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12/31/1980E.83.I.1Yearbook of the United Nations 1980 (excerpts)
12/16/1980Red right arrow IconA/RES/35/207Mideast situation/Inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people/Rejection of partial agreements - GA resolution
12/15/1980Red right arrow IconA/RES/35/169(A-E)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/ Inalienable rights in Palestine/ Israel's "basic law" on Jerusalem censured/ SecCo measures under Chapter VII - GA resolutions
Mideast situation - Declaration of the Eleventh Arab Summit - Letter from Jordan
Mideast situation - European Community statement - Letter from Luxembourg
11/25/1980Red right arrow IconS/14268Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/465 (1980)
11/11/1980Red right arrow IconS/14248Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - SecGen report
Attack on Church of Holy Sepulchre - Letter from Israel
11/01/198081-04145SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 11-12, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (November/December 1980) - SUPR publication
Attack on Church of Holy Sepulchre - Letter from Jordan
10/24/1980Red right arrow IconA/35/563
Mideast situation/OPT/Jerusalem/Refugees/Search for peaceful settlement - SecGen report under A/RES/34/70
Jerusalem - OIC FM special session communiqué - Letter from Morocco
10/03/1980Red right arrow IconICAO/RES/A23-5Jerusalem/Airport - ICAO Assembly resolution
09/30/198021C/97Jerusalem/Cultural heritage - UNESCO Director-General report (Chap. III)
09/12/1980S/14169Jerusalem - Al-Quds Committee declaration - Letter from Morocco
09/11/1980S/14168Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Uruguay
09/10/1980S/14163Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Dominican Republic
09/08/1980S/14151Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Guatemala
09/02/1980S/14144Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Netherlands
08/29/1980S/14138Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Bolivia
08/29/1980S/14137Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Haiti
08/28/1980S/14135Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Colombia
Palestine question/Jerusalem - Resolutions and Communique of the OIC FM Conference - Letter from Pakistan
08/26/1980S/14126Jerusalem/Diplomatic Mission - Letter from Costa Rica
08/26/1980S/14127Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - Letter from Panama
08/25/1980S/14124Jerusalem/Diplomatic missions - Letter from El Salvador
08/20/1980Red right arrow IconS/RES/478 (1980)Jerusalem - Israel's "basic law", refusal censured/ Measures null and void/ Obstruction to peace/ Diplomatic missions to be withdrawn - SecCo resolution
Jerusalem status - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
08/04/1980Red right arrow IconA/35/378
Jerusalem status - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
08/01/1980Vol. III/8-9-10SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 8-9-10, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (August/September/October 1980) - SUPR publication
07/30/1980A/ES-7/PV.11Palestine question - GA 7th emergency special session voting, adjournment - Verbatim record
07/29/1980Red right arrow IconA/RES/ES-7/2Palestine question/CEIRPP recommendations/ Inalienable rights in Palestine - GA emergency session - GA resolution
07/27/1980A/ES-7/PV.8Palestine question - GA 7th emergency special session - Verbatim record
07/26/1980A/ES-7/PV.6Palestine question - GA 7th emergency special session - Verbatim record
Show details for 07/26/198007/26/1980A/ES-7/PV.7Palestine question - GA 7th emergency special session - Verbatim record
06/30/1980Red right arrow IconS/RES/476 (1980)Jerusalem/Concern over Knesset steps/Necessity to end occupation/Israel to abide by SecCo resns - SecCo resolution
06/30/1980S/14032Jerusalem/Holy places - Position of the Holy See - Letter from the Holy See
06/24/1980S/14017Jerusalem - LAS SecGen's communication to SecCo President - Letter from Tunisia
06/01/198080-22700SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 6-7, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (June/July 1980) - SUPR publication
03/31/1980S/13868Situation in the OPT/Jerusalem - Letter from Jordan
Jerusalem - Statement by Egypt on confiscation of land in Jerusalem - Letter from Egypt
03/12/1980Red right arrow IconS/13840Status of Jerusalem - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
03/01/1980Red right arrow IconS/RES/465 (1980)Israeli settlements/Fourth Geneva Convention applicable, Establishment of settlements to cease, no legal validity, States not to provide assistance - SecCo resolution
03/01/198080-13354SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 3-4, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (March/April 1980) - SUPR publication
02/28/198080-09937SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III/2, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (February 1980) - SUPR publication
Palestine question/Jerusalem - Resolution of the OIC FM Conference - Letter from Pakistan
Jerusalem - Letter from Israel
Jerusalem/Excavations - Letter from Israel
Jerusalem/Excavations - Letter from Jordan
01/01/198021C/RES/4/14Jerusalem/Cultural heritage - UNESCO Gen. Conference resolution
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