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12/31/2009Dev24Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2009
12/31/2009DPR/Chron/2009/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2009 - DPR review
12/31/2009HM1209The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (December 2009) - OCHA report
12/17/2009GazaFreedomMarchGaza Freedom March - Lead organizer (CODEPINK) press conference, video
12/16/2009A/C.4/64/L.13UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
12/10/2009Red right arrow IconA/RES/64/89UNRWA operations - GA resolution
12/10/2009A/RES/64/87Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA resolution
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.11Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
12/09/2009CAP2010-OPT_PR2010 OPT consolidated humanitarian appeal - OCHA Press release
12/09/2009CAP_2010_oPtOPT: 2010 consolidated humanitarian appeal (CAP) - OCHA
12/09/2009CAP2010-OPT_OverviewA Protracted Crisis of Human Dignity - Overview of 2010 consolidated appeal for the OPT
12/08/2009Confronting disposession: creating facts in the mind - Op-ed by outgoing UNRWA Commissioner-General
12/07/2009A/64/PV.59Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA debate, introduction of draft resolution - Verbatim record (excerpts)
11/30/2009M/09/019International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - UNOG - Press release
11/24/2009SC/9796ASG for Political Affairs Haile Menkerios briefs SecCo - Press release
11/24/2009S/PV.6223Mideast situation/Palestinian question - ASG for Political Affairs Menkerios briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
11/16/2009SGreport_IsrPracticesSecGen: Israel must end Gaza blockade, evictions, alleged abuse of Palestinian children - UN news item
11/11/2009S/RES/1894 (2009)Protection of civilians - SecCo resolution
11/09/2009GazaCrossings_UN-AidaUN and intl. agencies call for immediate opening of Gaza Strip crossings - Statement by UN agencies and AIDA
11/09/2009UN-Aida_CrossingsUN calls on Israel yet again to open crossings - UN news item
11/02/2009UN reports truckloads of goods enter Gaza from Israel - UN news item
10/31/2009HM1009The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (October 2009) - OCHA report
10/28/2009Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount disturbances, Goldstone report, Gaza reconstruction - SecGen press conference (excerpts)
10/27/2009WBN332OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (21-27 Oct 2009)
10/23/2009SecGen discusses Gaza, humanitarian, other issues with senior Israeli officials - SecGen associate spokesperson - Press briefing highlights (excerpts)
10/14/2009S/PV.6201Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record
10/14/2009S/PV.6201 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Security Council debate - Verbatim record (Resumption 1)
10/08/2009LogCluster081009Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report (11 Sept-8 Oct 2009)
09/30/2009DPR/Chron/2009/9Chronological Review of Events/September 2009 - DPR review
09/30/2009HumFunding_OCHArptHumanitarian funding - OCHA quarterly update
09/24/2009End of Israeli-Palestinian conflict critical for regional peace, Turkey tells GA debate - UN news item
09/24/2009Quartet_NewYorkMiddle East Quartet call on Israel, Palestinians to renew talks as matter of urgency - UN news item
09/24/2009SG/2155Quartet principals meeting, statement/Fayyad plan (24 September 2009) - Press release
09/24/2009SecGen discusses Mideast peace process with Israeli, Palestinian leaders - UN news item
09/23/2009UNESCO_182 EX/Decision 55UNESCO contribution to Gaza reconstruction and development - Decision
09/18/2009Settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict - EU Presidency statement/Non-UN document
09/17/2009Report of UN Fact Finding Mission (Goldstone report), tripartite meeting on the Middle East peace process - SecGen press conference (excerpts)
09/15/2009Report of UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict - Mission head (Goldstone) - Press conference
09/14/2009GA President's closing statement to 63rd session (excerpts)
09/14/2009GA/10854GA President's closing statement to 63rd session - Press release (excerpts)
09/11/2009Gaza humanitarian assistance, follow-up to SecCo resolution 1860, UNRWA 60th anniversary - SecGen, GA President spokespersons - Press briefing (excerpts)
09/10/2009UN Begins Distributing Emergency Food Assistance to Bedouins in the West Bank - WFP Press Release
09/10/2009Joint session of European Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Development Cttees - UNRWA Commissioner-General's speech
09/10/2009LogCluster100909Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report (7 Aug-10 Sept 2009)
09/08/2009WBN326OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (2-8 Sept 2009)
09/07/2009Humanitarian Liaison Working Group meeting - UNRWA Commissioner-General's speech
09/04/2009A/HRC/12/NI/5Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs - Information from the Pal. Independent Commission for Human Rights relating to "Goldstone report" - HRC 12th session/Secretariat note
09/03/2009Impact of the blockade on water and sanitation in Gaza - WASH Advocacy Task Force - Fact Sheet 1
09/02/2009S/2009/447Security Council - Work assessment under Uganda presidency (July 2009) - Letter from Uganda (excerpts)
09/01/2009Putting dignity at the heart of the humanitarian crisis in the OPT - OCHA article in "Humanitarian Exchange"
09/01/2009The Barrier: implications and prospects - OCHA article in "Humanitarian Exchange"
09/01/2009WBN325OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (26 Aug-1 Sept 2009)
08/31/2009DPR/Chron/2009/8Chronological Review of Events/August 2009 - DPR review
08/31/2009HM0809The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (August 2009) - OCHA report
08/31/2009S/2009/557Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (August 2009) - Letter from the United Kingdom (excerpts)
08/19/2009Walled Horizons - Film narrated by Pink Floyd founding member on fifth anniversary of ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Wall
08/19/2009Gaza - Destruction and Hope - Report by Kevin M. Cahill, M.D., Chief Advisor on Humanitarian Affairs to the GA President
08/19/2009S/PV.6182Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza - ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
08/18/2009WBN323OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (12-18 August 2009)
08/18/2009Egyptian pedal power raises money for Gaza - UNRWA refugee story
08/17/2009UNRWA_GazaRamadanAppealUNRWA launches "Gaza Ramadan appeal" - Press release
08/17/2009HCHR_GazaHRviolationsHuman Rights High Commissioner calls for investigation of human rights violations in the OPT - UN news item
08/14/2009GSblockade_OCHAspfocusLocked in: Humanitarian impact of two years of blockade on the Gaza Strip - OCHA special focus
Fifth anniversary of ICJ advisory opinion on separation wall - Memorandum from Pal. National Cttee for the Record of Damages caused by the Wall - Letter from Palestine
08/11/2009WBN322OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (5-11 August 2009)
08/11/2009UNICEF_MYR-HAR2009UNICEF humanitarian action in OPT - 2009 Mid-year review (excerpts)
08/04/2009WBN321OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (29 July-4 August 2009)
07/31/2009A/64/2Middle East situation/Palestine question - SecCo report to GA (excerpts)
Coordination of humanitarian assistance - OPT - SecGen report (excerpts)
07/31/2009HM0709The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (July 2009) - OCHA report
07/31/2009WHO_GazaMedicalEquipmentMedical equipment in Gaza's hospitals - WHO report
SecGen report on economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC decision
07/29/2009ECOSOC/09/033ECOSOC considers economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people - ECOSOC meeting - Press release
07/28/2009Children-Edu_factsheetThe Gaza blockade - Children and Education - UN agencies and AIDA factsheet
07/28/2009GazaEduSystem_UN-AidaUN and intl. agencies fear Gaza educational system unprepared for new school year, call for immediate opening of Gaza’s borders - Statement by UN agencies and AIDA
07/27/2009SC/9717ASG for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo, debate - Need to resume peace negotiations - Press release
07/27/2009S/PV.6171Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza - ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
07/27/2009S/PV.6171 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza - SecCo briefing - Verbatim record (Resumption)
07/27/2009ASG-DPA_27JulySecCoDebateIsraeli settlements hurting peace process with Palestinians: ASG for Political Affairs - SecCo briefing - UN news item
07/26/2009Global security - Israel and the OPT - House of Commons Foreign Affairs Cttee report (Session 2008-09)/Non-UN document
07/24/2009Aid efforts in Gaza - Daily press briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)
07/23/2009Japanese donation for food aid to Palestine refugees - UNRWA Press release
07/22/2009ECOSOC/09/026ECOSOC adopts resolution on its humanitarian affairs segment - ECOSOC meeting, action - Press release (excerpts)
UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Geneva, 22-23 July 2009) - SecGen message - Press release
07/21/2009WBN319OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (15-21 July 2009)
07/21/2009CAP09review-mdyr_OPT2009 consolidated appeal - OPT/ Mid-year Review - OCHA report
Fifteenth NAM Summit - Declaration on Palestine - Letter from NAM, Egypt
07/13/2009UNRWA receives US$34 million from Kuwait for Gaza refugees - UNRWA Press release
07/09/2009LogCluster090709Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report (26 June-9 July 2009)
07/08/2009ICJ-judgment_AnniversaryUN reports five years after judgment, Israel barrier still under construction - UN news item
07/02/2009Gaza-Egypt crossing to open three days a month - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
07/02/2009Sp. Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories (Falk) denounces seizure of aid boat by Israeli forces - Press release