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12/31/2005Nablus after five years of conflict - OCHA report
12/31/2005GA1205Gaza Strip: Access Report (December 2005) - OCHA report
12/31/2005HU11_1205Humanitarian update - OPT (Nov-Dec 2005) - The Gaza Strip after disengagement - OCHA report
12/20/2005SC/8596USG for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari briefs SecCo - Press release
12/20/2005S/PV.5337Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Gambari briefs SecCo - Verbatim record
12/20/2005WBN136Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (14 - 20 December 2005)
12/13/2005AMA2Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Quartet Special Envoy second implementation report/Non-UN document
12/13/2005WBN135Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (7 - 13 December 2005)
12/12/2005The Palestinian economy/Prospects for its Recovery - World Bank report to AHLC (London)
12/08/2005UN agency aiding Palestinians halves 2006 emergency appeal - UN news item
12/08/2005UNRWA emergency appeal 2006 - UNRWA report
12/06/2005WBN134Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (30 November - 6 December 2005)
11/30/2005SC/8565SecCo welcomes Israeli-Palestinian agreement on Rafah crossing - SecCo briefing/Presidential statement - Press release
11/30/2005West Bank and Gaza update (Nov 2005) - World Bank publication
11/30/2005AMA1Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Quartet Special Envoy first implementation report/Non-UN document
11/30/2005GA1105Gaza Strip: Access Report (November 2005) - OCHA report
11/29/2005WBN133Protection of cilivians - OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (23 - 29 November 2005)
SecGen pleased by opening of Gaza-Egypt border crossing - SecGen statement - Press release
11/25/2005S383/05EU High Representative welcomes opening of Rafah border crossing/Fact sheet on EU Border Assistance Mission/Rafah - EU press release/Non-UN document
11/22/2005WBN132OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (16 - 22 November 2005) - OCHA report
11/18/2005Senior UN political official visits Israel, OPT - UN news item
11/15/2005WBN131OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (9 - 15 November 2005) - OCHA report
11/15/2005SG/SM/10211SecGen welcomes agreement on Gaza-Egypt border crossing - SecGen statement - Press release
11/08/2005WBN130OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (2 - 8 November 2005) - OCHA report
11/02/2005GA/SPD/332UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/01/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (26 October - 1 November 2005) - OCHA report
11/01/2005GA/SPD/331UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/31/2005HU1005Humanitarian update - OPT - The Jordan Valley - OCHA report
10/31/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (October 2005) - OCHA report
10/30/2005Managing transit and trade across Israeli/Palestinian borders: Technical negotiations - World Bank note
10/25/2005WBN128OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (19 - 25 October 2005) - OCHA report
10/20/2005SC/8531USG for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari briefs SecCo - Gaza disengagement - Press release
10/18/2005Additional West Bank internal closures - OCHA report
10/18/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (12 - 18 October 2005) - OCHA report
10/11/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (5 - 11 October 2005) - OCHA report
10/04/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (28 September - 4 October 2005) - OCHA report
09/30/2005Humanitarian update - Poverty in the OPT - OCHA report
09/30/2005Linking Gaza and the West Bank: Convoys - World Bank note
09/27/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (21 - 27 September 2005) - OCHA report
09/23/2005SC/8510Quartet statement/SecCo Presidential statement/UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Alvaro De Soto briefs SecCo - Press release
09/20/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (August 2005) - OCHA report
09/20/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (14 - 20 September 2005) - OCHA report
09/15/2005Gaza Strip access, infrastructure - Situation report (15 Sept. 2005) - OCHA report
09/13/2005OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (7 - 13 September 2005) - OCHA report
08/31/2005Humanitarian update - August 2005 - OCHA report
08/18/2005A/60/271Human rights situation in the OPT - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) - Report, SecGen note
08/03/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (June 2005) - OCHA report
08/02/2005Pilot terminal in Gaza - World Bank note
07/31/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (July 2005) - OCHA report
07/31/2005Humanitarian update - July 2005 - OCHA report
07/30/2005Palestinian short-term tasks at Karni crossing- World Bank note
07/08/2005Improvements to Karni border crossing - World Bank proposal
07/05/2005"Door to Door" movement of goods - World Bank note
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
06/26/2005Schematic for cross-border terminal operations - World Bank note
05/31/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (May 2005) - OCHA report
05/07/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (April 2005) - OCHA report
04/30/2005Humanitarian update - April 2005 - OCHA report
04/12/2005West Bank closure and access - OCHA report, separation wall maps
04/06/2005UN review paints gloomy picture of 2004 economy in the OPT - UN news item
04/06/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (31 March 2005) - OCHA report
03/31/2005Humanitarian update - March 2005 - OCHA report
03/09/200505-56396UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Geneva, 8-9 March 2005) - Report - DPR publication
03/05/2005E/CN.4/2005/29/Add.1Human rights situation in the OATs - CHR 61st session - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report
03/04/2005Gaza Strip: Access Report (February 2005) - OCHA report
02/28/2005Human rights practices in Israel and the OPT - US Dept of State Country Report/Non-UN document
02/28/2005Humanitarian update - February 2005 - OCHA report
01/19/2005Rafah Terminal - Situation report - OCHA report
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