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12/19/2002A/57/688UNDOF - Budget - SecGen report
12/18/2002A/57/663UNIFIL - Financing - SecGen report
12/18/2002A/57/668UNDOF - Budget performance report - SecGen report
12/18/2002A/57/662UNIFIL - Budget performance report - SecGen report
12/17/2002S/Agenda/4669Mideast situation/UNDOF - SecCo provisional agenda
12/17/2002SC/7604UNDOF - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release
12/17/2002S/2002/1368UNDOF - Extension of mandate - SecCo draft resolution
12/17/2002S/PV.4669UNDOF - SecCo meeting with troop-contributing countries - Communiqué
12/17/2002S/RES/1451 (2002)UNDOF - Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973)/ Mandate renewed - SecCo resolution
12/17/2002S/PRST/2002/37UNDOF - SecCo Presidential statement
12/17/2002Middle East situation - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)
12/16/2002SecGen recommends UNDOF mandate extension - UN news item
12/11/2002GA/10121Mideast situation - GA debate, action - Press release (excerpts)
12/04/2002S/2002/1328UNDOF - SecGen report
09/27/2002A/57/2Mideast situation/Palestine question - Report of the Security Council, 16 June 2001-31 July 2002 (excerpts)
08/09/2002S/2002/30/Add.30SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum
08/02/2002S/2002/30/Add.29SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum
07/31/2002S/2002/937Security Council - Work assessment under UK presidency, incl. SecCo briefing by SecGen (July 2002) - Letter from United Kingdom (excerpts)
07/30/2002S/PV.4593Mideast situation/UNIFIL - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
07/30/2002S/RES/1428 (2002)UNIFIL - SecCo resolution
07/30/2002UNIFIL mandate extended for six months by Security Council - UN news item
07/30/2002SC/7473UNIFIL - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release
07/29/2002S/2002/846UNIFIL mandate - SecCo draft resolution
07/26/2002S/2002/30/Add.28SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum
Mideast situation/Lebanon/SecGen report on UNIFIL - Letter from Lebanon
07/22/2002UNIFIL operations/mandate - SecCo President statement - UN news item
Mideast situation/Lebanon/SecGen report on UNIFIL - Letter from Lebanon
07/17/2002S/PV.4576Mideast crisis/UNIFIL - SecCo official communiqué - Verbatim records
07/17/2002S/Agenda/4576Mideast situation/UNIFIL - SecCo provisional agenda
07/17/2002A/RES/56/214 BUNIFIL/Financing - GA resolution
07/17/2002SecGen calls for extension of UNIFIL mandate - UN news item
07/12/2002S/2002/746UNIFIL - Extension of mandate - SecGen report
07/11/2002A/RES/56/294UNDOF/Financing - GA resolution
07/09/2002S/2002/739UNIFIL - Extension of mandate - Letter from Lebanon
06/27/2002GA/10032UNDOF/UNIFIL financing - GA vote - Press release (excerpt)
06/27/2002A/56/PV.105UNDOF/UNIFIL financing - Fifth Cttee debate - Verbatim records (excerpts)
06/26/2002S/2002/704Security Council - Work assessment under Russia presidency (April 2002) - Letter from Russia (excerpts)
06/20/2002S/2002/685Security Council - Work under Singapore presidency, incl. SecCo briefings by SecGen, USG for Political Affairs (May 2002) - Letter from Singapore (excerpts)
06/20/2002A/56/722/Add.1UNIFIL/Financing - Fifth Cttee action - Report (Addendum)
06/19/2002A/56/973UNDOF/Financing - Fifth Cttee action - Report
06/13/2002S/2002/663Security Council - Work assessment under Norway presidency (March 2002) - Letter from Norway (excerpts)
05/31/2002S/PV.4546Mideast situation/UNDOF - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records
05/30/2002S/RES/1415 (2002)UNDOF - Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973)/ Mandate extended - SecCo resolution
05/30/2002S/PRST/2002/18Mideast situation/UNDOF - SecCo Presidential statement
05/30/2002SC/7418UNDOF - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release
05/29/2002S/2002/586UNDOF mandate - SecCo draft resolution
05/24/2002S/PV.4545UNDOF - SecCo meeting with troop-contributing countries - Communiqué
05/20/2002A/C.5/56/L.72UNDOF financing - GA draft resolution
05/17/2002S/2002/542UNDOF, UNTSO/Just, durable peace settlement under S/RES/338 (1973) - SecGen report
05/17/2002A/C.5/56/L.70UNIFIL financing - GA draft resolution
04/29/2002S/2002/493Security Council - Work assessment under China presidency (July 2001) - Letter from China (excerpts)
04/22/2002A/56/832/Add.1UNDOF/Budget - SecGen report
04/16/2002UN International Meeting in Support of Middle East Peace (Nicosia) - NGOs' Urgent Appeal
Measures to eliminate international terrorism/Attack on TIPH staff - Letter from Israel
04/05/2002A/56/887/Add.7UNIFIL - Financial performance - ACABQ report
04/04/2002A/56/887/Add.8UNDOF - Financial Performance - ACABQ report
04/01/2002A/56/893UNIFIL - Budget - SecGen report
03/26/2002A/49/755/Add.1UNDOF - Finance - Fifth Cttee report/Addendum
02/26/2002A/56/832UNDOF - Financing/Budget - SecGen report
02/21/2002S/2002/187Security Council - Work assessment under Mauritius presidency (Jan 2002) - Letter from Mauritius (excerpts)
02/14/2002A/56/822UNIFIL - Financing - SecGen report
02/08/2002A/56/813UNDOF - Financial performance - SecGen report
01/28/2002SC/7280UNIFIL - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release
01/28/2002S/PV.4458Mideast situation/UNIFIL - Verbatim records
01/28/2002S/2002/123UNIFIL mandate/Air, sea, land violations/UNTSO tasks - SecCo draft resolution
01/28/2002S/RES/1391 (2002)UNIFIL - SecCo resolution
01/17/2002Mideast situation/Lebanon/UNIFIL - UNSC press release
01/16/2002S/2002/55UNIFIL/Air violations/UNTSO tasks - SecGen report
01/14/2002SC/7266Security Council - 2001 round-up - Press release (excerpts)
01/10/2002S/2002/40UNIFIL - Letter from Lebanon
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