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12/10/2003UN envoys says Israeli and Palestinian officials show desire to engage/Statement - UN news item
11/16/2003SecGen and Italian President discuss Mideast hotspots - UN News Service
11/12/2003Israeli policies hurting Palestinian children - Sp. Rapporteur on right to food (Ziegler) press briefing - UN news item
11/05/2003SecGen welcomes 'Geneva Accord' on Mideast as consistent to road map to peace - UN news item
11/04/2003UNRWA Commissioner-General says better financial support needed for Palestinians - UN news item
10/13/2003UN envoys expresses concern over Israeli violations of Lebanese air space - UN news item
10/13/2003UNRWA says Israeli incursion leaves 1,240 Palestinians homeless - UN news item
10/09/2003UN Special Coordinator urges end to Mideast cycle of retaliation - UN news item
10/08/2003UNSCO on deteriorating situation in the Mideast - UN news item
10/07/2003UNSCO condemns violations across the Blue Line - UN news item
09/26/2003Quartet calls on Israelis and Palestinians to revive Road Map - UN news item
09/24/2003UNRWA protests Israeli raid on West Bank hospital - UN news item
09/24/2003SecGen to meet with Quartet principals - UN news item
09/18/2003GA to resume special session on Palestine - UN news item
09/15/2003Mideast peace process/Palestine question/Quartet Road Map - UNSCO SecCo briefing - UN news item
09/08/2003SecGen hopes Abu Mazen's resignation does not derail Road Map - UN news item
08/25/2003UNSCO condemns extra-judicial assassinations by Israel - UN news item
08/14/2003Cttee on Racial Discrimination concerned by new Israeli marriage/citizenship law - UN news item
07/30/2003UN-backed meeting agrees on development agenda for OPT (Beirut) - UN news item
07/28/2003UN agencies to organize preparatory meeting on rehabilitation of Palestinian territories - UN news item
07/17/2003Mideast peace process/Palestine question/Quartet Road Map - UNSCO SecCo briefing - UN news item
07/15/2003SecGen message delivered at UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People (Geneva) - UN news item
07/10/2003SecGen to meet with Pres. Bush for discussion on Mideast peace process - UN news item
07/08/2003UNSCO strongly condemns suicide bombing in central Israel - UN news item
07/01/2003SecGen reiterates support for latest Mideast developments - UN news item
06/30/2003SecGen welcomes ceasefire announcement by Palestinian groups - UN news item
06/27/2003Special Coordinator arrives in Beirut for meetings on Mideast peace process - UN news item
06/26/2003UNSCO to tour Arab capitals to boost Mideast peace - UN news item
06/26/2003SecCo extends UNDOF mandate - UN news item
06/25/2003SecGen holds talk with Blair/other UK senior officials on Mideast peace process - UN news item
06/23/2003Mideast, Iraq & Africa focus of SecGen's bilateral talks in Jordan - UN news item
06/22/2003Quartet hails developments on Mideast peace process - UN news item
06/22/2003SecGen meets with Quartet principals in Jordan - UN news item
06/19/2003UNSCO strongly condemns attacks in Israel - UN news item
06/18/2003SecGen to attend Quartet ministerial-level meeting - UN news item
06/04/2003SecGen welcomes Israel, Palestinian summit - UN news item
05/29/2003UN celebrates first International Day of Peacekeepers - UN news item
05/09/2003UN relief agencies concerned about eviction of Palestinian refugees in Iraq - UN news item
05/05/2003International donors' report examines effect of West Bank 'wall' on Palestinians - UN news item
05/05/2003Quartet envoys meet to plan Road Map implementation - UN news item
04/30/2003SecGen appeals to Israelis and Palestinians to 'stay the course' - UN news item
04/30/2003Road Map to Middle East peace - SecGen statement - UN news item
04/24/2003UNSCO condemns suicide attack in Israel - UN news item
04/17/2003SecGen calls for joint UN-EU action to heal rifts caused by Iraq war - UN news item (excerpts)
04/03/2003UNRWA protests Israeli occupation of girls' school - UN news item
04/01/2003SecGen 'happy' Quartet to push forward with Mideast peace plan - UN news item
03/31/2003UNSCO condemns suicide bombing in Israel - UN news item
03/18/2003UNRWA receives contributions in response to 2003 emergency appeal - UN news item
03/14/2003SecGen welcomes Bush announcement on Mideast road map - UN news item
03/05/2003UNSCO statement on devastation of Palestinian economy - UN news item
03/04/2003UN and World Bank to issue two reports on bleak state of Palestinian economy - UN news item
03/03/2003Shooting of schoolgirl by IDF - UN news item
02/20/2003Quartet voices concern at continuing cycle of violence - UN news item
02/18/2003UNSCO statement at Ad Hoc Liaison Cttee on Palestinian Reform - UN news item
02/13/2003Quartet Road Map - SecCo briefing by USG for Pol. Affairs - UN news item
01/26/2003SecGen deplores rising violence in the Gaza Strip - UN news item
01/21/2003UNSCO voices serious concern over West Bank demolitions - UN news item
01/14/2003Red right arrow IconUN officials stress importance of London talks on Palestinian reform - UN news item
01/14/2003Distinguished UN Finnish peacekeeper dead at 81 - UN news item
01/09/2003Shooting in the Golan area leaves one Syrian dead - UN news item
01/08/2003UNSCO in Saudi Arabia for Mideast peace initiatives - UN news item
01/06/2003UNSCO condemns suicide bombing in Tel Aviv - UN news item
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