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11/19/1951A/AC.25/AR/70UNCCP Chaairman writes announcing termination of 10/8/51 conference - UNCCP - letter to Arab delegations
11/19/1951A/AC.25/IS.78Letter to the parties on the termination of the Paris conference - UNCCP - Letter
11/13/1951A/AC.25/AR/69Syria reaffirms its commitment to collaborate with the Commission - UNCCP - Letter from Syria
11/12/1951A/AC.25/AR/68Jordan reaffirms commitment to collaborate with the Commission - UNCCP - Letter fro Jordan
11/09/1951A/AC.25/AR/67Letter from Lebanon reaffirming commitment to collaborate with the Commission - UNCCP - Letter
11/08/1951S/2388Truce Supervision Organization - Report of the Mixed Armistice Commissions on the decisions made between 17 February 1951 to 31 October 1951
11/07/1951A/AC.25/IS.77Statement on Armistice Agreement - UNCCP - Letter from Israel
11/06/1951A/AC.25/AR/66Letter from Egypt on commitment to finding a solution for the Palestinian problem - UNCCP - letter
10/23/1951A/AC.25/AR/63Commissions' GA given mandate, competence and functions explained - UNCCP Memo to Arab delegations - Momo
10/15/1951A/AC.25/AR/62Syria's reply to Commission's letter re Arab States draft declaration - UNCCP - Letter
10/13/1951A/AC.25/AR/61Jordan's reply to Commission's approval of Jt. draft Arab declaration - UNCCP - Letter
10/13/1951A/AC.25/AR/60Arab delegations take issue w/ the Commission's structure and mediatory function - UNCCP - Memorandum
10/12/1951A/AC.25/AR/59Reply from Egypt to Commission's 6 October 1951 letter re. preamble proposals - UNCCP - Letter
10/06/1951A/AC.25/AR/58UNCCP's Identical letters sent to Israel; Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon and Syria regarding the Comprehensive Proposals - UNCCP - Letter
10/04/1951A/AC.25/AR/56Follow up to questions raised at previous mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. Commission's functions - UNCCP - Memorandum
10/03/1951A/AC.25/AR/57Arab delegations desirous to work with the Commission in a positive atmosphere - UNCCP - Draft Declaration
09/17/1951A/AC.25/AR/55UNCCP comprehensive proposals - Declaration of Syria on behalf of Arab delegations (Paris conference) - in French
09/10/1951A/AC.25/AR/53Response to invitation to Paris conference - Letter/Communication from Lebanon to UNCCP Chairman - in French
09/09/1951A/AC.25/AR/52Response to invitation to Paris conference - Telegram from Jordan to UNCCP Chairman - in French
09/07/1951A/AC.25/AR/51Response to Paris conference invitation - Telegram from Syria - in French
09/02/1951A/AC.25/AR/50Response to Paris conference invitation - Telegram from Egypt - in French
08/25/1951A/AC.25/AR/49UNCCP to undertake preparations for Paris conference - Telegram from UNCCP to Arab and Israeli delegations - in French
08/17/1951S/2300Truce Supervision Organization - Interim report of the Mixed Armistice Commission on steps taken to give effect to SecCo Res S/2157
08/10/1951A/AC.25/AR/48Télégramme d'invitation aux MAE Arabes et d’Israël à la conférence de Paris de 10 septembre 1951 - Telegram from UNCCP (French version only)
08/06/1951A/AC.25/Org/39Views and proposals for settlement of Palestine refugee problem - UNCCP - Memo from General Refugee Congress, Ramallah
06/17/1951A/AC.25/AR/54Proposals submitted to all the delegations - UNCCP - Proposal
05/22/1951A/AC.25/W/68UNCCP - Mandate of the Refugee Office - UNCCP Working paper (in French)
05/18/1951Red right arrow IconS/RES/93 (1951) - S/2157Mideast situation/Return to permanent peace in Palestine - Israel, Syria to observe Armistice Agreement - SecCo resolution
05/17/1951A/AC.25/W/67UNCCP - Concern of Commission with Incidents between Israel and Syria - Working paper of Secretariat
05/10/1951A/AC.25/W/65/Add.1UNCCP - Addendum - Note by Principal Secretary relating to incidents between Israel and Syria - Working paper
05/08/1951Red right arrow IconS/RES/92 (1951)
Mideast situation/Israel, Syria - SecCo calls on parties to cease fighting - SecCo resolution
04/25/1951A/AC.25/AR/44Refugee question - Note from Lebanon to the UNCCP - in French
04/25/1951A/AC.25/AR/42Refugee question - Note from Egypt to UNCCP - in French
03/21/1951A/AC.25/Org/36Right to return, resettlement, blocked accounts, compensation - UNCCP - Memo by Palestine Refugee Committees in Lebanon
03/21/1951S/2049Truce Supervision Organization - Report on the status of the operations of The Mixed Armistice Commissions from 17 Nov. 1950 to 17 Nov. 1951
03/15/1951A/AC.25/Com.Gen/17/Rev.1Future activities of UNCCP and Refugee Office under GA Resolution 394 - UNCCP General Cttee - Report (revised)
02/22/1951A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.76Refugee Office of Conciliation Commission - UNCCP's General Cttee 76th mtg. (Jerusalem) - Summary record
02/22/1951A/AC.25/Com.Gen/17UNCCP - General Committee report on activities and refugees under GA Resn. 394 - Report (French)
02/16/1951A/AC.25/Com.Gen/W.11Political concept of the Refugee Office - UNCCP General Cttee - Working paper
02/16/1951A/AC.25/Com.Gen/W.12Structure and Competence of Refugee Office - UNCCP General Cttee - Working paper
02/06/1951A/AC.25/SR.205Discussion on the UNRWA meeting and the Refugee Office - UNCCP 205th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary record
02/05/1951A/AC.25/SR.203Preparation for meeting with UNRWA, on refugee - UNCCP 203rd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
02/01/1951A/AC.25/SR.202Refugees; Mixed Cttee for blocked accounts, Refugee Office - UNCCP 202nd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record (French text only)
02/01/1951A/AC.25/W/55/Rev.1/Corr.1Future Activities of the Conciliation Commission for Palestine - UNCCP working paper (Revised) - Corrigendum (French only)
01/31/1951A/AC.25/W/55/Rev.1Future Activities of the Conciliation Commission for Palestine - UNCCP working paper (Revised)
01/10/1951A/AC.25/W/55Future Activities of the Conciliation Commission for Palestine - UNCCP working paper
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