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12/31/2008Press Conf by OCHA USG and UNRWA ComGen on humanitarian situation in Gaza - Spokesperson for SecGen - Highlights of developments in UN (excerpts)
12/31/2008S/2008/845Situation in Gaza - Letter from Iran
12/31/2008Gaza under fire - UNRWA refugee story
12/31/2008SC/9560SecGen calls for end to conflict - SecCo emergency meeting - Press release
12/31/2008GazaHealthSituation_31Dec08Health Situation in Gaza - WHO report
12/31/2008PrConf_HumSitGazaUN Emergency Relief Coordinator (OCHA) and UNRWA ComGen on humanitarian situation in Gaza - UN Press conference
12/31/200809-60086DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 12 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (December 2008) - DPR publication
12/30/2008UN SecGen holds telecon with Quartet Principals, calls for immediate ceasefire - Spokesperson for SecGen - Highlights of developments in UN (excerpts)
12/29/2008Situation in Gaza - SecGen, OCHA, UNRWA, UNSCO press conference
12/29/2008WHO/GazaCall for immediate end to hostilities in Gaza - Statement by WHO
12/29/2008PrConf_SG_291208Escalation of violence in and around Gaza - SecGen, senior UN officials press conference
12/29/2008Press Conf by UN SecGen and senior officials on Gaza - Spokesperson for SecGen Noon briefing highlights (excerpts)
12/28/2008Letters from Gaza - UNRWA refugee story
12/27/2008S/2008/817Situation in the Gaza Strip - Letter from Iran
12/26/2008Humanitarian supplies cross from Israel into Gaza - Spokesperson for SecGen - Noon briefing highlights (excerpts)
12/24/2008SG/SM/12019SecGen condemns attacks on Israel, urges humanitarian easing in Gaza - SecGen statement - Press release
12/24/2008S/2008/814Deteriorating situation in southern Israel - Letter from Israel
12/22/2008WBGFSRreportNov08_PrReleaseWorld Bank reviews the Palestinian Financial Sector - World Bank press release
12/21/2008WBGFSRreportNov08West Bank and Gaza: Financial Sector Review - World Bank report
12/19/2008PrConf_PRSouthAfricaSecCo activities under South Africa presidency/Middle East peace process, Gaza - Perm. Representative of South Africa press conference (excerpts)
12/18/2008A/C.4/63/SR.20UNRWA/Palestine refugees - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
12/17/2008GazaHumSitRep151208Gaza humanitarian situation - Impact of blockade (December 2008) - OCHA report
12/16/2008PalTradeWBRoutesDec08Palestinian Trade: West Bank routes - World Bank report
12/11/2008UNRWA Commissioner-General appeals for support for Nahr el-Bared camp relief and reconstruction activities - UNRWA press release
12/09/2008Gaza humanitarian situation, Quartet to meet on 15 December - Spokesperson for SecGen - Noon briefing highlights (excerpts)
12/04/2008WBN288OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (26 Nov - 2 Dec 2008)
12/03/2008UNRWA inaugurates ECHO-funded shelter rehabilitation project - UNRWA press release
12/03/2008How Gaza gets power - IRIN analysis
12/02/2008Power cuts, fuel shortages affect health and water supplies in Gaza - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Vienna, 2-3 Dec. 2008) - SecGen message - Press release
12/01/2008Rhetoric and reality - Human rights and Palestine refugees - UNRWA refugee story
11/30/20082009 common humanitarian action plan for the OPT - WHO humanitarian monthly update (excerpts)
11/30/200809-58405DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 11 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (November 2008) - DPR publication
11/27/2008WBN287OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (19-25 Nov 2008)
11/26/2008Gaza humanitarian situation - Daily press briefing by Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)
11/26/2008UNRWA moves to combat violence in its schools - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
11/26/2008UN officials appeal for funds for Gaza - UN news item
11/25/2008SC/9509USG for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe briefs SecCo - First joint meeting of Israelis and Palestinians with Quartet - Press release
11/24/2008Gaza receives limited aid - UN news item
11/21/2008High level donor delegation visits Lebanon camps - UNRWA press release
11/20/200819th Anniversary of Convention on Rights of Child - UNRWA Commissioner-General statement - UNRWA press release
11/19/2008UNRWA Commissioner-General warns of "grave and imminent financial crisis" - Press statement
11/18/2008UNRWA hosts and donors meeting appeal - UNRWA Commissioner-General statement - UNRWA press release
11/17/2008UNICEF_MYR_HARUNICEF humanitarian action report 2008 - mid year review (excerpts)
11/17/2008GazaHumSitRep171108Gaza humanitarian situation - OCHA report
11/12/2008GazaPowerPlantGaza power plant to close by weekend without more fuel from Israel - UN news item
11/12/200820081107STO41557"Grim" situation of Palestine refugees - UNRWA Commissioner-General's interview - European Parliament press service/Non-UN document
11/04/2008Red right arrow IconA/63/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2008 report
11/03/2008UNSCO_031108UN Special Coordinator speaks out against resumed Israeli house demolitions in West Bank - UN news item
11/01/2008Flooding adds to Gaza misery - UNRWA refugee story
10/29/2008E/2006/SR.35Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC debate - Summary record (excerpts)
10/29/2008UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement to GA 4th Cttee
10/27/2008What next for Palestine Refugees? - Statement by UNRWA Commissioner-General at the Middle East Institute
10/23/2008WB_Land_20082310Economic Effects of Restricted Access to Land in West Bank - World Bank report
10/23/2008GA/SHC/3926Report by Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/23/2008UNICEF_Rpt10232008Situation of children in OPT - UNICEF humanitarian action update
10/03/2008E/2008/SR.44Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC debate, vote - Provisional summary record (excerpts)
09/29/2008Jordan FM urges stronger efforts to end Middle East crisis - UN news item
09/29/2008E/2008/SR.38Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation, Assistance to the Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate - Summary record (excerpts)
Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - SecGen report
09/15/2008E/2008/SR.43Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC meeting, introduction of draft resolution - Summary record (excerpts)
08/15/2008E/2008/INF/2/Add.1Palestinian women, Socioeconomic repercussions of Israeli occupation - ECOSOC 2008 substantive session - Resolutions and decisions (excerpts)
SecGen report on economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC decision
Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC resolution
08/13/2008A/63/273Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report
07/31/200809-57719DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 7 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (July 2008) - DPR publication
07/25/2008ECOSOC/6370Economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation - ECOSOC meeting, vote - Press release (excerpts)
07/24/2008ECOSOC/6369Introduction of draft resolution on economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation - ECOSOC meeting - Press release (excerpts)
07/24/2008SocEcoDev07Prolonged Crisis in the OPT - Socio-Economic developments in 2007 - UNRWA report no. 3
07/22/2008ECOSOC/6367Socioeconomic repercussions of Israeli occupation, assistance to Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate, introduction of reports - Press release (excerpts)
07/10/2008UN Special Coordinator visits Gaza to assess humanitarian situation - UN news item
07/09/2008UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process wraps up talks in Egypt and Jordan - UN news item
07/04/2008SpCttee040708Special Committee to investigate Israeli practices voices concern over human rights situation in occupied Syrian Golan - UN news item
07/01/2008SpCttee010708UN Special Committee receives accounts of worsening conditions for Palestinians - UN news item
06/28/2008Drinking the water in the West Bank village of Burin - UNRWA refugee stories
06/27/2008SpCttee260608UN Special Committee voices serious concern about situation facing Palestinians - UN news item
06/23/2008Red right arrow IconNahrElBared_GovtLebVienna donor conference/Nahr El Bared refugee camp recovery and reconstruction appeal - Government of Lebanon document ("Vienna document")
06/11/2008"No Running Water for Dheisheh Camp Residents" - UNRWA refugee stories
06/04/2008United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Qawra, Malta, 3-4 June 2008) - Report - DPR publication
05/29/2008Archbishop Tutu shocked at living conditions in Gaza - UN Radio audio feed
05/27/2008Demolitions_in_Area_C_May_2008OCHA Special Focus report: 'Lack of Permit" house demolitions and displacement in West Bank Area C - Report
05/27/2008European Council - Middle East Peace Process - Council conclusions - Non-UN document (excerpts)
Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ESCWA report
05/02/2008Lack of fuel and rising food prices hampering UNRWA efforts - UN news item
04/30/2008Red right arrow IconDPI/2499The Question of Palestine and the United Nations - DPI brochure
04/30/2008GazaPowerGaza fuel supplies critically low, warns UNSCO - UN news item
04/28/2008SecGen urges Israel to exercise restraint in Gaza; fuel delivered to UNRWA- UN news item
04/24/2008GA/PAL/1082CEIRPP briefed on deteriorating situation in Gaza Strip, West Bank; approves programmes for Paris, Malta seminars - CEIRPP meeting - Press release
04/23/2008SC/9305ASG for Political Affairs Angela Kane briefs SecCo - Final status talks - Press release
04/22/2008UN and partners set to meet on critical Gaza humanitarian situation - UN news item
04/21/2008UN Special Coordinator and Saudi Foreign Minister stress importance of Arab Peace Initiative - UN news item
04/10/2008UAE Red Crescent donates funds to rehabilitate Palestine refugee camp in Syria - UNRWA press release
04/03/2008UNRWA embarks on large-scale camp rehabilitation with UAE support - UNRWA press release
03/13/2008SG/SM/11463Situation in the Gaza Strip/11th OIC Summit Conference - SecGen address - Press release (excerpts)
03/12/2008GS3crossingsThree crossings into the Gaza Strip open today - UN news item
02/29/2008GA/PAL/1080Situation in the OPT/Escalation of violence - CEIRPP Bureau statement
02/26/2008SC/9264United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry and Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes brief SecCo - Annapolis process, Road Map, situation in Gaza - Press release
02/19/2008Food security in the Gaza Strip - WFP, FAO press briefing (Geneva) - Excerpts
02/15/2008Situation of Palestine refugees- UNRWA press briefing (Geneva) - Excerpts
02/12/2008Nahr el-Bared camp Master Plan - Statement by the UNRWA Commissioner-General, UNRWA Press Release
02/12/200860 years later: The challenge of Palestine refugee camps within Arab host communities - Statement by the UNRWA Commissioner-General
02/12/2008UNRWA and Lebanese Government launch plan for reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared camp - UNRWA Press Release
02/01/2008Humanitarian situation in Gaza - UNRWA, WFP, UNICEF press briefing (Geneva)
02/01/2008GazaIsraelCrossingsGaza border crossings with Israel completely closed to relief supplies - UN news item
01/31/2008GazaHumFS0108Gaza Strip - OCHA, FAO, UNICEF, UNRWA, WFP, WHO - Humanitarian Fact Sheet (Jan 2008)
01/31/2008GazaAidSuppliesProblems continue on Gaza border crossings - UN news item
01/29/2008GazaMalnutritionMalnutrition threat in Gaza - UN news item