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12/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2014 - DPR review
12/31/2014UNICEF_CAAC-4thQ14Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Fourth Quarter 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin
12/26/2014A/HRC/28/80/Add.1Report of UNHCHR on the implementation of HRC resolutions S-9/1 and S-12/1 - HRC 28th session - UNHCHR report (Addendum)
12/24/2014HB301114Humanitarian Bulletin (November 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report
Palestine appeals to Security Council to take action on draft resolution - Letter from Palestine
12/16/2014A/RES/69/93Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights - GA resolution
12/16/2014A/RES/69/90Work of SpCttee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA resolution
12/08/2014EU_MShteiwiLocal EU statement on conviction Palestinian activist Murad Shteiwi in Israeli military court - EU statement/Non-UN document
12/03/2014International Conference of Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations in Support of Palestinian Rights (Seville, Spain, 2-3 December 2014 ) - Report
11/30/2014DPR/Chron/2014/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2014 - DPR review
11/26/2014HB311014Humanitarian Bulletin (October 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report
11/26/2014GA/PAL/1322Andalusian Parliament to host intl. conference in Seville supporting Palestinian rights on 2-3 Dec. - UN press release
11/24/2014GA/PAL/1320Palestinian Rights Committee holds special meeting in observance of Intl. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Press release
11/21/2014UN Intl. Meeting of Parliamentarians in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (UN Headquarters, New York, 21 November 2014) - Chairman's Summary
11/19/2014A/69/454Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA Fourth Committee report
11/13/2014GA/SPD/576Fourth Committee approves nine draft resolutions on MidEast, including UNRWA and Israeli practices in the OPT - Press release (excerpts)
Ongoing illegal Israeli actions and provocations in the OPT - Letter from Palestine
11/10/2014GA/PAL/1315Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee alarmed by increased tensions in East Jerusalem - CEIRPP Bureau statement
11/07/2014GA/SPD/575GA Fourth Commitee concludes consideration of report of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting Human Rights of Palestinian People and Other Arabs of Occupied Territories - Press release
11/06/2014GA/SPD/574Excessive number of Palestinian fatalities during Gaza crisis cannot be dismissed as "collateral damage", GA Fourth Committee hears in review of Israeli practices - Press release
11/05/2014GA/SPD/753Fourth Committee speakers urge political commitment to UNRWA and duty to stop Israel’s aggression - Press release
10/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/10Chronological Review of Events/October 2014 - DPR review
10/29/2014HB300914Humanitarian Bulletin (September 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report
10/20/2014CT14/038Human Rights Committee considers report of Israel - Press release (excerpts)
10/07/2014A/HRC/27/76Human rights situation in the oPt and other oAt - Ensuring respect for int. law in oPt, including E. Jerusalem - HRC 27th session -- UNHCHR report
10/07/2014A/69/35CEIRPP 2014 report to GA
09/30/2014DPR/Chron/2014/9Chronological Review of Events/September 2014 - DPR review
09/30/2014UNICEF_CAAC-3rdQ14Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Third Quarter 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin
09/22/2014HRC14/132HRC holds general debate on human rights situation in Palestine and occupied Arab territories - Press release
Illegal Israeli actions/Call to draw attention to the fragile, unstable situation in the OPT - Letter from Palestine
Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - SecGen report
Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - SecGen report
08/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/8Chronological Review of Events/August 2014 - DPR review
08/31/2014HB310814Humanitarian Bulletin (June-August 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report
08/26/2014A/69/355Report of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting Human Rights of Palestinian People and Other Arabs of Occupied Territories - Report
08/25/2014A/69/347Israeli practices affecting human rights of Palestinian people in OPT - SecGen report
08/20/2014A/HRC/27/72Communications report of Special Procedures - Communications sent and replies received (March - July 2014) - HRC 27th session - HRC report (excerpts)
07/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/7Chronological Review of Events/July 2014 - DPR review
07/31/2014UNICEF_CAAC-2ndQ14Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Second Quarter 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin
07/16/2014ESCWA presents latest report on Palestine, condemns civilian loss of life in Gaza - ESCWA press release
07/10/2014OIC_GazaStateOIC foreign ministers condemn Israeli actions in the oPt and calls on int. community to stop Israeli aggression in Gaza - OIC communiqué/Non-UN document
07/07/2014DPB#118Arrest of a Palestinian-American teen, US Sec of State Kerry's call w/ Israeli Pres. Netanyahu, Palestinian technocratic gov't., reconciliation, rocket attacks and economic assistance topics covered in USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)
07/05/2014Detention of Tariq Khdeir - USDoS statement/Non-UN document
06/30/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair appalled by kidnapping and murder of Israeli teens - OQR statement/Non-UN document
06/30/2014DPR/Chron/2014/6Chronological Review of Events/June 2014 - DPR review
06/30/20141502944DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVII, No. 6, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (June 2014) - DPR publication
06/25/2014HR14/184UN Special Rapporteurs urge Israeli Parliament not to amend prisons act to authorize force feeding of prisoners - UNOG press release
06/25/2014OIC_CondemnsOIC Group strongly condemns the grave breaches and violations of int. law by Israel in the oPt - OIC statement/Non-UN document
06/24/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair deeply troubled by ongoing events in Israel and the Palestinian territories- OQR statement/Non-UN document
06/24/2014DPB#111DoS Spokesperson discusses force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners, Israeli operations in West Bank in the wake of the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens, cutting off electricity in Gaza - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)
06/23/2014SC/11446USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs Security Council - press release
06/23/2014NoonBriefing_230614SecCo briefing on the Middle East, UNRWA to resume humanitarian assistance to Yarmouk Camp and SecGen reiterating support for UNSCO head Serry - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)
06/23/2014S/PV.7204USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record (excerpts)
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Force feeding of Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strikes, Israeli incursion into the West Bank after 3 Israeli teens were abducted - Letter from Palestine
06/21/2014Readout of SecGen's telephone conversation with Israeli PM Netanyahu regarding the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens in the West Bank
06/20/2014OHCHR is monitoring the condition of Palestinian hunger strikers and Israeli security operations in the West Bank related to the search for the 3 kidnapped teens - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)
06/19/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair meets with Israeli and Palestinian leaders/condemns kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens- OQR press release/Non-UN document
06/18/2014S/2014/416Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Palestinian prisoners, missile strikes in Gaza, Israel incursion into the West Bank following the abduction of 3 Israeli teens, incidents at the Al-Aqsa mosque, plans for more settlements - Letter from Palestine
06/18/2014DPB#108DoS Spokesperson discusses Kidnapped Israeli teens/Palestinian President Abbas' comments - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)
06/13/2014140613/01EU greatly concerned about Palestinian administrative detainees who have been on a hunger strike - EU statement/Non-UN document
06/11/2014E/2013/99Resolutions and decisions of the Economic and Social Council 2013 - ECOSOC report/document (excerpts)
06/10/2014HRC14/061High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay presents update on her office's activities - HRC 26th session (opening) - Press release (excerpts)
06/10/2014A/HRC/26/29/Add.1Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, Maina Kiai - HRC 26th session - Addendum (excerpts)
SecGen concerned about reports of deteriorating health of Palestinian administrative detainees - Statement
06/06/2014NoonBriefing_060614SecGen believes Palestinian detainees should be charged or released without delay - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)
06/05/2014HR14/156UN Sp. Committee on Israeli practices concerned over the deteriorating health of Palestinian detainees on mass hunger strike - UNOG press release
06/05/2014A/HRC/26/NGO/106Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Breaches of international law - HRC 26th session - Statement by NGOs
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Israeli plans to build 1,500 settlement units in the West Bank - Letter from Palestine
06/03/2014Turkey_PR183Turkey welcomes the Palestinian national unity government - Turkish Foreign Ministry statement/press release/Non-UN document
06/03/2014A/HRC/26/NGO/28Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Administrative detention in Israeli jails - HRC 26th session - NGO statement (Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture)
06/02/2014GA/PAL/1299CEIRPP 361st meeting - Installation of unity government ends years-long rift between rival factions - Press release
05/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/5Chronological Review of Events/May 2014 - DPR review