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12/15/2009WBN337OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (9-15 Dec 2009)
12/15/2009SpFocus_WBareaCRestricting space: The planning regime applied by Israel in Area C of the West Bank - OCHA special focus
11/30/2009HM1109The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (November 2009) - OCHA report
11/10/2009GA/PAL/1138CEIRPP meeting: approval of 4 draft resolutions, UNEP briefing on Gaza - Press release
11/10/2009Work begins on Neirab refugee camp in Syria - UNRWA Press release
11/09/2009UN-Aida_CrossingsUN calls on Israel yet again to open crossings - UN news item
10/27/2009HouseDemolitions_EJerUN calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes - UN news item
10/06/2009Red right arrow IconA/64/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2009 report
09/28/2009Syria’s First Lady inaugurates First Phase of the Neirab Rehabilitation Project in Aleppo
- UNRWA press release
09/09/2009A/64/339Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report
09/04/2009A/HRC/12/NGO/10Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Continuing dispossession & displacement of Palestine refugees in OPT - HRC 12th session - NGO statement (Adalah, Badil, Habitat International Coalition)
08/25/2009UN-HABITAT scales up its work in the OPT - Press release
08/14/2009GSblockade_OCHAspfocusLocked in: Humanitarian impact of two years of blockade on the Gaza Strip - OCHA special focus
07/16/2009WBN318OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (8-14 July 2009)
07/13/2009UNRWA receives US$34 million from Kuwait for Gaza refugees - UNRWA Press release
07/09/2009LogCluster090709Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report (26 June-9 July 2009)
06/04/2009Gaza building project experiments with clay, rubble - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
06/02/2009Gaza construction project hit by Israeli sanctions - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
06/01/2009GRAD_0609Gaza crisis responses: "Who is doing what where in Gaza" - OCHA report
05/21/2009A/ES-10/456House demolitions in East Jerusalem - CEIRPP statement, CEIRPP Chairman's letter to SecGen
05/15/2009Gaza liquidity crisis having tangible humanitarian impact - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
05/01/2009EJerSpFocus300409The planning crisis in East Jerusalem: "illegal" construction - OCHA Special Focus
04/30/2009HM0409The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (April 2009) - OCHA report
04/16/2009WBN306OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (8-14 April 2009)
04/03/2009Resolution 22/11Housing development in the OPT - UN-Habitat Governing Council 22nd session - Resolution
03/31/2009HM0309The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (March 2009) - OCHA report
03/30/2009GazaHumSitRep300309Humanitarian situation in Gaza - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator- OCHA situation report
03/25/2009SC/9626USG for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe briefs SecCo, debate - Rebuilding of Gaza - Press release
03/23/2009Saudi Arabia and UN-Habitat to rebuild Gaza homes - UN-Habitat press release
03/23/2009Saudi Arabia and UNDP sign agreement for Gaza reconstruction - UNDP press release
03/17/2009GazaHumSitRep160309Humanitarian situation in Gaza/Access - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
03/17/2009Podcast #11Impact of the Gaza crisis on schools - UNICEF webcast
03/15/2009Japan's contribution to Neirab refugee camp rehabilitation project in Aleppo - UNRWA press release
03/10/2009GazaDamage_100309Satellite-based Gaza Strip damage assessment overview - UNITAR/UNOSAT map
03/10/2009Red right arrow IconA/HRC/10/22Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Israeli military operation in Gaza - HRC 10th session - Combined report by Special Rapporteurs, SecGen Sp. Representatives
03/09/2009Foundation stone for reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp laid - Press release
03/09/2009Laying of foundation stone for Nahr el-Bared camp reconstruction - UNRWA Commissioner-General's remarks
03/09/2009GazaHumSitRep090309Humanitarian situation in Gaza/Access - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
03/03/2009Heavy rains add to Gaza misery - UNRWA refugee story
03/02/2009GazaHumSitRep020309Humanitarian situation in Gaza, humanitarian access - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
03/01/2009Gaza borders must open – UN Special Humanitarian Envoy - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
02/28/2009HM0209The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 34 (February 2009) - OCHA report
02/24/2009Gaza_CashAidUN agencies distribute cash to Gazans for shelter - UN news item
02/23/2009ALNAPevaluation_230209Gaza humanitarian crisis: Lessons for operational agencies - ALNAP paper/Non-UN document
02/23/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/11Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Forced displacement in OPT - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Badil)
02/23/2009GazaHumSitRep230209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, mine action - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
02/19/2009WBN298OPT: Protection of civilians, military activities, access - OCHA Weekly report (11-17 Feb 2009)
02/17/2009Thousands of Gazans remain homeless - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
02/16/2009GazaHumSitRep160209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, ceasefire violations - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
02/13/2009HM0109The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 33 (January 2009) - OCHA report
02/12/2009WBN297OPT: Protection of civilians, humanitarian aid, ceasefire violations - OCHA Weekly report (4-10 Feb 2009)
02/10/2009UNDP_DamagedHomes10,000 families in Gaza to receive cash assistance for damaged homes - UNDP press release
02/10/2009Gaza_TextbooksChildren in Gaza left without textbooks as paper restriction continues - UN news item
02/09/2009Homeless Gazans struggle to find shelter - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
02/09/2009GazaHumSitRep090209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, confiscation of UNRWA aid, ceasefire violations - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
02/05/2009GazaHumSitRep050209Gaza humanitarian situation - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
02/05/2009OCHA-Partnership_GazaHumSitRep20Gaza humanitarian situation (31 Jan-5 Feb) - OCHA situation report, Fact sheet, Map
02/05/2009WBN296OPT: Protection of civilians, Gaza ceasefire, West Bank casualties - OCHA Weekly report (28 Jan-3 Feb 2009)
02/04/2009UNDP_UNappealUNDP requests USD 49.3 million for recovery activities in Gaza - UNDP information note
02/04/2009Gaza_ReliefGoodsUNRWA demands return of confiscated relief items, UNDP initial survey of damages - Press release
02/04/2009Gaza early recovery - UNDP photo gallery
02/04/2009UNDP_GazaRubbleRubble removal urgently needed to restore basic services to Gazans - UNDP press release
02/02/2009GazaHumSitRep020209Continuing needs and damage assessment in Gaza, ceasefire-related incidents - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
02/02/2009UN launches flash appeal for Gaza - Press release
02/02/2009Launch of UN flash appeal for Gaza - Highlights of press conference by UN Emergency Relief Coordinator - Press release
02/01/2009Gaza facts, figures and UNDP response to the Gaza crisis - UNDP Factsheet
01/30/2009International Organization for Migration appeal for Gaza focuses on health and recovery - IOM press release
01/30/2009OCHA-Partnership_GazaHumSitRep19Gaza humanitarian situation (29-30 January), Gaza Flash Appeal - OCHA situation report, Fact sheet, Map
01/29/2009WBN295OPT: Protection of civilians, aftermath of ceasefire - OCHA Weekly report (21-27 January 2009)
01/29/2009GazaHumSitRep290109Continuing relief assistance, ceasefire-related incidents - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
01/27/2009S/PV.6077Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip - USG for Humanitarian Affairs Holmes, UNRWA Commissioner-General AbuZayd brief SecCo - Verbatim record (excerpts)
01/27/2009QuickResponse_27jan09Restoring critical services to Gaza refugees - UNRWA quick-response plan
01/26/2009GazaHumSitRep260109Continuing relief assistance, unexploded ordnance hampering relief work - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report
01/26/2009Gaza_260109Thousands of Gazans remain homeless, UN calls for unhindered aid access - UN news item
01/23/2009UN-HABITAT to field mission to Gaza - UN-HABITAT press release