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12/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2015 - DPR review
12/31/2015MBDec2015Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (December 2015) - DPR publication
12/15/2015GA/PAL/1356International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Plenary II/Closing session - Press release
12/15/2015International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Chair's Summary
12/14/2015GA/PAL/1355International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Plenary I - Press release
12/14/2015GA/PAL/1353International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Opening session - Press release
12/08/2015HB301115Humanitarian Bulletin (November 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
12/02/2015A/RES/70/16Jerusalem - GA resolution
11/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2015 - DPR review
11/30/2015MBNov2015Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (November 2015) - DPR publication
11/24/2015GA/11732General Assembly adopts resolutions on question of Palestine and broader Middle East issues - Press release
11/23/2015GA/PAL/1350International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People observed at UN Headquarters in New York - Press release
11/23/2015GA/11731Speakers in General Assembly sound alarm as Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to fester in region embattled by strife - Press release (excerpts)
11/19/2015SC/12126Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be separated from global terrorism threat, Security Council hears in briefing on Middle East - Press release
11/19/2015S/PV.7562Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record
11/13/2015A/70/L.14Jerusalem - GA draft resolution
11/11/2015GA/SPD/601Speakers cite "disturbing evidence" of human rights violations as Fourth Committee takes up illegal Israeli practices in occupied Arab lands - Press release
11/10/2015HB311015Humanitarian Bulletin (October 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
11/10/2015GA/PAL/1349Palestinian Rights Committee hears briefings on economic and social costs of Israeli occupation for Palestinian people - Press release
11/05/2015UNESCO_38C/COMCLT/DR.1Jerusalem and the implementation of 37C/Resolution - UNESCO draft resolution
11/03/2015PrConf_SecCo-031115Security Council President briefs the press on work programme for November - Press conference (excerpts)
10/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/10Chronological Review of Events/October 2015 - DPR review
10/28/2015151028_01Opening statement by EU High Representative Mogherini on situation in Israel and Palestine at European Parliament plenary session - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
10/28/2015Secretary Kerry tells the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: the US remains committed to the two-state solution - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/28/2015Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at special meeting of Human Rights Council on occasion of Palestinian President's visit – OHCHR press release
10/28/2015UNHCHR_PR281015Palestinian President Abbas calls for special regime for international protection of Palestinians – OHCHR press release
10/28/2015UNESCO_197EX/DecisionsUNESCO decisions on Occupied Palestine at 197th session - UNESCO decisions (excerpts)
10/27/2015EU High Representative Mogherini seeks concrete steps to de-escalate situation of violence with Palestinian President Abbas - EEAS news story/Non-UN document
10/25/2015SG/SM/17268Secretary-General welcomes statement by Prime Minister of Israel reiterating commitment to uphold status quo at holy sites - SG statement
10/24/2015US Secretary of State Kerry's remarks with Jordanian Foreign Minister Judeh - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/23/2015OCHA_ACCMOVE201015New Movement Restrictions in East Jerusalem - OCHA map
10/23/2015Secretary-General's press encounter after Middle East emergency visit - Transcript (excerpts)
10/23/2015SG/2222Statement by Quartet Principals (Vienna, 23 October 2015) - Press release
10/23/2015151023_02Remarks by EU High Representative Mogherini following Quartet Principals' meeting in Vienna - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
10/22/2015Readout of Secretary-General’s meeting in Amman with King Abdullah II of Jordan - Press release
10/22/2015US Secretary of State Kerry's remarks with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu before their meeting - USDoS remarks/Non-UN document
Israeli-Palestinian violence rooted in absence of "genuine political narrative and political horizon", Deputy Secretary-General tells Security Council - Press release
10/22/2015Readout of US Secretary of State Kerry's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - USDoS readout/Non-UN document
10/22/2015US Secretary of State Kerry's remarks before meeting with German Foreign Minister Steinmeier - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/22/2015SC/12092Security Council holds open debate on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Press release
10/22/2015EU High Representative Mogherini meets international leaders on Middle East peace process - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
10/22/2015151022_03Remarks by EU High Representative Mogherini following meeting with German Foreign Minister Steinmeier - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
10/22/2015151022_05Remarks by EU High Representative Mogherini following her meetings in Berlin on latest tensions in Middle East - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
10/22/2015CEIRRP_SecCoStateStatement by Palestinian Rights Committee Vice-Chair Rubiales de Chamorro at Security Council open debate on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question (22 Oct 2015) - Statement
10/22/2015S/PV.7540Deputy-Secretary-General briefs Security Council on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question/open debate - Verbatim record
10/22/2015S/PV.7540 (Resumption 1)Security Council holds open debate on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Verbatim record (Resumption 1)
10/21/2015Secretary-General's remarks at joint press conference with Palestinian President Abbas - Press release
10/20/2015UNESCO_STATE201015UNESCO DG Bokova concerned by escalating violence around cultural and religious heritage in the Middle East - UNESCO statement
10/20/2015Secretary-General's press encounter with Israeli PrIme Minister Netanyahu - Press release
10/20/2015Secretary-General’s meeting in Israel with MK Isaac Herzog and MK Tzipi Livni - SG Office readout
10/19/2015SG/SM/17248Secretary-General’s video message to Israeli and Palestinian people - SG message
10/16/2015UN Palestinian human rights Rapporteur concerned about intensification of violence in the Occupied Palestine Territory – OHCHR press release
10/16/2015SC/12083Amid new violence in West Bank, speakers in Security Council urge Palestinians, Israelis de-escalate situation, respect status quo around Holy Sites - Press release
10/16/2015SG/SM/17238Condemning attack on Joseph's Tomb, Secretary-General urges respect for holy sites, rejection of extremists' bid to spark religious conflict - SG Spokesperson statement
10/16/2015UNESCO_STATE161015UNESCO Director-General Bokova condemns arson at Joseph's Tomb - UNESCO statement
10/16/2015Red right arrow IconS/PV.7536Security Council holds emergency session on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Verbatim record
10/15/2015US Secretary of State Kerry says violence must end - USDoS interview transcript/Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/14/2015S/2015/784Israel calls on Secretary-General and Security Council President to make clear statement against Palestinian incitement - Letter from Israel
10/10/2015Readout of US Secretary of State Kerry's calls with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas - USDoS media note/Non-UN document
State of Palestine calls on Security Council to take real action to defuse situation on ground - Letter from Palestine
10/08/2015UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urges calm and restraint in West Bank amid deadly escalation – OHCHR press release
State of Palestine calls for urgent international attention to compel Israel to halt its illegal policies and practices against Palestinian civilians - Letter from Palestine
10/07/2015151007_01Statement by EU High Representative Mogherini on latest violence in E. Jerusalem and West Bank - EEAS statement/Non-UN document
State of Palestine calls on international community to act to protect Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation - Letter from Palestine
10/06/2015DPB061015US denies reports that policy regarding settlements has changed - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/06/2015A/70/35CEIRPP 2015 report to GA
10/05/2015GA/PAL/1348During Palestinian Rights Committee meeting Palestinian Ambassador calls for greater efforts by international community to avoid bloodshed - Press release
10/05/2015A/70/406Report of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting Human Rights of Palestinian People and Other Arabs of Occupied Territories - Report
10/02/2015HB300915Humanitarian Bulletin (September 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
10/01/2015150001_03EU High Representative Mogherini meets with Israel's PM Netanyahu - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
09/30/2015SC/12064All United Nations tools must be used to reverse downward spiral of Instability in Middle East, North Africa, Secretary-General tells Security Council - Press release (excerpts)
09/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/09Chronological Review of Events/September 2015 - DPR review
09/29/2015UNHCHR concerned about escalating tensions in East Jerusalem and in West Bank - OHCHR press briefing note (excerpts)
State of Palestine draws urgent attention to rising tensions in East Jerusalem - Letter from Palestine
09/21/2015Secretary-General’s telephone call with Palestinian President Abbas - SG Spokesperson readout
09/19/2015US Secretary of State Kerry calls for calm and peace at Temple Mount/Al-Haram Al-Sharif - USDoS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
09/18/2015S/2015/722Israel draws UN attention to Presidnet Abbas' recent inflammatory and incendiary statements - Letter from Israel
Security Council press statement on situation in Jerusalem - Press release
09/17/2015S/2015/720Israel calls for condemnation of Islamic groups for violence at Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Letter from Israel
09/15/2015SC/12043Time has come to "right balance between hope and fear" for Israelis, Palestinians, Special Coordinator tells Security Council in quarterly briefing - Press release
09/14/2015Secretary-General remains concerned by latest escalation at Holy Sites of Old City of Jerusalem - Notes to correspondents
State of Palestine reiterates all illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem are in violation of numerous Security Council and General Assembly resolutions - Letter from Palestine
09/13/2015UNSCO_HOLYSITESStatement by UN Special Coordinator on escalating tensions in Old City of Jerusalem - UNSCO press release
08/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/08Chronological Review of Events/August 2015 - DPR review
Statement of Council of Ministers of State of Palestine - Letter from Palestine
08/11/2015UNESCO_197 EX/32Occupied Palestine: Developments since 196th session of Executive Board - UNESCO report
08/10/2015UNESCO_38 C/16Implementation of action plan for safeguarding cultural heritage of Old City of Jerusalem - UNESCO Director-General progress report (Gen. Conf. 38th session)
08/06/2015OIC_MORSUMMITOIC to hold extraordinary summit on Palestine and Al-Quds to be hosted by Morocco - OIC press release/Non-UN document
07/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/07Chronological Review of Events/July 2015 - DPR review
State of Palestine appeals to Security Council to immediate attention to dangerous situation in East Jerusalem - Letter from Palestine
07/27/2015UN Special Coordinator Mladenov calls for calm and for preventing religious provocations - UNSCO press release
07/08/2015WHC-15/39.COM/19Decisions adopted by World Heritage Committee 39th session - UNESCO document (excerpts)
07/08/2015UNESCO_39COM7A.27Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls - UNESCO decision
07/08/2015UNESCO_39COM7A.28Birthplace of Jesus: Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route, Bethlehem (Palestine) - UNESCO decision
07/08/2015UNESCO_39COM7A.29Palestine: Land of Olives and Vines - Cultural Landscape of Southern Jerusalem - UNESCO decision
Situation of Palestinian people under Israeli occupation remains dire - Letter from Palestine
06/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/06Chronological Review of Events/June 2015 - DPR review
06/26/2015B0511Joint statement on occasion of Comprehensive Agreement between Holy See and State of Palestine - Holy See press release/Non-UN document
06/16/2015UN Special Coordinator Mladenov meets Muslim religious authorities in Jerusalem - UNSCO press release
05/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/05Chronological Review of Events/May 2015 - DPR review
05/29/2015WHC-15/39.COM/7A.AddState of conservation of properties inscribed on List of World Heritage in Danger - World Heritage Committee 39th session - UNESCO document (excerpts)
05/13/2015B0365Bilateral Commission of the Holy See and State of Palestine issues Joint statement - Holy See press release/Non-UN document
04/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/04Chronological Review of Events/April 2015 - DPR review
04/25/2015Hashemite Fund for Restoration of Al-Aqsa Mosque and UNDP sign US$22M project to rehabilitate streets in Jerusalem - UNDP press release
04/03/2015Italy welcomes Israeli court’s decision on the separation wall route - Italy MoFAIC press release/Non-UN document
03/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/03Chronological Review of Events/March 2015 - DPR review
State of Palestine calls on international community to act immediately to end Israel's impunity - Letter from Palestine
03/25/2015A/HRC/28/L.34Human rights situation in OPT, including East Jerusalem - HRC 28th session - Draft resolution
03/17/2015UNESCO_196 EX/26Occupied Palestine - Developments since 195th session of Executive Board - UNESCO report
03/12/2015UK_HRReport2014Human Rights and Democracy Report 2014: Israel & the OPTs - UK F&CO report/Non-UN document
Terror attack on Christian holy site - Letter from Palestine
03/01/2015OIC_MosChuAttOIC Secretary-General condemns attacks on Palestine mosque and church - OIC statement/Non-UN document
02/28/2015DPR/Chron/2015/02Chronological Review of Events/Febuary 2015 - DPR review
02/27/2015Turkey_PR76Turkey condemns arson attack perpetrated against Greek Orthodox seminary in E. Jerusalem - Turkey's MoFA press release/Non-UN document
02/26/2015FR_VandalismFrance condemns vandalism targeted against mosque near Bethlehem and Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document
02/26/2015Turkey_PR74Turkey condemns arson attack on Al-Huda Mosque in West Bank village of Al-Jaba'a - Turkey's MoFA press release/Non-UN document
Situation of Palestinian civilians under Israeli occupation remains critical - Letter from Palestine
02/25/2015UN Special Coordinator Serry condemns arson attack and desecration of Al-Huda Mosque in West Bank - UNSCO statement
At CEIRPP opening session, DSG Eliasson urges donors to fulfil pledges for Gaza reconstruction - press release
02/06/2015OIC_alAqsa0215OIC Ministerial Delegation visits Oslo to mobilize international support for Palestinian cause - OIC press release/Non-UN document
01/05/2015OIC_SGAlAqsaVisit1OIC Secretary-General visits Al-Aqsa Mosque and meets with officials - OIC press release/Non-UN document
01/01/2015OIC_SGAlAqsaVisitOIC Secretary-General to meet with President Abbas and visit Al-Aqsa - OIC press releaseNon-UN document
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