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12/21/2010NGOflyer12-2010NGO Network on the Question of Palestine - Flyer
12/16/2010UNRWA-IFI_ConferenceFrom Relief and Works to Human Development: UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees after 60 years - UNRWA/AUB/IFII conference programme - Press release
12/13/2010SharekForumClosureUN sports official expresses concern over closure of Sharek Youth Forum in the Gaza Strip - UN news item
12/09/2010A/AC.183/SR.327CEIRPP 327th meeting - Consideration of draft GA resolutions - Summary record
12/07/2010Closure of Sharek Youth Forum in the Gaza Strip - UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in the OPT statement - UNSCO press release
11/29/2010DashedHopes_GazaBlockadeDashed Hopes - Continuation of the Gaza Blockade - Report by aid agencies and international human rights groups/Non-UN document
11/22/2010M10/009International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - UNOG - Press release
11/02/2010A/AC.183/SR.325CEIRPP 325th meeting - Summary record
10/22/2010PrConf_Falk-221010Human rights situation in the OPT - Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) - Press conference
10/21/2010A/AC.183/SR.326CEIRPP 326th meeting - Adoption of draft report - Summary record
10/17/2010UNDP signs agreement with Palestinian NGOs to empower women in Gaza - UNDP/PAPP press release
10/06/2010A/HRC/RES/15/1Follow-up to the report of the independent international fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla - HRC 15th session - Resolution
10/01/2010A/HRC/15/L.10Human Rights Council - 15th regular session (13 Sept-1 Oct 2010) - Draft report (excerpts)
09/29/2010HRC/10/116Human Rights Council adopts texts on follow-up on report of Fact-Finding Mission on flotilla attack and on Committee of Independent Experts on Gaza conflict - Press release
09/28/2010HRC/10/112Human Rights Council holds interactive dialogue on report of the fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla incident - Press release
09/28/2010Interview_GazaFlotillaMissionInterview with Chief of the UN fact-finding mission on the Gaza aid flotilla - UN Radio audio feed
09/27/2010PCOHCHR20100927Report of Cttee of experts investigating violations during Operation Cast Lead - UNOG Press Services audio feed
09/27/2010HRC/10/111Fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla incident presents report to Human Rights council - Press release
09/27/2010A/HRC/15/L.33Follow-up to the report of the independent international fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla - HRC 15th session - Draft resolution (adopted)
09/23/2010HR10/195UN fact-finding mission on Gaza flotilla to hold press conference after issuing report - Press release
09/23/2010FlotillaReportHRC panel report finds Israeli actions against Gaza aid flotilla incident "unlawful" – UN news item
09/13/2010HRC/10/089Human Rights Council Opens Fifteenth Regular Session - Update on the activities of the office of the High Commissioner - Press release (excerpts)
08/30/2010A/65/331Human rights situation in OPT, Goldstone report - Special Rapporteur (Falk) - Report, SecGen note
08/27/2010HR10/136UN fact-finding mission on Gaza flotilla concludes visit to Turkey - Press release
08/25/2010UN Fact-finding Mission on Gaza flotilla awaits Israeli response - UN Radio audio feed
08/24/2010A 167/10EU High Representative Ashton statement on conviction of human rights defender Abdallah Abu Rahma - EU press release/Non-UN document
08/23/2010HR10/133UN fact-finding mission on Gaza flotilla to interview witnesses in Turkey and Jordan - Press release
08/23/2010HRCmission_Turkey-JordanThe UN Human Rights Council mission on the Gaza flotilla departs for Turkey, Jordan - UN news item
08/12/2010World Bank Grants Palestinian Authority US$5 Million for Training of Primary School Teachers -- World Bank press release
08/12/2010SG/SM/13057Flotilla Inquiry Panel convenes and will strive to produce interim report by 15 September - SecGen statement - Press release
08/11/2010Panel of Inquiry into Gaza aid flotilla incident, peace process - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)
08/10/2010SecGen meeting with Panel of Inquiry into Gaza aid flotilla incident - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)
08/10/2010HRC/10/130Human Rights Council fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla incident opens in Geneva - Press release
08/09/2010SG/SM/13051Panel of Inquiry on the Gaza aid flotilla incident - SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)
08/03/2010Rocket attacks on Israel & Jordan, Panel of Inquiry on Gaza flotilla incident - SecGen remarks to the press in Tokyo (excerpts)
08/02/2010A/65/1 (Supp)Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)
08/02/2010UN Panel of Inquiry into Gaza aid flotilla incident - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)
07/31/2010DPR/Chron/2010/7Chronological Review of Events/July 2010 - DPR review
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Lisbon, 22-23July 2010) - Opening session - Press release
07/23/2010HRC/10/087Human Rights Council establishes panel to investigate Gaza aid flotilla raid - Press release
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Lisbon, 22-23July 2010) - Concluding session - Press release
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Lisbon, 22-23July 2010) - Panel discussions - Press release
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Lisbon, 22-23July 2010) - Background release
07/13/2010Jerusalem house demolitions/Libyan ship to Gaza/Flotilla raid - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing highlights (excerpts)
07/09/2010A/AC.183/SR.324CEIRPP 324th meeting, briefing by Amb. Peck on Gaza flotilla - Summary record
07/08/2010Supporting NGOs - Improving the quality and sustainability of NGO social service delivery - World Bank feature story
07/08/20102011/014/MNAWorld Bank Approves $2M Project in the West Bank - World Bank press release
07/07/2010SecGen meeting with Israeli Premier, Gaza flotilla inquiry - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)
07/02/201010-61486UN African Meeting on the Question of Palestine: “Strengthening the support by African States for a just and lasting solution of the question of Palestine” (Rabat, 1-2 July 2010) - Report - DPR publication
06/30/2010WBGupdateJune2010West Bank and Gaza update: Support for Private Sector Growth and Institution Building Under Unstable Conditions - World Bank publication
06/30/2010HM0610The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2010) - OCHA report
06/25/20102010/501/MENAWorld Bank Proposes $55 Million in New Funding for West Bank and Gaza projects - World Bank press release
06/25/2010SecGen proposal for an international investigation into flotilla aid raid - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing highlights (excerpts)
Attack on Gaza aid flotilla - OIC communiqué, Letter from Syria
06/22/2010A/AC.183/SR.322CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
06/21/2010A/AC.183/SR.323CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
06/18/2010HRC/10/086Human Rights Council Concludes Fourteenth Regular Session -- HRC press release (Excerpts)
06/18/2010WBN361OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA Weekly Report 9-15 June 2010
06/17/2010P7_TA-PROV(2010)0235Israeli military operation against the humanitarian flotilla and the Gaza blockade - European Parliament resolution/Non-UN document
06/17/2010EUParl_Flotilla-blockadeEuropean Parliament calls for international inquiry on flotilla attack and end to blockade - EU press release/Non-UN document
06/16/2010Israeli raid on the Freedom Flotilla - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey press release/Non-UN document
06/15/2010Red right arrow IconS/PV.6340Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza aid flotilla - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
06/15/2010SC/9954Mideast peace process, Gaza blockade - UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry briefs SecCo - Press release
06/14/2010HRC/10/077Human Rights Council considers situation in OATs, follow-up to Goldstone report - Press release
06/14/2010Gaza closure, flotilla inquiry - European Council conclusions/Non-UN document
06/11/2010WBN360OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA Weekly Report 2-8 June 2010
06/11/2010FlotillaInquiryGaza flotilla inquiry must comply with standards, UN expert says - UN news item
06/11/2010Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions: Israeli inquiry into Gaza flotilla raid must be given genuine capacity to find facts - OHCHR press release
06/10/2010GA/PAL/1167CEIRPP meeting, briefing by former US Amb. Peck on Gaza flotilla - Press release
06/08/2010GATurksFlotAssembly President and Turkish Leader Discuss Gaza Flotilla Incident - UN news item (excerpts)
06/08/2010Gaza flotilla investigation - SecGen Spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)
06/08/2010Aid convoy to Gaza - CEIRPP upcoming press conference feat. former US diplomat - Media advisory
06/08/2010SG Stresses Importance of International Involvement in Probe into Flotilla Incident - SecGen Spokesperson - Noon briefing (Excerpts)
06/07/2010A/HRC/13/53/Rev.1Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/"Goldstone report", settlements - Special Rapporteur (Falk)/HRC 13th session - Report (Revised)
Attack on aid flotilla to Gaza - OIC statement, Letter from Syria