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12/31/2013NoonBriefing_311213UN calls for urgent humanitarian assistance for Palestinian refugees in Syria - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)
12/31/2013UNICEF_CAAC-JanDec2013Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (2013) - UNICEF annual bulletin
12/24/2013IRIN_LebPropRightsProperty rights scarce for Palestinians in Lebanon - IRIN news article
12/20/2013Yarmouk (home to over 160,000 Palestine refugees) - Statement by UNRWA Commissioner-General Filippo Brandi - UNRWA press release
12/17/2013UNRWA launches 2014 Syria Response Plan - Press release
12/16/2013Germany contributes to UNRWA's support to Palestine refugees that fled from Syria - UNRWA press release
12/16/2013A/RES/68/78UNRWA operations - GA resolution
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Attacks against civilians - Letter from Palestine
12/05/2013UK Delegation sees first hand dire conditions at Dbayeh Refugee camp in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
12/04/2013UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General: there's a need for renewed commitment - UNRWA 2014 Pledging Conference - Statement
12/03/2013EU Supports Nahr el-Bared Reconstruction - UNRWA press release
11/29/2013UNRWA and Saudi Arabia launch reconstruction projects in the West Bank - UNRWA press release
11/27/2013UNRWA calls on Malaysia to increase its support for Palestinian refugees - UNRWA press release
11/20/2013UNRWA Advisory Commission meeting - UNRWA Commissioner-General’s closing remarks
11/19/2013SC/11179USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs Security Council - SecCo press release
11/19/2013USG for Political Affairs Feltman's SecCo briefing (19 November 2013) - DPA press release
11/18/2013UNRWA Advisory Commission meeting - UNRWA Commissioner-General’s statement
11/13/2013Turkey supports food assistance in Gaza - UNRWA press release
11/13/2013EU and UNRWA commence infrastructure project in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
11/13/2013S/2013/650Lebanon situation/Non-Lebanese armed groups - SecGen report under S/RES/1701 - Report (excerpts)
11/12/2013UNRWA breaks ground for new boys' school in Husn refugee camp in Northern Jordan - UNRWA press release
11/11/2013Support from Japan for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
11/11/2013500 young Palestinian refugees participate in Beirut Marathon - UNRWA article
11/11/2013UNRWA_DeficitFunding deficit of over $40 million threatens UN assistance to Palestinian refugees - UN news item
11/08/2013A/C.4/68/L.14UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
11/07/2013Work of UNRWA - Statement by UNRWA Commissioner-General Grandi to GA Fourth Cttee - Press release
11/07/2013GA/SPD/547Consideration of the work of UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/07/2013UNRWA thanks Valladolid for continued support - UNRWA press release
11/06/2013Safe and dignified cash assistance in Lebanon - UNRWA article
11/06/2013GA/SPD/546Consideration of the work of UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release
11/06/2013JapAn_061113Japan supports project for disabled children in Deheisha Refugee Camp - Representative Office of Japan to the PA press release
10/31/2013GA/SHC/4082Human rights violations in the OPT - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/20/2013UNRWA celebrates inaugural visit from Malta - UNRWA press release
10/16/2013S/2013/612Situation in Lebanon/Refugee camps - SecGen eighteenth semi-annual report under S/RES/1559 (2004) - Report (excerpts)
10/15/2013Palestine refugees go missing in the Mediterranean Sea - UNRWA press release
10/14/2013UNRWA deplores the violence in Dera’a refugee camp in southern Syria - UNRWA press release
10/12/2013UNRWA Commissioner-General visits Lebanon - UNRWA press release
10/07/2013UNRWA celebrates World Teachers’ Day in Amman - UNRWA press release
10/07/2013Irish Minister of State visits UNRWA in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
10/04/2013UN-EU_PalStudents-LebEU contributes funds for UNRWA's Palestine refugees in Lebanon to return to school - UN news item
09/30/2013Human rights and democracy report 2012/Israel and the OPT - Updates: June and Sept 2013/Non-UN document
09/24/2013GA68_US/LebanonMtgRemarks by President Obama and President Sleiman of Lebanon before bilateral mtg. at the 68th GA session -Non-UN document (excerpts)
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Escalation of aggressions in E. Jerusalem - Letter from Palestine
09/19/2013S/PV.7032Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record
09/17/2013SC/11124UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Serry briefs Security Council - Press release
09/11/2013HRC13/095Update from HCHR Pillav on work activities - HRC 24th session opens, general debate - Press release (excerpts)
09/11/2013A/68/379Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report, SecGen note
09/04/2013UNRWA Commissioner-General visits India, presented with donation - UNRWA press release
08/31/2013UN-PCBS_SocEconFoodSecSurvey2012Socio-Economic and Food Security Survey in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (2012) - Palestine/FAO/UNRWA/WFP joint report
08/31/201314-20212DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVI, No . 8, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (August 2013) - DPR publication
08/29/2013Saudi Campaign supports food assistance for displaced Palestine refugees in Jordan - UNRWA press release
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Raid on refugee camp - Letter from Palestine
08/27/2013UNRWA condemns the killing of UN staff member in the occupied West Bank - Statement by UNRWA Spokesman Gunness - Press release
08/27/2013Israel calls on UNRWA to refrain from one-sided political advocacy - Statement - Israeli Min. of Foreign Affairs press release/Non-UN document
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Settlements/Refugee camps - Letter from Palestine
08/22/2013Allegations of incitement by UNRWA - Statement by UNRWA Spokesman Gunness - Press release
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/30Human rights situation in OPT - HRC 24th session - SecGen report
08/19/2013A/68/13/Add.1UNRWA - Programme Budget 2014-15 - Annual report of the Commissioner-General
08/17/2013A/68/13UNRWA - Annual report of the Commissioner-General - Report
08/14/2013UNRWA condemns the death of member of staff in Syria - UNRWA press release
08/01/2013UNRWA issues special appeal for patients in Lebanon - Press release
07/26/2013Several Palestine refugees killed by armed hostilities in Yarmouk - UNRWA press release
07/17/2013Harmonization of certain relief assistance to displaced families of Nahr el Bared Camp - UNRWA press release
07/16/2013UNRWA condemns the death of staff member in Syria - UNRWA press release
07/12/2013UNRWA_UAERCcontributionUAERC contributes to UNRWA for East Jerusalem Health Centre - UNRWA press release
07/12/2013UNRWA initiative to improve health care quality - UNRWA press release
07/10/2013SDC-Jordan_HumAssistanceSwiss Agency signs humanitarian assistance agreement with Jordan - Palestine refugee camps - SDC article/Non-UN document
07/09/2013S/2013/401Armed groups and Palestinian refugees in Syria - SecGen report under S/RES/1701 - Letter from Syria
07/01/2013Syrian civil war stretches the limited resources at Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp - OCHA article
06/26/2013Arab "Idol" winner welcomed in UNRWA headquarters in Gaza - Press release
06/26/2013S/2013/381Lebanon situation/Non-Lebanese armed groups - SecGen report under S/RES/1701 - Report (excerpts)
06/21/2013UNRWA_KhanEshiehCasualtiesUNRWA condemns killing of six Palestine refugees in Khan Eshieh Camp outside Damascus - UNRWA press release
06/19/2013In Syria, Palestine refugees create hope in the midst of tragedy - UNRWA article
06/18/2013UNRWA_USdonationUnited States contributes funds in support of UNRWA's work servicing refugees in the region - Press release
06/16/2013Commissioner-General Grandi's opening statement at UNRWA Advisory Commission - UNRWA speech/statement
06/13/2013UKFCO Minister for the Middle East Burt visits Gaza - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document
06/10/2013UNRWA_QatarRC-PalRef-SyriaQatar Red Crescent supports better access to medical treatment for Palestine Refugees from Syria - UNRWA press release
06/07/2013No financial support for Jordan’s top refugee student of 2012 - UNRWA article
06/05/2013UNRWA_ValladolidsupportSpain's Valladolid Regional Government supports UNRWA's Syria humanitarian response plan - UNRWA press release
05/31/2013UNRWA_SchoolHealthStrategyUNRWA launches new inclusive school health strategy - UNRWA press release
05/31/201313-45762DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVI, No. 5, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (May 2013) - DPR publication
05/30/2013UNRWA condemns attack on Sbeineh Palestine refugee camp in Syria - UNRWA press release
05/30/2013GazaIn2020_May13Gaza in 2020: UNRWA Operational Response May 2013 - Report
05/29/2013UNRWA_SArabiaDonationSaudi Arabia supports UNRWA projects in Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon - UNRWA press release
05/29/2013EC13/096EU Commissioner Füle discusses Palestinian refugees and Syrian crisis with Commissioner General of UNRWA - EU press release/Non-UN document
05/27/2013Liechtenstein supports UNRWA's regular programme to Palestine refugees - Press release
05/23/2013Twenty UNRWA schools participate in the 2013 Technology Innovation Competition Fair - UNRWA article
05/22/2013Japan funds UNRWA University Scholarship Programme - UNRWA press release
05/21/2013UNRWA's Grandi presents report at World Health Assembly: resources needed to improve health of Palestinian refugees - UN news item
05/21/2013UNICEF provides Palestine children displaced from Syria w/ school bags & clothing - UNRWA press release
Show details for 05/15/201305/15/2013A/67/845
Children and armed conflict - SecGen report (excerpts)
05/13/2013UNRWA’s Wadi Seer Training Centre receives the HRH Prince El-Hassan Bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence - UNRWA article
05/08/2013UNRWA_ProtectingChildrenProtect our children’s future by protecting UNRWA schools - Op-Ed by Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, Ann Dismorr
05/07/2013UNRWA staffer tells of struggles of displaced Palestinian refugees from Syria - UNRWA article
05/07/2013NoonBriefing_070513Displaced Palestinian refugees in Syria - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)
05/02/2013Germany funds two water supply network improvement projects in Rashidieh camp - UNRWA press release
04/30/2013UNRWA condemns mass displacement of Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release
04/30/201313-40912DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVI, No. 4, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (April 2013) - DPR publication
04/29/2013UNRWA_JICAassistanceJICA funds rehabilitation of infrastructure in Ein El Hilweh Camp - UNRWA press release
04/19/2013A/AC.183/L.2/Add.34Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 2012 (English and French)
04/18/2013UNRWA_NetherlandsDonation-2013The Netherlands contributes funds for UNRWA's provision of assistance, protection and advocacy - UNRWA press release
04/18/2013S/2013/234Situation in Lebanon/Refugee camps - SecGen seventeenth semi-annual report under S/RES/1559 (2004) - Report (excerpts)
04/16/2013UN humanitarian chief visits Nahr el-Bared camp - UNRWA press release
04/13/2013UNRWA_ItalianMin-PalRefugeesItalian Minister visits Palestine refugees displaced from Syria - UNRWA press release
04/12/2013UNRWA hosts event in Amman to launch campaign to combat diabetes & high blood pressure - UNRWA article
04/06/2013UNRWA marks World Health Day with drawing competition in Syria - UNRWA article
04/05/2013UNRWA highlights results of health reform in Lebanon - World Health Day - UNRWA article
04/04/2013UNRWA_CG-PalRefugeesUNRWA Commissioner-General visits Palestine refugees displaced from Syria - UNRWA press release
04/04/2013PACE sub-committee to visit Jordan and the Palestinian territories - PACE press release, draft prog/Non-UN document
03/28/2013UNRWA_CG-AreaCUNRWA Commissioner-General Grandi pays supporting visit to refugees in Area C - UNRWA press release
03/18/2013UNRWA works to conserve water in Jordan, a country with one of the world's largest water deficits - UNRWA press release
03/12/2013PrConf_UNRWA-110313UNRWA Commissioner-General appeals for more assistance to Palestine refugees in Syria - Press conference
03/11/2013Palestinian refugees in greater need of relief as Syrian crisis escalates - Interview with UNRWA Commissioner-General
03/09/2013On International Women’s Day, UNRWA fights back against violence against women - UNRWA press release
03/06/2013EU donates of €5M to support Palestine refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
03/04/2013UNRWA deplores brutal killing of two Palestine refugees in Yarmouth - UNRWA press release
03/01/2013Palestinian mother and ill newborn face perilous future in Syria - UNRWA article
02/27/2013UNRWA condemns attacks on Palestinian children in Syria - UNRWA press release
02/27/2013S/2013/120Lebanon situation/Non-Lebanese armed groups - SecGen report under S/RES/1701 - Report (excerpts)
02/20/2013UNRWA partners w/ NRC in bringing quality education to Palestinian refugees - NRC/UNRWA press release
02/14/2013IRIN_Pals-SyriaToGazaBecoming refugees once more: Palestinians from Syria return to Gaza - IRIN news article
02/10/201312 Palestine refugees killed in Syria - UNRWA statement - Press release
02/10/2013Palestinians from Syria languish in overcrowded Beirut refugee camp - UNRWA article
02/08/2013UNRWA once again draws attention to plight of civilians, Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release
02/05/2013EU grants scholarships for Palestinian students in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
01/30/2013Displaced themselves, UNRWA health-care providers in Syria deliver health care to IDPs - UNRWA article
01/30/2013A/C.4/67/SR.17UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
01/26/2013UNRWA praises Kuwait and calls on donors to support Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
01/25/2013Conditions tough for 20,000+ Palestinians fleeing Syria for Lebanon - UNRWA article
01/18/2013UNRWA condemns killing of Palestine refugees and other civilians in Syria - UNRWA statement
01/16/2013UNRWA calls on all sides in Syria to respect civilian areas in refugee camps - UNRWA press release
01/15/2013New EU assistance for the Palestinian people - EU press release/Non-UN document
01/14/2013A/RES/67/116UNRWA operations - GA resolution
01/10/2013NoonBriefing_100113SecGen concerned over plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria - Spokesman's Office noon briefing (excerpts)
01/07/2013OCHA_HumBulletin-Syria-Issue16Situation in Syria - Palestine refugees increasingly caught up in violence - OCHA humanitarian bulletin-Issue 16 (excerpts)
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