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12/21/1949Red right arrow IconT/RES/427Jerusalem - Removal of Israel's offices to the city - Trusteeship Council resolution
12/20/1949Red right arrow IconT/RES/426Jerusalem - Statute for the city - Trusteeship Council resolution
12/15/1949S/1435UNCCP 5th progress report - Letter from SecGen to the SecCo President
12/14/1949A/1252UNCCP - 5th progress report
12/12/1949A/AC.25/NC/25UNCCP - memo transmitting assistance request from Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem
12/10/1949Red right arrow IconA/RES/356 (IV)Jerusalem/International regime/Financing - GA resolution
12/09/1949Red right arrow IconA/RES/303 (IV)Jerusalem/International regime/ Protection of holy places - GA resolution
11/30/1949Red right arrow Icon229Jerusalem - Principal Holy Sites - Armistice line - Map
11/29/1949PAL/539Palestine question - Israel and Jordan negotiate on single demarcation line for Jerusalem - Press release
11/25/1949A/AC.31/L.42Supervision and protection of Holy Places in Jerusalem draft agreement - Draft resolution
11/17/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/8Mtg/ w/ Arab delegations re. protection of holy places, Economic Survey Mission report & draft Instrument for Jerusalem - UNCCP - Summary record
11/14/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/6Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. the refugee question & the protection of Holy Places - UNCCP - Summary record
11/12/1949Red right arrow IconA/973/Add.1UNCCP Jerusalem international regime proposal - UNCCP statement
10/26/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/3Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. refugees, territorial questions & protection of Holy Places - UNCCP - Summary record
10/25/1949Red right arrow IconS/PV.453
S/INF/3/Rev. 1
Jerusalem/Demilitarization - SecCo discussion postponement - Decision
10/22/1949A/AC.25/SR/NYM/1Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. territorial demands & the role of UNCCP as mediator - UNCCP - Summary record
10/20/1949S/1411Demilitarization of Jerusalem - SecCo deliberations - Letter from Israel
09/22/1949Red right arrow IconA/992Palestine refugees, Economic Survey Mission - UNCCP 4th progress report
09/13/1949A/AC.25/SR.103Commission discusses draft of 4th Progress Report to the SecGen - UNCCP 103rd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
09/12/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/39Meeting w/ Israeli delegation re. the need to modify existing/come up with new proposals in light of the lack of progress on refugee/territorial issues - UNCCP 39th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
09/12/1949Red right arrow IconA/973Jerusalem/International regime - UNCCP draft instrument - UNCCP communication
09/12/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/38Meeting w/ Arab delegations re. the need to modify existing/come up with new proposals in light of the lack of progress on refugee/territorial issues - UNCCP 38th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
09/09/1949A/AC.25/SR.101Territorial issues, blocked accounts, Jerusalem statute - UNCCP 101st Meeting - Summary record
09/07/1949PAL/526Palestine question - Installation of governmental services in Jerusalem - Press release
09/06/1949A/AC.25/PRESS/16UNCCP - Israeli governmental services in Jerusalem - Communiqué
09/05/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.57Meeting w/ the Israeli delegation re. moving government offices to Jerusalem - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 57th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
09/02/1949A/AC.25/SR.97Terms of Reference for the UN representative in Jerusalem - UNCCP 97th Meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
09/02/1949A/AC.25/2Conciliation Commission - Holy places - draft declaration
09/02/1949A/AC.25/1.Add.1Conciliation Commission - Jerusalem regime - statement
09/01/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.56Cover letter for the draft declaration concerning Holy Places, religious buildings and sites in Palestine, terms of reference for the UN representative in Jerusalem - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 56th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
09/01/1949A/AC.25/1Jerusalem international regime - UNCCP - draft instrument
09/01/1949A/AC.25/SR.96Examination of report of Technical Cttee on Refugees, Transmission of the Jerusalem Status; Economic Survey Mission - UNCCP 96th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/31/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.55Cover letter to the draft Instrument establishing an international regime in the Jerusalem area - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 55th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/29/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.54Third Progress Report - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 54th mtg (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/29/1949A/AC.25/SR.93Proposed Appointment of Jerusalem representative - UNCCP 93rd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/29/1949A/AC.25/SR.92Report of Cttee on Jerusalem, discussion on draft - UNCCP 92nd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/29/1949A/AC.25/AR/17Arab response to UNCCP questionnaire of 15 August 1949 - Letter and memo to UNCCP from Arab delegations (Lausanne conference)
08/27/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/12Draft of the international regime for Jerusalem/Third Progress Report - UNCCP Cttee on Jerusalem - Report
08/26/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.53Third Progress Report, international regime for Jerusalem - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 53rd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/25/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.52Third Progress Report - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 52nd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/25/1949A/AC.25/SR.91Demiliterizaton of Jerusalem - UNCCP 91st meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/24/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/34Peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, refugee question, economic survey mission/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 34th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/24/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/33Peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, refugee question, economic survey mission/Meeting with Israel - UNCCP 33rd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/24/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.51Third Progress Report - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 51st mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/23/1949A/AC.25/SR.90Establishment of Economic survey mission, appointment of UN Rep. in Jerusalem, memo of Arab refugee organizations, mtg. with rep. of Acting Mediator - UNCCP 90th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/22/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/5Holy places in Palestine - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - Papal letter
08/18/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.49Draft declaration on the Holy Places and religious sites outside of Jerusalem - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 49th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/13/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.47Meeting w/ the Israeli delegation re. moving offices to Jerusalem & Mr. Ben Gurion's remarks - UNCCP Cttee on Jerusalem's 47th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/13/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.48Draft proposal on the Instrument establishing an international regime for the Jerusalem area - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 48th mtg (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/12/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/11Control of Waqf Property in Jerusalem- UNCCP/Jerusalem Committee - Memorandum
08/12/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.46Instrument on the international regime for the Jerusalem area - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 46th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/10/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/W.8Anglo-French agreement for the re-establishment of the international administration of Tangier - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - working document
08/10/1949ChronNotesChronological Media notes on Holy Places in Jerusalem - UNCCP/Committee on Jerusalem - Media Notes
08/06/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.45Instrument on the international regime for the Jerusalem area, control of religious properties, Russian Orthodox properties - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 45th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/04/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.44Amendments to the international regime for the Jerusalem area - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 44th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/03/1949A/AC.25/SR.85Discussion on the discovery of explosives in Jerusalem/Holy places - UNCCP 85th Meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record
08/03/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.43Amendments to the Instrument on the international regime for the Jerusalem area - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 43rd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record
08/02/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/29Peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, refugee question/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 29th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record