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12/31/2010WFP-FAO_SEFsecSurvey2010 Socio-economic and food security survey - World Food Programme (WFP) - FAO survey
12/31/2010Nahr-el-Bared_SocEcoSurveySocio-economic survey of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA report
12/30/2010WFPSitRep1210WFP operations in the OPT (December 2010) - Situation Report
12/13/2010WFP/FAO/PCBS SEFSec2010WFP Socio-Economic and Food Security Survey;: Preliminary food security findings - WFP/FAO/PCBS - Survey
11/30/2010WFPSitRep1110WFP operations in the OPT (November 2010) - Situation Report
10/27/2010MoreFundsNeededLebRefCampUN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams says more funding needed to rebuild Nahr el-Bared refugee camp - UN news item
10/07/2010A/65/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2010 report
SecGen opens summit on progress to meet anti-poverty targets - President Peres' statement - GA press release (excerpts)
09/14/2010A/65/366Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SecGen report
09/09/2010UNRWA_Food-RamadanCommunity organizations help deliver food to poorest during Ramadan - UNRWA article
09/07/2010UNRWA_RamadanHotMealsFamilies receive hot meals for Ramadan - UNRWA article
09/02/2010UNRWA_CG-MeatDistributionUNRWA Commissioner-General at meat distribution in Dheisheh camp - UNRWA press release
08/31/2010UNRWA_JapanDonationJapan donates US$6.88 million for food aid to Palestine refugees - UNRWA Press release
08/31/2010UNRWAstudents_SchoolGardenStudents transform garbage dump into a school garden - UNRWA Press release
08/31/2010Rafah crossing to Gaza, Social Safety Net Programme - OCHA August 2010 regional humanitarian update (excerpts)
08/31/2010WFPSitRep0810WFP operations in the OPT (August 2010) - Situation Report
08/30/2010OCHA_AreaC-FactSheetWest Bank Area C Humanitarian Response Plan - OCHA fact sheet
08/27/2010A/65/327Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report, SecGen note
08/16/2010UNRWAFoodDonaKhalifa Bin Zayed Foundation Provides Relief to the Poorest in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank - UNRWA article
08/05/2010IRIN_GazaAidPrioritiesThree different takes on aid priorities in Gaza - IRIN News Article
08/04/2010OSRO/GAZ/912/UKImpact evaluation of agricultural assistance projects in the Gaza Strip - FAO case study
08/03/2010UNRWA_SArabiaDonationSaudi Arabia donates 15 tonnes of dates to refugees in Lebanon for Ramadan - UNRWA press release
08/01/2010IRIN_GazaTimelineGaza humanitarian timeline since 2005 - IRIN News Article
07/31/2010WFPSitRep0710WFP operations in the OPT (July 2010) - Situation Report
07/20/2010OCHAopt3W_0710Who does What Where (3W) in the OPT - OCHA report
07/14/2010UNRWA_SoupKitchensSoup kitchen provides lifeline for elderly refugees - UNRWA press release
07/12/2010E/C.12/ISR/3Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Covenant - CESCR- Third periodic report of Israel (excerpts)
07/07/201025 Ways to Help Palestine Refugees - UNRWA press release
07/07/201025 Ways to Help Palestine Refugees (July – December 2010) - UNRWA document
07/01/2010UNRWA_25Ways25 Ways to Help Palestine Refugees - UNRWA report
06/30/2010WFPSitRep0610WFP operations in the OPT (June 2010) - Situation Report
06/30/2010HM0610The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2010) - OCHA report
06/22/2010IRINNews22062010More Items Allowed Into Gaza - IRIN News Article
06/20/2010HM0510The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (May 2010) - OCHA report
06/18/2010SpCttee_OPTvisitUN Special Committee calls for end to systematic rights violations by Israel in occupied territories - UN news item
06/16/2010UNIFEM_NeedsGuidebookTowards gender equality in humanitarian response in Gaza - UNIFEM - Guidebook
06/09/2010IRINNews09062010Gaza Flotilla Aid Waiting at Border Crossing - IRIN News Article
06/07/2010UNRWANEWS07062010UNWRA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi hopes the flotilla tragedy will be a turning point - UNRWA news item
Hide details for 06/03/201006/03/2010IRINNews03062010Gazans take advantage of open Egypt border - IRIN News Article
[Replication or Save Conflict]
06/03/2010IFC Supports Growth of Palestinian Olive Oil Industry -- World Bank Press Release
06/03/2010Gaza flotilla investigation, MV "Rachel Corrie", Closure of Gaza NGOs - SecGen Deputy Spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)
Show details for 06/02/201006/02/2010The humanitarian impact of Israel's blockade on Gaza - WFP news article
06/01/2010UNRWAPR01062010Saudi Committee dispatches 1159 tons of flour to Gaza - UNRWA press release
05/31/2010WFPSitRep0510WFP operations in the OPT (May 2010) - Situation Report
05/30/2010IRINNews30052010Gaza food supplies strangled by 1,000-day blockade - IRIN News Article
05/27/2010GazaReliefBoat270510Ban urges prompt resolution as boats loaded with supplies head for Gaza - UN news item
05/27/2010HUMANASSIS010510Impeding Assistance: Challenges to Meeting the Humanitarian Needs of Palestinians -- OCHA special focus
05/25/2010Farming without Land, Fishing without Water: Gaza Agriculture Sector Struggles to Survive - OCHA FAO - Fact sheet
05/25/2010250510FoodBlockGaza Blockade Suffocating Agriculture Sector, Creating Food Insecurity -- UN Humanitarian Coordinator, AIDA Press statement
05/20/2010HM0410The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (April 2010) - OCHA report
05/10/2010Red right arrow IconHumDevRep0910"Investing in Human Security for a Future State" - UNDP 2009/10 Palestinian Human Development Report
05/09/2010UNDPreport100510Lack of human security impeding progress for Palestinians, says UN-backed report - UN news item
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
04/30/2010UNRWA-EmerAppealProgRpt-Jan-June09UNRWA 2009 Emergency appeal progress report (Jan-June 2009)
04/30/2010WFP Situation Report -- No. 22-0410WFP operations in the OPT (April 2010) - Situation Report
04/22/2010Partnership Agreement with the Palestinian Ministry of Education on School Canteens Programme - UNIFEM press release
Economic and social repercussion of the Israeli occupation - ESCWA report
03/31/2010WFP Situation Report -- No. 21- 0310WFP operations in the OPT (March 2010) - Situation Report
03/31/2010HM0310The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (March 2010) - OCHA report
03/30/2010Nutrition in Crisis situations: OPT - UN Standing Cttee on Nutrition report (March 2010, excerpts)
03/04/2010SocEcoFoodSec_AtlasWFP launches food security atlas of OPT - WFP news item
02/28/2010OPT Monthly Update (February 2010), Work programme for 2010 - UNICEF Newsletter
02/28/2010WFP Situation Report -- No. 20-0210WFP operations in the OPT (February 2010) - Situation Report
02/28/2010FoodSecurity-Nutrition_Feb2010Food security and nutrition for herding communities in Area C - UNRWA-UNICEF-WFP household survey
02/26/2010A/HRC/13/33/Add.1Promotion and protection of all human rights/Right to food - Special Rapporteur (De Schutter)/HRC 13th session - Report/Communications with Israel (Addendum - excerpts)
02/05/2010A/C.2/64/SR.39Sustainable development/Agricultural development - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Summary record (excerpts)
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