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12/14/1950Red right arrow IconA/RES/394 (V)UNCCP/Measures for the protection of rights, property and interests of refugees/Refugee Office mandate - GA resolution
12/14/1950Red right arrow IconA/RES/468 (V)Jerusalem international regime/Cancellation of financing - GA resolution
12/02/1950Red right arrow IconA/RES/393 (V)Assistance to Palestine refugees, UNRWA, reintegration,repatriation, resettlement - GA resolution
12/02/1950A/AC.25/SR.197Discussion on setting up the Commission - UNCCP 187th Meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/29/1950A/AC.25/IS.57/Corr.1UNCCP - Verbatim report of meeting held with the Israeli FM on 17 August 1950 (Corrigendum)
11/24/1950A/AC.25/SR.196GA draft resolution (A/RES/394); Formation of Compensation Ctte. - UNCCP 196th meeting (New York) - Summary record
11/22/1950A/AC.25/SR.195Implications of GA draft resolution (A/RES/394)- 195th UNCCP meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.189Supplementary report, blocked accounts, compensation, potential GA resolution(s) - UNCCP 189th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/18/1950A/AC.25/SR.188Draft Supplementary Report on resettlement /compensation/citizenship, security, peace process - UNCCP 188th meeting (New York) - Summary record
11/17/1950Red right arrow IconS/RES/89 (1950)
Mideast situation/Expulsion of Palestine Arabs/ Return of permanent peace in Palestine - SecCo resolution
11/17/1950A/AC.25/SR.194New draft resolution (A/RES/394), compensation, blocked accounts - UNCCP 194th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/16/1950A/AC.25/SR.190Refugee issues - UNCCP 190th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/16/1950A/AC.25/SR.192Approval of Chairman's statement to the Ad Hoc Political Cttee. - UNCCP 192nd meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/16/1950A/AC.25/SR.191Chair's statement to GA Ad Hoc Political Cttee - UNCCP 191st meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/15/1950A/AC.25/IS.57UNCCP - Meeting with Israeli FM - Verbatim report of meeting held on 17 August 1950
11/10/1950A/AC.25/SR.1932nd Chairman statement to the Ad Hoc Cttee., Error in Supplementary Report - UNCCP 193rd meeting (New York) - Summary Record
11/09/1950A/AC.25/AR/41Suspension of UNCCP meetings in Middle East and resumption in New York - UNCCP - Letter to Egypt's FM - in French
11/09/1950A/AC.25/IS.58UNCCP - Special Committee set to resume its meeting - Letter to Israel
11/09/1950A/AC.25/IS.59UNCCP - Close of Committee meetings in the Middle East - Letter to Israel
11/05/1950A/AC.25/AR/40Special Cttee of Jordan and Israel under Armistice agreement - Letter to Jordan from UNCCP - in French
10/23/1950Red right arrow IconA/1367/Rev.1UNCCP - General progress report, supplementary report
10/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.187Discussion on UNCCP & UNRWA Reports w/ UNRWA Chief Kennedy - UNCCP 187th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
10/18/1950A/AC.25/W/54General Survey of economic situation resulting from hostilities in Palestine and extension of armistice regime - UNCCP working paper
10/18/1950A/AC.25/SR.186Draft Supplementary Report on refugees' repatriation and compensation - UNCCP 186th meeting (New York) - Summary record
Show details for 10/17/195010/17/1950A/AC.25/SR.185Subsidiary body on refugees' compensation/draft of a Supplementary Report on refugees' repatriation and compensation to prepare a resolution - UNCCP 185th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
10/17/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.72Consideration of Supplementary Report of Commission to SecGen - UNCCP's General Cttee 72nd mtg. (New York) - Summary record
10/12/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.71Consideration of Supplementary Report of Commission to SecGen - UNCCP's General Cttee 71st mtg. (New York) - Summary record
10/10/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.70Consideration of Supplementary Report of Commission to SecGen - UNCCP's General Cttee 70th mtg. (New York) - Summary record
10/09/1950A/AC.25/SR.184Establishment of Cttee of Experts on Compensation, UNCCP Supplementary Report to GA - UNCCP 184th meeting (New York) - Summary Record
10/09/1950A/AC.25/W/51The Palestine Crisis/Historical overview - UNCCP working paper
10/06/1950Red right arrow IconA/1451/Rev.1UNRWA - Interim report of the Director and the Advisory Commission
09/13/1950A/AC.25/W/53Note on the problem of compensation - UNCCP - Working paper
09/02/1950A/AC.25/SR.182Recommendations of the Ramallah Refugee Congress on Arab properties in Israel, compensation, assistance - UNCCP 182nd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
09/02/1950A/AC.25/SR.181Establishing a Special Cttee, the issue of refugees' compensation, Approval of General Progress Report - UNCCP 181st meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/31/1950A/AC.25/SR.180Committee of Experts on compensation/transfer of Arab properties in Israel/UNCCP and UNRWA reports to the GA/Economic Survey Mission, - UNCCP 180th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/30/1950A/AC.25/SR.179Report of the Commission's visit to Ankara - UNCCP 179th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/29/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.68Consideration of Commission's draft General Report - UNCCP's General Cttee 68th mtg. (Jerusalem) - Summary record
08/28/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.67Consideration of Commission's draft General Report - UNCCP's General Cttee 67th mtg. (Jerusalem) - Summary record
08/23/1950A/AC.25/SR.178Letters to Jordan and Israel on proposed Special Committee; meeting with UNRWA - UNCCP 178th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/23/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.66Consideration of Commission's draft General Report - UNCCP's General Cttee 66th mtg. (Jerusalem) - Summary record
08/22/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.65Consideration of draft General Progress Report - UNCCP's General Cttee 65th mtg. (Jerusalem) - Summary record
08/22/1950A/AC.25/SR.177Creation of a special commitee - UNCCP 177th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record (French only)
08/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.176Talks with Jordan and Israel - UNCCP 176th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/18/1950A/AC.25/SR.175Private meeting with Gen. Riley - UNCCP 175th meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/16/1950A/AC.25/SR.173Visits to Israeli FM, Turkey, compensation, blocked accounts - UNCCP 173rd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/16/1950A/AC.25/SR.174Strategizing for meeting w/ the Israeli Foreign Minister- UNCCP 174th meeting - (Jersualem) - Summary Record
08/15/1950A/AC.25/AR/37Lausanne Protocol, refugee and territorial questions, armistice agreement - Declaration by Jordanian Prime Minister to the UNCCP - in French
08/12/1950A/AC.25/SR.172Commission's visit to Jordan, blocked accounts, - UNCCP 172nd meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/09/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.64Press communique on Commission departure for Jerusalem; draft Seventh Progress Report - UNCCP's General Cttee 64th mtg. (Geneva) - Summary record
08/08/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.63Draft Seventh Progress Report - UNCCP General Cttee 63rd mtg. (Geneva) - Summary record
08/08/1950A/AC.25/SR.170Mtg w/ UNRWA's Executive Director; refugee compensation - UNCCP 170th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
08/07/1950A/AC.25/SR.171Accounts of meeting with Lebanese officials; UNCCP programme of work - UNCCP 171st meeting (Jerusalem) - Summary Record
08/04/1950A/AC.25/W/50Refugees' compensation, war damages - UNCCP - Working paper of the Secretariat
07/17/1950A/1288UNCCP - 7th progress report
07/13/1950A/AC.25/IS.55Compensation for abandoned Arab properties - UNCCP - Letter from Israeli
07/10/1950A/AC.25/SR.169Draft of UNCCP's 7th progress report (refugees) - UNCCP 169th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
07/08/1950A/AC.25/SR.168Draft of UNCCP's 7th Progress Report; Blocked accounts - UNCCP 168th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
07/08/1950A/AC.25/IS.54UNCCP - Procedures for Mixed Committees - Letter to Israel
07/04/1950A/AC.25/IS.53UNCCP - Conclusion of Geneva meetings - Letter to Israel
07/04/1950A/AC.25/AR/35Deadlock reached in Geneva meetings - UNCCP - Letter to Arab delegations - in French
07/04/1950A/AC.25/AR/34Expulsions of Arabs, Jordan not to resume negotiations until demands are met - UNCCP - Letter from Jordan - in French
07/04/1950A/AC.25/SR.167UNCCP's departure for Jerusalem, Bank for International Settlements as trustee for refugees' blocked accounts - UNCCP 167th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
06/26/1950S/1506Assassination of Count Bernadotte - UN claim for damages from Israel - Letter from Israel
06/24/1950A/AC.25/SR.166Jordan's refusal to negotiate in Geneva, UNCCP's departure to Jerusalem, 7th Progress Report, blocked Arab accounts - UNCCP 166th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
06/22/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.62Interpretation of resolution A/RES/194 (III); Draft rules of procedure for the mixed Arab-Israeli cttees; blocked accounts - UNCCP's General Cttee 62nd mtg. (Geneva) - Summary record
06/22/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/16Analysis of paras 4, 5, 6 of GA Resolution 194 - UNCCP General Cttee Working paper
06/21/1950A/AC.25/AR/33Expulsions of Arabs by Israel, Jordan not to resume negotiations until preconditions are met - UNCCP - Letter from Jordan - in French
06/20/1950A/AC.25/SR.165UNCCP return to Jerusalem, 7th progress report - UNCCP 165th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
06/14/1950Red right arrow IconA/1286Jerusalem/International regime - Trusteeship Council report to the GA
06/12/1950A/AC.25/SR/GM/6Refugee issue, direct negotiations, Commission's modus operandi and lack of results/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP - Summary record
06/08/1950A/AC.25/SR.164Draft letter to Israel on refugees' compensation, publication of a negotiation proposal, analysis of Res. 194 - UNCCP 164th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
06/07/1950A/AC.25/SR.163Refugees' compensation based on the Economic Survey Mission recommendations - UNCCP 163rd Meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
06/05/1950A/AC.25/SR.162Problem of representing refugees, establishment of Mixed Committees - UNCCP 162nd meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
06/01/1950S/1488UNCCP - 6th progress report - SecGen letter to SecCo President
06/01/1950T/681Jerusalem/International regime - Trusteeship Council President report
05/30/1950A/AC.25/IS.51UNCCP - Commission note clarifying its proposals put forward in 29 March memorandum - Letter to Israel, Arab delegations
05/30/1950A/AC.25/SR.161Negotiating procedures, refugees' representation in the Mixed Committee, Egypt representing Yemen in UNCCP - UNCCP 161st meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
05/30/1950A/AC.25/AR/32Preconditions for participation in Mixed cttees - UNCCP - Notes to Arab and Israeli delegations - in French
05/29/1950A/1255UNCCP - 6th progress report
05/26/1950A/AC.25/SR.160Commission studies its reply to the delegations' responses to the 29 March Way Forward memorandum - UNCCP 160th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
05/24/1950A/AC.25/SR.159Establishment of Mixed Cttees - UNCCP 159th meeting - Summary Record (Geneva)
05/23/1950A/AC.25/IS.48/Corr.1UNCCP - Letter from Israel (Corrigendum)
05/22/1950A/AC.25/SR.158Arab/Israel's replies on resolution of 11 May 1950 on Commission's note on Mixed committees, Refugees. - UNCCP 158th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
05/22/1950A/AC.25/AR/31Lebanon to participate in mixed cttees subject to Israeli acceptance of res. 194 - UNCCP - Letter from Lebanon - in French
05/20/1950A/AC.25/IS.50UNCCP - Readiness of the Arab states to negotiate with Israel - Letter from Israel
05/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.157Clandestine crossing of armistice lines by refugees - UNCCP 157th Meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
05/19/1950A/AC.25/AR/30Arab participation in Mixed Cttees subject to Israeli acceptance of res. 194 - UNCCP - Letter from Egypt, Statement by Arab delegations - in French
05/19/1950A/AC.25/IS.48UNCCP - Affirmation of Israel's willingness to cooperate with the Commission (response to Commission's 29 March memorandum) - Letter from Israel
05/17/1950A/AC.25/SR.156Commission examines procedures for the establishment of Mixed Committees - UNCCP 156th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
05/15/1950A/AC.25/SR.154Approval of procedures for negotiation in forthcoming meetings in Geneva, refugees' compensation - UNCCP 154th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
05/15/1950Red right arrow IconA/AC.25/W/45Legal implications of the refugees' rights/obligations of the Commission in paragraph 11 of Resolution 194 (III) - UNCCP - working paper
05/12/1950A/AC.25/SR.153Discussion re the Way Forward memo sent to Arab and Israeli delegations and their reponses; approval of 6th progress report to the SecGen - UNCCP 153rd meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
05/11/1950A/AC.25/IS.49UNCCP - Commission's reply to the Israeli response to the Way Forward memo - Note to Israel
05/10/1950A/AC.25/SR.152Approval of reply to to Arab & Israeli commenteries to the Commission's memo on new procedures - UNCCP 152nd meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
05/10/1950A/AC.25/SR.151Commission adopts press relations procedure of communicating via communiqué, Discusses draft letters to Arab & Israeli delegations re. memo that outlined new Commission procedures - UNCCP 151st meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record (Geneva)
05/08/1950A/AC.25/SR.150Israeli reply to Commission's memo re. adopting procedures to assure the best results - UNCCP 150th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
05/08/1950A/AC.25/AR/28/Corr.1UNCCP working methods, mediation, refugees, territorial questions - Meeting between Egyptian FM and UNCCP - Summary (in French) - Corrigendum
05/05/1950A/AC.25/SR.149Situation of refugee/meeting with Society of Friends - UNCCP 149th Meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
05/04/1950A/AC.25/SR.146/Corr.1UNCCP 146th meeting - Summary Record Corrigendum (Geneva)
05/02/1950A/AC.25/AR/28UNCCP working methods, mediation, refugees, territorial questions - Meeting between Egyptian FM and UNCCP, Arab response to UNCCP proposal of 29 March - Summary (in French)
05/02/1950A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.59First reading of the draft Sixth Progress Report - UNCCP's General Cttee 59th mtg. (Geneva) - Summary record
04/28/1950A/AC.25/SR.148Sixth Progress Report, Jordan's annexation of Arab Palestine, Israeli reply to Cttee proposals - UNCCP 148th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record (Geneva)
04/26/1950A/AC.25/SR.147Israel's & USSR's responses to UNCCP proposals on Jerusalem -- UNCCP 147th Meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
04/24/1950A/AC.25/SR.146Responses by parties to Commission's comprehensive proposal - UNCCP 146th meeting (Geneva )- Summary record
04/20/1950A/AC.25/SR.145Blocked Arab assets, refugee compensation - UNCCP 145th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
04/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.144Possible steps to take to obtain Isaeli support for Cttee proposals - UNCCP 144th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
04/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.143UNRWA/UNCCP Liason; refugees' status in Arab countries, proposal for a refugee technical committee in Gaza - UNCCP 143rd meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record (Geneva)
04/19/1950A/AC.25/SR.143/Corr.1UNCCP - Summary record
04/19/1950A/AC.25/CCP.RWA/3Reducing number of Palestinian refugees - Conciliation Commission report
04/17/1950A/AC.25/SR.141Report by UNCCP Chair on his Mideast tour - UNCCP 141st Meeting -- Summary record (Geneva)
04/17/1950A/AC.25/CCP.RWA/2Work of UNCCP on refugee problem - Conciliation Commission report
04/17/1950A/AC.25/SR.142Suggestions for effective liaison with UNRWA; appointment of liaison officer , situation in refugee camps - UNCCP 142nd meeting - Summary Record (Geneva)
04/17/1950A/AC.25/CCP.RWA/1Liaison between UNRWA/UNCCP - Conciliation Commission report
04/03/1950A/AC.25/SR.140Question of publishing Israeli memorandum, relations with UNRWA - UNCCP 140th meeting (Geneva) - Summary record
03/31/1950A/AC.25/IS.47UNCCP - Direct negotiations with Arab states - Letter from Israel (French text only)
03/30/1950A/AC.25/AR/26/Corr.1Commission's modus operandi/formation of Mixed Committees - UNCCP memorandum, proposal - in French - Corrigendum
03/30/1950A/AC.25/IS.45/Corr.1UNCCP - Rules of procedure - Memorandum (Corrigendum)
03/29/1950A/AC.25/AR/26Commission's modus operandi/formation of Mixed Committees - UNCCP memorandum, proposal (in French)
03/29/1950A/AC.25/IS.45UNCCP - Procedures to be followed, memo to Arabs & Israelis - Memorandum
03/28/1950A/AC.25/SR.139Consideration of draft replies to Egyptian & Israeli letters; US. views ton UNCCP's new procedure vis-a-vis the parties concerned - UNCCP 139th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
03/28/1950A/AC.25/IS.46Exchange of letters between UNCCP and Israel/Joint committee on Gaza refugees - UNCCP - Letters
03/22/1950A/AC.25/SR.138Gaza refugees, programme for UNRWA Director's visit, blocked assets - UNCCP 138th Meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
03/20/1950A/AC.25/SR.137Modus vivendi relating to the Armistice Agreement between Israel & Egypt; , Discusses setting up a meeting with UNRWA's new Director - UNCCP 137th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
03/18/1950A/AC.25/W/41Restitution of refugees property, historical precedents - UNCCP - Working paper
03/17/1950Red right arrow IconS/1471Egypt-Israel General Armistice Agreement - "modus vivendi" to the agreement
03/15/1950A/AC.25/SR.136Hearing of General Committee's report re. establishing joint committees for outststanding questions between the parties - UNCCP 136th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
03/14/1950Absentee property/Israel law - Text/Non-UN document
03/13/1950A/AC.25/SR.135Procedure for setting up a joint committee - UNCCP 135th meeting - Summary record
03/08/1950A/AC.25/SR.134Creation of Joint Cttees - UNCCP 134th meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
03/07/1950A/AC.25/SR.133Controller's mission to London on blocked Arab accounts - UNCCP 133rd meeting - Summary record
03/04/1950A/AC.25/Org/33Arab-owned land and losses in Palestine - UNCCP - Letter/Memo from Palestine Arab Refugee Congress
03/02/1950A/AC.25/SR.132Arab/Israeli delegations' views on refugees' compensation/reparations, proposal for a study on technical aspects of compensation - UNCCP 132nd meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
03/01/1950A/AC.25/SR.131Establishment of Joint Cttee on Gaza refugees - UNCCP 131st Meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
02/28/1950A/AC.25/SR.130Joint Cttee on Egypt's proposal re Gaza refugees, Arab property in Jerusalem, refugees' compensation - UNCCP 130th meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
02/27/1950A/AC.25/W/38Questions on which further Joint Committees might be formed - UNCCP working paper
02/25/1950A/AC.25/Org/31/Corr.1Question of Palestine and refugee repatriation - UNCCP - Letter from Palestine Refugees Conference - Corrigendum
02/25/1950A/AC.25/Org/32Proposal to annex Western Galilee to Syria - UNCCP - Letter/Memo by Western Galilee representatives
02/24/1950A/AC.25/SR.129UNCCP visit to Paris, Egyptian proposals on Gaza refugees, compensation issue - UNCCP 129th meeting - Summary record
02/16/1950A/AC.25/SR.128Mixed Committee report on blocked accounts; Setting a joint committee on Gaza - UNCCP 128th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
02/13/1950A/AC.25/SR.127Egyptian proposal re. Gaza refugees, interviews with Arab delegations - UNCCP 127th meeting - Summary record
02/13/1950S/1456SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
02/10/1950A/AC.25/SR.126Discussion on protocols for meeting with Arab and Israeli delegations - UNCCP 126th meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
02/09/1950A/AC.25/SR.125Organization of Arab-Israeli negotiations/report on blocked accounts/Israel-Egypt agreement on Arab refugees - UNCCP 125th meeting - Summary record
02/07/1950A/AC.25/SR.124Discussion on the establishement of mixed committees preceding direct Arab-Israeli negotiations - UNCCP 124th meeting - Summary record (Geneva)
02/06/1950A/AC.25/Org/31Question of Palestine and refugee repatriation - UNCCP - Letter from Palestine Refugees Conference
02/03/1950A/AC.25/W/35Mixed Committee of Experts on Economic Questions - UNCCP - Working paper
02/03/1950A/AC.25/SR.123Transmisson of summary records of first Geneva meeting of Arab and Israeli delegations - UNCCP 123rd meeting (Geneva) - Summary Record
01/25/1950A/AC.25/SR.122Report of Economic Survey Mission on Arab refugees' compensation/Israel's resolution on Jerusalem as capital - UNCCP 122nd meeting - Summary record
01/23/1950A/AC.25/SR.121Refugees' frozen assets in Israel/Approval of the Clapp report on refugees' compensation - UNCCP 121st meeting - Summary record (Geneva)