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12/28/1982S/15541Attacks on Palestinians/settlements - letter from Jordan, PLO
12/17/1982A/RES/37/127UNIFIL/Financing - GA resolution
11/30/198282-37577DPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. V, No. 10/11 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (November-December 1982) - DPR publication
11/29/1982S/RES/524 (1982)UNDOF - Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973) - SecCo resolution
10/29/1982S/15470Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
10/27/1982S/15467Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
10/18/1982S/RES/523 (1982)UNIFIL - SecCo resolution
10/14/1982S/15455UNIFIL - SecGen report
10/12/1982Red right arrow IconA/37/525, S/15451Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen report under A/RES/36/226 A, A/RES/36/147 E, A/RES/ES-9/1 and A/RES/ES-7/4
09/27/1982S/15435Situation in Lebanon - Message from USA President to SecGen - Letter from USA
09/27/1982S/15408/Add.1Situation in Lebanon - SecGen report/Addendum
09/20/1982S/15408/Add.2Situation in Lebanon - SecGen report/Addendum
09/20/1982S/15408Situation in Lebanon - SecGen report
09/19/1982Red right arrow IconS/RES/521 (1982)Massacre of Palestinian civilians in Beirut/Sabra and Shatila - SecCo resolution
09/18/1982S/15399Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
09/18/1982S/15400Situation in Lebanon - SecGen report
09/17/1982S/RES/520 (1982)Situation in Lebanon/Incursions into Beirut - SecCo resolution
08/17/1982S/RES/519 (1982)UNIFIL - SecCo resolution
08/13/1982S/15357UNIFIL - SecGen report
08/13/1982S/15362Report of the SecGen in pursuance of Security Council res. 518 (1982)
08/12/1982S/15354Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
08/12/1982S/RES/518 (1982)Situation in Lebanon - Lifting of restrictions on Beirut, UN observers to report - SecCo resolution
08/10/1982S/15350Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
08/05/1982S/15348Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
08/04/1982Red right arrow IconS/RES/517 (1982)Situation in Lebanon/Palestinian armed forces to move from Beirut/UN observers - SecCo resolution
08/03/1982S/15341Mideast situation - Letter from Israel
08/03/1982S/15340Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
08/02/1982S/15336Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
08/01/1982S/15332Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
07/26/1982S/15308Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
07/19/1982A/37/347 S/15299Situation in Lebanon - letter from Jordan, PLO
06/30/1982S/15267Interim report of the SecGen in pursuance of SecCo resolution 512 (1982)
06/18/1982S/RES/511 (1982)UNIFIL - SecCo resolution
06/14/1982S/15194/Add.2UNIFIL - Sec Gen report
06/11/1982S/15194/Add.1UNIFIL - Sec Gen report
06/10/1982S/15194UNIFIL - Sec Gen report
06/08/1982S/15178UNIFIL - SecGen report
06/06/1982S/15174Situation in Lebanon - Report of the SecGen under SecCo resolution 508
06/04/1982S/15164Mideast situation - Letter from Jordan, PLO
05/26/1982S/RES/506 (1982)UNDOF - SecCo resolution
04/30/1982A/ES-7/PV.21Palestine question - GA emergency session - Verbatim record
04/29/1982A/ES-7/PV.20Palestine question/Mideast situation/Lebanon - GA emergency session - Verbatim record
04/25/1982S/14996UNIFIL - SecGen special report
03/26/1982S/14930Mideast situation - Letter from Jordan, PLO
03/25/1982S/14912Mideast situation - Letter from Jordan. PLO
03/24/1982S/14924Mideast situation - Letter from Jordan, PLO
03/22/1982S/14916Mideast situation - Letter from Jordan, PLO
03/11/1982S/14899UNIFIL - Note by the SecGen
03/11/1982S/14900UNIFIL - Letter from the President of SecCo
02/25/1982S/RES/501 (1982)Mideast situation/Lebanon/UNIFIL - SecCo resolution
02/23/1982S/14884Mideast situation - Letter from Jordan, PLO
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