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05/16/2012A65INF.DOC./5Health conditions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem and Syrian Golan - WHO 65th World Health Assembly - UNRWA report
12/31/2011HM1211The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (December 2011) - OCHA report
12/31/2011A65INF.DOC./5Health conditions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem and Syrian Golan - WHO 65th World Health Assembly - UNRWA report
12/31/2011OCHA_HumanitarianAtlas-1211Humanitarian Atlas - Maps on humanitarian issues in the OPT - OCHA factsheet
12/23/2011UNRWA training brings together mothers and girls in Amman refugee camp - UNRWA article
12/23/2011Indonesia pledges $100,000 for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
12/20/2011CAP-OPT_2012Consolidated Appeal - OPT - 2012 - OCHA report
12/19/2011Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (November 2011)
12/16/2011Switzerland funds safe drinking water for seven refugee camps in Lebanon - UNRWA article
12/16/2011E/C.12/ISR/CO/3Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Covenant - CESCR- Concluding observations on third periodic report of Israel (excerpts)
12/15/2011GA/11196Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA vote (Plenary) - Press release (excerpts)
12/15/2011New paperless system introduced in UNRWA health centers in Jordan - UNRWA article
12/14/2011UNRWA holds first Child and Family Forum in Amman - UNRWA press release
12/14/2011UNRWA clinic patients hold health march to mark World Diabetes Day - UNRWA article
12/08/2011East Jerusalem hospital network holds first annual conference - Press release
12/08/2011Special OCHA unit negotiates humanitarian relief for Gaza - OCHA article
11/30/2011HM1111The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (November 2011) - OCHA report
11/30/2011UNRWA inaugurates the Amman New Camp health centre in Jordan - UNRWA press release
11/23/2011UNRWA opens two Japan-funded health centres in Gaza - UNRWA press release
11/18/2011UNRWA_EinElHillwehCampJICA and Lebanon sign US$ 2 million project for rehabilitation of infrastructure in Ein El Hillweh - UNRWA press release
11/16/2011Referral Abroad of Patients From the Gaza Strip - WHO Monthly Report (October 2011)
11/07/2011Red right arrow IconA/66/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2011 report
11/07/2011Red right arrow IconA/66/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2011 report
11/02/2011UNDP_HumanDevRpt2011Human Development Report 2011: Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All - The Occupied Palestinian Territory - UNDP report
10/31/2011UNICEF_GazaChildren-Oct2011Children in the Gaza Strip - UNICEF monthly update (October 2011)
10/31/2011HM1011The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (October 2011) - OCHA report
10/20/2011GA/SHC/4016Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the OPT (Falk)/GA says Palestinian children's development deformed by pervasive deprivations - Third Cttee report - Press release (excerpts)
10/20/2011PrConf_Falk-201011Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) on human rights situation in the OPT - Press conference at UN Headquarters
10/06/2011UNDP Sp. Representative visits project sites in the Hebron governorate - UNDP/PAPP press release
10/04/2011IRIN_StatehoodBidFalloutBracing for Palestinian statehood bid fallout - IRIN article
10/04/2011Third Palestinian NGO Project: Making a difference in the lives of the people in Gaza - World Bank press release
09/30/2011HM0911The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (September 2011) - OCHA report
09/29/2011UNDP Special Representative visits project sites in the Jenin Governorate - UNDP/PAPP press release
09/29/2011EU and UNRWA sign a €12 million agreement to improve the living conditions of Palestine refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA Press release
09/29/2011UNICEF_DkaikaStudentsUNICEF provides support to Palestinian students through rehabilitation and psychosocial sessions - UNRWA press release
09/22/2011A/66/370Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report, SecGen note
09/16/2011EU contributes €12 million to improve conditions of Palestine refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA Press release
09/15/2011HRC11/111HRC dialogue with Sp. Rapporteur on human right to safe drinking water and sanitation - Palestine's statement - Press release (excerpts)
09/13/2011Urgent renewed UNRWA appeal for Gaza’s emergency programmes - UNRWA press release, appeal
09/13/2011HR11/191UN independent experts criticize conclusion in Palmer Report that Gaza blockade is legal - UNHCHR press release
09/01/2011Israel’s violations of human rights regarding water and sanitation in the OPT - Report by Al-Haq and EWASH to CESCR - Non-Un document
08/31/2011HM0811The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (August 2011) - OCHA report
08/23/2011IP/11/976New European Commission assistance package for the OPT - EU press release/Non-UN document
08/14/2011UN Special Coordinator Serry welcomes reopening of International Medical Corps in Gaza - UNSCO press release
08/11/2011E/2011/SR.46Economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on living conditions - ECOSOC debate, introduction of draft res'n - Provisional summary record (excerpts)
08/04/2011E/2011/SR.42Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC debate - Provisional summary record (excerpts)
08/01/2011Iraq donates $2 million for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
07/31/2011DPR/Chron/2011/7Chronological Review of Events/July 2011 - DPR review
07/29/2011Gaza kids grab kite-flying Guinness world record back from China - UNRWA article
07/26/2011UNICEFcasestudy_CFS-OPTChild Friendly Schools in the OPT - UNICEF case study
07/26/2011IRIN_Children-AnxietyDisordersGrowing number of children with anxiety disorders in the OPT - IRIN news article
07/22/2011WBN410OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (13 - 19 July 2011) - Report
07/21/2011OCHA_AreaC-FactsheetHumanitarian fast facts on Area C of the West Bank - OCHA factsheet
07/20/2011UNRWA-UNICEF_Water-MiehMiehUNRWA and UNICEF inaugurate water well in Mieh Mieh camp, in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
07/20/2011UNRWA_HealthFestivalUNRWA health festival stresses diabetes and hypertension awareness - UNRWA press release
07/15/2011WBN409OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (6 - 12 July 2011) - Report
07/14/2011Patients from Gaza face obstacles in accessing right to health - WHO press release
07/14/2011WHO-GazaPatientReferralsThousands of Palestinians referred for medical treatment outside Gaza due to inadequate facilities - WHO Report
07/13/2011UNRWA_SummerCampUNRWA supports summer camp for woman in Iraq Burin - UNRWA article
07/08/2011UNRWA_PerinatalCareAndalucía regional government supports UNRWA perinatal care - UNRWA press release
07/05/2011IRIN_BornAtCheckpointBorn at a checkpoint - Women in labour caught at oPt checkpoints - IRIN news article
07/05/2011WBN408OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (29 June-5 July 2011) - Report
06/30/2011DPR/Chron/2011/6Chronological Review of Events/June 2011- DPR review
06/30/2011HM0611The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2011) - OCHA report
06/28/2011WBN407OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (22-28 June 2011) - Report
06/24/2011WBN406OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (8 - 21 June 2011) - Report
06/23/2011UNRWA_KidsenjoybeachesUNRWA school girls enjoy a summer of fun on Gaza's beaches - UNRWA article
06/23/2011Falk_EndBlockadeUN Special Rapporteur Falk calls for immediate lifting of Israel's blockade of Gaza - UN news item
06/21/2011Annual Report 2010 of the EU’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Policies and their Implementation in the OPT & Lebanon - EU press report/Non-UN document (excerpts)
06/21/2011Jordan PM al-Bakheet warns of instability if UNRWA is not property funded - UNRWA press release
06/21/2011Live theatre performances deliver health messages to Palestinian refugees in Jordan - UNRWA article
06/21/2011UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement to UNRWA's Advisory Commission - Impact of recent development in the OPT and the region on Palestine refugees - Press release
06/20/2011Shortages of drugs and medical disposables in Ministery of Health's Gaza - WHO - Report
06/09/2011UNRWA_DemolitionWatchDemolition watch - UNRWA report
06/07/2011IRIN_HearingAidHuge demand for hearing aids among Palestinians - IRIN news article
06/07/2011WBN405OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (1 - 7 June 2011) - Report
06/01/2011UNICEF_PalChildren-AssessmentThe situation of Palestinian children in the OPT, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon - Assessment based on Rights of the Child Convention (2010) - UNICEF report
05/31/201112-20682DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIV, No. 5, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (May 2011) - DPR publication
05/31/2011UNICEFoPtNewsletter_May2011OPT Monthly Update (May 2011) - UNICEF Newsletter
05/24/2011UNRWA sponsors dental hygiene festival in the Hebron District - UNRWA press release
05/20/2011WHA64.4Health conditions in the OPT and Golan - WHO World Health Assembly - Resolution
05/20/2011UNRWA-HealthDept_2010RptUNRWA health programme - Department of Health 2010 Annual Report - Executive Summary
05/20/2011UNRWA_HealthDept2010RptPalestine refugee health as much at risk today as in 1950, says new report - UNRWA Dept of Health 2010 annual report - UNRWA press release
05/20/2011KFW-UNRWA_RefugeeCampsKfW Entwicklungsbank and UNRWA sign EUR 7.5 million agreement for Palestine refugees in camps - Living conditions - UNRWA press release
05/19/2011A64/55Committee B report on Health conditions in the OPT, Golan - WHO 64th World Health Assembly, vote on draft resolution - Report
05/19/2011A64_JOUR4Health conditions in OPT - WHO 64th World Health Assembly - WHO Journal
05/18/2011A64/B/PSR/1Health conditions in the OPT, Golan - WHO 64th World Health Assembly approves resolution - Summary and verbatim record (excerpts)
05/17/2011A64/INF/DOC./2Health conditions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem and Syrian Golan - WHO - Report by PA
05/16/2011A64/27WHO Secretariat's report on Health conditions in the OPT, Golan - WHO 64th World Health Assembly - report
05/14/2011Gaza Desalination Project - Project background - Factsheet prepared by the Secretartiat of the Union for the Mediterranean
05/14/2011Gaza Desalination Project - Project background - Factsheet prepared by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean
05/12/2011A64/INF/DOC./4Health conditions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem and Syrian Golan - WHO 64th World Health Assembly - Report by Ministry of Health of Israel
05/12/2011UNICEF and partners deliver fuel suppiles amid severe shortages of electricty in Gaza - UNICEF article
05/12/2011A64/INF/DOC./3Health conditions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem and Syrian Golan - WHO - UNRWA report
05/11/2011IRIN_Violence-SyriaViolence hurting Palestinians in Syria - IRIN news article
Economic and social repercussion of the Israeli occupation - ESCWA report
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
05/08/2011UNRWA_HealthServicesUNRWA adopts comprehensive approach in providing health services to Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
05/03/2011UNICEF_ImmunizationOPTUNICEF supports a widespread immunization campaign in oPt - UNICEF press release
05/03/2011Falk_PalChildrenUN Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories Richard Falk highlights disproportionate effect on children of prolonged Israeli occupation - OHCHR news release
05/02/2011IRIN_Access-HealthCareCut off from healthcare - IRIN news article
05/02/2011Falk_PalChildren-HrightsHuman rights situation of Palestinian children - Statement of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 (Falk)
04/28/2011UNICEF oPt Newsletter_April2011OPT Monthly Update (April 2011) - UNICEF Newsletter
04/27/2011UNRWA-CAREUNRWA launches new programme for relief of catastrophic ailments - UNRWA press release
04/26/2011HR11/080UN Special Rapporteur Falk to visit Egypt and Jordan - UNOG press release
04/19/2011PR/12/2011EU to support PA's drive to build the institutions of future Palestinian State - Press Release/Non-UN document
04/18/2011New UNESCO report shows serious psychosocial problems in Gaza schools - UNESCO press release
04/18/2011UNESCO_PSYRPTPsychosocial Assessment of Education in Gaza - UNESCO report
04/13/2011AHLC-Apr2011_UNSCOrptPalestinian state-building: A decisive period - UNSCO report to the AHLC (April 2011)
04/12/2011UNSCO report on Palestinian state-building efforts to be presented at AHLC meeting - Press release
04/11/2011UNICEF-AusAID_SanitationUNICEF and the AusAID support improved sanitation for Palestinian students - UNRWA press release
04/11/2011UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lillian Thuram visits Palestinian children in Jerusalem - UNRWA press release
04/05/2011CEDAW/C/ISR/CO/5Women Convention - Concluding observations on Israel's fourth and fifth periodic reports (excerpts)
03/31/2011UNICEF_Gaza-UnsafeWaterProtecting children from unsafe water in Gaza - Strategy, action plans and project resources - UNICEF - Summary documents
03/31/2011UNCTprog2011_PalStateBldgUN Strategic Capacity Development Programmes in Support of Palestinian State Building - UN Country Team in the OPT document
03/31/2011A/66/13 (Supp)UNRWA - 2010 Annual report of the Commissioner-General
03/31/2011UNRWA_TalbiehYoung volunteers in Jordan's Talbieh refugee camp tackle social problems - UNRWA article
03/30/2011EU and Palestinian Authority meet on Human Rights, Good Governance and Rule of Law - EU press release
03/28/2011Student-teacher team heading to Los Angeles for the Intel Fair after winning science competition - UNRWA article
03/28/2011Impact of new technologies on humanitarian and development operations - UNRWA Commissioner-General's opening statement at DIHAD Conference - Statement
03/24/2011Conferences held in Gaza City and Ramallah mark World TB Day - UNDP/PAPP press release
03/23/2011UNICEF_Water-JordanValleyAssessment of water availability and access in the areas vulnerable to drought in the Jordan Valley - UNICEF/GVC - Report
03/22/2011WBSpFocus_220311Easing the Blockade: Assessing the Impact on the Population of the Gaza Strip - OCHA Special Focus March 2011 - Report
03/21/2011UNICEF Helps Make Safe, Reliable Water Possible in the oPt - UNICEF article
03/21/2011EU and UNRWA Highlight Partnership at Village of Al-Walaja - UNRWA press release