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Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon
12/21/2005SG/SM/10280SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript
12/21/2005S/Agenda/5339UNDOF - SecCo provisional agenda
12/20/2005S/PV.5337Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Gambari briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
12/20/2005Arab League Secretary General hails GCC 26th summit communiqué - LAS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
12/19/2005S/2005/15/Add.49SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
12/15/2005S/PV.5329Lebanon/Extension of UNIIIC mandate - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
12/15/2005SC/8587SecCo demands Syrian response to UNIIIC - SecCo meeting - Press release
12/15/2005S/RES/1644 (2005)Lebanon/Extension of UNIIIC mandate - SecCo resolution
12/15/2005S/2005/791Security Council - Work assessment under Philippines presidency (Sept. 2005) - Letter from the Philippines (excerpts)
12/13/2005S/PV.5323Lebanon/Assassination/Second UNIIIC report - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
12/13/2005SC/8579UNIIIC Commissioner briefs SecCo - SecCo meeting - Press release
12/13/2005S/2005/783Hariri assassination - Request to expand UNIIIC mandate/establish tribunal - Letter from Lebanon
12/12/2005S/PV.5320Lebanon/Tueni assassination/SecCo President's statement - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
12/12/2005SG/SM/10259SecGen condemns assassination of Gibran Tueni - SecGen statement - Press release
12/12/2005S/2005/775Middle East situation/Lebanon - Second UNIIIC report on Hariri assassination - SecGen letter
12/12/2005S/PRST/2005/61Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecCo condemns killing of Gebrane Tueni - SecCo Presidential statement
12/07/2005S/2005/763*Security Council - Work assessment under Romania presidency (Oct 2005) - Letter from Romania (excerpts)
12/06/2005S/2005/762Lebanon - Request to extend mandate of investigation commission/Letter from Lebanese Prime Minister - Letter from Lebanon
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon
Violations across the Blue Line in October 2005 - Letter from Lebanon
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon
11/30/2005SC/8565SecCo welcomes Israeli-Palestinian agreement on Rafah crossing - SecCo briefing/Presidential statement - Press release
11/30/2005A/60/PV.59Mideast situation/Palestine question - GA general debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)
11/30/2005S/PV.5312Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Gambari briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
11/30/2005A/60/PV.58Palestine question/CEIRPP report - GA general debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)
11/23/2005SecGen briefs SecCo on recent Middle East trip - UN news item
11/22/2005SG/SM/10226SecGen deplores exchange of fire across 'Blue Line', appeals for calm - SecGen statement - Press release
Attacks across the Blue Line - Letter from Israel
11/21/2005Top UN political official condemns violence across Israel/Lebanon Blue Line/Visit to OPT - UN news item
11/17/2005S/2005/725UN activities in Lebanon - Appointment of SecGen Special Envoy - SecGen letter to SecCo
11/17/2005S/2005/726UN activities in Lebanon - Appointment of SecGen Special Envoy - SecCo letter to SecGen
11/15/2005S/2005/717Lebanon/Assassination - Work of the Syrian Judicial Commission - Note verbale from Syria
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon
11/10/2005USG-DPA_MEvisitUN Political Affairs chief to visit Middle East next week - UN news item
11/08/2005Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen press encounter following meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister - Transcript (excerpts)
11/08/2005Mideast situation/UNIIIC report - SecGen press encounter following meeting with Arab League SecGen Amre Moussa - Transcript (excerpts)
11/08/2005S/2005/15/Add.43SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
11/07/2005EU Council conclusions on Syria and Lebanon - Meeting of the External Relations Council - EU press release/Non-UN document
11/01/2005S/2005/15/Add.42SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
11/01/2005S/2005/693UNIIIC report on Hariri assassination/Syrian judicial commission - Syria letter to SecGen/SecCo President
10/31/2005S/RES/1636 (2005)Mideast situation/UNIIIC report - SecCo resolution
10/31/2005S/Agenda/5297Mideast situation/Lebanon/UNIIIC report - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda
10/31/2005S/PV.5297Lebanon/Assassination/UNIIIC report - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
10/31/2005SC/8543SecCo endorses UNIIIC report, adopts resolution 1636 - SecCo meeting/Presidential statement - Press release
10/27/2005EU leaders welcomes UNIIIC report - EU press release/Non-UN document
10/26/2005S/2005/504Security Council - Work assessment under Greece presidency (July 2005) - Letter from Greece (excerpts)
10/26/2005S/2005/673Mideast situation/Elections in Lebanon, Restoration of territorial integrity, full sovereignty - SecGen second semi-annual report under S/RES/1559 (2004)
10/25/2005S/Agenda/5292Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda
10/25/2005S/PV.5292Lebanon/Assassination/UNIIIC report - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
10/25/2005SC/8535UNIIIC Head briefs SecCo - Press release
10/25/2005UNIIIC report on Hariri assassination - SecGen press encounter - Transcript
10/25/2005Wolfensohn report/UNIIIC report/Comments by Rice - Transcript of press availability with Pettigrew - White House press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/25/2005SG/SM/10184SecGen meets with heads of UN principal organs - SecGen Spokesman statement - Press release
10/24/2005UNIIIC report on Hariri assassination - SecGen press encounter - Transcript
10/21/2005SG/SM/10174SecGen underscores independence of Hariri investigation - Statement issued by SecGen spokesman - Press release
10/21/2005Report on Hariri investigation - Statement by UNIIIC Commissioner - Press release
10/20/2005S/PV.5287Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Gambari briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
10/20/2005S/2005/662UNIIIC report on Hariri assassination - SecGen letter to SecCo President/Report
Middle East situation/Palestine question - Final communiqué of OIC FMs Annual Coordination meeting - Letter from Yemen (excerpts)
10/17/2005Larsen_PalMilitiasUN envoy to raise issue of Palestinian militias in Lebanon with two leaders - UN news item
10/14/2005S/2005/651Lebanon/Assassination - Request to extend mandate of investigation commission - Letter from Lebanon
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Gulf Cooperation Council Ministerial Council 96th session press statement - Letter from Bahrain
09/28/2005UN envoy meets with Palestinian, Egyptian leaders in Lebanon - UN news item
09/23/2005S/PV.5270Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator De Soto briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
09/22/2005SG/SM/10122SecGen reiterates UN position on Israeli troop withdrawal from Lebanon - SecGen statement - Press release
09/20/2005Red right arrow IconSG/SM/10115Quartet principals meeting, statement on Gaza withdrawal, press conference (20 September 2005) - Transcript
09/20/2005SG/SM/10110New Government of Lebanon - SecGen, high-level Lebanese Government officials press conference - Transcript