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12/23/2015World Bank transfers US$22 million in budget support to Palestine - WB press release
12/22/2015E/CN.6/2016/6Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Secretary-General report
11/20/2015ITU_PR201115Israeli-Palestinian agreement reached on granting Palestinian operators “exclusive frequencies” - ITU
10/06/2015CAC/COSP/IRG/I/4/1/Add.25Review of implementation of UN Convention against Corruption - State of Palestine - Note by Secretariat
10/06/2015A/70/35CEIRPP 2015 report to GA
09/30/2015AHLC-SEPT2015_UNSCOrptUN Special Coordinator's report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - UNSCO report
09/30/2015EMR_AHLC270915Economic Monitoring Report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - World Bank report
09/30/2015Norway's Foreign Minister Brende's opening statement at AHLC - Norway MoFA press release/Non-UN document
09/29/2015Palestinians getting poorer for third year in row - World Bank press release
09/22/2015UN Special Coordinator's report warns that lack of peace process and rising extremism threaten Palestinian statehood aspirations and Israel's security - UNSCO press release
09/18/2015IMF_ALCRpt180915IMF's report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - IMF report
09/15/2015S/PV.7521Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Verbatim record
09/14/2015EU_100915New €88 million EU support to socio-economic development and institution-building in Palestine - European Commission press release/Non-UN document
08/12/2015UN Resident Coordinator said young people need opportunities for civic participation - OCHA Statement
08/05/2015UN-Habitat and partners launch new planning initiative in State of Palestine - UN-Habitat press release
07/31/2015HB310715Humanitarian Bulletin (July 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
07/31/2015A/AC.183/SR.369CEIRPP 369th meeting - briefing on UNRWA@65 Conference, report on UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People, consideration of programme for UN Roundtable on Legal Aspects on Question of Palestine, civil society organization accredation - Summary record
07/02/2015553/15EU Police Mission for Palestinian Territories extended - European Council press release/Non-UN document
07/01/2015HB310515Humanitarian Bulletin (May 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
06/25/2015World Bank makes US$2 million grant to Palestinian water sector - World Bank press release
06/24/2015SC/11940USG for Political Affairs briefs Security Council on Middle East situation, including Palestinian question - Press release
06/19/2015World Bank grants US$55 million for Palestinian development - WB press release
06/18/2015IMF_15/282Statement at end of IMF Mission to West Bank and Gaza - IMF press release
06/17/2015UN-Habitat and UNDP facilitate spatial visioning exercise for Gaza and West Bank - UN-Habitat/UNDP/ISOCARP joint statement
06/11/2015Office of Quartet Representative organizes workshop on ways to increase access to affordable housing in Nablus - OQR news item/Non-UN document
06/10/2015UNESCO facilitates workshop on revision of draft “Palestinian Cultural Heritage Law” - UNESCO press release
06/02/2015UNSCO_UNITYGOVTUN Special Coordinator encourages efforts for Palestinian unity - UNSCO statement
05/29/2015HB300415Humanitarian Bulletin (April 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
05/28/2015Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs Brende's opening address to AHLC - Norway MoFA speech/Non-UN document
05/27/2015AHLCMay2015_OQRrptQuartet Representative's Report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting (Brussels, 27 May 2015) in Support of Palestinian State-Building - OQR report/Non-UN document
05/27/2015AHLC/May2015/WBWorld Bank report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting (Brussels, 27 May 2015) - WB report
05/27/2015AHLC-May2015_UNSCOrptUN Special Coordinator's report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - UNSCO report
05/27/2015OQR Head of Mission calls for empowerment of Palestinian economy at Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting - OQR speech/Non-UN document
05/27/2015150527_05Ad Hoc Liaison Committee Chair's Summary (Brussels, 27 May 2015) - EEAS press release/Non-UN document
05/25/2015The time for courage and vision for Middle East peace is now - Op Ed by Jeffrey Feltman, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs/Non-UN document
05/21/2015AHLC/May 2015/QROQuartet Representative's Office submits report to Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee - OQR press release/Non-UN document
05/21/2015Gaza economy on verge of collapse, World Bank says in report to AHLC - WB press release
05/21/2015UN-Habitat study finds planning needs to change in the occupied West Bank - Press release
05/20/2015World Bank transfers US$77 million in support of budget needs of Palestinian Authority - WB press release
05/18/2015IMF_ALCRpt180515IMF's Report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (Brussels, 27 May 2015) - IMF report
05/13/2015ILC104DGAPPSituation of workers of occupied Arab territories - ILO Director-General's report (Appendix)
05/05/2015EU and Netherlands contribute €16.1 million to PA's payment of April salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document
05/04/2015UNDP launches Palestinian Human Development Report enhancing capacity of Palestinians to persevere - UNDP press release
05/04/2015PALHUMDEVRPT2014 Palestine Human Development Report: Development for Empowerment - UNDP report
05/02/2015HB310315Humanitarian Bulletin (March 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
04/28/2015PR/09/2014PA and EU convene annual Joint Committee session in Ramallah - EU press release/Non-UN document
Secretary-General briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Press release
04/21/2015SC/11868Tough compromises vital to salvaging two-state solution, Secretary-General tells Security Council debate on crisis in Middle East - Press release
04/21/2015SC11868_CEIRPPChStStatement by Palestinian Rights Committee Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document
04/19/2015New documentary does not give audience fair and balanced portrait of UNRWA's education work - UNRWA statement
04/18/2015UNSCO_TaxRevUN Special Coordinator welcomes agreement that allows Israel to release PA tax revenues - UNSCO statement
04/15/2015UNRWA announces first stage of camp improvement pilot project in Gaza - UNRWA press release
04/15/2015UNSCO_MlaHamMeetUN Special Coordinator Mladenov meets with PM Hamdallah - UNSCO press release
04/08/2015Electricity non-payment and arrears destabilize Palestinian economy - World Bank press release
04/08/2015World Bank and Palestine Monetary Authority organize workshop to discuss design of new Credit Guarantee Facility for Gaza private sector - World Bank press release
04/08/2015IMF Assessment Letter on West Bank and Gaza for Norwegian authorities - IMF letter
04/02/2015Japan_WBTFJapan contributes to the PA budget through the World Bank - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document
03/25/2015MEMO/15/4681European Neighbourhood Policy Country Progress Report 2014 - Palestine - European Commission fact sheet/Non-UN document
03/25/2015SWD(2015) 71 finalImplementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Palestine Progress in 2014 and recommendations for actions - Europeeen Commission working document/Non-UN document
03/23/2015HB280215Humanitarian Bulletin (February 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
03/16/2015PR/03/2015EU provides €7.3 million to improve quality and coverage of service delivery by Palestinian municipalities - EU press release/Non-UN document
03/12/2015UK_HRReport2014Human Rights and Democracy Report 2014: Israel & the OPTs - UK F&CO report/Non-UN document
03/05/2015EUPOL COPPS facilitates visit of Palestinian justice sector officials to London - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document
03/02/2015UNSCO_SerryFinalStatement by UN Special Coordinator Serry on his final visit to Gaza - UNSCO statement
02/26/2015OCHA_JOINTSTATEJoint statement of 30 int'l. aid agencies issue says, "We must not fail in Gaza" - Jt. statement/Non-UN document
02/25/2015HB310115Humanitarian Bulletin (January 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report
02/17/2015EC15-026EU releases €212 million to ensure basic social services to Palestinian people - EU press release/Non-UN document
02/12/2015OCHA_2015AIDREQ2015 Strategic Response Plan requests $705 million for humanitarian needs of Palestinians - OCHA press release
01/29/2015IMF_15/24IMF Mission assesses recent economic development in West Bank and Gaza - IMF press release
01/28/2015EUPOL COPPS provides human right training for Palestinian judges and prosecutors - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document
01/23/2015EUPOL COPPS provides code of conduct training to Palestinian civil police - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document
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