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12/31/19491950.I.11Yearbook of the United Nations 1948-49 (excerpts)
12/31/1949Red right arrow Icon547.IArmistice lines of 1949 - Map
11/30/1949Red right arrow Icon229Jerusalem - Principal Holy Sites - Armistice line - Map
11/10/1949A/AC.25/IS.42UNCCP - Territorial questions, repatriation of refugees - Letter to Israel (French text only)
11/04/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.47Mtg. w/ Arab delegations to discuss family reunifications, orange groves, frontier land cultivation, blocked Arab accounts & compensation for refugee land - UNCCP's General Cttee 47th mtg. (N.Y.) - Summary record
10/26/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/3Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. refugees, territorial questions & protection of Holy Places - UNCCP - Summary record
10/26/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.46Family reunifications; orange groves; frontier land cultivation - UNCCP's General Cttee 46th mtg. (N.Y.) - Summary record
10/22/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/1Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. territorial demands & the role of UNCCP as mediator - UNCCP - Summary record
10/22/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/2Mtg. w/ the Israel delegation re. territorial issues & Holy places - UNCCP - Summary record
09/15/1949Red right arrow IconA/992Palestine refugees, Economic Survey Mission - UNCCP 4th progress report
09/12/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/39Meeting w/ Israeli delegation re. the need to modify existing/come up with new proposals in light of the lack of progress on refugee/territorial issues - UNCCP 39th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
09/12/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.44Mtg. w/ the Israeli delegation to discuss orange groves & cross-border cultivation of Arab lands - UNCCP's General Cttee 44th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
09/12/1949A/AC.25/AR/20Refugee question, territorial question - UNCCP response to Arab delegations' questionnaire (Lausanne conference) - in French
09/12/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/38Meeting w/ Arab delegations re. the need to modify existing/come up with new proposals in light of the lack of progress on refugee/territorial issues - UNCCP 38th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
09/09/1949A/AC.25/SR.101Territorial issues, blocked accounts, Jerusalem statute - UNCCP 101st Meeting - Summary record
09/08/1949A/AC.25/SR.100Draft letters to Israeli/Arab delegations re. upcoming discussions on territorial questions - UNCCP 100th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
09/07/1949A/AC.25/AR/19Territorial questions, UNCCP modus operandi, draft declaration - letter to UNCCP Chairman from Arab delegations (Lausanne conference) - in French
09/07/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.42Blocked accounts, family reunifications, orange groves, rights of Arab minority in Israel, Waqf property - UNCCP's General Cttee 42nd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
09/06/1949A/AC.25/Com.Tech/11/Add.1Estimated numbers of Arabs cut off from lands by Armistice Lines - UNCCP's Technical Cttee on Refugees - memorandum/addendum
09/05/1949A/AC.25/AR/18Refugee return and resettlement - Draft declaration - letter from UNCCP to Arab and Israeli delegations (Lausanne conference) - in French
09/03/1949A/AC.25/IS.37UNCCP - Territorial questions/Armistice line - Letter to Israel
09/01/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/37Peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, refugee question, Economic Survey Mission/Meeting with Israel - UNCCP 37th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/29/1949A/AC.25/AR/17Arab response to UNCCP questionnaire of 15 August 1949 - Letter and memo to UNCCP from Arab delegations (Lausanne conference)
08/25/1949A/AC.25/Org/27Refugees, territorial questions - Response to UNCCP questionnaire by Arab refugee representatives (French text only)
08/15/1949A/AC.25/AR/16Questionnaire regarding issue return and boundaries - memo to Arab and Israeli delegations from UNCCP (Lausanne conference) - in French
08/15/1949A/AC.25/IS.35UNCCP - Refugees, territorial questions, questionnaire to delegations/(Lausanne talks) - draft declaration
08/02/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/29Peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, refugee question/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 29th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
07/31/1949A/AC.25/NC/23Arab-Israeli Dispute - UNCCP - memorandum by Mr. Koussa
07/29/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/28Meeting with the Arab delegations to discuss Israeli proposals and how to best settle the refugee question - UNCCP 28th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
07/27/1949Red right arrow IconS/1353/Add.2Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement/Annex I - Communication from UN Acting Mediator
07/20/1949S/1353/Rev.1Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement - Map
07/20/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.23Cttee reviews & then approves its 14 May - 18 July draft progress report to Conciliation Cttee - UNCCP's General Cttee 23rd mtg (Lausanne) - Summary record
07/20/1949Red right arrow IconS/1353/Add.1Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement/Annex II - Communication from UN Acting Mediator
07/20/1949Red right arrow IconS/1353Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement
07/18/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/9UNCCP General Committee - Progress report 14 May - 18 July 1949 (Lausanne talks)
07/15/1949A/AC.25/NC/24Request for indemnities - UNCCP - letter from Qabou village chief (French text only)
07/06/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.22Mtg w/ Israel delegation to discuss Arab reaction to Israeli's response to the Arab delegations' 9-point memorandum - UNCCP's General Cttee 22nd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
07/06/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.21Refugees' orange groves/blocked accounts, control of religious property, Technical Committee's tasks, funds for a resettlement plan - UNCCP's General Ctte's 21st meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
07/05/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.20Cttee meets w/ Arab delegations to discuss Israel's response to the Arab delegation's nine-point memorandum - UNCCP General Cttee 20th mtg (Lausanne) - Summary record
07/01/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.19Cttee reviews Israel's response to the Arab delegations' nine-point memorandum - UNCCP's General Cttee 19th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
06/29/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.18Israeli delegation discuss orange groves, frozen accounts, Arab delegations' nine-point memo - UNCCP's General Cttee 18th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
06/29/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/24Territorial adjustments, refugee repatriation and resettlement, absentee property/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 24th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
06/28/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/23Refugee repatriation and resettlement, territorial question, absentee property, blocked accts/Meeting with Israeli delegation - UNCCP 28th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
06/28/1949A/AC.25/Org/23Refugee repatriation to no man's land, UNRPR assistance - UNCCP - Memo from Arab Refugee Congress and Letter/Proposal to UNRPR
06/25/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/22Meeting with Arab delegations on territorial adjustments and other isssues in Third Progress Report/- UNCCP 22nd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
06/24/1949Red right arrow IconA/AC.25/W/16Proposals by parties during the Lausanne exchanges of views - UNCCP - Working paper
06/21/1949Red right arrow IconA/927Lausanne Protocol/Jerusalem/Boundaries - UNCCP 3rd progress report
06/17/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/21Territorial adjustments, internationalization of Jerusalem, refugee repatriation and resettlement/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 21st meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
06/14/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.15Mtg. w/ Israeli delegation re. repatriation of citrus grove owners & workers; unfreezing of Arabs' assets; Israeli reply to Arabs' 21 May memorandum re. refugees - UNCCP General Cttee's 15th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
Show details for 06/13/194906/13/1949A/AC.25/PR.3Lausanne conference, Lausanne Protocol - UNCCP - Third Progress Report to SecGen (9 April - 8 June 1949)
06/11/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/20UNCCP working methods, Refugee repatriation and resettlement, territorial adjustments - Meeting with Israeli delegation - UNCCP 20th meeting (Lausanne) Summary Record
06/10/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.14Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. their nine-point memorandum; 12 May Lausanne Protocol; refugee issues - UNCCP's General Cttee 14th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
06/09/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/19UNCPP 19th meeting with Israeli Delegation (Lausanne) - Refugee repatriation and resettlement, and absentee property - Summary Record
06/09/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/18Jerusalem incidents - Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 18th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
06/04/1949A/AC.25/SR.68Boundaries and demarcation lines, Refugees, Jerusalem, Armistice - UNCCP 68th Meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
06/04/1949A/AC.25/AR/15Summary of Israeli proposals regarding its eastern border - memo to Arab delegations from UNCCP (Lausanne conference) - in French
06/03/1949A/AC.25/SR.67Arab delegations request withdrawal of 21 May Memo, Boundary issues - UNCCP 67th meeting (Lausanne talks) - Summary record
06/02/1949A/AC.25/SR.66Activities of General Cttee & Technical Cttee - UNCCP 66th Meeting (Lausanne talks) - Summary record
06/01/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/16Territorial questions, return of refugees - Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 16th meeting (Lausanne) -- Summary Record
05/31/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.10Mtg. w/ delegation of Israel re. boundaries, refugees, Protocol of 12 May, Partition Plan - UNCCP's General Cttee 10th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/29/1949A/AC.25/IS.19UNCCP - Israeli proposal/Incorporation of Gaza into Israel - letter from Israel
05/28/1949A/AC.25/AR/13Israeli proposals regarding Lausanne Protocol, UNCCP modus operandi - Memo from Arab delegations (Lausanne conference) - in French
05/27/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.9Mtg. w/ Delegations of Arab States to discuss the Arab memorandum of 18 May re. Waqf properties, refugees & orange groves - UNCCP's General Cttee 9th Mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/27/1949A/AC.25/SR.63Appointment of members of the Technical Cttee, Israeli border proposals (Lausanne talks) - UNCCP 63rd Meeting - Summary record
05/26/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.8Mtg. w/ delegation of Israel re. statistical information on refugees & population in Palestine; future frontiers with Lebanon, Egypt & Syria - UNCCP's General Cttee 8th Mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/23/1949A/AC.25/AR/12Summary of Israeli proposals - memo to Arab delegations from UNCCP (Lausanne conference) - in French
05/20/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/15Territorial questions - Meeting with Israeli delegation - UNCCP 15th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
05/18/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.4Discussion w/ Arab delegation on refugees, press attacks, release of confidential documents by Israel and boundaries - UNCCP's General Cttee 4th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/18/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.2Discussion with Israeli delegation re press problems, refugees & boundaries - UNCCP's General Cttee 2nd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/18/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.3Arab/Israeli views on establishment of Arab State in Palestine/Refugees - UNCCP's General Cttee 3rd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/16/1949A/AC.25/W/12UNCCP - Lines and areas subject to possible discussion - Secretariat working paper
05/16/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.1Discussion on General Ctte terms of reference - UNCCP's General Ctte's 1st mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/16/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/14Peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, including territorial and refugee questions, General Cttee/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 14th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
05/14/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/13Meeting with Israeli delegation re terms of reference for General Cttee - UNCCP 13th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/13/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/10Meeting with of Arab Higher Ctte/Peaceful settlement of QoP - UNCCP 10th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
05/12/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/9Signing of Lausanne Protocol - Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 9th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record/Protocol
05/12/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/8Signing of Lausanne Protocol - Meeting with Israeli delegation - UNCCP 8th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record, protocol
05/10/1949A/AC.25/SR.52Territorial issues/Meeting with NGOs - UNCCP 52nd meeting (Lausanne talks) - Summary record
05/09/1949A/AC.24/SR.51Israel's membership in the UN - Ad Hoc Political Committee - Summary record
05/06/1949Red right arrow IconA/AC.24/SR.46Israel's membership in the UN - Ad Hoc Political Committee- Summary record
05/06/1949A/AC.24/SR.47Israel's membership in the UN - Ad Hoc Political Committee - Summary record
05/05/1949A/AC.24/SR.45Israel membership in the UN/Case for Lebanon's draft resolution - Ad Hoc Political Committee - Summary record
05/05/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/7Private meeting with Israeli Rep./( No summary record issued)/Refugees; Family reunifications; Compensation, war reparations, borders and demilitarized zones - UNCCP 7th meeting (Lausanne) - Note
05/02/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/5Meeting with Jordanian delegation/Peaceful settlement of the QoP, refugees and Jerusalem - UNCCP 5th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
04/28/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/4Meeting with Syrian delegation/Peaceful settlement of QoP; refugees and Jerusalem - UNCCP 5th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
04/27/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/3Meeting with Lebanese delegation/Peaceful settlement of the QoP;refugees and Jerusalem/ - UNCCP 3rd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
Show details for 04/27/194904/27/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/1Meeting with Israeli delegation/Peaceful settlement of QoP, refugees and Jerusalem - - UNCCP 1st meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
04/27/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/2Meeting with Egyptian delegation/Peaceful settlement of the Qo; refugees and Jerusalem - UNCCP 2nd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
04/07/1949A/AC.25/SR/G/16Mtg. w/ Israel's Prime Minister & the Foreign Ministry's Director-General re. the peaceful settlement of the Palestine question: discussion of future talks between Israel and Arab states - UNCCP Summary record
04/03/1949S/1302Israel-Jordan General Armistice Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
04/03/1949Red right arrow IconS/1302/Rev.1Israel-Jordan General Armistice Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator, Map (Green Line)
04/02/1949A/AC.25/SR/BM/11Refugee vs. territorial question - UNCCP Meeting with Syria - Summary record
03/24/1949Red right arrow IconS/1296/Add.1Israel-Lebanon General Armistice Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator/Addendum
03/23/1949Red right arrow IconS/1296Israel-Lebanon General Armistice Agreement
03/22/1949S/1295Mideast situation/Situation in Southern Negev - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
03/17/1949A/AC.25/SR.24Preparations for Beirut mtgs, refugees, Jerusalem - UNCCP 24th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary record
03/11/1949S/1284Israel-Transjordan General Cease-Fire Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
03/11/1949S/1285Mideast situation/Situation in Southern Negev - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
03/06/1949S/1278Armistice negotiations - Invitation to Syria - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
03/02/1949S/1272Armistice negotiations - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
03/01/1949S/1269Egypt-Israel General Armistice Agreement/Evacuation of Egyptian troops - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator/Corrigendum
02/24/1949S/1264Egypt-Israel General Armistice Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
02/24/1949A/AC.25/SR/G/15Mtg/ w/ Israel's Prime Minister re. the peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, including refugee question - UNCCP - Summary record
02/24/1949S/1265Invitation to armistice negotiations - Replies of Arab States/Saudi Arabia - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator