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12/30/2005E.07.I.1Yearbook of the United Nations 2005 (excerpts)
12/22/2005Launch of first psychosocial standards in OPT - UNICEF press release
12/15/2005A/60/L.36Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA draft resolution - Adopted
12/14/2005USAID and PA Ministry of Planning sign agreement to empower Palestinian youth - USAID press release/Non-UN document
12/08/2005Humanitarian situation in the OPT: Donor update (8 Dec 2005) - UNICEF report
12/06/2005A/60/505Children - Third Cttee report/Introduction and withdrawal of draft resolution
12/01/2005European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid visits Qalandia Youth Center - UNICEF press release
11/21/2005A/C.3/60/SR.45Situation of and assistance to Palestinian children - Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
11/15/2005A US-funded programme offers greater opportunities for Palestinian youth - USAID press release/Non-UN document
11/12/2005OIC Secretary-General calls for improved performance by Muslim world on children matters - OIC Press release/Non UN document
11/08/2005E/CN.6/2006/6Palestinian women and children - Release of women and children taken hostage - SecGen report (excerpts)
10/31/2005GA/SHC/3833Situation in the OPT - Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/28/2005GA/SHC/3832Human right situation in the OPT/Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report - Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/27/2005Humanitarian situation in the OPT: Donor update (27 Oct 2005) - UNICEF report
10/26/2005Spain steps up support for education in OPT - UNICEF press release
10/25/2005GA/SHC/3829Israeli practices/Palestinian women - Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/21/2005GA/SHC/3827Children - Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/21/2005A/C.3/60/SR.21Children - Third Cttee debate/Introduction of draft resolution - Summary record (excerpts)
10/18/2005A/C.3/60/L.19Children - Third Cttee - Draft resolution (Reflected in A/RES/60/... on assistance)
10/18/2005US$3.6 million agreement signed between Saudi Arabia and UNICEF/UNICEF and PA - UNICEF press release
10/17/2005A/C.3/60/SR.16Children - Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
10/17/2005A/C.3/60/SR.17Children - Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
10/17/2005GA/SHC/3823Children - Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/16/2005American support for Palestinian mothers and newborns in Bethlehem - USAID press release/Non-UN document
10/14/2005A/C.3/60/SR.15Children - Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
10/14/2005GA/SHC/3822Children - Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/10/2005A/C.6/60/SR.6International terrorism - Sixth Cttee debate - Summary records (excerpts)
09/30/2005Human security action to improve mother and child health in Palestine - Press release
09/23/2005New Zealand will provide a $1 million assistance package for the Occupied Palestinian Territory - New Zealand Government press release/Non-UN document
09/05/2005Saudi committee donates US$3 million to Palestinian children - UNICEF press release
09/03/2005More than 1 million Palestinian children return to school - UNICEF press release
08/31/2005Humanitarian update - August 2005 - OCHA report
08/19/2005A/60/282Violence against children - SecGen note/Report by independent expert
08/12/2005Children must be safe during Gaza withdrawal - UNICEF press release
08/08/2005E/ICEF/2005/P/L.29Situation of children & women - UNICEF Mideast midterm review/evaluation (excerpts)
08/02/2005Canadian Minister of Cooperation visits children's projects in Nablus and Habla - UNICEF press release
07/31/2005Humanitarian update - July 2005 - OCHA report
07/29/2005Ahead of Israel’s Gaza withdrawal, UNICEF rushes in supplies to isolated areas - UN News Service
07/27/2005UNICEF boosts aid deliveries before Israeli withdrawal - UNICEF press release
07/16/2005Palestinian Ministry of Planning to establish national monitoring system - UNICEF press release
07/08/2005Humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza - UNICEF quarterly donor update - UNICEF press release
06/30/2005Humanitarian update - June 2005 - OCHA report
06/10/2005E/2005/34 (Part II)
E/ICEF/2005/5 (Part II)
Assistance to Palestinian women and children - UNICEF 2005 annual session - UNICEF Executive Board report
UNICEF - Executive Board report on 2004 first, second and annual sessions - UNICEF report
06/03/2005Kafa kids get a new school - USAID press release/Non-UN document
06/02/2005Japan sets new record in support of Palestinian children and women's health - UNICEF press release
05/31/2005Humanitarian update - May 2005 - OCHA report
05/31/2005UNICEF and Saudi Cttee for Relief of Palestinian People discuss assistance for children in the OPT - UNICEF press release
05/05/2005Major immunization launched in the OPT - UNICEF press release
04/30/2005Humanitarian update - April 2005 - OCHA report
04/18/2005HR/CN/05/38Children - CHR 61st session debate - Press release (excerpts)
04/13/2005Children Municipality Councils elections held in Khan Younis - UNICEF press release
04/12/2005Humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza - UNICEF quarterly donor update - UNICEF press release
04/09/2005UNICEF Deputy Executive Director response to killing of 3 children in Gaza - UNICEF press release
04/08/2005E/CN.4/2005/SR.41Children's rights - CHR/61st session - Summary record (excerpts)
04/08/2005HR/CN/05/39Children - CHR 61st session debate - Press release (excerpts)
04/08/2005E/CN.4/2005/SR.40Situation in the OPT/Children's rights - CHR/61st session - Summary record (excerpts)
04/07/2005World Health Day - UN agencies in the OPT call for action to address socio-economic determinants of health - Press release
04/05/2005Four weeks of activities launched to mark Palestinian child day - UNICEF press release
04/05/2005UNICEF launches Humanitarian Action Report 2005 - UNICEF press release
03/31/2005Humanitarian update - March 2005 - OCHA report
03/30/2005UNICEF brings critical supplies to isolated children of Al-Mawasi - UNICEF press release
03/30/2005FO/G/03/2005UNRWA inaugurates renovated Beit Hanoun elementary school financed by Saudi Fund for Development - UNRWA press release
03/13/2005Voting for hope: Children's "municipality councils" expand in OPT - UNICEF press release
02/24/2005USAID unveils girls' school and garden for senior citizens in the West Bank - USAID press release/Non-UN document
02/23/2005SC/8319Children and armed conflict - SecCo debate - Press release (excerpts)
02/23/2005S/PRST/2005/8Children and armed conflict - SecCo Presidential statement
02/10/2005E/CN.4/2005/NGO/126Rights of the child - CHR - NGO statement
02/08/2005Gaza students receive boost to support their commitment to education - UNICEF press release
02/02/2005E/CN.6/2005/72/Add.4Palestinian women - Visit of Special Rapporteur to the OPT - Special Rapporteur report
01/31/2005HQ/G/01/2005Ten-year-old child killed in UNRWA school in Gaza - UNRWA press release
01/26/2005UNICEF - Humanitarian Action Report 2005 - UNICEF report
01/26/2005Child shot dead in Gaza Strip - Statement of UNICEF Special Representative - UNICEF press release
01/10/2005USAID earmarks $21 million for health of Palestinian mothers and children - USAID press release/Non-UN document
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