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12/31/2008Dev23Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2008
12/22/2008WBGFSRreportNov08_PrReleaseWorld Bank reviews the Palestinian Financial Sector - World Bank press release
12/21/2008WBGFSRreportNov08West Bank and Gaza: Financial Sector Review - World Bank report
12/18/2008S/PV.6049 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record
12/18/2008SC/9544United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process Robert Serry briefs SecCo, debate - Press release
12/18/2008S/PV.6049Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record
12/17/2008SG/SM/12014Middle East peace process - SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)
12/16/2008SCmtg_16DecSecCo adopts resolution calling on Israel, Palestinians to fulfil obligations for two-State peace - UN news item
12/16/2008Red right arrow IconS/RES/1850 (2008)Annapolis process - SecCo resolution
12/16/2008PalTradeWBRoutesDec08Palestinian Trade: West Bank routes - World Bank report
SecCo ministerial meeting on Mideast situation/ Palestine question - SecGen statement - Press release
12/16/2008SC/9539Middle East situation/Palestine question - SecCo ministerial meeting, adoption of resolution 1850 (2008) - Press release
12/16/2008S/PV.6045Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo ministerial meeting, adoption of resolution 1850 (2008)- Verbatim record
12/15/2008SG/2147Quartet principals meeting, statement (15 December 2008) - Press release
12/15/2008PrConf_Quartet15DecSecGen, Quartet press conference (15 December 2008) - Press release
UN Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Santiago, 11-12 Dec. 2008) - SecGen message - Press release
12/03/2008SC/9518Middle East situation/Libyan vessel to Gaza - SecCo meeting - Press release
11/25/2008S/PV.6022Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
11/25/2008A/63/PV.59Mideast situation - GA debate, introduction of draft resolutions - Verbatim record
11/10/2008SG/2145Quartet principals meeting with PA President Abbas and Israeli FM Livni, statement (9 November 2008) - Press release
11/09/2008Quartet statement, SG remarks at joint press conference (9 November 2008) - Press release
10/31/200809-45696DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 10 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (October 2008) - DPR publication
10/22/2008S/PV.5999Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
10/22/2008MidEast Situation / Palestinian Question SecCo briefing - Daily press briefing by the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)
10/21/2008Arab Peace Initiative - Daily press briefing by the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)
10/17/2008SGrpt_peacefulsettlementBan urges Israel and Palestinians to peaceful settlement/Annual report released - UN news item
10/14/2008UN Special Coordinator holds talks in Jordan - Daily press briefing by the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)
10/14/2008Serry_JordanUN Special Coordinator holds talks in Jordan - UN news item
09/30/200809-21621DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 9 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (September 2008) - DPR publication
09/29/2008Jordan FM urges stronger efforts to end Middle East crisis - UN news item
09/26/2008SG/2143Quartet principals meeting, statement (26 September 2008) - Press release
09/26/2008Abbas_GA63Palestinian leader voices hope at UN that Arab-led initiative will bring peace - GA 63rd session - UN news item
09/26/2008SC/9457Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Israeli settlements - SecCo ministerial meeting - Press release
09/24/2008IsrPres_GA63Israeli President Peres says Israeli-Palestinian peace talks could be completed within next year - GA 63rd session - UN news item
Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - SecGen report
08/31/200809-21618DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 8 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (August 2008) - DPR publication
08/30/2008International Women's Commission for a Just and Sustainable Palestinian-Israeli Peace - Political vision
08/20/2008USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - UN news item
07/09/2008UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process wraps up talks in Egypt and Jordan - UN news item
06/30/200808-59073DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 6 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (June 2008) - DPR publication
06/27/2008SC/9379Director of DPA/Asia and Pacific Division Lisa Buttenheim briefs SecCo - Progress in Middle East - Press release
05/31/200808-59069DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 5 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (May 2008) - DPR publication
04/30/200808-41130DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 4 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (April 2008) - DPR publication
04/30/2008SecGen to host upcoming Middle East Quartet meeting - UN news item
04/17/2008HR/08/043Situation in Gaza and the West Bank - Statement by Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard)
03/31/200808-38829DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 3 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (March 2008) - DPR publication
03/02/2008Situation in Gaza and southern Israel - UK Foreign Secretary statement - Non-UN document
01/31/200808-38714DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 1 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (January 2008) - DPR publication
01/21/2008A/RES/62/83Palestine question/Peaceful settlement/Quartet efforts - GA resolution
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