
01/08/2009Gaza ceasefire moves gain impetus at UN - UN news item
01/07/2009Gaza humanitarian situation - USG for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), UN Special Coordinator (UNSCO), UNRWA Director of Operations in Gaza - Press conference - UN news item
01/06/2009SecCo meets on Gaza fighting, Ban renews ceasefire call - UN News item, Webcast
01/06/2009Dozens killed in strikes on UN schools in Gaza - UN news item
01/06/2009UN High Commissioner for Refugees stresses civilians should be allowed to flee Gaza - UN news item
01/05/2009Gaza_AmbulancesAmbulances facing growing difficulty in reaching Gaza wounded - UN news item
01/05/2009UN SecGen meets with Arab ministers to secure Israel-Hamas ceasefire - UN news item
01/02/2009Gaza_Day7UN Special Coordinator video press conference on Gaza crisis - UN news item
01/01/2009UN seeks $34 million to aid Gazans, emergency meeting of SecCo - UN news item
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