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09/02/2017UNRWA Statement at Qalqilya Hospital
08/24/2017Humanitarian Fund for the oPt Releases Additional US$2.5 Million to Alleviate Ongoing Hardships in Gaza - OCHA Press Release
08/22/2017Red right arrow IconS/PV.8028ASG for Political Affairs Jenča Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record
08/21/2017UNRWA Statement on Qalqilya Hospital
08/18/2017Statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Piper on the Occasion of World Humanitarian Day
08/17/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJULY17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, July 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
08/14/2017UNRWA Announces Halt to Intake of Certain Categories of Patients at Qalqilya Hospital - UNRWA Press Release
08/09/2017OICPR_090817Islamic Solidarity Fund Makes $ 26.9 million Grant to Palestinian People - OIC Press Release
08/08/2017GA/PAL/1395Support for Two-State Solution, Activities Marking 50 Years of Occupation Figure in Steps to Ease Tensions, CEIRPP Hears - Press Release
08/08/2017Japanese Donation Protects Communities against Explosive Remnants of War in Gaza - UNMAS/Gov.'t of Japan Press Release
08/08/2017UNESCO_202EX/39Educational and Cultural Institutions in the Occupied Arab Territories - UNESCO Progress Report
08/05/2017HB050817OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (July 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
07/31/2017WFPBrief_310717WFP Palestine Country Brief
07/27/2017World Bank Approves US$ 43 Million in Grants to Improve Palestinian Living Conditions - Press Release
07/25/2017ECOSOC/6866ECOSOC Adopts Text on Repercussions of Israeli Occupation - Press Release (Excerpts)
07/25/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJUNE17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, June 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
07/22/2017E/AC.51/2017/3/Corr.1Evaluation of the UNRWA - Office of Internal Oversight Services Report
07/17/2017Power Outages, Restrictions on Movement and Imports Bringing Gaza Health Sector "to its Knees", Warns WHO - WHO Press Release
07/15/2017UNICEFSitRpt_150717UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) April-June 2017
07/12/2017WHC-17/41.COM/18Decisions Adopted During the 41st Session of the World Heritage Committee (Krakow, 2017) - UNESCO Decisions (excerpts)
07/10/2017TD/B/64/4Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian People: Developments in the Economy of the oPt - UNCTAD Report
07/09/2017Swedish International Development Agency and UNESCO Support Cultural Heritage Preservation - UNESCO News Item
07/06/2017First Palestinian Social Security System for Private Sector Workers Ready to be Rolled Out - ILO Press Release
07/04/2017441/17EU Police Mission for Palestinian Territories Extended - EU Press Release
07/03/2017HB030717OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (May-June 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
07/03/2017Appeal for Funding to Stablize Gaza Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions - OCHA Press Release
07/03/2017OCHAAPPEAL_0307172017 Gaza Crisis: Urgent Funding Appeal - OCHA Report
06/30/2017MBJune2017Action by UN System and IGOs Relevant to Question of Palestine (June 2017 Monthly Bulletin)
06/30/2017WFPBrief_300617WFP Palestine Country Brief, June 2017 - WFP Update
06/30/2017Gaza Schools Equipped as Shelters in Preparation for Future Emergencies - UNICEF Article
06/20/2017SC/12878Negotiated Two-State Solution Remains Only Path to Lasting Peace, Special Coordinator Tells Security Council - Security Council Press Release
06/20/2017S/PV.7977Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record
06/20/2017S/2017/517Letter to Secretary-General, President of the SC, from Israel on Misconduct of UNRWA - Letter from Israel
06/16/2017How Community Libraries are Helping University Students in the West Bank and Gaza - UNESCO News Item
06/15/2017UNSCOPR_150617UN and Government of Palestine Sign New UN Development Strategy for 2018-2022 - UNSCO Press Release
06/15/2017UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the State of Palestine 2018-2022: Frequently Asked Questions - UNSCO Q & A
06/15/2017Immediate Action Needed as Gaza Power Cuts Spark Humanitarian Crisis, Special Rapporteur on OPT Warns – OHCHR Press Release
06/15/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSMAY17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, May 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
06/15/2017FSS_1stQuarter17Food Security Sector in Palestine (2017 Q1 Highlights) - FSS Report
06/14/2017Statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator on the Rapidly Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation in Gaza
06/14/2017OPTEMERRESPLAN_2017World Health Organization (WHO) Appeal: Occupied Palestinian Territory Emergency Response Plan 2017
06/13/2017WFP Funding Crunch In Palestine Threatens Food Voucher Assistance - WFP Press Release
06/13/2017WHO Steps Up Emergency Response in the Gaza Strip, June 2017 - WHO News Item
06/12/2017SYRIAPALREFDEM_120617Syria: UNRWA - Palestine Refugees Demographics - Verification - UNRWA Infographic
06/12/2017SG/SM/18568/PAL/2212Concerned about Public Criticism of UNRWA, Secretary-General Calls on Member States to Continue Supporting Its Essential Services - Secretary-General Statement
06/11/2017It is Time for Political Action to Resolve this Long-standing Crisis - UNRWA Statement
06/09/2017Joint Statement by the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon and the UNRWA Director in Lebanon
06/09/2017UNRWA Condemns Neutrality Violation in Gaza in the Strongest Possible Terms - UNRWA Statement
06/07/2017EU and UNRWA Sign New Landmark Agreement and Reaffirm Joint Commitment to Support Palestine Refugees - UNRWA Press Release
06/07/2017Joint Declaration between the EU and UNRWA on EU Support to UNRWA
06/07/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSAPRIL17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, April 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
06/03/2017UNRWA Statement Regarding Use of a Photo in its Ramadan Campaign
06/01/2017UNICEFRPT_010617Palestinian Children with Disabilities are Determined to Learn - UNICEF Report
05/31/2017MBMay2017Action by UN System and IGOs Relevant to Question of Palestine (May 2017 Monthly Bulletin)
05/31/2017OCHA_HumOverview-May2016Fragmented Lives - Humanitarian Overview 2016 - OCHA Annual Report
05/31/2017UN Report: Occupation is the Main Cause of Humanitarian Needs in the OPT - OCHA Press Release
05/31/2017Kuwait Promotes Decent Work for Palestinians with $0.5 Million in Continued Annual Support for ILO Activities - ILO Press Release
05/29/2017OICPR_290517OIC Secretary General Discusses with UNRWA Commissioner-General Palestine Refugee Conditions - OIC Press Release
05/26/2017SC/12844Special Coordinator Warns Security Council of "Explosive" Environment Developing in Middle East While Welcoming US President’s Personal Engagement - Security Council Press Release
05/26/2017S/PV.7953Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record
05/25/2017Canada Supports Vulnerable Families In The West Bank And Gaza - WFP Press Release
05/25/2017170525_12EU Heads of Cooperation Visit Area C Projects in the Jordan Valley - EU Press Release
05/24/2017WFPBrief_300417WFP Palestine Country Brief, April 2017 - WFP Update
05/24/2017UNRWA_HealthDept-2016RptAnnual Report of the UNRWA Health Department
05/24/2017WHOContri_2017WHO Grade 3 and Grade 2 Emergencies, Countries Covered by a WHO or Joint Appeal, and WHE Priority Countries - WHO Report (Excerpts)
05/23/2017A/72/90-E/2017/71Economic and Social Repercussions of the Israeli Occupation - ECOSOC Report
05/22/2017Statement of Commissioner-General Krähenbühl to the UNRWA Advisory Commission
05/20/2017Reconstructing Nahr El-Bared Refugee Camp in Lebanon - UNRWA Article
05/19/2017Syria's Untold Economic Success Story - UNRWA Article
05/17/2017With Support from the Saudi Fund for Development, UNDP Disburses Compensations for Totally Damaged Housing Units in Gaza - UNDP Press Release
05/17/2017A/AC.183/SR.382CEIRPP 382nd Meeting - Summary Record
05/14/2017OICPR_140517OIC Hails Municipal Elections in Palestine - OIC Press Release
05/11/2017S/2017/417Letter to Secretary-General, President of the SC, from Israel on Terrorism - Letter from Israel
05/11/2017A/72/87-E/2017/67Assistance to the Palestinian People - Secretary-General Report
05/10/2017HB100517OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (April 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
05/10/2017ECHOFactSheet_April17European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - Palestine April 2017 - ECHO Factsheet
05/10/2017European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to Invest in West Bank and Gaza - EBRD Press Release
05/09/2017A/72/13Report of Commissioner-General of UNRWA - UNRWA Report
05/08/2017OICPR_080517OIC Secretary General Underscores Importance of Providing Economic Support for the Palestinian People - OIC Press Release
05/08/2017Chamber of Commerce and UNDP Sign Agreement in Support of Private Sector Development in E. Jerusalem - UNDP Press Release
05/08/2017UNMAS Clears Last Known Unexploded Aerial Bomb from Gaza - UNMAS Press Release
05/05/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSS1STQ17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, January - March 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
05/04/2017IMF_ALCRpt100417IMF Report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC)
05/04/2017UNSCOFS_040617Humanitarian Impact of the Gaza Electricity Crisis - UNSCO Fact Sheet
05/04/2017UN Special Coordinator's Remarks at the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee Meeting
05/02/2017170502_19Annual Spring Meeting of Ad Hoc Liaison Committee Will be held in Brussels on Thursday, 4 May 2017 - EU Media Advisory
05/01/2017UNSCO Report to AHLC: Lack of Progress in Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Impedes Palestinian Development - UNSCO Press Release
05/01/2017AHLC-MAY17_UNSCOrptUN Special Coordinator's Report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - UNSCO Report
05/01/2017OPTHumDash_300317OPT: Humanitarian Dashboard - January - March 2017 - OCHA Infographic
05/01/2017Gaza’s Health Sector Faces Fuel and Electricity Crisis - WHO News Item
04/30/2017MBApril2017Action by UN System and IGOs Relevant to Question of Palestine (April 2017 Monthly Bulletin)
04/27/2017UN Coordinator Releases Emergency Funding for Fuel for Hospitals in Gaza - OCHA Press Release
04/27/2017World Bank Calls for Decisive Policies by All Parties to Stop the Deterioration of the Palestinian Economy - Press Release
04/27/2017Thousands of Lives at Risk as Gaza Public Hospitals Face Fuel and Electricity Crisis - WHO Note for the Media
04/25/2017World Bank Transfers US$7.7 Million to the PA to Support Urgent Budget Needs - Press Release
04/24/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSMARCH17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, March 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
04/21/2017Shutdown of Gaza’s Power Plant Jeopardizes Delivery of Basic Services - OCHA Flash Update
04/20/2017UNFPAPR_200417UNFPA Welcomes Japanese US$ 471,275 Contribution to Support Women's Health in the State of Palestine - UNFPA/Government of Japan Press Release
04/19/2017UNSCOSTATEMENT_190417UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process on the Electricity Crisis in Gaza - UNSCO Statement
04/19/2017HUMFUNDRPT162016 OPT Humanitarian Fund Annual Report - OCHA
04/18/2017Japan Donates US $905,650 to Support the UN Mine Action Service Intervention in Gaza - UNMAS/Government of Japan Press Release
04/18/2017Japan Donates US $ 905,650 to Support UNMAS Intervention in Gaza - UNMAS/Gov.'t of Japan Press Release
04/13/2017HB130417OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (March 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
04/13/2017UNICEFSitRpt_130417UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) Jan.-March 2017
04/11/2017New Training Program Designed to Improve Child Health and Development in the State of Palestine - UNICEF Media Release
04/07/2017Secretary-General Urges Member States to Make UNRWA Funds "Sustainable" - UNRWA Press Release
04/03/2017UNICEF Welcomes Japanese US$3,138,950 Contribution to Support Children in Palestine - UNICEF Press Release
03/30/2017A/71/849Operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) - Secretary-General Report
03/27/2017Palestinian Adolescents Learn to Drive Positive Change in UNICEF-Sponsored Training Session - UNICEF Article
03/24/2017UNICEF Works to Help Implement the Non-Violence in School Policy Adopted in State of Palestine - UNICEF Media Release
03/21/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSFEB17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, February 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
03/21/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJAN17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, January 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
03/21/2017UNICEF and Al Fakhoora Mark Successful Completion of a Youth Leadership Project Implemented in Gaza - UNICEF Article
03/16/2017Government Appoints Special Envoy for the Middle East Peace Process - Swedish MoFA Press Release
03/15/2017With Funds from Saudi Arabia, UNDP and UNRWA Sign Amendment to Agreement to Support House Reconstruction in Gaza - UNRWA Press Release
03/13/2017FSS_4thQuarter16Food Security Sector in Palestine (2016 Q4 Highlights) - FSS Report
03/13/2017GAZASUMOFACH_2016Gaza: Summary of 2016 Operational Achievements
03/13/2017A Path Towards Justice: Judges' Perspectives on Violence Against Women (VAW) Cases - UN Women Article
03/11/2017HB130317OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (February 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
03/08/2017UNRWA Deplores Escalating Violence in Southern Syria - UNRWA Statement
Show details for 03/07/201703/07/2017UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process' Remarks at the Ministerial Council of the League of Arab States
03/05/2017UNDPPR_050317Over 40,000 Temporary Workdays Generated through the Youth Employability and Protection Project in Gaza Funded by Japan - UNDP Press Release
03/03/2017E/CN.6/2017/L.3Situation of and Assistance to Palestinian Women - ECOSOC Draft Resolution
03/02/2017OIC Holds High-Level Consultations with UNRWA Advisory Commission Delegation
02/28/2017UN Women and Musawa Convene Meeting Between Shari’a Judges from Palestine, and International Experts - UN Women Article
02/28/2017WFPBrief_280217WFP Palestine Country Brief, February 2017 - WFP update
02/23/2017EMERAPPEALFSOPT_2017OPT Emergency Appeal 2017 - UNRWA Fact Sheet
02/23/2017EMERAPPSYRIAFS_20172017 Syria Regional Crisis Response - Emergency Appeal 2017
02/23/2017UNRWASYRIAACHIEVE_2016UNRWA Operations and Achievements in Syria in 2016
02/23/2017Palestinian Civil Police Gender Strategy Launched - UN Women Press Release
02/22/2017UN Officials Visit Palestinian Community Under Transfer Threat - Call on Israel to Respect International Law
02/22/2017Municipalities in Jordan and Turkey look to Palestinian Example of Waste Disposal : World Bank
02/15/2017Palestinian Prime Minister Launches Cooperative Sector Strategy Developed with ILO Support
02/14/2017EMERAPPEALPR_3006162016 OPT Emergency Appeal Progress Report - UNRWA Report
02/14/2017How the Humanitarian Community is Getting Better to Face Crisis in Gaza - UK Department for International Development Report
02/13/2017FSS_GAZAHUMRESPLAN17Gaza Strip: Humanitarian Programme Cycle 2017 - FSS graphs/Non-UN document
02/13/2017FSS_WBHUMRESPLAN17West Bank: Humanitarian Programme Cycle 2017 - FSS graphs/Non-UN document
02/10/2017HB100217OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (January 2017) for occupied Palestinian Territory
02/09/2017Red right arrow IconCCPR/C/ISR/CO/4/Add.1International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Concluding Observations on the Fourth Periodic Report of Israel
02/08/201714 Infrastructure Projects Completed in Area C and East Jerusalem - UNDP Press Release
02/08/2017Japan and UNDP Inaugurate Solid Waste Landfill Expansion Project in Jericho - UNDP Press Release