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11/04/2004A/C.6/59/SR.5Protection of victims of armed conflicts/Terrorism - Sixth Cttee debate - Summary records (excerpts)
11/03/2004PA: Stop use of children in suicide bombings/Human Rights Watch briefing paper - Non-UN document
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel
11/01/2004SG/SM/9571Envoy statement condemning Tel Aviv suicide bombing - SecGen statement - Press release
11/01/2004Attack_TelAvivUN envoy, Annan condemn Tel Aviv suicide attack - UN news item
10/08/2004EU Presidency declaration on terrorist attack in Egypt - European Union press release/Non-UN document
10/08/2004S/RES/1566 (2004)Measures to eliminate international terrorism - Resolution
10/05/2004SC/8207Israeli military offensive in Gaza - SecCo debate, action - Press release
09/23/2004SG/2091Quartet principals meeting, statement (22 September 2004) - Press release
09/22/2004SG/SM/9494Jerusalem suicide bombing - SecGen statement - Press release
UN Intl. Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People (New York, 13-14 Sept. 2004) - SecGen message - Press release
08/31/2004SG/SM/9459Terrorist attack in Beersheba - SecGen statement - Press release
08/31/2004SC/8177Terrorist attack in Israel - SecCo President statement - Press release
07/29/2004E/CN.4/Sub.2/2004/NGO/25*Mideast situation - CHR Sub-Comm. - NGO statement
07/26/2004E/CN.4/Sub.2/2004/NGO/26Mideast situation - CHR Sub-Comm. - NGO statement
07/12/2004SG/SM/9416Tel Aviv attack - SecGen statement - Press release
Situation in the Middle East - Letter from Israel
05/24/2004S/2004/421Quartet principals meeting, statement (4 May 2004) - SecGen letter to SecCo President
04/20/2004SC/8063Assassination of Hamas leader - Security Council debate - Press release
04/12/2004Bush, Mubarak discuss reform, peace process, terrorism - USDOS press release/Non-UN document
03/25/2004SC/8039Assassination of Hamas leader - SecCo debate, action - Press release
03/24/2004SC/8034Assassination of Hamas leader - SecCo meeting - Press release
03/16/2004E/CN.4/2004/G/24Human rights situation in the OATs - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report - Response from Israel, Note verbale
03/15/2004SG/SM/9198Double suicide bombing in Ashdod - SecGen statement - Press release
03/10/2004A/58/730Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism/Updated list of signatories - Letter from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
02/23/2004SG/SM/9163Jerusalem bombing - SecGen statement - Press release
02/18/2004SC/8003UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Rød-Larsen briefs SecCo - Press release
01/30/2004Terrorism - Amb. Gillerman's Special Press Conference/Non-UN document
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