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12/11/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/194 (III)Palestine question - UN Mediator report, Conciliation Commission to be established, Jerusalem status, refugees - GA resolution 194
12/01/1948Red right arrow IconA/C.1/SR.220Palestine UN Mediator report/Israel admission application/ ICJ advisory opinion vote - GA First Cttee debate - Summary record
11/19/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/212 (III)Assistance to Palestine refugees/Establishing UNRPR, special fund - GA resolution
10/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/59 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Mediator assassination report, authorities to facilitate truce supervision - SecCo resolution
07/26/1948A/AC.21/UK/150UN Palestine Commission - Palestine Currency Board - Letter from United Kingdom
07/21/1948PAL/222Palestine question - American, Belgian observers for Palestine - Press release
07/15/1948PAL/215Palestine question - UN guard killed in Palestine - Press release
07/05/1948PAL/207Palestine question - Armed guards proposal for Jerusalem, Haifa - Press release
06/19/1948PAL/191Palestine question - UN guards departs New York - Press release
06/17/1948PAL/189Palestine question - Assignment of UN guard force to Palestine - Press release
05/29/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/50 (1948)
Hostilities in Palestine/Military observers/Chapter VII - SecCo calls for cease-fire orders for a period of four weeks, gives instructions to supervise observance - SecCo resolution
05/17/1948A/AC.21/UK/145UN Palestine Commission - Palestine passports - Letter from United Kingdom
05/14/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/186 (S-2)United Nations Mediator in Palestine/ Appointment, terms of reference/ End of UN Palestine Commission - GA second special session - Resolution
05/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/142UN Palestine Commission - Date of mandate termination - Letter from United Kingdom
05/11/1948A/AC.21/M/42UN Palestine Commission - Communication from the Universal Postal Union (French text only)
05/10/1948A/AC.21/P/50UN Palestine Commission - Debate on foreign affairs in the British House of Commons - Mr. Bevin's statement (extract)
05/10/1948A/AC.21/UK/136UN Palestine Commission - Postal Service issues - Letter from United Kingdom
05/10/1948A/AC.21/UK/137UN Palestine Commission - Administration Generale des Phares de Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom
05/10/1948A/AC.21/UK/139UN Palestine Commission - Use of red ensign by Palestinian merchant ships - Letter from United Kingdom
05/06/1948A/AC.21/M/41UN Palestine Commission - Mail services to and from Palestine - Agreement with Haifa Chamber of Shipping
05/05/1948A/AC.21/M/39UN Palestine Commission - Mail services to and from Palestine - Proposed draft agreement with Haifa Chamber of Shipping
04/20/1948A/AC.21/P/48UN Palestine Commission - British editorial comment on Palestine question
04/19/1948A/AC.21/UK/110UN Palestine Commission - Urgent matters - Letter from United Kingdom
04/13/1948A/AC.21/M/32UN Palestine Commission - Security for Jerusalem - Communication received from the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of America
04/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/102UN Palestine Commission - Repair work on holy places in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom
04/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/101UN Palestine Commission - Emergency Force for Jerusalem - Letter from United Kingdom
04/09/1948A/AC.21/P/43UN Palestine Commission - British editorial comment on Palestine question
04/08/1948A/AC.21/R/11/Add.1UN Palestine Commission - First Draft - Special Report to Second GA Special Session - Addendum
04/07/1948A/AC.21/M/30UN Palestine Commission - Communication from the Universal Postal Union (French text only)
04/07/1948A/AC.21/P/49UN Palestine Commission - References to Palestine in the British House of Commons
04/05/1948A/AC.21/P/41UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
04/05/1948A/AC.21/R/10UN Palestine Commission - Draft outline of Special Report to Second GA Special Session
03/29/1948A/AC.21/P/38UN Palestine Commission - British editorial comment on Palestine question
03/23/1948A/AC.21/P/35UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
03/18/1948A/AC.21/UK/72UN Palestine Commission - International Red Cross Cttee - Letter from United Kingdom
03/15/1948A/AC.21/UK/66UN Palestine Commission - Questions from Four Powers - Letter from United Kingdom
03/11/1948A/AC.21/R/9UN Palestine Commission - First draft - Second Monthly Report to SecCo
03/10/1948A/AC.21/UK/62UN Palestine Commission - Postal Services in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom
03/09/1948A/AC.21/P/31UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
03/04/1948A/AC.21/P/30UN Palestine Commission - British editorial comment on Palestine question
03/04/1948A/AC.21/P/29UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
03/02/1948A/AC.21/P/28UN Palestine Commission - Editorial comments from the Jewish press on Palestine question
02/26/1948A/AC.21/P/26UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
02/25/1948A/AC.21/P/25UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
02/25/1948A/AC.21/M/5UN Palestine Commission - Communication from the Agudas Israel World Organization
02/25/1948A/AC.21/M/6UN Palestine Commission - Communication from the Agudas Israel World Organization
02/24/1948A/AC.21/P/24UN Palestine Commission - Press conference
02/19/1948A/AC.21/UK/37UN Palestine Commission - Medical services in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom
02/16/1948Red right arrow IconA/AC.21/9
Security problem in Palestine, request for armed force - UN Palestine Commission - Special report to SecCo
02/12/1948A/AC.21/R/7UN Palestine Commission - Resistance to resolution/Security - Third draft of Special Report to SecCo
02/12/1948A/AC.21/R/6UN Palestine Commission - Special Report to the Security Council - Conclusions proposed
02/05/1948A/AC.21/UK/12UN Palestine Commission - Evacuation of British Forces - Letter from United Kingdom
02/04/1948A/AC.21/P/7UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary
02/02/1948A/AC.21/NC/1UN Palestine Commission - List of communications 1 Dec.1947 - 30 Jan. 1948
01/28/1948A/AC.21/R/2UN Palestine Commission - Second Working draft - First Monthly Report to SecCo
01/22/1948Red right arrow IconA/AC.21/W.18Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Possibility of establishing int'l force - Working paper
01/16/1948A/AC.21/Admin.1UN Palestine Commission - Note on administrative arrangements
01/10/1948A/AC.21/W.3UN Palestine Commission's relations with Mandatory Power - Working paper
01/09/1948A/AC.21/W.2UN Palestine Commission - Termination of the Mandate, withdrawal of British Forces, transfer of power to UN Palestine Commission - Working paper
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