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12/29/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/66 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Cease-fire/UNCCP to nominate representatives - SecCo resolution
12/24/1948S/1151Mideast situation/Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
12/24/1948S/1147Mideast situation/Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
12/17/1948S/1126Mideast situation/Palestine question/Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
12/11/1948A/800/Rev.1Palestine question/UN Mediator progress report - Draft resolution amendment (France)
12/11/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/194 (III)Palestine question - UN Mediator report, Conciliation Commission to be established, Jerusalem status, refugees - GA resolution 194
12/11/1948A/PV.185Palestine question/Progress Report of the UN Mediator - GA debate - Verbatim record
12/09/1948A/789Palestine question/UN Mediator progress report - Draft resolution amendment (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France and New Zealand)
12/07/1948A/776UN Mediator progress report - Report of the GA First Committee
12/02/1948S/1098Israeli attack on commercial aircraft/Truce violation - Letter from Acting Mediator
12/01/1948Red right arrow IconA/C.1/SR.220Palestine UN Mediator report/Israel admission application/ ICJ advisory opinion vote - GA First Cttee debate - Summary record
12/01/1948S/1095Situation in Palestine - Truce violation - Letter from Egypt
11/29/1948S/1092Situation in Palestine/Chapter VII - Armistice to be established for permanent peace in Palestine - Cablegram from Saudi Arabia to SecCo President
11/23/1948S/1086Provisional demarcation lines in the Negeb - Letter to SecGen from Acting Mediator
11/22/1948A/C.1/SR.207Palestine UN Mediator report - GA First Cttee debate, Arab Higher Committee statement - Summary record
11/19/1948S/1081Withdrawal of forces - Israel observations on SecCo resolutions 1070 and 1080 - Letter from Israel
11/16/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/62 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Chapter VII - Armistice to be established for permanent peace in Palestine - SecCo resolution
11/15/1948A/C.1/SR.200Palestine UN Mediator report - GA First Cttee debate, Israel statement - Summary record
11/04/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/61 (1948)
Situation in Palestine - withdrawal of forces, permanent truce lines/Appoints Committee of the Council - SecCo resolution
10/29/1948S/1062Withdrawal of military forces - Establishment of sub-committee - SecCo resolution
10/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/59 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Mediator assassination report, authorities to facilitate truce supervision - SecCo resolution
10/01/1948S/1021SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
09/18/1948S/RES/57 (1948)Peace-seeking mission in the Holy Land/ Death of the UN Mediator in Palestine (Bernadotte) - SecCo resolution
09/18/1948Red right arrow IconS/PV.358
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Palestine mission head - PersRep of the SecGen approved to head Palestine mission (Bunche) - SecCo decision
09/16/1948Red right arrow IconA/648Mediation, truce supervision, refugees, proposals for peaceful settlement (a.k.a. "Bernadotte plan") - UN Mediator on Palestine - Progress report
08/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/56 (1948)
Situation in Jerusalem/Truce violations - SecCo resolution
07/15/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/54 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Chapter VII - SecCo determines that the situation is a threat to the peace - SecCo resolution
07/12/1948Red right arrow IconS/888Palestine question/Arab League positions - UN Mediator report to SecCo
07/09/1948S/878Palestine question/Cease-fire prolongation - Communication to all parties - Telegram from UN Mediator
07/09/1948S/876Palestine question/Truce prolongation proposal - Arab reply - Telegram from UN Mediator
07/08/1948S/873Palestine question/Truce prolongation proposal - UN Mediator cablegram
07/08/1948S/871Palestine question/Truce prolongation proposal - Cable from Israel
07/08/1948S/872Palestine question/Truce prolongation proposal - Israel reply - Telegram from Israel
07/07/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/53 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Prolongation of the truce - SecCo resolution
07/07/1948Red right arrow IconS/PV.330Palestine truce prolongation/ Government-related terminology - SecCo debate, voting - Meeting record (excerpts)
06/28/1948Red right arrow IconS/863Palestine question/peaceful settlement - UN Mediator (Bernadotte) - Proposals presented to Arab and Jewish authorities
06/09/1948S/831Palestine question/Truce proposal - Cablegram to SecGen from UN Mediator
06/09/1948S/830Palestine question/Acceptance of truce proposal - Message of UN Mediator to SecCo President
05/29/1948S/801Situation in Palestine - SecCo resolution 50 (1948)
05/29/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/50 (1948)
Hostilities in Palestine/Military observers/Chapter VII - SecCo calls for cease-fire orders for a period of four weeks, gives instructions to supervise observance - SecCo resolution
05/26/1948S/792SecCo resolution 46 - Truce in Palestine - Response by Iraq, Arab States
05/24/1948S/777Mideast situation/Truce violations - Cablegram from Chairman SecCo Truce Commission
05/24/1948S/778Mideast situation/Truce violations - Telegram from Chairman SecCo Truce Commission
05/22/1948S/772Situation in Palestine - Presence of Saudi Arabian troops - Communication between SecCo President and Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia
05/22/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/49 (1948)
Military operations in Palestine/Cease-fire order/Truce Commission/Jerusalem - SecCo resolution
05/22/1948S/769Mideast situation/Truce violations - Cablegram from SecCo president, Iraqi response
05/22/1948S/771Shooting of US Consul-General Jerusalem - Telegram from United States Representative
05/22/1948S/770Situation in Palestine - Presence of Lebanese troops - Communication between SecCo President and Lebanese Foreign Minister
05/22/1948S/768Mideast situation/Truce violations - Cablegram from SecCo president, Syrian response
05/22/1948S/767Mideast situation/Truce violations - SecCo questions, Egyptian response
05/21/1948S/763Military situation in Jerusalem - Cablegram from Chairman SecCo Truce Commission
05/20/1948S/759Military situation in Jerusalem - Cablegram from Chairman SecCo Truce Commission
05/19/1948S/755Palestine question/Truce/ Juridical status of Palestine - SecCo draft resolution - United Kingdom amendment
05/17/1948PAL/169Palestine question - Palestine Commission adjourns sine die - Press release
05/14/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/186 (S-2)United Nations Mediator in Palestine/ Appointment, terms of reference/ End of UN Palestine Commission - GA second special session - Resolution
05/13/1948S/774Situation in Palestine - Presence of Yemeni troops - Communication between SecCo President and Yemen Foreign Minister
04/21/1948Red right arrow IconT/RES/34(II)Jerusalem/Statute for the city - Referral to the General Assembly - Trusteeship Council resolution
04/21/1948Red right arrow IconT/118/Rev.2Jerusalem - Trusteeship Council's draft statute for the city - Trusteeship Council document