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12/24/1948S/1151Mideast situation/Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
12/24/1948S/1147Mideast situation/Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
12/17/1948S/1126Mideast situation/Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
12/02/1948S/1098Israeli attack on commercial aircraft/Truce violation - Letter from Acting Mediator
11/25/1948S/1088Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Egypt
11/08/1948S/1073Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Israel
11/08/1948S/1074Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Egypt
11/04/1948S/1068Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Cablegram from Secretary-General Arab League to UN SecGen
10/23/1948S/1022Truce violations, request for SecCo meeting - Letter from Egypt
10/23/1948S/1052Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Egypt
10/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/PV.367
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Negeb situation - SecCo decision
10/15/1948PAL/336Truce violations by Arab forces in Jerusalem - Chair of SecCo Truce Commission - Cablegram, Press release
09/29/1948S/1019Attack on UN-led convoy - Cablegram from Acting Mediator
09/28/1948S/1016Attack on Transjordan civil plane - Cablegram from Transjordan Foreign Minister
09/28/1948Red right arrow IconS/1018Assassination of the UN Mediator - UNTSO report
09/25/1948S/1014Attack on UN-led convoy - Cablegram from Acting Mediator
09/25/1948S/1013Investigation on alleged violation by Jewish forces - Cablegram from Acting Mediator
09/22/1948PAL/307Palestine question - Attack on Jewish convoy - Press release
09/21/1948S/1007Assassination of UN Mediator - Extracts from letter from Israel
09/18/1948S/1002Assassination of UN Mediator - Cablegram from SecGen Personal Representative
09/18/1948PAL/298Palestine question - Eyewitness account of UN Mediator's assassination - Press release
09/18/1948S/RES/57 (1948)Peace-seeking mission in the Holy Land/ Death of the UN Mediator in Palestine (Bernadotte) - SecCo resolution
09/18/1948PAL/292Palestine question - Attack on UN Mediator, Observer - Press release
09/18/1948S/1005Assassination of UN Mediator - Cablegram from Israel
08/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/56 (1948)
Situation in Jerusalem/Truce violations - SecCo resolution
08/14/1948PAL/245Palestine question - UN team to investigate Latrun incident - Press release
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Jerusalem/Water supply - SecCo decision
08/12/1948S/963Destruction of Latrun pumping station - Cablegram from the Mediator
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Mideast situation/Refugees/Displaced, detained persons - SecCo information requests - SecCo decision
07/12/1948S/877/Add.1Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from SecCo Truce Commission - Addendum
07/09/1948S/877Palestine question/Truce violation - Telegram from SecCo Truce Commission
05/29/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/50 (1948)
Hostilities in Palestine/Military observers/Chapter VII - SecCo calls for cease-fire orders for a period of four weeks, gives instructions to supervise observance - SecCo resolution
05/26/1948S/792SecCo resolution 46 - Truce in Palestine - Response by Iraq, Arab States
05/22/1948S/769Mideast situation/Truce violations - Cablegram from SecCo president, Iraqi response
05/22/1948S/771Shooting of US Consul-General Jerusalem - Telegram from United States Representative
05/22/1948S/768Mideast situation/Truce violations - Cablegram from SecCo president, Syrian response
05/22/1948S/767Mideast situation/Truce violations - SecCo questions, Egyptian response
05/20/1948S/757Mideast situation/Truce violations - Cablegram from Chairman SecCo Truce Commission/Israel
05/19/1948S/754Shipment of military equipment - Letter/Cablegram from Israel
05/18/1948S/750Jerusalem/Arab attack on Armenian Patriarchate - Letter/Cablegram from Israel
05/18/1948PAL/171Attack on Jewish quarter Jerusalem - Letter/Cable from Israel, Press release
Palestine question - A questionnaire to the parties - SecCo decision
05/04/1948PAL/164Palestine question - Telegram from King Abdullah - Press release
04/30/1948A/AC.21/M/38UN Palestine Commission - Attack on Jewish ambulance - Communication from Hadassah
04/26/1948A/AC.21/UK/123UN Palestine Commission - Situation in Haifa - Letter from United Kingdom
04/26/1948A/AC.21/SR.68Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Future work of Comission, Food situation in Palestine, Police force, Attack - UNPC 68th mtg. - Summary record
04/26/1948A/AC.21/UK/126UN Palestine Commission - Situation in Haifa - Letter from United Kingdom
04/22/1948A/AC.21/UK/120UN Palestine Commission - Heavy fighting in Haifa - Letter from United Kingdom
04/22/1948A/AC.21/UK/119UN Palestine Commission - Arab attack on medical convoy - Letter from United Kingdom
04/21/1948A/AC.21/SR.66Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Consultation with Agudath Israel, Communication with Haddasah Org. - UNPC 66th mtg. - Summary record
04/20/1948A/AC.21/SR.64Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Commission accommodations, Communications with UK on outstanding matters, draft report to GA, Prov. Gov't for the Jewish State - UNPC 64th mtg. - Summary record
04/20/1948A/AC.21/UK/112UN Palestine Commission - German internees in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom
04/20/1948A/AC.21/UK/113UN Palestine Commission - Attack on Deir Yassin (9 April 1948) - Letter from United Kingdom
04/17/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/46 (1948)
United Kingdom Mandatory Power/ SecCo President's truce efforts/Arms embargo - SecCo resolution
04/16/1948A/AC.21/M/36UN Palestine Commission - Attack on Jewish ambulance - Cablegram from Jewish Community Council, Jerusalem
04/14/1948A/AC.21/P/45UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
04/13/1948A/AC.21/P/44UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
04/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/100UN Palestine Commission - Food supplies for Jewish population - Letter from United Kingdom
04/08/1948A/AC.21/P/42UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
04/07/1948A/AC.21/P/49UN Palestine Commission - References to Palestine in the British House of Commons