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12/20/2002SecGen reports on Quartet progress on Mideast plan - UN news item
12/17/2002SecGen asks Israel for report on killing of British aid worker - UN news item
12/16/2002SecGen recommends UNDOF mandate extension - UN news item
12/12/2002UNSCO meeting with Lebanese officials on Mideast - UN news item
12/11/2002UNRWA school attendant killed in Tulkarem - UN news item
12/09/2002UNHCHR describes conditions in the OPT in BBC interview - UN news item
12/06/2002UNHCHR calls for probe in recent serious incidents in the Mideast - UN news item
12/06/2002SecGen deplores death of two UNRWA workers and eight others in Israeli raid on Gaza camp - UN news item
12/06/2002Two UNRWA workers killed in Israeli raid on Gaza camp - UN news item
12/03/2002Mideast situation - GA debate, action - UN news item
12/02/2002SecGen urges Israel to investigate demolition of WFP warehouse - UN news item
12/02/2002WFP appeals to Israel for compensation after destruction of its warehouse - UN news item
11/29/2002SecGen's report says third party mediation is critical to peace efforts - UN news item
11/29/2002SecGen condemns by Thursday's deadly attacks on Israeli targets - UN news item
11/28/2002UN Mideast envoy deplores latest attacks on Israeli targets - UN news item
11/26/2002UNRWA protests IDF raid on staff member's home - UN news item
11/26/2002UN probe of death of UNRWA staff member - UN news item
11/25/2002UN refutes Israel's claim on death of UNRWA official - UN news item
11/22/2002ILO Governing Body approves fund for OPT workers - UN news item
11/22/2002UNRWA official killed during Jenin armed clash - UN news item
11/19/2002Victims of Hebron attack - UN news item
11/13/2002SecGen speech at University of Maryland - UN news item
11/12/2002UNSCO appeals for donor aid for the West Bank and Gaza Strip - UN news item
11/07/2002UNRWA facing severe financial shortfall - UN news item
11/07/2002ILO to discuss proposed UN fund for OPT workers - UN news item
11/07/2002UN envoy, FM of Syria discuss current and looming crises - UN news item
10/21/2002SecGen decries terror attack in Israel - UN news item
10/18/2002Israeli attack on refugee camp - UN news item
10/17/2002UNSCO warns about two-State solution facing impending death - UN news item
10/10/2002UN Envoy condemns latest suicide bombing near Tel Aviv - UN news item
10/09/2002UN team visits occupied Palestinian territory to formulate humanitarian action plan - UN news item
10/07/2002SecGen deplores Israeli military attack on civilian areas in Gaza - UN news item
10/01/2002UNRWA facing continuous restrictions - UN news item
09/29/2002SecGen welcomes Israel's lifting of siege on President Arafat's compound - UN news item
09/26/2002UN Envoy presses efforts to defuse tension - UN news item
09/24/2002Mideast situation/Palestine Question - SecCo meeting - UN news item
09/23/2002Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - UN news item
09/20/2002UN Envoy briefs SecCo on state of Palestinian economy - UN news item
09/20/2002UN Envoy briefs SecCo on Mideast crisis - UN news item
09/18/2002Warning shots fired by Israeli soldiers on direction of UNRWA delegation - UN news item
09/17/2002Quartet outlines three-phase road map for Mideast peace - UN news item
09/17/2002SecGen outlines Quartet Mideast plan - UN news item
09/14/2002SecGen meets with Arab League/Iraqi officials on Iraq/Mideast - UN news item
09/11/2002Assistance - UNDP and USAID launch jobs programme in OPT - UN news item
09/04/2002SecGen voices concern on acts of violence in OPT - UN news item
09/04/2002SecGen meets with US Secretary of State on Mideast situation - UN news item
09/03/2002UNSCO remarks on latest killing of Palestinian civilians - UN news item
08/23/2002International Task Force for Palestinian Reform concludes Paris talks - UN news item
08/22/2002Humanitarian Envoy press briefing on Mideast visit - UN news item
08/22/2002SecCo voices support for International Task Force for Palestinian Reform - UN news item
08/21/2002International Task Force for Palestinian Reform to meet in Paris - UN news item
08/19/2002Palestinian Rights Cttee to host conference of civil society groups on OPT - UN news item
08/19/2002Humanitarian Envoy wraps up Mideast visit - UN news item
08/16/2002Humanitarian Envoy meets Palestinian children - UN news item
08/15/2002Humanitarian Envoy meets with Palestinian officials - UN news item
08/14/2002Humanitarian Envoy tours Palestinian relief projects - UN news item
08/13/2002Humanitarian Envoy continues Mideast visit - UN news item
08/12/2002Humanitarian Envoy begins mission - UN news item
08/09/2002SecGen: UN will continue dealing with Arafat - UN news item
08/08/2002Middle East violence - UNESCO DirGen urges dialogue among youth - UN news item
08/07/2002Sp. Rapporteur on adequate housing (Kothari) condemns Israel's destruction of homes in Palestinian Territories - UN news item
08/07/2002New UN envoy to assess Palestinian humanitarian crisis - UN news item
08/05/2002UN Assembly demands immediate end to military incursions and terror in Middle East - UN news item
08/02/2002UN humanitarian activities in the Middle East - SecGen meeting with FM of Israel - UN news item
08/01/2002UN releases report on recent events in Jenin & other Palestinian cities - UN news item
07/31/2002Annan appalled by fatal bomb attack at Hebrew University - UN news item
07/30/2002UNIFIL mandate extended for six months by Security Council - UN news item
07/29/2002SecGen introduces new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - UN news item
07/29/2002Latest Middle East clashes - SecGen urges end to violence - UN NewsService
07/26/2002SecCo to resume debate on Middle East - UN news item
07/23/2002Air attack in Gaza - SecGen statement - UN news item
07/23/2002Reconstruction of Jenin - UNRWA/Red Crescent agreement - UN news item
07/23/2002Aid to Palestinians, resumption of political dialogue - SecGen appeal - UN news item
07/22/2002UNIFIL operations/mandate - SecCo President statement - UN news item
07/18/2002DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace (Copenhagen)/Envoy address - UN news item
07/17/2002SecGen calls for extension of UNIFIL mandate - UN news item
07/16/2002Mideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York) - UN news item
07/15/2002Quartet to meet in New York - UN news item
07/12/2002High-level meeting on technical assistance to Pal. workers held in Geneva - UN news item
07/03/2002Mideast crisis/Quartet meeting (London) - UN news item
06/26/2002Mideast situation/President Bush’s proposal - SecGen remarks to the Press - UN news item
06/24/2002Israeli re-ocupation of Palestinian-controlled lands/Secretary-General remarks - UN news item
06/21/2002Suicide bombings/Special Coordinator meeting with Yasser Arafat - Special Coordinator remarks - UN news item
06/21/2002SpCttee on Israeli practices planned visit to the Middle East - UN news item
06/20/2002Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen briefs SecCo closed meeting - UN news item
06/19/2002Attack in Jerusalem area/Special Coordinator meeting with Yasser Arafat - Special Coordinator remarks - UN news item
06/18/2002Attack in Jerusalem area - SecGen remarks - UN news item
05/30/2002Quartet meeting with FM of Israel/Proposed conference on the Middle East - UN news item
05/22/2002Quartet supports PA reform - UN news item
05/03/2002Quartet meeting/SecCo briefing - UN news item
05/02/2002SecGen discusses Jenin options, UN fact-finding, multi-national force proposal - UN news item
05/01/2002SecGen to confer with SecCo on UN fact-finding team on Jenin - UN news item
04/30/2002SecGen await Israeli decision on UN fact-finding team on Jenin - UN news item
04/30/2002SecGen is "minded to disband" UN fact-finding mission - UN news item
04/24/2002UN Fact-Finding Team - UN, Israel to discuss mission - UN news item
04/24/2002UN fact-finding team - Planned arrival in the Mideast - UN news item
04/23/2002UNSCO urges Lebanese authorities to maintain lull along withdrawal lines - UN news item
04/10/2002Mideast crisis/Quartet meeting (Madrid) - SecGen comments - UN news item
04/08/2002SecGen urges Israeli withdrawal, supports Powell's mission, considers Israel and Palestine human tragedy (Madrid) - UN news item
03/07/2002UN security guard killed by Israeli gunfire - UN news item
03/05/2002UNRWA assesses damages in refugee camps - UN news item
03/04/2002Violence in Mideast/UNSCO, UNHCHR statements - UN news item
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