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11/25/1948S/1088Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Egypt
11/13/1948S/1078SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)
11/10/1948S/1076Acting Mediator suggestions on Palestinian question - SecCo Draft resolution
11/08/1948S/1073Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Israel
11/08/1948S/1074Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Egypt
11/04/1948S/1068Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Cablegram from Secretary-General Arab League to UN SecGen
10/28/1948S/1060Cease-fire in the Negeb/Troop withdrawal - Israel cable to Acting Mediator - Letter from Israel
10/27/1948S/1058Cease-fire in the Negeb/Troop withdrawal - Note from Truce Supervision Headquarters
10/27/1948S/1056Cease-fire in the Negeb/Truce observance - Letter from Israel
10/27/1948S/1057Cease-fire in the Negeb/Truce observance - Letter from Foreign Minister of Israel
10/25/1948S/1055Negeb/Lebanese sector/Truce observance - Preliminary report from UN Mediator
10/23/1948S/1052Alleged truce violation by Jewish forces - Letter from Egypt
10/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/59 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Mediator assassination report, authorities to facilitate truce supervision - SecCo resolution
10/05/1948Red right arrow IconS/1025Palestine question/Truce observation (11 June - 9 July 1948) - Mediator report
10/04/1948S/1024Truce arrangements in Jerusalem - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
10/01/1948S/1022Palestine question/Truce supervision - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator
09/28/1948Red right arrow IconS/1018Assassination of the UN Mediator - UNTSO report
09/27/1948PAL/313Palestine question - Statement by Dr. Ralph Bunche at Rhodes - Press release
09/25/1948S/1014Attack on UN-led convoy - Cablegram from Acting Mediator
09/18/1948PAL/292Palestine question - Attack on UN Mediator, Observer - Press release
09/18/1948Red right arrow IconS/PV.358
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Palestine mission head - PersRep of the SecGen approved to head Palestine mission (Bunche) - SecCo decision
09/16/1948Red right arrow IconA/648Mediation, truce supervision, refugees, proposals for peaceful settlement (a.k.a. "Bernadotte plan") - UN Mediator on Palestine - Progress report
08/19/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/56 (1948)
Situation in Jerusalem/Truce violations - SecCo resolution
08/17/1948S/961/Corr.1Jerusalem/Observance of the truce - Cablegram from the UN Mediator
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Jerusalem/Water supply - SecCo decision
08/12/1948S/961Jerusalem/Observance of the truce - Cablegram from the Mediator
07/28/1948S/928Palestine question/Truce supervision - Cablegram from the UN Mediator
07/07/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/53 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Prolongation of the truce - SecCo resolution
07/06/1948PAL/208Palestine question - First UN casualty in Palestine - Press release
06/19/1948PAL/191Palestine question - UN guards departs New York - Press release
06/17/1948PAL/189Palestine question - Assignment of UN guard force to Palestine - Press release
05/29/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/50 (1948)
Hostilities in Palestine/Military observers/Chapter VII - SecCo calls for cease-fire orders for a period of four weeks, gives instructions to supervise observance - SecCo resolution
05/22/1948Red right arrow IconS/RES/49 (1948)
Military operations in Palestine/Cease-fire order/Truce Commission/Jerusalem - SecCo resolution
04/30/1948PAL/163/Corr.1Palestine question - General situation in Palestine - Press release
04/23/1948S/RES/48 (1948)
Situation in Palestine - Establishment of Truce Commission - SecCo resolution
03/11/1948A/AC.21/R/9UN Palestine Commission - First draft - Second Monthly Report to SecCo
02/16/1948Red right arrow IconA/AC.21/9
Security problem in Palestine, request for armed force - UN Palestine Commission - Special report to SecCo
01/28/1948A/AC.21/R/2UN Palestine Commission - Second Working draft - First Monthly Report to SecCo
01/22/1948Red right arrow IconA/AC.21/W.18Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Possibility of establishing int'l force - Working paper
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