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12/31/2012Japan contributes $1.5M as part of UNICEF's emergency response after Gaza conflict - UNICEF press release
12/31/2012Dev27Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2012
12/31/2012Dev27Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2012
12/28/2012A/C.3/67/SR.10Advancement of women/Pal statement - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
12/24/2012E/2012/SR.48Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - ECOSOC debate, vote on draft res'n - Provisional summary record (excerpts)
12/18/2012E/CN.6/2013/6*Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - SecGen report
12/12/2012Raid on offices of three Palestinian NGOs in Ramallah - Statement by the Palestinian Human Rights Organization Council/Non-UN document
11/23/2012A/HRC/WGAD/2012/20Detentions - Communication addressed to Israeli Gov't on detainee Shalabi - Opinions adopted by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
11/02/2012A/67/550Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report, SecGen note
11/01/2012PA, JEDICO, UNDP and FAO launch the "National Product First" initiative in Ramallah - UNDP press release
11/01/2012Launch of the “National Product First” initiative in Ramallah - Speech by the UNDP Sp. Representative of the Administrator
10/25/2012UNWomen_activistsYoung Palestinian women activists carry out their role in bringing about peace - UN Women article
10/21/2012Carter Center's Palestine Electoral Study Mission Urges Political Reconciliation - press release/Non-UN document
10/15/2012SC/10790USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs SecCo, urges renewed efforts to break Israeli-Palestinian deadlock - Press release
10/08/2012A/67/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2012 report
09/30/2012HM0912The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (September 2012) - OCHA report
09/30/201213-36923DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXV, No. 9, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (September 2012) - DPR publication
09/24/2012UNRWA gender initiative helps women break down barriers - UNRWA article
09/14/2012E/RES/2012/25Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women - ECOSOC resolution
09/07/2012A/HRC/21/49Communications Report of Special Procedures - HRC 21st session - Communications and replies received from States and other entities (excerpts)
08/21/2012A/67/3Economic & social repercussion of the Israeli occupation/Palestinian women - ECOSOC 2012 report (excerpts)
08/14/2012A/67/307Questions relating to information/Palestine question - SecGen report (excerpts)
08/10/2012A/AC.183/SR.343CEIRPP 343rd meeting - Political developments, CEIRPP meetings - Summary record
07/27/2012ECOSOC/6545Palestinian women - ECOSOC meeting, vote - Press release (excerpts)
07/25/2012E/2012/L.21Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people - ECOSOC draft resolution
07/16/2012Valencia funds health care initiative for mothers and children - UNRWA press release
07/16/2012Innovative healthcare program in Gaza promotes a mid-wifery-led approach - WHO press release
07/10/2012Summer camps bring together young woman for social gathering and skills training - UNRWA article
07/09/201212 Palestinian young women receive cosmetology training in Sweden - UNRWA article
06/27/2012Basque Government donates EUR 700,000 to Gaza gender and food aid programmes - UNRWA press release
06/13/2012M12/018UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Geneva, 12-13 July 2012) - Panels 2 and 3 - Press release
06/12/2012GA/PAL/1238UN Asia and Pacific Meeting in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace, political developments - CEIRPP 343rd meeting - Press release
06/04/2012ILO_Workers-OAT-2012Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories remains precarious, ILO says - ILO press release, report
06/01/2012GA/PAL/1237UN International Meeting of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace/Réunion de la société civile (Paris, 1 June 2012) - Press release
05/31/2012UNICEF_GazaChildren-May2012Children in the Gaza Strip - UNICEF monthly update (May 2012)
05/31/2012DPR/Chron/2012/5Chronological Review of Events/May 2012 - DPR review
05/31/2012GA/PAL/1236UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Paris, 31 May 2012) - Plenary III and closing session/Séance plénière III, clôture - Press release
05/31/2012UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Paris, 30-31 May 2012) - Chair's Summary
05/31/2012GA/PAL/1235UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Paris, 31 May 2012) - Plenary II/Deuxième séance plénière - Press release
05/31/201213-32580UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine: "The role of youth and women in the peaceful resolution of the question of Palestine " (UNESCO Hqtrs, Paris, 30-31 May 2012) - Report - DPR publication
05/30/2012GA/PAL/1232UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Paris, 30 May) - Opening session - Press release
05/30/2012GA/PAL/1234UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Paris, 30 May 2012) - Plenary I/Première séance plénière - Press release
UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Paris, 30-31 May 2012) - SecGen video message - Press release
05/30/2012PAL1-Paris FRéunion internationale des nations unies sur la question de Palestine - Séance d’ouverture (30 Mai) - Communiqué de presse
05/29/2012Swedish Minister of Development visits UNDP projects in Jerusalem - UNDP press release
05/24/2012GA/PAL/1231UN International Meeting/Meeting of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 30-31 May 2012) - Background release
05/23/2012UNRWA_YoungRefugeesYoung Palestinian refugees taught about local governance and how to influence public policy - UNRWA article
05/18/2012ILC.101/DG/APPSituation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Intl. Labor Conf. 101st session/ILO Director-General's report (Appendix)
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
05/03/2012Women in Gaza take aim at domestic violence - UNRWA article
05/01/2012The new-born child: improving survival in Gaza - UNICEF monthly update
04/30/2012Palestinian children and women fight distress in East Jerusalem - UNICEF article
04/04/201212-45320UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine: "The question of the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention facilities: legal and political implications" (Geneva, 3-4 April 2012) - Report - DPR publication
04/03/2012PAL/08/01/SAUPalestinian Employment Programme: Creating & Protecting Jobs in the OPT - ILO project note
03/31/201212-53570DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXV, No. 3, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (March 2012) - DPR publication
03/30/2012UNRWA and Spain team up to empower women through enterprise- UNRWA article
03/27/2012GA/PAL/1226UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Geneva, 3-4 April 2012) - Background release
Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - CSW 56th session/Annual report (excerpts), ECOSOC draft resolution
03/09/2012WOM/1904Commission on the Status of Women approves resolution on Palestinian women - Press release (excerpts)
03/09/2012UNRWA_EMBROIDERYWomen use traditional Palestinian embroidery to escape poverty - UNRWA press release
03/08/2012UNRWA celebrates International Women's Day - UNRWA press release
03/08/2012WOM/1902Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)/Fifty-fifth session, introduction of draft resolution - Press release (excerpts)
03/08/2012Japan makes $16M UNICEF donation in support of Palestinian women & children - UNICEF press release
03/08/2012UNSCO statement on the occasion of International Women’s Day - Press release
03/06/2012E/CN.6/2012/L.2Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women/ECOSOC - draft resolution
03/04/2012LEB/10/03/SDCPalestinian Women Economic Empowerment Initiative - ILO project note
03/01/2012UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality issues new call for proposals and announces grantees from the Arab States - UN Women press release
02/29/2012WOM/1893Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)/Fifty-sixth session - Press release (excerpts)
02/23/2012S/PV.6722Women and peace and security/SecGen report - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record
02/17/2012A/HRC/19/NGO/28Human rights of Palestinian women - HRC 19th session - NGO statement (Women's International Democratic Federation, Federation of Cuban Women)
02/07/2012UNRWA_Women-PRCStrainingUNRWA gives young women on-the-job experience with Palestine Red Crescent - UNRWA article
01/12/2012A/RES/66/74UNRWA operations - GA resolution
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