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09/26/2013A/C.4/68/8Conclusions of the Group of Supporters of UNRWA - Letter from the Arab Group (Tunisia)
12/31/2012DPR/Chron/2012/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2012 - DPR review
12/31/2012WFP_FoodSecWatch1212Food Security Watch - WFP newsletter
12/31/2012Japan contributes $1.5M as part of UNICEF's emergency response after Gaza conflict - UNICEF press release
12/31/2012UNRWA_AndaluciaDonationAndalucia contributes €1 million to UNRWA mother and child health care - UNRWA press release
12/31/2012WHO_ReferralsDec2012Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (December 2012)
12/31/2012Good practices in delivery of primary health care in urban settings - UNRWA - WHO study (excerpts)
12/31/201213-37781DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXV, No. 12, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (December 2012) - DPR publication
12/31/2012A/AC.183/L.2/Add.34Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 2012 (English and French)
12/31/2012UNRWA_HealthReformLebanon Field Office: reform of UNRWA health programme: a three-year journey - UNRWA report
12/31/2012A/68/13UNRWA - Annual report of the Commissioner-General - Report
12/31/2012A/68/13/Add.1UNRWA - Programme Budget 2014-15 - Annual report of the Commissioner-General
12/31/2012Dev27Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2012
12/31/2012Dev27Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2012
12/27/2012Japan donates additional USD 2M to UNRWA for Gaza emergency work - UNRWA press release
12/26/2012UNDP_LegAidUNDP Programme supports legal aid clinics in Gaza - UNDP article
12/23/2012PR/28/2012Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden contribute €7.4 million to PA's November salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document
12/23/2012Biscay regional government of Spain contributes EUR 115K to UNRWA's Syria humanitarian effort - UNRWA press release
12/21/2012WFP to provide food to Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria - WFP press release
12/21/2012A 587/12Joint statement by EU High Representative Ashton and Russia's FM Lavrov on MidEast peace process - EU press release/Non-UN document
12/21/2012UNRWA_SyriaCrisisResponseSyria crisis response - UNRWA strategy for Jan-June 2013
12/21/2012UK provides £7.5 million to the PA - UK Foreign Office press release/Non-UN document
12/20/2012IP-12-1443EU responds swiftly to new influx of Palestinian refugees to Lebanon - EC press release/Non-UN document
12/19/2012UNDP Sp. Representative visits project sites in Gaza - UNDP press release
12/19/2012S/PV.6894Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
12/19/2012SC/10863USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs Security Council - Press release
12/19/2012ECHOfactsheet_OPT-Leb191212Assistance to West Bank, Gaza and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon - ECHO factsheet/Non-UN document
12/19/2012Palestinian civil servants graduate from rule of law and access to justice training - UNDP/PAPP press release
12/18/2012Local EU missions statement on NGO offices raided by Israeli security forces - Press release/Non-UN document
12/18/2012WHO_ReferralsNov2012Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (November 2012)
12/18/2012GA/11330GA adopts resolutions on UNRWA and on Israeli practices in the OPT - GA vote (Plenary) - Press release (excerpts)
12/18/2012A/RES/67/116UNRWA operations - GA resolution
12/18/2012A/RES/67/114Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA resolution
12/18/2012A/RES/67/115Persons displaced as a result of the June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - GA resolution
12/18/2012A/67/PV.59UNRWA, Sp. Cttee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA vote - Verbatim record (excerpts)
12/17/2012EWASH_Rpt52Monthly situation report on OPT - WASH cluster report no. 52 (Oct 2012) - Non-UN document
12/17/2012Humanitarian needs rising as Palestine refugees flee fighting, seek safety in UNRWA schools - UNRWA press release
12/16/2012UNRWA statement on the day's events in Yarmouk camp, Syria - UNRWA press release
12/14/2012EU Commissioner visits Palestine refugee camp/meets Palestinians coming from Syria - UNRWA press release
12/14/2012A/67/L.38/Add.1Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA draft resolution - Addendum
12/14/2012UNRWA West Bank: Clarification regarding recent media reports - UNRWA press release
12/13/2012Japan extends emergency grant aid to Palestinians affected by recent Gaza conflict - Japanese For. Mnistry press release/Non-UN document
12/13/2012GA/11327GA adopts text on assistance to Palestinian people - GA Debate - Press release (excerpts)
12/13/2012A/67/PV.54Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA debate, introduction of draft resolution - Verbatim record (excerpts)
12/13/2012A/67/PV.55Assistance to the Palestinian People - Adoption of draft resolution - Verbatim record (excerpts)
12/13/2012A/RES/67/86Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA resolution
12/12/2012UNRWA_Japan-FoodAidJapan gives USD 7 million for food aid to UNRWA - UNRWA press release
12/12/2012Raid on offices of three Palestinian NGOs in Ramallah - Statement by the Palestinian Human Rights Organization Council/Non-UN document
12/11/2012UNRWA_Andalucia-UNRWAworkParliament of Andalucía recognises UNRWA’s work - UNRWA press release
12/11/2012New UK medical aid and shelter for 85,000 affected by Gaza conflict - DIFD press release/Non-UN document
12/11/2012UNRWA_GazaChildrenAfter violence, Gaza children struggle with trauma - UNRWA press release
12/11/2012S/2012/962Security Council - Work assessment under Germany presidency (September 2012) - Letter from Germany (excerpts)
12/10/2012BMZ (Germany) announces additional contribution of €3.2 million to support UNRWA programmes in Gaza - UNRWA press release
12/09/2012Towards better sanitation services in Gaza - OQR press release/Non-UN document
Show details for 12/07/201212/07/2012Switzerland donation to UNRWA’s regular programming - UNRWA press release
12/06/2012World Health Organization receives donations for Gaza - WHO press release
12/06/2012Gaza schools, local volunteers welcome back students despite bombings damage - UNRWA press release
12/06/2012Malaysia donates additional $1 million to support UNRWA operations in Gaza - UNRWA press release
12/06/2012A/67/L.38Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA draft resolution
12/05/2012UNRWA exhibits photos by young Palestine refugees, inaugurates new building at Amman training centre - UNRWA press release
12/05/2012CAP-OPT_2013-OverviewOCHA 2013 Consolidated Appeal - Occupied Palestinian Territory - Overview (excerpts)
12/04/2012UNRWA Commissioner-General visits Syria - UNRWA press release
12/04/2012SDC funds upgrading of water supply in Palestinian camps in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
UNRWA Pledging Conference - Press release
12/03/2012UNRWA recycling program in Lebanon changes child's life - UNRWA article
11/30/2012UNDP and OPEC Fund for International Development partner in US$529K renewable energy program - UNDP press release
11/29/2012UNRWA chief makes unprecedented visit to Iraq, which has reemerged as an important donor - UNRWA press release
11/29/2012India donates US$1 million to UNRWA - UNRWA press release
11/28/2012UNRWA_EURepVisitEU Representative Gatt-Rutter visits UNRWA facilities in Gaza, contributes additional €11.5 million - UNRWA press release
11/27/2012SC/10833UN Special Coordinator Serry in SecCo briefing: Arab-Israeli conflict cannot be ignored in shaping the future of the Middle East constructively - SecCo press release
11/27/2012WorldBank_Gaza-Water-SewageWorld Bank invests in expanded water and sewage services for Gaza - World Bank press release
11/26/2012Italy proposes reactivation of EUBAM - Italian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document
11/26/2012UNRWA-CG_GazaCeasefire"Seize the opportunities of the Gaza ceasefire": UNRWA Commissioner-General - UNRWA press release
11/23/2012Gaza Strip: Facts, Figures and UNDP's response to the crisis - UNDP Factsheet
11/23/2012UNRWA-OFID_GazaAssistanceOPEC Fund contributes USD 500,000 for Palestine refugees in Gaza - UNRWA press release
11/23/2012Sweden donates USD 2.3 million to UNRWA's Gaza emergency response - UNRWA press release
11/22/2012UKFOffice_GazaCeasefireUK Foreign Office Minister comments on ceasefire in Gaza and southern Israel - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document
11/22/2012A/67/423UNRWA - Fourth Cttee report - Consideration of reports, adoption of draft resolutions
11/22/2012Emergency situation in Gaza - WHO update (22 Nov) - Press release
11/22/2012UNRWA donates life-saving medical supplies to Palestinians in Gaza - UNRWA press release
11/22/2012WBN483OPT: Protection of civilians/Situation report on Gaza - OCHA report (21-22 November 2012)
11/22/2012A day after the ceasefire: UNRWA returns to work with Gaza traumatised and in crisis - UNRWA press release
11/21/2012WFP distributes food assistance in Gaza - Press Release
11/21/2012IRIN_DrugsForGazaHospitalsOPT: Gaza hospitals need more drugs - IRIN news article
11/21/2012Emergency situation in Gaza - WHO update (21 Nov) - Press release
11/21/2012WBN482OPT: Protection of civilians/Situation report on Gaza - OCHA report (20-21 November 2012)
11/20/2012WFP starts food distributions for families In Gaza - Press Release
11/20/2012Saudi Campaign for Syria donates $2 million for Palestinians based in Syria - UNRWA press release
11/20/2012WBN480OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA report (20 November 2012)
11/20/2012UN workers rebuild shattered food distribution centre in Gaza amid the violence; distributions continue - UNRWA press release
11/19/2012WBN479OPT: Protection of civilians/Situation report on Gaza - OCHA report (19 November 2012)
11/19/2012A/AC.183/SR.346CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
11/18/2012WBN478OPT: Protection of civilians/Situation report on Gaza - OCHA report (18 November 2012)
11/18/2012UNICEFSitRpt_181112UNICEF OPT Humanitarian Situation Report #1 (18 Nov 2012) - UNICEF update
11/17/2012WHO concerned over the emergency situation in Gaza - WHO statement - Press release
11/17/2012WBN477OPT: Protection of civilians/Situation report on Gaza - OCHA report (17 November 2012)
11/16/2012WBN476OPT: Protection of civilians/Situation report on Gaza - OCHA report (16 November 2012)
11/15/2012GazaViolenceUNRWA voices deep concern over escalation of deadly violence - UN news item
11/15/2012UNRWA_YouthEmploymentUNRWA signs youth employment agreement with Welfare Association and Palestine Education for Employment - UNRWA article
11/15/2012GA/SPD/524UNRWA, Israeli practices in the OTs - GA Fourth Cttee concludes debate and approves draft resolutions - Press release (excerpts)
11/15/2012A/C.4/67/SR.23UNRWA, Palestine refugees, Israeli Practices/Special Cttee report - GA Fourth Cttee vote - Summary record (excerpts)
11/14/2012WorldBank_Kuwait-PRDPKuwait Supports Palestinian Reforms with a US$50 Million Grant - World Bank press release
11/14/2012UNRWA_QatarPartnershipHer Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar partners with UNRWA to educate children affected by occupation and conflict - UNRWA article
11/11/2012UNRWA_VaccinationProgLife-saving Pneumococcal vaccination programme protects all infants in the West Bank and Gaza - UNRWA press release
11/09/2012EU-Diakonia_AutisticChildrenWith EU Funding, the Princess Basma Jerusalem Center for Disabled Children opens
a department for children with autism - Diakonia press release/Non-UN document
11/09/2012Palestinian Legislative Council staff attend workshop on policy analysis - UNDP press release
11/09/2012A/C.4/67/L.10Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
11/09/2012A/C.4/67/L.12UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
11/09/2012A/C.4/67/L.11Persons displaced as a result of the June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
11/08/2012UNODC_HarmReductionWorkshop-OPTUN Office on Drugs and Crime's efforts towards comprehensive harm reduction in OPT - UNODC press release
11/08/2012UNRWA-CG_GA4thCtteeAddressAddressing GA, UNRWA Commissioner-General calls for ‘just solution’ to plight of Palestinian refugees - UN news item
11/08/2012CIVCOM_EUPOL COPPSworkMembers of EU Committee on Crisis Management visit Israel and OPT to examine EUPOL COPPS mission - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document
11/08/2012A/C.4/68/8Conclusions of the Group of Supporters of UNRWA - Letter from the Arab Group (Tunisia)
11/07/2012GA/SPD/519Consideration of the work of UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/07/2012A/C.4/67/SR.17UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
11/06/2012Policy analysis training for Palestinian Legislative Council staff - Speech by the UNDP Sp. Representative of the Administrator
11/06/2012GA/SPD/518Consideration of the work of UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/06/2012EuropeAid_SocoheSocial assistance in the OPT - EU Development and Cooperation-EuropeAid paper/Non-UN document
11/06/2012A/C.4/67/SR.16UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
11/05/2012World Bank's MIGA Executive Vice-President to Visit Iraq, Jordan, and the West Bank and Gaza - MIGA press release
11/05/2012Japan_eduaideJapan funds rehabilitation of Beit Hanina Girls' School - Representative Office of Japan to the PA/Non-UN document
11/02/2012UNICEF and partners tackle risks of open cesspools in OPT - UNICEF article
11/01/2012Bahrain contributes $5.4M to fund 3 construction projects in Gaza - UNRWA press release
11/01/2012PA, JEDICO, UNDP and FAO launch the "National Product First" initiative in Ramallah - UNDP press release
11/01/2012Launch of the “National Product First” initiative in Ramallah - Speech by the UNDP Sp. Representative of the Administrator
10/31/2012WHO_ReferralsOct2012Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (October 2012)
10/25/2012UNRWA_UAE-RedCrescentDonationUAE Red Crescent provides sheep for Gaza families during Eid el Adha - UNRWA press release
10/25/2012EU and PA conclude negotiations on new Joint Action Plan - EU press release/Non-UN document
10/24/2012Special Coordinator Serry's statement on UN Day in Gaza - Press release
10/24/2012UNRWA_Germany-FoodDonationGermany donates additional €600,000 for Gaza emergency food aid - UNRWA press release
10/24/2012Bulgaria and PA sign agreements on transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience - Bulgarian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document
10/23/2012UNRWA_CG-IrelandVisitUNRWA Commissioner-General visits Ireland - UNRWA press release
10/22/2012A 465/12Ashton travels to the Middle East - EU press release/Non-UN document
10/22/2012UNRWA_Greek-fundedschoolUNRWA opens Greek-funded school in Gaza - UNRWA press release
10/21/2012UNRWA_YoungVolunteersYoung volunteers join local farmers in Gaza cleanup - UNRWA article
10/19/2012UNRWA and youth join hands to help Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA article