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12/21/2016Palestine 2030: Demographic Change - Opportunities for Development - UNFPA Report
12/07/2016GAZAHUMANCRISIS_16The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza - Council of Europe Report
11/30/2016DPR/Chron/2016/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2016 - DPR review
11/24/2016UN Deputy Special Coordinator's Remarks to the Palestinian Resilience Conference - UNSCO Remarks
11/24/2016UNCT_PR241116As the Israeli Occupation Enters its 50th year, a Joint UN Report Focuses on the Most Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Palestinians - UNCT Press Release
11/24/2016UNCT_RPT241116Leave No One Behind: A Perspective on Vulnerability and Structural Disadvantage in Palestine - UNCT Report
11/23/2016S/PV.7820Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record
11/23/2016OCHA USG for Humanitarian Affairs O'Brien Makes Statement to Security Council on Humanitarian Situtation in the OPT - OCHA Statement
11/21/2016Palestinian Statistics Bureau: Approximately Half of the Population is Comprised of Children - Palestinian Statistics Bureau Press Release
Humanitarian Situation Continues to Deteriorate - Letter from Palestine
11/01/2016GA/SPD/625Expanding settlements threaten viability of future Palestinian state, say delegates, as Fourth Committee concludes debate on illegal practices - Press release
10/31/2016GA/SPD/624Redoubling of efforts to identify options for Middle East peace urged, as Fourth Committee considers Israeli practices in occupied Arab lands - Press release
10/31/2016DPR/Chron/2016/10DPR Review of Events Relating to the Question of Palestine (October 2016) - DPR Monthly Review
10/25/2016GA/EF/3461Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, Syrian Golan forcing people into poverty, impeding sustainable development, speakers say in Second Committee - Press release (excerpts)
10/19/2016S/PV.7792Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, open debate - Verbatim record
10/19/2016Statement by Palestinian Rights Committee Vice-Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document
Settlements - Letter from Palestine
10/03/2016GA/PAL/1376Situation in Occupied Territories moving "from bad to worse", Permanent Observer tells Palestinian Rights Committee - Press release
09/30/2016DPR/Chron/2016/09Chronological Review of Events/September 2016 - DPR review
09/20/2016A/71/13Report of Commissioner-General of UNRWA - UNRWA report
Casualties, Occupation - Letter from Palestine
09/15/2016S/PV.7772Secretary-General briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record
08/31/2016DPR/Chron/2016/08Chronological Review of Events/August 2016 - DPR review
08/30/2016OCHAFACTSHEET_300816Gaza: Two years since the 2014 hostilities - OCHA fact sheet
08/29/2016SC/12495Israelis, Palestinians must reverse negative trajectory to restore hope for two-state solution, Special Coordinator Mladenov tells Security Council - Press release
08/29/2016S/PV.7762Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record
08/26/2016Heads of UN agencies in Palestine call for greater flow of material and funding to reverse Gaza’s de-development spiral - UNCT press release
08/26/2016GAZA2YRSAFTER_260816Gaza: 2 years after - UNCT progress report
08/26/2016GAZA2YRSAFTER_INFOGRGaza: Two years after the 2014 hostilities - UN Country Team infographic
08/26/2016UNRWA response to IDF's closing the criminal investigation into the shelling of UNRWA school - UNRWA statement
Palestinian people continue to suffer the injustice and indignity of Israel’s occupation - Letter from Palestine
08/18/2016E/RES/2016/14Economic and Social Repercussions of the Israeli Occupation on the Living Conditions of Palestinian People in OPT and Syrian Golan - ECOSOC Resolution
08/04/2016GA/PAL/1375Quartet Report "offensive" for not labelling Israeli acts as terrorism, Palestinian Rights Committee hears, amid warning Gaza could be uninhabitable by 2020 - Press release
08/03/2016OPTHumDash_030816OPT: Humanitarian Dashboard - 2nd Quarter 2016 - OCHA overview
07/31/2016DPR/Chron/2016/07Chronological Review of Events/July 2016 - DPR review
State of Palestine accuses Israel of breaching Geneva Convention by expanding settlements - Letter from Palestine
Situation in OPT continues to deteriorate - Letter from Palestine
07/25/2016UNRWA deeply concerned about closures in the Hebron district - UNRWA statement
07/20/2016Special Coordinator Mladenov concerned by latest arson attack in occupied West Bank - UNSCO statement
Secretary-General briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Press release
07/03/2016Two-state solution slipping away! Do not miss the opportunity to reverse the negative trends - UNSCO Op-Ed
06/30/2016DPR/Chron/2016/06Chronological Review of Events/June 2016 - DPR review
06/29/2016UNMASPR_290616EU Contributes €800,000 to Support the UN Mine Action Service Intervention in Gaza - UNMAS/EU Press Release
06/28/2016Secretary-General's remarks at press encounter in Gaza - Press release
06/03/2016SG/SM/17816Secretary-General tells French Ministerial Conference: Israelis & Palestinians must commit to two-State solution - SG press release
05/31/2016DPR/Chron/2016/05Chronological Review of Events/May 2016 - DPR review
05/25/2016SC/12376Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation inthe Middle East, including Palestinian question - Press release
05/20/2016GA/PAL/1371UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Stockholm, 19-20 May 2016) - Plenary II - Press release
05/19/2016GA/PAL/1368UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Stockholm, 19-20 May 2016) - Opening session - Press release
05/19/2016SG/SM/17766-GA/PAL/1369UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Stockholm, 19-20 May 2016) -
Secretary-General message - Press release
05/19/2016GA/PAL/1370UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Stockholm, 19-20 May 2016) - Plenary I - Press release
05/04/2016OPTHumDash_040515OPT: Humanitarian Dashboard (1 Jan. - 31 March 2016) - OCHA overview
International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Dakar, Senegal, 3-4 May 2016 - Secretary-General message - Press release
04/30/2016DPR/Chron/2016/04Chronological Review of Events/April 2016 - DPR review
04/30/2016UNRWA_CIDRpt0416Children in Distress: Raising the Alarm for 2016 and Beyond (UNRWA West Bank Field Office) - UNRWA Briefing Note
04/20/2016A/HRC/RES/31/36Israeli settlements in OPT, Golan - HRC 31st session - Resolution
04/19/2016AHLC-APRIL16_UNSCOrptUN Special Coordinator's report to Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - UNSCO report
04/18/2016SG/SM/17682-SC/12328Secretary-General's remarks to Security Council on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - SG press release
04/18/2016SC/12327Security Council holds open debate on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Press release
04/18/2016SC11737_CEIRPPChStStatement by Palestinian Rights Committee Vice-Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document
04/14/2016UNRWA concerned by the armed conflict among armed groups in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria - UNRWA statement
04/14/2016Latest UNSCO report to AHLC warns viability of a two-State solution is in danger due to negative trends on the ground - UNSCO press release
04/08/2016UNESCO_199EX/PX/SR.20.2Occupied Palestine - draft decision - UNESCO draft decision
03/31/2016DPR/Chron/2016/03Chronological Review of Events/March 2016 - DPR review
03/31/2016MBMarch2016Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (March 2016) - DPR Publication
03/18/2016OCHA_HumResPlanUp152015 Humanitarian Response Plan for OPT: end of year monitoring update - OCHA update
03/09/2016OCHA launches Humanitarian Response Plan for Gaza - OCHA Humanitarian Coordinator remarks
03/08/2016UNRWA_GBVRPT16UNRWA's Gender-based Violence Programming: Lessons from the First Five Years - UNRWA report
02/29/2016DPR/Chron/2016/02Chronological Review of Events/February 2016 - DPR review
02/29/2016MBFeb2016Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (February 2016) - DPR Publication
02/25/2016A/AC.183/SR.375CEIRPP 375th meeting - Secretary-General, Chairman and State of Palestine Observer statements; Programme of work; Reports on the Intl. Conference on Question of Jerusalem/Civil Society Forum on Question of Palestine/Round Table on Legal Aspects of the Question of Palestine - Summary record
- Summary record
02/24/2016UNRWA condemns explosions targeting civilians in Sayyida Zeinab refugee camp in Syria - UNRWA statement
02/23/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/171Written statement submitted by BADIL Resource Center - HRC 31at session - NGO statement
02/23/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/171BADIL Resource Center's statement on necessity of understanding forcible transfer - HRC 31st session - NGO statement
02/23/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/167Adelah's statement addressing prevailing impunity for Israel's violations of international law - HRC 31st session - NGO statement
02/22/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/153Amuta's statement on guidelines for foreign government funding to Israeli and Palestinian NGOs - HRC 31st session - NGO statement
02/19/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/113Human Rights Now's statement on Continuing Impunity and Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza - HRC 31st session - NGO statement
02/19/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/100Al-Haq's statement on unlawful Israeli policies in OPTs - HRC 31st session - NGO statement
02/19/2016A/HRC/31/NGO/63Palestinian Return Centre's statement on Human Rights Status of Palestinian Refugees - HRC 31at session - NGO statement
02/01/2016An icon two years on begs some unsettling questions - UNRWA statement
01/31/2016DPR/Chron/2016/01Chronological Review of Events/January 2016 - DPR review
01/31/2016MBJan2016Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (January 2016) - DPR Publication
01/26/2016SC12219_CEIRPPChStStatement by Palestinian Rights Committee Vice-Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document
01/25/2016UNDP and ISOCARP launch new magazine on spatial planning in Gaza - UNDP press release
01/25/2016PLAN_ISSUE2Special Visioning Reflections: Planning for State of Palestine (Issue 2, Dec 2015) - UNDP publication
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