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12/31/2009OPT Monthly Update (December 2009), The Year in Review - UNICEF Newsletter
12/31/200910-49426DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 12 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (December 2009) - DPR publication
12/16/2009E/CN.6/2010/4Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - SecGen report
12/15/2009E/CN.6/2010/NGO/36Beijing Platform review/Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women - NGO statement (Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling)
12/15/2009E/CN.6/2010/5*Women and children taken hostage - SecGen report (excerpts)
12/11/2009UNRWA Commissioner-General joins PA Minister of Women's Affairs in combatting violence against women - UNRWA press release
12/02/2009A/C.3/64/SR.27Human rights - GA Third Cttee debate/Dialogue with Sp. Rapporteur on violence against women - Summary record (excerpts)
11/30/2009UNRWA Cash-for-Work Project - Factsheet
11/26/2009UNRWA launches campaign to end violence against women - UNRWA Press release
11/13/2009A/C.4/64/L.13UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)
10/27/2009A/C.3/64/SR.11Advancement of women - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
10/23/2009GA/SHC/3958Report by Special Rapporteur on violence again women (Rashida Manjoo) - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)
10/16/2009Palestinian Women Mark the International Day of Rural Women - UNIFEM press release
10/06/2009Red right arrow IconA/64/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2009 report
09/30/2009HM0909The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (September 2009) - OCHA report
09/29/2009UNRWA Commissioner-General inaugurates new facilities in Sbeineh Camp - UNRWA press release
09/09/2009A/64/339Israeli practices in the OPT/Human rights - SpCttee report
08/14/2009GSblockade_OCHAspfocusLocked in: Humanitarian impact of two years of blockade on the Gaza Strip - OCHA special focus
08/10/2009South African Embassy in Syria donates computers to UNRWA - UNRWA Press release
07/31/200909-60927DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No.7- CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (July 2009) - DPR publication
07/31/2009Palestine refugee women gain valuable skils through new UNRWA course - UNRWA refugee story
07/31/2009WBGUpdateJuly09West Bank and Gaza Update: Health, Transport - World Bank - Quarterly publication
07/28/2009ECOSOC/09/034ECOSOC adopts resolution on Palestinian women - Press release (excerpts)
07/28/2009E/RES/2009/14Palestinian women, assistance - ECOSOC resolution
07/13/2009European Commission Improves Lives of Ex-Gaza Refugees in Jerash Camp - UNRWA refugee story
06/30/200910-31213DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 6 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (June 2009) - DPR publication
06/22/2009UNRWA Gaza Women's Cttee Workshop - UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement
06/16/2009A/HRC/11/42Promotion and protection of all human rights/Round table on human rights of women - HRC 11th session - UNRWA note
06/03/2009HRC/09/071Human Rights Council discusses report on violence against women - Human Rights Council Press release (excerpts)
05/31/200910-66287DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 5 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (May 2009) - DPR publication
05/28/2009DP/FPA/2009/7/Corr.1Extension of OPT country programme - UNFPA Exec. Director note - Corrigendum
05/27/2009A/HRC/11/6/Add.5Promotion and protection of all human rights/Violence against women in the OPT - Special Rapporteur on violence against women (Yakin Ertürk)/HRC 11th session - Report
05/27/2009Japanese Ambassador visits UNRWA training centre - UNRWA Press release
05/26/2009UNICEF_HealthServicesDelivering maternal and child health services in hard-to-reach West Bank communities - press release
05/21/2009Resident Coordinator for the OPT Gaylard launches two joint UN-PA programmes to improve the situation of Palestinian women - UNIFEM Press Rlease
05/07/2009A62/24WHO 62nd World Health Assembly/Health conditions in the OPT and Syrian Golan - WHO report
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ESCWA report
04/28/2009Situation of children in Gaza remains precarious 100 days after end of conflict - UNICEF press release
04/27/2009UNRWA and EU inaugurate girls' dormitory at Damascus Training Centre - UNRWA press release
04/22/2009GenderNeedsSurvey_GSNeeds of women and men in Gaza in the aftermath of the Israeli military operation- UNIFEM survey
04/08/2009New survey highlights urgent need to address pregnant women's health in the Gaza Strip - UNFPA press release
04/08/2009DP/FPA/2009/7Extension of OPT country programme - UNFPA Exec. Director note
04/06/2009World Health Day 2009: Gazans Still Recovering From Ill Effects of Conflict - UNICEF article
04/01/2009Yarmouk Women's Programme Centre is developing refugee women's economic and social capacity - UNRWA refugee story
03/31/200909-57168DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 3 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (March 2009) - DPR publication
03/24/2009UN tracks rising violence against women in Gaza - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
03/23/2009HR/09/045Human rights situation in OPT, other occupied Arab territories - Human Rights Council debate - Press release
03/23/2009Saudi Arabia and UNDP sign agreement for Gaza reconstruction - UNDP press release
03/13/2009WOM/1728Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)/Fifty-third session, vote - Press release (excerpts)
Palestinian women - CSW report (excerpts), ECOSOC draft resolution (Adopted)
03/12/2009E/CN.6/2009/L.2/Rev.1Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women/ECOSOC - Revised draft resolution (Approved)
03/10/2009Bank Audi finances Husseinieh Sewing Production Unit's expansion - UNRWA press release
03/10/2009E/CN.6/2009/L.2Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women/ECOSOC draft resolution
03/10/2009Red right arrow IconA/HRC/10/22Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Israeli military operation in Gaza - HRC 10th session - Combined report by Special Rapporteurs, SecGen Sp. Representatives
03/09/2009Gaza centre hosts activities for women and girls - UNRWA refugee story
03/06/2009WOM/1723Palestinian women - Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)/Fifty-third session - Press release (excerpts)
03/04/2009PrConf_CSW-PACommission on the Status of Women 53rd session/Situation of women in the OPT - PA Minister for Women Affairs - Press conference
02/28/200911-22835DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 2 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (February 2009) - DPR publication
02/26/2009A/HRC/10/35Palestinian pregnant women giving birth at Israeli checkpoints - HRC 10th session - Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
02/25/2009Human rights - USDOS 2008 Country Report: Israel and the OPT - Non-UN document
02/25/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/54Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Gaza - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Bahrain Women Association)
02/10/2009UNFPA looks out for needs of women in Gaza - UNFPA Press release
02/08/2009Gaza crisis: Psycho-social consequences for women - UNFPA/CFTA report
02/06/2009Violation of women's rights during Gaza conflict - CEDAW statement
02/04/2009UNDP_UNappealUNDP requests USD 49.3 million for recovery activities in Gaza - UNDP information note
01/27/2009UNDP_GazaDamagesUNDP begins assessment of damage in Gaza - UNDP press release