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12/31/2006NGOreportDec06The Role and Performance of Palestinian NGOs in Health, Education and Agriculture - World Bank report
12/31/2006Activities of OCHA in OPT - OCHA annual report 2006 (extracts)
12/31/200607-35850DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXIX, No. 12 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (December 2006) - DPR publication
12/31/2006DPR/Chron/2006/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2006 - DPR review
12/28/2006683 killed in OT and Israel - B'Tselem press release/Non-UN document
12/28/2006A/C.4/61/SR.25UNRWA, Israeli Practices report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)
12/27/2006Press release 544/2006EU Presidency statement on new settlement authorized in the West Bank - EU press release/Non-UN document
12/27/2006Construction of houses in the northern Jordan valley - French Government statement/Non-UN document
12/25/2006Direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders - Japanese Foreign Ministry statement - Press release/Non-UN document
12/25/2006PM Olmert orders implementation of steps to ease restrictions on Palestinians - Israeli PM office press release/Non-UN document
12/24/2006PM Olmert briefs Cabinet on meeting with Abbas, Cabinet unfreezes Palestinian tax revenues- Israeli Cabinet communiqué/Non-UN document (excerpts)
12/23/2006Olmert and Abbas meeting in Jerusalem - Israeli PM office press release/Non-UN document
12/22/2006A/ES-10/374Fact-finding mission on Beit Hanoun attack not dispatched - GA 10th emergency special session - SecGen letter to GA President
12/22/2006DPR/Chron/2006/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2006 - DPR review
12/21/2006Dev17Developments/Peace process review: January 2002
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT - GA 10th emergency special session - Letter from Palestine
12/20/2006A/C.4/61/SR.24Israeli Practices/Special Cttee report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
12/20/2006A/C.4/61/SR.23Israeli Practices/Special Cttee report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
12/20/2006HU1106Humanitarian update (November 2006) - OCHA report
12/19/2006A/HRC/3/SR.6Human rights situation in the OPT - HRC third session - Summary record (excerpts)
12/19/2006OIC Secretary General-sponsored three-point agreement for calm in the OPT - OIC Press release/Non UN document
12/19/2006SG/SM/10809Situation in the OPT - SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)
12/19/2006HQ/20/2006Gaza violence putting humanitarian operation in jeopardy - UNRWA press release
12/19/2006A/HRC/3/SR.2Human rights situation in the OPT - HRC third session/Dialogue with UNHCHR - Summary record (excerpts)
12/18/2006HM1106Humanitarian monitor (November 2006) - OCHA report
12/18/2006S358/06EU High Representative for the CFSP expresses support for PA President Abbas - EU press release/Non-UN document
12/18/2006S/2006/993Security Council - Work assessment under Greece presidency (September 2006) - Letter from Greece (excerpts)
12/18/2006GA/PAL/1029UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur (Plenary II) - Press release
12/18/2006GA/PAL/1030UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People - Plenary III, Kuala Lumpur Declaration - Press release
12/18/2006European Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner statement on situation in Palestine - European Commission press release/Non-UN document
12/18/2006GA/PAL/1031UN Forum of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur - Press release
12/17/2006UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur, adopts declaration urging a new system to protect civilians - UN news item
12/17/200607-54067United Nations Asian Meeting In Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, United Nations Forum of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People (Kuala Lumpur, 15-17 December 2006) - Report - DPR publication
12/17/2006Press release 532/2006EU Presidency statement on recent developments in the Palestinian territories//Non-UN document
12/16/2006UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur - Archived audio
12/15/2006A/ES-10/L.20/Rev.1Separation Wall/Establishment of UN Register of Damage - GA 10th emergency special session - GA draft resolution (Revision)
12/15/200616879/06Brussels European Council - Presidency conclusions on Middle East peace process, Declaration - European Council press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
12/15/2006A/HRC/2/SR.32Israeli settlements in the OPT/Vote - HRC second session - Summary record (excerpts)
UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (Kuala Lumpur, 15-16 Dec. 2006)- SecGen message - Press release
SecGen urges Palestinians to resume dialogue amid rising violence - SecGen statement - Press release
12/15/2006GA/10560GA establishes Register of Damage arising from construction of wall in OPT - Press release
12/15/2006A/C.4/61/SR.22Israeli Practices/Special Cttee report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
12/15/2006GA/PAL/1028UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur (Plenary I) - Press release
12/15/2006GA/PAL/1027UN Asian Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Kuala Lumpur (Opening) - Press release
12/15/2006Japan provides humanitarian assistance to West Bank and Gaza - Japanese Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document
12/15/2006GS13Dec06Gaza Strip: Situation Report (13 December 2006) - OCHA report
12/15/2006GA/10561GA hears explanations of position on resolution on assistance to Palestinians - Press release
12/15/2006A/61/PV.80Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA debate - Verbatim record
12/14/2006GA/10559Work of UNRWA, Israeli practices - GA debate, action - Press release (excerpts)
12/14/2006A/61/PV.79Fourth Committee report - GA vote, statements - Verbatim record
12/13/2006South African Govt calls on Israeli Govt to grant permission to UN Beit Hanoun mission - South Africa Dept of For. Affairs press release/Non-UN document
12/12/20062007-appealUNRWA emergency appeal 2007 - UNRWA report
12/12/2006Red right arrow IconS/PV.5584Situation in the Middle East/SecGen report - SecGen briefs the SecCo - Verbatim records
SecGen tells SecCo Middle East in profound crisis, calls for 'new and urgent push for peace' - SecGen statement - Press release
12/12/2006S/Agenda/5584Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda
12/12/2006S/PRST/2006/51Situation in the Middle East/Need for comprehensive peace in the region - SecCo Presidential statement
12/11/2006A/61/PV.72Middle East situation/Palestine question - GA general debate on SecCo report - Verbatim record
12/11/2006A/C.4/61/SR.21UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
Middle East situation/Palestine question - Final communiqué of OIC FMs Annual Coordination meeting - Letter from Yemen (excerpts)
12/11/2006Red right arrow IconS/2006/956Situation in the Middle East - SecGen Annan's final report
12/10/2006Human rights crisis in Israel and the Occupied Territories/Open letter from AI Secretary General to EU - Amnesty Int'l. press release/Non-UN document
12/08/2006HRC/06/086Human Rights Council adopts resolutions on follow-up to its decisions on OPT - Human Rights Council press release (excerpts)
12/08/2006A/HRC/RES/3/1Human rights in the OPT, fact-finding mission - HRC third session - Resolution
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Gulf Cooperation Council Ministerial Council 100th session press release - Letter from United Arab Emirates
12/08/2006HRC/06/088Human Rights Council concludes 3rd session devoted to organization of future work- Human Rights Council press release (excerpts)
12/07/2006CAPpressreleaseLargest emergency humanitarian appeal for Palestinians - Press release
12/07/2006UNpartnersAppealUN and partners launch largest appeal for emergency aid for Palestinians - UN news item
12/06/2006A/HRC/2/L.10/Add.1Human rights situation in the OPT, Golan - HRC second session - Draft report to the GA (excerpts)
12/06/2006S/2006/663Security Council - Work assessment under Denmark presidency (June 2006) - Letter from Denmark (excerpts)
12/06/2006Human Rights Council appoints Christine Chinkin as member of high-level fact-finding mission to Beit Hanoun - Human Rights Council press release
12/05/2006A/C.4/61/SR.19UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record, UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement
12/05/2006Over 73,000 Palestinians receive social allowance from EU through Temporary International Mechanism - European Commission press release/Non-UN document
12/05/2006A/C.4/61/SR.20UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record
12/04/2006A/61/407UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee report, draft resolutions (adopted as A/RES/61/112-115)