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12/31/2011Dev26Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2011
12/31/2011Dev26Developments/Peace process review: January-December 2011
12/23/2011UNRWA training brings together mothers and girls in Amman refugee camp - UNRWA article
12/13/2011Gazans unite at festival to combat violence against women - UN Women press release
12/09/2011E/CN.6/2012/6Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - SecGen report
12/09/2011Gaza festival part of global campaign to combat violence against women - article
12/07/2011End gender-based violence, says Commissioner-General - UNRWA press release
12/05/2011Bicycle race highlights campaign against gender-based violence in Aida camp - UNRWA press release
11/28/2011A/C.3/66/SR.11Advancement of women/Pal statement - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
11/17/2011UNWoman_GazaWho answers to Gazan women? An economic security and rights research - UN Women report
11/14/2011UNRWA_WomenDocumentLivesWomen document their lives in the Gaza Strip - UNRWA article
11/07/2011Red right arrow IconA/66/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2011 report
11/07/2011Red right arrow IconA/66/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2011 report
11/04/2011A/C.4/66/L.11UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution - Adopted
11/01/2011UNRWA_SocEcoDev-OPT2010Socio-economic developments in the OPT in 2010 - UNRWA report
10/18/2011IRIN_IntlLaw-PrisonerSwapCalls for respect of international law as prisoners swapped - IRIN news article
10/17/2011UNRWA_Women-EmpowermentProjWomen’s empowerment project builds stronger families and communities - UNRWA article
10/14/2011GA/PAL/1210CEIRPP 335th meeting - Press release
10/11/2011GA/SHC/4009Advancement of women/statement of Palestine - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/10/2011Palestinian delegation discuss security achievements in the OPT with EU officials - EU Press release/Non-UN document
10/05/2011UNRWA_WomenLeadersYoung women leaders celebrated in Gaza - UNRWA article
09/30/201112-20649DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIV, No. 9, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (September 2011) - DPR publication
09/28/2011UNIA program #1311Palestine: Bread-Winner, Bread-Maker - UN in Action video - Webcast
09/22/2011A/66/370Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report, SecGen note
09/20/2011UNDP/PAPP publishes Review of Palestinian Legislation from a Women’s Rights Perspective - UNDP/PAPP press release
09/20/2011UND_WomenReviewReview of Palestinian Legislation from a Women’s Rights Perspective - UNDP report
08/22/2011A/66/3Economic & social repercussion of the Israeli occupation/Palestinian women - ECOSOC 2011 report (excerpts)
08/09/2011E/2011/SR.44Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - ECOSOC debate, vote - Provisional summary record (excerpts)
07/26/2011E/RES/2011/18Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - ECOSOC resolution
07/19/2011UNRWA_ILO-SpainGrantILO grants US$ 100,000 for refugee women entrepreneurs - UNRWA press release
07/13/2011UNRWA_SummerCampUNRWA supports summer camp for woman in Iraq Burin - UNRWA article
06/23/2011UNRWA_KidsenjoybeachesUNRWA school girls enjoy a summer of fun on Gaza's beaches - UNRWA article
06/23/2011Festival that integrates music into the first grade curriculum introduced in West Bank school - UNRWA article
06/22/2011UN officials visit Burj Barajeh refugee camp in Lebanon - UNRWA article
06/21/2011UNRWA schoolgirl wins 2nd place in Jordan's national athletic competition - UNRWA article
06/01/2011UNICEF_PalChildren-AssessmentThe situation of Palestinian children in the OPT, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon - Assessment based on Rights of the Child Convention (2010) - UNICEF report
05/25/2011UNRWA sponsors a Gaza campaign to reduce gender inequality in education - UNRWA article
05/19/2011UNRWA wins Cisco Best Gender Initiative Award - UNRWA press release
05/18/2011ILC.100/DG/APPSituation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Intl. Labor Conf's. 100th session/ILO Director-General's report - Appendix
05/18/2011Germany, UNDP sign agreement to create employment opportunities in the OPT - UNDP/PAPP press release
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
04/29/2011GA/PAL/1201UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People (Helsinki) concludes - Plenary III (29 April p.m.), Closing session - Press release
04/29/2011GA/PAL/1200UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People (Helsinki) - Experts consider practical aspects of building viable Palestinian State - Plenary II (29 April a.m.) - Press release
04/17/2011Gaylard_PrisonersDayPalestinian Prisoners Day - Statement by UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the OPT (Gaylard)
04/17/2011PrisonersdayUN Humanitarian Coordinator calls for protection of the rights of Palestinians in Israeli detention - Palestinian Prisoners' Day - statement
04/13/2011UNRWA_GazaWomenLiving in Gaza: Palestine refugee women bring human face of conflict to Brussels - UNRWA article
04/08/2011UNDP provides legal assistance for vulnerable groups in Gaza - UNDP/PAPP press release
04/05/2011CEDAW/C/ISR/CO/5Women Convention - Concluding observations on Israel's fourth and fifth periodic reports (excerpts)
Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - CSW report (excerpts), ECOSOC draft resolution
03/31/2011UNRWA school ensures West Bank refugees access to education - UNRWA article
03/31/2011Mobility restrictions and labor market dynamics in conflict affected West Bank and Gaza - World Bank article
03/31/201112-27757DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIV, No. 3, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (March 2011) - DPR publication
03/31/2011DPR/Chron/2011/3Chronological Review of Events/March 2011- DPR review
03/23/2011UNWOMAN_SabayaUNIFEM Sabaya Programme/Rural Woman in Marginalized and Rural Communities in the oPt -- UNWomen - Report
03/14/2011UNRWA_HaitiEngineerFemale Gaza Engineer Breaks New Ground in Helping Haiti Rebuild - UNRWA article
03/07/2011WOM/1850Commission on the Status of Women approves resolution on Palestinian women - Press release (excerpts)
03/01/2011E/CN.6/2011/L.2Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women/ECOSOC - draft resolution
02/22/2011A/HRC/16/NGO/4Human rights situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons - HRC 16th session - NGO statement (Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture)
02/14/2011UNICEF_MICS-GazaCare for women and children in need - MICS survey - UNICEF press release (excerpts)
02/10/2011UN envoy on sport for peace cheers young Palestinian women footballers - UN news item
02/10/2011UNFPA clarifies its position on an Arab media campaign - UNFPA press release
01/28/2011CEDAW/C/SR.962Women Convention - Israel fourth and fifth periodic reports to CEDAW - Summary records (excerpts)
01/27/2011IRIN_Gender-basedViolenceLittle recourse for victims of gender-based violence - IRIN news article
01/20/2011A/RES/65/100UNRWA operations - GA resolution
01/17/2011UNWOM_StratPlanPalestinian Cabinet endorses national strategic plan to combat violence against women -- UN Women - article
01/11/2011Photography course for women launched in West Bank - UNRWA press release
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