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08/31/2017WBN690Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (15-28 August 2017)
08/30/2017Red right arrow IconIRIN_EUAideUN Secretary-General calls for Palestinian unity in remarks at UNRWA school, Gaza
08/25/2017GAZACRISISEWI_JULY17Gaza Crisis: Early Warning Indicators (July 2017) - OCHA Infographic
08/24/2017Humanitarian Fund for the oPt Releases Additional US$2.5 Million to Alleviate Ongoing Hardships in Gaza - OCHA Press Release
08/18/2017Statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Piper on the Occasion of World Humanitarian Day
08/17/2017WBN689Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (1-14 August 2017)
08/17/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJULY17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, July 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
08/15/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue204UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 204)
08/14/2017GAZACRISISEWI_JUNE17Gaza Crisis: Early Warning Indicators (June 2017) - OCHA Infographic
08/05/2017HB050817OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (July 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
08/03/2017WBN688Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (18-31 July 2017)
07/31/2017WFPBrief_310717WFP Palestine Country Brief
07/28/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue203UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 203)
07/25/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJUNE17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, June 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
07/22/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue202UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 202)
07/20/2017WBN687Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (4-17 July 2017)
07/17/2017Power Outages, Restrictions on Movement and Imports Bringing Gaza Health Sector "to its Knees", Warns WHO - WHO Press Release
07/16/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue201UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 201)
07/15/2017UNICEFSitRpt_150717UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) April-June 2017
07/13/2017Quartet Envoys Express Serious Concern Over Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Gaza - Quartet Envoys' Joint Press Statement
07/12/2017Power Shortages in Gaza Deepening the Humanitarian Crisis, Say UN Rights Experts - UNHCHR Press Release
07/10/2017TD/B/64/4Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian People: Developments in the Economy of the oPt - UNCTAD Report
07/06/2017WBN686Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (20 June -3 July 2017)
07/06/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue200UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 200)
07/03/2017HB030717OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (May-June 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
07/03/2017Appeal for Funding to Stablize Gaza Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions - OCHA Press Release
07/03/2017OCHAAPPEAL_0307172017 Gaza Crisis: Urgent Funding Appeal - OCHA Report
06/30/2017WFPBrief_300617WFP Palestine Country Brief, June 2017 - WFP Update
06/24/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue199UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 199)
06/22/2017WBN685Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (13-19 June 2017)
06/15/2017WBN684Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (30 May - 12 June 2017)
06/15/2017Immediate Action Needed as Gaza Power Cuts Spark Humanitarian Crisis, Special Rapporteur on OPT Warns – OHCHR Press Release
06/15/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSMAY17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, May 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
06/15/2017FSS_1stQuarter17Food Security Sector in Palestine (2017 Q1 Highlights) - FSS Report
06/15/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue198UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 198)
06/14/2017Statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator on the Rapidly Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation in Gaza
06/12/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue197UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 197)
06/07/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSAPRIL17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, April 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
06/04/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue196UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 196)
06/01/2017WBN683Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (16 -28 May 2017)
05/31/2017OCHA_HumOverview-May2016Fragmented Lives - Humanitarian Overview 2016 - OCHA Annual Report
05/31/2017UN Report: Occupation is the Main Cause of Humanitarian Needs in the OPT - OCHA Press Release
05/29/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue195UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 195)
05/26/2017S/PV.7953Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record
05/24/2017WFPBrief_300417WFP Palestine Country Brief, April 2017 - WFP Update
05/20/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue194UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 194)
05/18/2017WBN682Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (2 -15 May 2017)
05/14/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue193UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 193)
05/10/2017HB100517OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (April 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
05/10/2017ECHOFactSheet_April17European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - Palestine April 2017 - ECHO Factsheet
05/07/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue192UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 192)
05/05/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSS1STQ17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, January - March 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
05/04/2017WBN681Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (18 April - 01 May 2017)
05/04/2017UNESCO_201EX/41Jerusalem, Gaza, Hebron, cultural heritage - Draft UNESCO Exec. Board Decisions
04/30/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue191UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 191)
04/24/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSMARCH17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, March 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
04/21/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue190UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 190)
04/20/2017WBN680Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (4-18 April 2017)
04/19/2017HUMFUNDRPT162016 OPT Humanitarian Fund Annual Report - OCHA
04/13/2017HB130417OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (March 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
04/13/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue189UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 189)
04/13/2017UNICEFSitRpt_130417UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) Jan.-March 2017
04/09/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue188UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 188)
04/06/2017WBN679Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report (21 March - 3 April 2017)
04/02/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue187UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 187)
03/30/2017A/71/849Operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) - Secretary-General Report
03/23/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue186UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 186)
03/23/2017WBN678Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (7 - 20 March 2017)
03/21/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSFEB17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, February 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
03/21/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJAN17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, January 2017 - UNRWA Infographic
03/20/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue185UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 185)
03/13/2017FSS_4thQuarter16Food Security Sector in Palestine (2016 Q4 Highlights) - FSS Report
03/11/2017HB130317OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (February 2017) for Occupied Palestinian Territory
03/09/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue184UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 184)
03/09/2017WBN677Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report (21 February - 6 March 2017)
03/08/2017UNRWA Deplores Escalating Violence in Southern Syria - UNRWA Statement
03/03/2017E/CN.6/2017/L.3Situation of and Assistance to Palestinian Women - ECOSOC Draft Resolution
03/02/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue183UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 183)
02/28/2017WFPBrief_280217WFP Palestine Country Brief, February 2017 - WFP update
02/26/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue182UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 182)
02/24/2017WBN676Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report (7 - 20 February 2017)
02/23/2017EMERAPPEALFSOPT_2017OPT Emergency Appeal 2017 - UNRWA Fact Sheet
02/23/2017EMERAPPSYRIAFS_20172017 Syria Regional Crisis Response - Emergency Appeal 2017
02/23/2017UNRWASYRIAACHIEVE_2016UNRWA Operations and Achievements in Syria in 2016
02/17/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue181UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 181)
02/14/2017EMERAPPEALPR_3006162016 OPT Emergency Appeal Progress Report - UNRWA Report
02/14/2017How the Humanitarian Community is Getting Better to Face Crisis in Gaza - UK Department for International Development Report
02/13/2017FSS_GAZAHUMRESPLAN17Gaza Strip: Humanitarian Programme Cycle 2017 - FSS graphs/Non-UN document
02/13/2017FSS_WBHUMRESPLAN17West Bank: Humanitarian Programme Cycle 2017 - FSS graphs/Non-UN document
02/10/2017HB100217OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin (January 2017) for occupied Palestinian Territory
02/09/2017WBN675Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report (24 January - 6 February 2017)
02/09/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue180UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 180)
02/05/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue179UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 179)
01/31/2017WFPBrief_310117WFP Palestine Country Brief, January 2017 - WFP update
01/30/2017FSS_3rdQuarter16Food Security Sector in Palestine (2016 Q3 Highlights) - FSS Report
01/27/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue178UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 178)
01/26/2017WBN674Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report (10 -23 January 2017)
01/23/2017A/RES/71/126Assistance to Palestinian People - GA resolution
01/20/2017UNICEFSitRpt_200117UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) October-December 2016
01/19/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue177UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 177)
01/13/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue176UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 176)
01/12/2017WBN673Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report (27 December 2016 - 9 January 2017)
01/11/2017HB110117Humanitarian Bulletin (December 2016) - OCHA OPT Monthly Report
01/09/2017EMERAPPEAL_2017OPT Emergency Appeal 2017 - UNRWA Report
01/09/2017EMERAPPSYRIA_20172017 Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal - UNRWA Report
01/09/2017UNRWA Launches Appeals for US$813 Million for Syria and OPT - UNRWA Press Release
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