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12/31/2002DPR/Chron/2002/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2002 - DPR review
12/20/2002Quartet principals meeting with President Bush, statement (20 Dec. 2002) - Non-UN document
12/20/2002SC/7616Security Council - Work assessment for 2002 - Press release (excerpts)
12/20/2002Mideast Quartet meeting (20 Dec.) - Remarks by Powell and SecGen - SG Spokesman's office press release
12/20/2002SecGen reports on Quartet progress on Mideast plan - UN news item
12/16/2002SC/7603UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Rød-Larsen briefs SecCo - Press release
12/16/2002S/Agenda/4668Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda
12/16/2002S/PV.4668Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Roed-Larsen briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
12/10/2002A/AC.183/SR.264CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
12/09/2002SG/SM/8545American Cttee for the Weizman Institute of Science - SecGen speech - Press release
12/06/2002A/AC.183/SR.263CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
12/03/2002GA/10111Mideast situation/Palestine question - GA debate, action - Press release
12/03/2002Mideast situation - GA debate, action - UN news item
12/03/2002A/57/L.37/Add.1Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution - Addendum
12/02/2002A/57/PV.64/Corr.1Palestine question - GA debate - Verbatim record (Corr.)
12/02/2002GA/10110Mideast situation/Palestine question - GA debate - Press release
12/02/2002A/57/PV.64Palestine question - GA debate - Verbatim record
11/30/2002DPR/Chron/2002/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2002 - DPR review
11/29/2002SecGen's report says third party mediation is critical to peace efforts - UN news item
11/29/2002SG/SM/8529International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (November 2002) - SecGen statement - Press release
11/29/2002A/57/PV.63Palestine question - GA debate - Verbatim record
11/29/2002A/AC.183/PV.268International Day of Solidarity - CEIRPP meeting - Verbatim record
11/28/2002UN Mideast envoy deplores latest attacks on Israeli targets - UN news item
11/27/2002Role of civil society/women in Mideast peace process - EC press release/Non-UN document
11/22/2002A/AC.183/SR.267CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
11/15/2002GA/SPD/255UNRWA/Israeli practices - GA Fourth Cttee vote - Press release (excerpts)
11/15/2002A/57/L.37Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution
11/14/2002GA/EF/3025Sovereignty over natural resources in the OTs/Vote on draft res'n - GA Second Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
11/13/2002SecGen speech at University of Maryland - UN news item
11/12/2002S/PV.4645Separation wall - USG for Political Affairs Prendergast briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
11/12/2002SC/7568USG for Political Affairs Prendergast briefs SecCo - Press release
11/12/2002A/AC.183/SR.266CEIRPP meeting - Summary record
11/12/2002GA/SPD/254Israeli practices - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/11/2002GA/SPD/253Israeli practices/Work of the Sp.Cttee - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/07/2002UN envoy, FM of Syria discuss current and looming crises - UN news item
11/04/2002GA/SPD/251UNRWA/Commissioner-General's report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
10/31/2002DPR/Chron/2002/10Chronological Review of Events/October 2002 - DPR review
10/17/2002S/PV.4625 (Resumption 3)Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record
10/17/2002UNSCO warns about two-State solution facing impending death - UN news item
10/16/2002S/PV.4625 (Resumption 2)Mideast situation - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record
Middle East situation/Palestine question - Documents of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers - Letter from Iran
10/04/2002S/2002/30/Add.38SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum
09/30/2002SC/7516Israeli measures in Ramallah - SecCo President press statement - Press release
09/29/2002SecGen welcomes Israel's lifting of siege on President Arafat's compound - UN news item
09/27/2002S/2002/30/Add.37SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum
09/24/200202-74203International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People (New York, September 2002) - Report - DPR publication
09/24/2002Mideast situation/Palestine Question - SecCo meeting - UN news item
Israeli-Palestinian conflict/Quartet/Road Map - SecCo meeting - SecGen statement
09/23/2002SG/SM/8399UN Intl. Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People (New York, 23-24 Sept. 2002) - SecGen statement - Press release
09/23/2002SC/7509Israeli measures in Ramallah - SecCo meeting, action - Press release
09/20/2002UN Envoy briefs SecCo on Mideast crisis - UN news item
09/20/2002SC/7508UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Rød-Larsen briefs Security Council - Press release
09/18/2002PrConf_Quartet-170913Quartet meeting/Modalities for an international conference - Press conference (17 Sept. 2002) - Full transcript
09/17/2002Red right arrow IconSG/SM/8389Quartet plan for Middle East peace - SecGen remarks to the press - Press release
09/17/2002Quartet outlines three-phase road map for Mideast peace - UN news item
09/17/2002Red right arrow IconQuartet principals meeting, statement/Road map (17 September 2002) - Non-UN document
09/17/2002SecGen outlines Quartet Mideast plan - UN news item
09/17/2002Mideast Quartet - Press conference (excerpts)
09/16/2002Mideast Quartet to meet - SecGen Spokesman's briefing (excerpts)
GA 52nd opening session/Terrorism/Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen statement - Press release
09/04/2002SecGen voices concern on acts of violence in OPT - UN news item
08/09/2002SecGen: UN will continue dealing with Arafat - UN news item
08/05/2002Quartet's peace efforts - SecGen remarks to the press
07/31/2002S/2002/937Security Council - Work assessment under UK presidency, incl. SecCo briefing by SecGen (July 2002) - Letter from United Kingdom (excerpts)
07/31/2002Annan appalled by fatal bomb attack at Hebrew University - UN news item
07/29/2002Latest Middle East clashes - SecGen urges end to violence - UN NewsService
07/26/2002SecCo to resume debate on Middle East - UN news item
07/23/2002Aid to Palestinians, resumption of political dialogue - SecGen appeal - UN news item
07/18/2002SC/7457SecCo support for Quartet statement (New York) - Press release
07/18/2002DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace (Copenhagen)/Envoy address - UN news item
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Copenhagen, 17-18 July 2002) - SecGen message - Press release
07/16/2002Mideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York) - UN news item
07/16/2002Quartet principals meeting, statement/Task Force for Palestinian reform (16 July 2002) - Non-UN document
07/16/2002SG/SM/8305Attack on Israeli bus in the West Bank - SecGen statement - Press release
07/15/2002Quartet to meet in New York - UN news item
07/03/2002Mideast crisis/Quartet meeting (London) - UN news item
06/27/2002PACE Resolution 1294 (2002)PACE - Situation in the Middle East - Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly resolution/Non-UN document
UN African Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (Rabat, 24-26 June 2002) - SecGen message - Press release
06/24/2002Red right arrow IconSG/SM/8285US President Bush reaffirms Mideast peace process outcome should establish State of Palestine - SecGen statement - Press release
06/24/2002Red right arrow IconTwo-State vision - US President Bush - Statement/Non-UN document
06/24/2002Israeli re-ocupation of Palestinian-controlled lands/Secretary-General remarks - UN news item
06/24/2002SG/SM/8283Israeli re-occupation of six Palestinian-controlled towns in the West Bank - SecGen statement - Press release
06/21/2002Suicide bombings/Special Coordinator meeting with Yasser Arafat - Special Coordinator remarks - UN news item
06/20/2002IP/02/906European Parliament Cttees vote for continued EU aid to PA - European Commission Press release/Non-UN document
06/20/2002Mideast situation/Int'l conference to be about substance, not process - SecGen press encounter
06/18/2002Attack in Jerusalem area - SecGen remarks - UN news item
06/13/2002S/2002/663Security Council - Work assessment under Norway presidency (March 2002) - Letter from Norway (excerpts)
06/07/2002Fourth ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting Declaration on The Middle East Peace Process- Declaration (Non-UN document)
05/22/2002Quartet supports PA reform - UN news item
05/02/2002Quartet principals meeting, statement, press conference (2 May 2005) - Non-UN document