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12/01/1948Red right arrow IconA/C.1/SR.220Palestine UN Mediator report/Israel admission application/ ICJ advisory opinion vote - GA First Cttee debate - Summary record
10/01/1948S/1021SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
09/28/1948Red right arrow IconS/1018Assassination of the UN Mediator - UNTSO report
09/22/1948S/1006Assassination of UN Mediator - SecCo draft resolution
09/22/1948S/1008Israel ordinance on prevention of terrorism/Assassination of UN Mediator - Cablegram from Acting Mediator
09/22/1948S/1010Assassination of UN Mediator - SecCo Summary record (excerpts)
09/18/1948S/RES/57 (1948)Peace-seeking mission in the Holy Land/ Death of the UN Mediator in Palestine (Bernadotte) - SecCo resolution
09/18/1948S/1004Assassination of UN Mediator - Cablegram from SecGen Personal Representative to For. Minister Israel
05/15/1948S/745LAS cablegram to SG
04/22/1948A/AC.21/UK/120UN Palestine Commission - Heavy fighting in Haifa - Letter from United Kingdom
04/13/1948A/AC.21/P/44UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
04/07/1948A/AC.21/P/49UN Palestine Commission - References to Palestine in the British House of Commons
03/29/1948A/AC.21/P/37UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
03/24/1948A/AC.21/ORG/18UN Palestine Commission - Communication from Hadassah re. alleged Arab attacks on medical facilities
03/24/1948A/AC.21/P/36UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
03/03/1948A/AC.21/UK/55UN Palestine Commission - Rehovoth Train Explosion - Letter from United Kingdom
02/12/1948A/AC.21/R/7UN Palestine Commission - Resistance to resolution/Security - Third draft of Special Report to SecCo
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