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11/28/1951A/AC.25/SR.275Planning a meeting with UNRWA, Approval of the 10th Progress Report for SecGen- UNCCP 275th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/27/1951A/AC.25/SR.274Principal Secretary's statement re.10th Progress Report, Publication of Refugee Office studies - UNCCP 274th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/24/1951A/AC.25/SR.264/Corr.1Replies to request of considering the UNCCP proposals; Report by the Refugee Office; Land Specialist on abandoned property - UNCCP 264th meeting (Paris) - Corrigendum
11/23/1951A/AC.25/SR.273Draft conclusions of the Commission's 10th Progress Report - UNCCP 273rd meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/22/1951A/AC.25/SR.272Draft conclusions for inclusion in the 10th Progress Report to the SecGen - UNCCP 272nd meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/20/1951A/AC.25/SR.271Draft 10th Progress - UNCCP 271st meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
11/20/1951Red right arrow IconA/1985UNCCP - 10th Progress Report (From 23 January to 19 November 1951)
11/19/1951A/AC.25/SR.269Drafts of 10th Progress Report, letter to the Parties re. closure of the Paris Conference - UNCCP 269th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/19/1951A/AC.25/SR.270Letter to the Parties re. closure of the Paris conference; US continues chairmanship - UNCCP 270th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/19/1951A/AC.25/IS.78Letter to the parties on the termination of the Paris conference - UNCCP - Letter
11/16/1951A/AC.25/SR.268Discussion on closing the Paris Conference and the Refugee Office's Report - UNCCP 268th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/14/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/11UNCCP - Meeting with Israeli delegation - Summary record
11/14/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/12Arab delegations' comments on the UNCCP's proposals at the Paris conference - UNCCP - Summary record
11/13/1951A/AC.25/SR.267Discussion on next meetings with the delegations - UNCCP 267th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/10/1951A/AC.25/SR.266Chairman statement on the work of the Paris Conference; Additional procedures for transmitting UNRWA and Commission's reports to SG - UNCCP 266th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/09/1951A/AC.25/SR.265Israel's reply to Commission's comprehensive proposals; Report of the Head of the Refugee Office - UNCCP 265th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/08/1951A/AC.25/SR.264Egypt and Israel's replies regarding the Commission's proposals, Reports of Refugee Office and Land Specialist on abandoned property - UNCCP 264th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/07/1951A/AC.25/SR.263Examination of the 10th Progress Report - UNCCP 263rd meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/07/1951A/AC.25/IS.77Statement on Armistice Agreement - UNCCP - Letter from Israel
11/05/1951A/AC.25/SR.262Questions re. extending Commission's stay in Paris; Drafting 10th Progress Report - UNCCP 262nd meeting (Paris) - Summary record
11/02/1951A/AC.25/SR.261Upcoming meeting with Refugee Office reps.; Letter to delegations reaffirming tthe basis for consideration of the proposals -- UNCCP 261st meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/31/1951A/AC.25/SR.260Adoption of draft letter to delegations taking part in the Paris Conference - UNCCP 260th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/31/1951A/AC.25/IS.76UNCCP - Comprehensive proposals to Israel and Arab States - Letter to Israel/Egypt/Jordan/Lebanon/Syria
10/30/1951A/AC.25/SR.259US to move comprehensive proposals forward, UNCCP - UNCCP 259th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/29/1951A/AC.25/SR.258Commission's future activities/objections to the preamble despite closure of discussion - UNCCP 258th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/26/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/10UNCCP - Meeting with Israeli delegation - Summary record
10/24/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/9UNCCP's proposals to the Arab delegations at the Paris conference - UNCCP - Summary record
10/23/1951A/AC.25/IS.75Response regarding Israel's letter re observation on comprehensive proposals - UNCCP Letter to Israel
10/23/1951A/AC.25/SR.257Chairman's draft statement on comprehensive proposals; Msg. from Israel's Rep. - UNCCP 257th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/22/1951A/AC.25/SR.256Draft reply to Israel's request to re-open discussion on preamble; Memo to Arab Delegations - UNCCP 256th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/22/1951A/AC.25/SR.255Reply to Israeli letter requesting re-wording of the preamble of the Commission's comprehensive proposals - UNCCP 255th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/19/1951A/AC.25/IS.74Response of Israel critiquing Arab proposals - UNCCP propsed declaration - Letter from Israel
10/18/1951A/AC.25/IS.73Comprehensive proposals to Israel and Arab States - UNCCP - Letter to Israel
10/18/1951A/AC.25/SR.254Reply to Israel's letter regarding comprehensive proposals to be transmitted to Arab Delegations - UNCCP 254th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/17/1951A/AC.25/SR.253Reply to Israel's letter regarding the Commission's comprehensive proposals ; Next session with the parties - UNCCP 253rd meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/16/1951A/AC.25/SR.252The Commission reply to Israeli letter IS/72 - UNCCP 252nd meeting (Paris) - Summary record (French only)
10/15/1951A/AC.25/SR.251Public release of the comprehensive proposals, replies of Israel, Egyptian delegations to proposals - UNCCP 251st meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/14/1951A/AC.25/IS.72Delegate communicates to UNCCP Israel's observations on Comprehensive Proposals - Letter from Israel
10/12/1951A/AC.25/SR.245/Corr.1Preparations/strategizing for future meetings (continued) - UNCCP 245th meeting (Paris) - Summary record/Corrigendum
10/12/1951A/AC.25/SR.250Communication with US re. progress of the Paris Conference; - UNCCP 250th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/10/1951A/AC.25/SR.249Elaboration of Point 3 of Commission's proposals - UNCCP 249th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
10/09/1951A/AC.25/SR.248Movable property abandoned by Arabs in Israel, Elaboration of Point 2 of the Commission's proposals - UNCCP 248th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/08/1951A/AC.25/SR.247Letter to delegations on non-aggression declaration; Commission-UNRWA co-operation - UNCCP 247th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/06/1951A/AC.25/IS.71UNCCP's Identical letters sent to Israel; Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon and Syria regarding the Comprehensive Proposals - Letter from UNCCP
10/05/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/8UNCCP - Meeting with Israeli delegation - Summary record
10/05/1951A/AC.25/SR.246Draft letter to delegations in light of their response to proposals - UNCCP 246th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/04/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/7UNCCP - Meeting with Arab delegation - Summary record
10/03/1951A/AC.25/SR.244Preparations for future meetings w/ Israeli and Arab delegations - UNCCP 244th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/03/1951A/AC.25/SR.245Preparations for future meetings (continued) - UNCCP 245th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
10/01/1951A/AC.25/IS.70UNCCP - Draft of Non-aggression Pact - Letter from Israel
10/01/1951A/AC.25/SR.243Parties' acceptance/non-acceptance to the proposal's preamble, Draft memorandum to Arab delegations, Liaison w/ UNRWA, Upcoming meetings - UNCCP 243rd meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/28/1951Red right arrow IconA/1905UNRWA - Annual report of the Director
09/25/1951A/AC.25/SR.242Preparations for the 25 September meeting w/ the Arab delegations - UNCCP 242nd meeting (Paris) Summary Record
09/25/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/6UNCCP - Meeting with Arab delegations - Summary record
09/24/1951A/AC.25/SR.241Israeli release of the Commission's proposals to the press, Commission press release re. its proposals, preparations for the upcoming meetings - UNCCP 241st meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/21/1951A/AC.25/SR.239Meeting with Israelis on proposals, Liaison with UK, UNRWA-Commission relations, Israeli letter re. press comminiqué - UNCCP 239th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/21/1951A/AC.25/SR.240Addressing Israeli concerns re. a 17 September press communiqué - UNCCP 240th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/21/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/5Reply of the Government of Israel to the Chairman's opening statement - UNCCP - Meeting with Israeli delegation - Summary record
09/21/1951A/AC.25/IS.69UNCCP - Statement of Israel before the Commission
09/17/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/3UNCCP - Meeting with Arab delegations - Summary record
09/17/1951A/AC.25/AR/55UNCCP comprehensive proposals - Declaration of Syria on behalf of Arab delegations (Paris conference) - in French
09/17/1951A/AC.25/SR.238Israel delays response whether to accept receiving the proposals; Liaison with British Gvt.- UNCCP 238th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/17/1951Red right arrow IconA/AC.25/IS.68Comprehensive proposals submitted by UNCCP to Ithe delegations of srael, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria
09/17/1951A/AC.25/SR.237Presenting Commission's proposals to the parties - UNCCP 237th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/17/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/4UNCCP - Meeting with Israeli delegation - Summary record
09/13/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/1UNCCP - Meeting with Arab delegations - Summary record
09/13/1951A/AC.25/SR/PM/2UNCCP - Meeting with Arab delegations - Summary record
09/13/1951A/AC.25/SR.236Arrangements for opening of the Paris conference (cont.), Chairman's opening statement (complete text) UNCCP 136th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/12/1951A/AC.25/SR.235Arrangements,opening statement and comprehensive proposal for the Paris - UNCCP 235th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/11/1951A/AC.25/SR.234Arrangements for the Paris conference, text of the Preamble - UNCCP 234th meeting (Paris) - Summary record
09/10/1951A/AC.25/IS.67UNCCP - Message from Israeli Foreign Minister - Letter from Israel
09/10/1951A/AC.25/SR.233Arrangements for the opening of the Paris conference (continued) - UNCCP 233rd meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/09/1951A/AC.25/AR/52Response to invitation to Paris conference - Telegram from Jordan to UNCCP Chairman - in French
09/08/1951A/AC.25/SR.231Arrangements for the opening of the Paris conference - UNCCP 231st meeting (Paris) - Summary record
09/08/1951A/AC.25/SR.232Report of the Refugee Office - UNCCP 232nd meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/07/1951A/AC.25/AR/51Response to Paris conference invitation - Telegram from Syria - in French
09/07/1951A/AC.25/SR.230Report of the Refugee Office - UNCCP 230th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/06/1951A/AC.25/SR.229Paris conference, Report of the Refugee Office, Liaison with UNRWA - UNCCP 229th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
09/02/1951A/AC.25/AR/50Response to Paris conference invitation - Telegram from Egypt - in French
08/30/1951A/AC.25/SR.228Preparations for the Paris conference - UNCCP 228th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
08/27/1951A/AC.25/SR.227Planning for the Paris conference, UNRWA's participation - UNCCP 227th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
08/25/1951A/AC.25/AR/49UNCCP to undertake preparations for Paris conference - Telegram from UNCCP to Arab and Israeli delegations - in French
08/25/1951A/AC.25/IS.66UNCCP - Paris meeting - Letter to Israel
08/17/1951A/AC.25/IS.65UNCCP - Invitation to the Paris conference - Letter to Israel
08/13/1951A/AC.25/IS.64UNCCP - Response to invitation to participate Commission's Paris meetings - Letter from Israel
08/10/1951A/AC.25/AR/48Télégramme d'invitation aux MAE Arabes et d’Israël à la conférence de Paris de 10 septembre 1951 - Telegram from UNCCP (French version only)
08/10/1951A/AC.25/IS.63UNCCP - Outstanding problems between Israel and Arab States - Cable to Israel
08/09/1951A/AC.25/SR.226Invitations to the conference in Paris - UNCCP 226th meeting (Paris) - Summary Record
08/06/1951A/AC.25/Org/39Views and proposals for settlement of Palestine refugee problem - UNCCP - Memo from General Refugee Congress, Ramallah
08/03/1951A/AC.25/SR.225Proposed meetings/mediation between Commission and Arab and Israeli governments - UNCCP 225th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
06/13/1951Red right arrow IconS/2194Egypt-Israel Armistice Agreement Special Cttee activities/Suez Canal/Peace in Palestine - UNTSO report
06/01/1951A/AC.25/SR.224Definition of a refugee, financial aspect of compensation - UNCCP 224th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/31/1951A/AC.25/SR.223Assessing property abandoned by Arabs in Israel - UNCCP 223rd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/30/1951A/AC.25/SR.222Assessing property abandoned by Arabs in Israel - UNCCP 222nd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/26/1951A/AC.25/SR.221Terms of Reference of the Refugee Office - UNCCP 221st meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/25/1951A/AC.25/SR.220Draft note re. incidents between Syria and Israel - UNCCP 220th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/22/1951A/AC.25/SR.219Incidents between Syria and Israel - UNCCP 219th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/21/1951A/AC.25/SR.218Refugee Office Terms of Reference, Syrian-Israeli incidents - UNCCP 218th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/18/1951Red right arrow IconS/RES/93 (1951) - S/2157Mideast situation/Return to permanent peace in Palestine - Israel, Syria to observe Armistice Agreement - SecCo resolution
05/15/1951A/AC.25/AR/47/Corr.1UNCCP - Refugee Office to begin work (Letter from UNCCP to Arab delegations) - Letter
05/15/1951A/AC.25/AR/47Refugee Office to begin work - Letter from UNCCP to Arab delegations - in French
05/15/1951A/AC.25/SR.217Blocked bank accounts - UNCCP 217th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/14/1951A/AC.25/SR.216Methods of valuing refugees' abandoned property - UNCCP 216th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
05/08/1951Red right arrow IconS/RES/92 (1951)
Mideast situation/Israel, Syria - SecCo calls on parties to cease fighting - SecCo resolution
05/04/1951A/AC.25/SR.215Progess of Commission, UNRWA negotiations with Israeli and Arab Gvts., Compensation and reintegration of refugees, Census of refugees - UNCCP 215th meeting (Beirut) - Summary Record
05/01/1951A/AC.25/SR.214Definition of "refugee", blocked bank accounts - UNCCP 214th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary record
05/01/1951A/AC.25/SR.213Refugee compensation/reintegration - UNCCP 213th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
04/30/1951A/AC.25/SR.212Truce Supervision Organization interactions, Application of Israel's Development Authority Law - UNCCP 212th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
04/27/1951A/AC.25/AR/46Seizure of Jewish properties by Iraq - Letter from UNCCP to Arab delegations - in French
04/27/1951A/AC.25/IS.61UNCCP - Seizure of Jewish emigres' property by Iraq - Letter to Israel (French text only)
04/27/1951A/AC.25/SR.211Refugee Issues, Blocked bank accounts, absentee property - UNCCP 211th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
04/26/1951A/AC.25/SR.210Iraqi Jews' migration to Israel, Seizure of Jewish property by Iraq - UNCCP 210th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
04/25/1951A/AC.25/AR/42Refugee question - Note from Egypt to UNCCP - in French
04/04/1951A/AC.25/IS.60UNCCP - Seizure of Jewish properties by Iraq - Letter from Israel
03/22/1951A/1793UNCCP 9th Progress Report (25 Jan - 10 March 1951)
03/21/1951A/AC.25/Org/36Right to return, resettlement, blocked accounts, compensation - UNCCP - Memo by Palestine Refugee Committees in Lebanon
03/13/1951A/AC.25/SR.209Implementation of Gen. Cttee Gen. proposals; Study of refugees' replies to UNRWA questionnaire - UNCCP 209th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
03/10/1951A/AC.25/SR.208Report of the General Cttee; Commission's 9th Progress Report - UNCCP 208th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
03/09/1951A/AC.25/SR.207Blocked accounts, 9th Progress Report - UNCCP 207th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
03/06/1951A/AC.25/SR.206Compensation, 9th Progress Report, blocked accounts, Commission's future activities, liaison w/ UNRWA - UNCCP 206th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
02/06/1951A/AC.25/SR.205Discussion on the UNRWA meeting and the Refugee Office - UNCCP 205th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary record
02/06/1951A/AC.25/SR.204Commission and UNWRA issues - UNCCP 204th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
02/05/1951A/AC.25/SR.203Preparation for meeting with UNRWA, on refugee - UNCCP 203rd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
02/02/1951A/AC.25/Org/34Refugees and the role of UN - UNCCP - Memo from General Refugee Congress
02/01/1951A/AC.25/SR.202Refugees; Mixed Cttee for blocked accounts, Refugee Office - UNCCP 202nd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record (French text only)
01/30/1951A/AC.25/SR.204/AnnexUNCCP joint meeting with UNRWA/repatriation, resettlement, compensation - Summary record
01/27/1951A/AC.25/SR.201UNCCP work program; Appointment of head of Refugee Office - UNCCP 201st meeting (Beirut) - Summary Record
01/26/1951A/AC.25/SR.199Discussion on the collaboration w/ith UNWRA - UNCCP 199th meeting (Beirut) - Summary Record
01/26/1951A/AC.25/SR.200UNCCP/UNRWA tasks for resettlement of refugees in Arab States/ compensation; Evaluation of Arab properties in Israel - UNCCP 200th meeting (Beirut) - Summary Record
01/25/1951A/AC.25/SR.198Establishment of refugee office; collaboration with UNRWA - UNCCP 198th meeting (Beirut) - Summary Record
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