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12/31/1999E/CN.6/2000/2Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - SecGen report (excerpts)
12/22/1999E/CN.6/1999/2Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - CSW - SecGen report (excerpts)
11/05/199999/51OPEC fund grant for education of refugee women in Lebanon - OPEC Fund press release/Non-UN document
10/14/1999A/C.3/54/SR.12Women - Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
09/09/1999A/54/3Repercussions of the Israeli occupation on living conditions in the OPT - ECOSOC report(excerpts)
07/29/1999A/54/3/Rev.1ECOSOC report (excerpts) - Revision
07/28/1999E/RES/1999/15Palestinian women - ECOSOC resolution
06/15/199999-35892International Meeting on the Convening of the Conference on Measures to Enforce the Fourth Geneva Convention (Cairo, 14-15 June 1999) - Report - DPR publication
05/20/1999E/1999/54Advancement of women - Follow-up to Beijing Declaration/Platform of Action - SecGen report (excerpts)
04/30/199999-23510DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXII, No. 2 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (March-April 1999) - DPR publication
Palestinian women - ECOSOC draft resolution - CSW report (excerpts)
03/31/1999The Palestinian NGO project - World Bank report
03/12/1999WOM/1116Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women - Press release (excerpts)
03/05/1999WOM/1109Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women - Press release (excerpts)
03/03/199999/06OPEC fund aids establishment of women's health center in Palestine - OPEC Fund press release/Non-UN document
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