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11/24/2009WBN336OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (18-24 Nov 2009)
11/13/2009SC/9788Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts - SecCo meeting - Press release
10/31/2009HM1009The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (October 2009) - OCHA report
10/23/2009A/64/15 (Part IV)
Assistance to the Palestinian people - Trade and Development Board 56th session/Summary of discussion - UNCTAD report to GA (excerpts)
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/2Human rights in Gaza/Follow-up to Goldstone report - HRC 12th special session - NGO statement (North-South XXI)
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/3Appeal to endorse and implement the Goldstone report - HRC 12th special session - NGO joint statement
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/1Human rights in Gaza - HRC 12th special session - NGO statement (Association of World Citizens)
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/4The need for endorsement of the UN fact-finding mission report (Goldstone report) - HRC 12th special session - NGO joint statement
09/30/2009HM0909The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (September 2009) - OCHA report
09/15/2009Red right arrow IconA/64/351
Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - SecGen report
09/09/2009UNCTADreport09Faltering Palestinian economy needs bold new strategy, contends UN report - UN news item
09/08/2009A/HRC/12/NGO/56Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs - HRC 12th session - Joint NGO statement (Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF), Union of Arab Jurists, International Organization for the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD), General Arab Women Federation, Arab Lawyers Union, Tupaj Amaru, General Federation of Iraqi Women, United Towns Agency for the North-South Cooperation, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, and International Educational Development Inc. (IED))
08/31/2009OPT Monthly Update (August 2009), Focus on Child Protection - UNICEF Newsletter
08/25/2009WBN324OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (19-25 August 2009)
08/19/2009WBN323OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (12-18 August 2009)
08/16/2009HM0709The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (July 2009) - OCHA report
08/11/2009UNICEF_MYR-HAR2009UNICEF humanitarian action in OPT - 2009 Mid-year review (excerpts)
08/03/2009HR/09/125UN Special Cttee on Israel Practices to visit Egypt, Jordan and Syria - UNHCHR press release
07/29/2009E/2009/L.42Economic and Social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC Draft resolution (Adopted)
07/29/2009ECOSOC/09/033ECOSOC considers economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people - ECOSOC meeting - Press release
07/22/2009978-92-1-126211-7The Arab Human Development Report 2009: Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries - UNDP study (excerpts)
07/22/2009S/2009/378Children and armed conflict - SecCo Working Group - Annual report (excerpts)
07/21/2009CAP09review-mdyr_OPT2009 consolidated appeal - OPT/ Mid-year Review - OCHA report
07/15/2009HM0609The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2009) - OCHA report
07/03/2009Quantitative food security and socio-economic survey in the West Bank - (Jan/Feb 2009) - PCBS, WFP, FAO - Draft summary report
07/01/2009BarrierRpt_0709Five years after the ICJ advisory opinion - Summary of the humanitarian impact of the barrier - OCHA report
06/26/2009SC/9692Protection of civilians in armed conflict - USG for Humanitarian Affairs briefs SecCo, debate - Press release (excerpts)
06/16/2009HRC/09/088Human Rights Council holds general debate on human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories - Human Rights Council Press release
06/15/2009ILOpr10-2009Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO debate/9-10 sittings - Provisional record
Situation in East Jerusalem - CEIRPP statement, CEIRPP Chairman's letter to SecGen
05/15/2009HM0509The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (May 2009) - OCHA report
04/30/2009NAM 2009/MM/Doc.1/Rev.1NAM Ministerial Conference/Final document (Havana, April 2009) - Non-UN document (excerpts)
04/22/2009WBN307OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (15 - 21 April 2009)
03/31/2009OCHA_WestBankpresentationHumanitarian overview in the West Bank (March 2009) - OCHA presentation - Slide show
02/13/2009A/AC.183/2009/1Palestine question - CEIRPP programme of work for 2009
02/04/200920090203IPR48164PA President Abbas addresses European Parliament - Press release/Non-UN document
02/02/2009CAT/C/ISR/Q/4Israel's fourth periodic report - Committee against Torture - List of issues for consideration
01/31/2009HU0109_RegionalRegional response to the Gaza crisis - OCHA regional humanitarian update, map (excerpts)
01/30/2009S/2009/10SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement
01/23/2009A/RES/ES-10/18Immediate ceasefire in Gaza - GA 10th emergency special session - Resolution
01/17/2009Life in the Gaza Strip, six weeks after the armed conflict - UNFPA/FAFO Survey
01/16/2009A/ES-10/L.21/Rev.1Immediate ceasefire in Gaza - GA 10th emergency special session - Revised draft resolution (Adopted)
01/15/2009A/ES-10/L.21Immediate ceasefire - GA 10th emergency special session - Draft resolution
01/13/2009A/AC.183/SR.313CEIRPP meeting, consideration of draft GA resolutions - Summary record
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