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Show details for Absentee property (See also > Land > Refugees > Entity listing: UNCCP > UNRWA etc.)Absentee property (See also > Land > Refugees > Entity listing: UNCCP > UNRWA etc.)
Show details for Access and movementAccess and movement
Show details for Agenda itemAgenda item
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Show details for AnnexationAnnexation
Show details for Armed conflictArmed conflict
Show details for Arms control and regional security issuesArms control and regional security issues
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Show details for Assistance to the Palestinian peopleAssistance to the Palestinian people
Show details for BethlehemBethlehem
Show details for Bethlehem 2000Bethlehem 2000
Show details for Boundaries and demarcation linesBoundaries and demarcation lines
Show details for CasualtiesCasualties
Show details for CeasefireCeasefire
Show details for Chapter VII of UN CharterChapter VII of UN Charter
Show details for ChildrenChildren
Show details for Closure of institutionsClosure of institutions
Show details for Closures/Curfews/BlockadesClosures/Curfews/Blockades
Show details for Convention: Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against WomenConvention: Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
Show details for Convention: Elimination of All Forms of Racial DiscriminationConvention: Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
Show details for Convention: GenocideConvention: Genocide
Show details for Convention: Rights of the ChildConvention: Rights of the Child
Show details for Convention: Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or PunishmentConvention: Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Show details for Covenant: Civil and Political RightsCovenant: Civil and Political Rights
Show details for Covenant: Economic Social and Cultural RightsCovenant: Economic Social and Cultural Rights
Show details for CredentialsCredentials
Show details for Demographic issuesDemographic issues
Show details for Economic issuesEconomic issues
Show details for Education and cultureEducation and culture
Show details for Electoral issuesElectoral issues
Show details for Environmental issuesEnvironmental issues
Show details for EnvoyEnvoy
Show details for Expulsions and deportationsExpulsions and deportations
Show details for Extrajudicial killingsExtrajudicial killings
Show details for FenceFence
Show details for FoodFood
Show details for Fourth Geneva ConventionFourth Geneva Convention
Show details for Gaza Strip (See also > Situation in the OPT including Jerusalem)Gaza Strip (See also > Situation in the OPT including Jerusalem)
Show details for Gender mainstreaming (See also > Women)Gender mainstreaming (See also > Women)
Show details for Golan HeightsGolan Heights
Show details for GovernanceGovernance
Show details for Green LineGreen Line
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Show details for HebronHebron
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Show details for Human rights and international humanitarian lawHuman rights and international humanitarian law
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01/05/2012S/2012/24Security Council - Work assessment under India presidency (August 2011) - Letter from India (excerpts)
12/31/2011Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (December 2011)
Show details for 12/31/201112/31/201112-24546DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIV, No. 12, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (December 2011) - DPR publication
12/31/2011OCHA_HumOverview-2011Fragmented lives - Humanitarian overview 2011 - OCHA report
12/31/2011Dev26Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2011
12/20/2011CAP-OPT_2012Consolidated Appeal - OPT - 2012 - OCHA report
12/16/2011oPt to receive €40 million in aid from European Commission in 2012 - European Commission press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
12/15/2011GA/11196Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA vote (Plenary) - Press release (excerpts)
12/14/2011OCHA 2012 Consolidated Appeals - OPT - UNOG press release
12/14/2011A/66/PV.85Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA debate, introduction of draft resolution - Verbatim record (excerpts)
12/09/2011A/RES/66/74UNRWA operations - GA resolution
12/09/2011A/RES/66/72Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA resolution
11/30/2011Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (November 2011)
11/30/2011UNICEF_CAAC-Nov2011Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Israel and the OPT (November 2011) - UNICEF - Bulletin
11/28/2011UNRWA Advisory Commission - Opening session - Opening statement by the UNRWA Commissioner-General
11/28/2011UNRWA calls for renewed international attention to the situation of Palestine refugees (Opening session, Advisory Commission) - Press release
11/16/2011UNRWA CG Grandi's lectures on Palestine refugees in the Middle East context- 2011 Barbara Harrell-Bond Lecture - UNRWA press release
11/07/2011IRIN_EidAl-AdhaAid agencies help Gaza’s poor in Eid Al-Adha holiday - IRIN report (excerpts)
11/04/2011A/C.4/66/L.9Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA - Draft resolution - Adopted
11/04/2011A/C.4/66/L.11UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution - Adopted
11/02/2011A/C.3/66/SR.39Report of the Human Rights Council - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
11/02/2011S/2011/679Aid ships sailing from Turkey to the Gaza Strip - Letter from Israel
11/02/2011GA/SHC/4025Human rights violations in the OPT - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
11/02/2011GA/11167Human Rights Council annual report - GA debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/31/2011Coping with Conflict: Poverty and Inclusion in the West Bank and Gaza - World Bank report
10/31/2011Referral Abroad of Patients From the Gaza Strip - WHO Monthly Report (October 2011)
10/26/2011GA/EF/3319ESCWA Executive Secretary: Israeli measures including settlement activity increasing Palestinian hardship - Press release (excerpts)
10/24/2011UNRWA_SArabia-RiceDonationSaudi Prince Sultan charity convoy for poor families of Gaza leaves Amman - UNRWA press release
10/20/2011HR11/228Protection of Palestinian child detainees - Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) presents report to GA Third Cttee - Press release
10/20/2011GA/SHC/4016Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the OPT (Falk)/GA says Palestinian children's development deformed by pervasive deprivations - Third Cttee report - Press release (excerpts)
10/20/2011PrConf_Falk-201011Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) on human rights situation in the OPT - Press conference at UN Headquarters
10/16/20112012/107/MNAWorld Bank report finds poverty reduction fragile and linked to donor aid - World Bank press release
10/13/2011Commissioner-General briefs senior EU officials - UNRWA Press release
09/30/201112-20649DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIV, No. 9, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (September 2011) - DPR publication
09/30/2011A/AC.183/SR.335CEIRPP 335th meeting - Adoption of annual report to GA - Summary record
09/30/2011DPR/Chron/2011/9Chronological Review of Events/September 2011 - DPR review
09/21/2011UNESCO_187 EX/Decision 42UNESCO contribution to Gaza reconstruction and development - Director-General's report - UNESCO decision
09/18/2011Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting (New York, September 2011) - Address by Quartet Representative Tony Blair – Address//Non-UN document
09/13/2011A/66/358Human rights situation in OPT - Special Rapporteur (Falk) - Report, SecGen note
09/02/2011SG/SM/13771SecGen receives Panel of Inquiry's report on flotilla incident - SecGen Spokesman statement - Press release
09/02/2011Red right arrow IconGazaFlotillaPanelReportGaza aid flotilla incident - Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Inquiry (Palmer report) - Summary, report
09/02/2011PrConf_SecCo-020911SC Work programme for September; Palestinian bid for UN membership; flotilla investigation report - SecCo President - Press Conference (excerpts)
08/31/2011S/2012/24Security Council - Work assessment under India presidency (August 2011) - Letter from India (excerpts)
08/31/2011DPR/Chron/2011/8Chronological Review of Events/August 2011 - DPR review
08/26/2011Palmer report on flotilla incident - Transcript of SecGen press encounter - Press transcript (excerpts)
08/25/2011Red right arrow IconS/PV.6602Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
08/19/2011UN provides assistance to Palestinian refugees displaced by fighting in Syria - UN news item
08/17/2011IRIN_PalRefugees-LatakiaPalestinian refugees flee the city of Latakia - IRIN news article
08/17/2011OCHA Report: Growing Palestinian displacement in West Bank Area C - IRIN news article
08/01/2011Iraq donates $2 million for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
08/01/2011OCHA_AreaC-Displacement/InsecurityDisplacement and Insecurity in Area C of the West Bank - OCHA special focus - Report
07/31/2011HM0711The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (July 2011) - OCHA report
07/31/2011A/66/2Middle East situation/Palestine question - SecCo report to GA (excerpts)
07/29/2011IRIN_DonorAid-WestBankDonor aid boosts West Bank infrastructure despite impediments - IRIN analysis
07/28/2011ECOSOC11/027ECOSOC adopts draft resolution on economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on living conditions in OPT and Golan - ECOSOC debate, vote - Press release (excerpts)
07/26/2011S/PV.6590Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
07/26/2011A/66/1 (Supp)Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)
07/25/2011ECOSOC11/024ECOSOC discusses SG Report on economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on living conditions in OPT and Golan - ECOSOC meeting - Press release (excerpts)
07/21/2011IRIN_GazaReconstructionIsraeli restrictions ensure slow pace of Gaza reconstruction - IRIN analysis
07/20/2011GaylardStatement_SharekYouthForumHamas decision to dissolve the Sharek Youth Forum - Statement by the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the OPT - Press release
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Seizure of aid boat; Attacks on Palestinians; Settlements - Letter from Palestine
07/19/2011IRIN_Hamas-NGOauditGaza NGOs in standoff over Hamas audit demand - IRIN news article
07/17/2011A/HRC/RES/17/10Follow-up to the report of the independent international fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla - HRC 17th session - Resolution
07/14/2011Patients from Gaza face obstacles in accessing right to health - WHO press release
07/14/2011Gaza students compete in automotive engineering competition - UNRWA article
07/14/2011Second Guinness World Record set at Gaza Summer Games - UNRWA press release
07/13/2011UNRWA_SummerCampUNRWA supports summer camp for woman in Iraq Burin - UNRWA article
07/13/2011PR/18/2011EU study on civil society organizations in the OPT - EU press release/report/Non-UN document
07/13/2011European Commission extends assistance to address water scarcity in the oPt - EU press release/Non-UN document
07/12/2011UNRWA_HousingAidUNRWA receives GCC assistance to rebuild houses destroyed in Operation Cast Lead - UNRWA press release
07/07/2011Refugee from Nablus wins two races in the sports festival for the disabled - UNRWA article
07/07/2011NoonBriefing_070711Report of Panel of Inquiry on flotilla incident - Spokesman's Office noon briefing (excerpts)
07/06/2011A 267/11High Representative Ashton's speech on North Africa and the Arab world (European Parliament, 6 July 2011) - EU press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
07/05/2011NoonBriefing_050711Gaza flotilla 2011; Palmer report on 2010 Gaza flotilla; UN meeting in Brussels on Israeli-Palestinian peace process - Spokesman's Office noon briefing (excerpts)
07/04/2011SG-Greece_GazaFlotillaSecGen voices support for Greek initiative on sending humanitarian aid to Gaza - UN news item
07/01/2011OCHA_GazaFastFactsHumanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip - OCHA factsheet
06/30/2011HM0611The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2011) - OCHA report
06/29/2011Spokesman says SecGen believes aid should enter into Gaza through established routes - Noon briefing (excerpts)
06/28/2011FAO_PlanofActionFAO Plan of Action 2011-2013 for West Bank & Gaza Strip - FAO report
06/24/2011PR/15/2011EU makes a second contribution in 2011 to the Palestinian Authority for social allowances to poor Palestinian households - EU press release/Non-UN document
06/23/2011Resume_TalksUSG for Political Affairs Pascoe calls for urgent resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks - SecCo briefing - UN news item
06/23/2011UNRWA_Saudi$70MSaudi Arabia pledge $70 million to finance refugee housing in Gaza - UNRWA press release
06/23/2011UNRWA_KidsenjoybeachesUNRWA school girls enjoy a summer of fun on Gaza's beaches - UNRWA article
06/21/2011Annual Report 2010 of the EU’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Policies and their Implementation in the OPT & Lebanon - EU press report/Non-UN document (excerpts)
06/21/2011Jordan PM al-Bakheet warns of instability if UNRWA is not property funded - UNRWA press release
06/21/2011Grandi_AidUNRWA ComGen Grandi requests more donations to bridge deficit/SecGen Ban speaks to Israeli Defense Minister Barak - UN news item
06/21/2011UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement to UNRWA's Advisory Commission - Impact of recent development in the OPT and the region on Palestine refugees - Press release
06/21/2011S/2011/378A flotilla planning to challenge Israeli Gaza blockade - Letter from Israel
06/20/2011A/AC.183/SR.333CEIRPP 333rd meeting - Briefings by UNRWA, Assn.of Intl. Development Agencies (AIDA) - Summary record
06/20/2011UNRWA's response to what it calls a misleading and biased "Jerusalem Post" article on Gaza Education - UNRWA article
06/14/2011HRC11/086Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories - Human Rights Council debate - Press release
06/09/2011A/HRC/17/L.1Follow-up to the report of the UN fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla - Human Rights Council - Draft resolution (adopted)
06/08/2011S/2011/357IDF attack on Malaysian aid ship - Letter from Malaysia
06/06/2011SG/SM/13622SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)
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